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By Jamica Bell

Molly is one of the latest in a string of designer drugs that has become very popular among teens, in particular. In fact, few adults even know what it is. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Molly is a crystal or powder form of ethylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). It is the purest chemical base used to make Ecstasy. Due to its supposed purity, it has become the drug du jour for many teens and young adults who are familiar with Ecstasy.

Where Did It Come From and Why is it Dangerous?

The name was coined from the word molecule because unlike Ecstasy, Molly is not known to be laced with substances like caffeine and methamphetamine. Molly first gained popularity after it became widely known that Ecstasy’s composition made it more dangerous than originally thought. Like many other substances, Molly has a great potential for dangerous addiction. While not as addictive as crack, cocaine, or marijuana, there is plenty of evidence that long term use can cause chronic anxiety and depression. Therefore, the theory that it is a purer form of Ecstasy does not diminish its capacity to cause harm physically and mentally. This drug also is more likely to contribute to the cause of accidents, whether automobile or otherwise. Driving under the influence of this substance can cause just as much devastation as any other drug. Because of this, there is a greater probability to cause injury to both users and other parties and victims.

Signs for Parents to Watch Out For

Parents should keep their eyes open for the following signs in their teens; confusion, depression, sleep problems, paranoia, anxiety, or drug cravings. In some cases the drug can also cause the following; blurred vision, faintness, tremors, muscle cramps, nausea, muscle tension, involuntary teeth clenching, chills, or sweating. In addition, the DEA reported that high doses of MDMA can interfere with the ability to regulate body temperature, resulting in a sharp increase in body temperature and hyperthermia, leading to liver, kidney and cardiovascular failure. Severe dehydration can also be attributed to these dangerous effects.

Penalties for Possession and Other Ramifications

Regulations for possession of Molly are stiff as this drug lands more and more offenders in jails across the country, especially in the Garden State. This state’s regulations concerning Molly are strict. Just like Ecstasy, MDMA pills are very common in raves, outdoor concerts and nightclubs in New Jersey. Because of this, it is extremely easy for innocent people to become caught up in a bust, based purely upon the presumption that someone has ingested it because they are with others who have. However, this is not enough of a cause to charge someone with a crime, unless accused of possession or distribution.

Use, possession or distribution of just half an ounce of the substance is punishable as a third degree crime. The following penalties may be imposed:

-Three to five year prison terms
-$75,000 in fines

Arrests involving over half an ounce of Molly are considered second degree offenses and may result in:

-Five to ten year prison sentences
-10 to 20 years for possession or distribution
-$500,000 in fines

Anyone who has been charged with using, possessing or distributing MDMA has the possibility of facing very serious criminal drug charges. New Jersey DUI lawyers and criminal attorneys have been masterful in navigating the legal terrain of this newest troublemaker. There is a great likelihood to be arrested and convicted of DUI which could double the criminal charges incurred. In either of those cases, it is advisable that any person in that circumstance – whether guilty or innocent, seek the legal counsel as soon as possible.

What Can Parents Do?

Due to the hazards of Molly, parents should make every effort to monitor their teens as much as possible. Informing them about the perils and penalties of MDMA use, possession or distribution is a good start. They should actively advise their teens of the risk of physical harm and financial losses they may incur as a result of using this illicit drug. Parents who strive to be “parents” instead of “friends” to their adolescents tend to have greater success in drug and alcohol prevention. Setting clear boundaries about what is expected and tolerated in the culture of your family is very important. Since drug use is considered a way of escape from a troubled soul, it is imperative to find out what state of mind your teen is in. Are they dealing with depression, loneliness, under achievement, etc.? These are all psychological maladies that can lead to escapism and possibly make them more inclined to try drugs or alcohol. In addition, sharing the consequences of drug abuse can go a long way for some youth. For instance, the addictive qualities that contribute to illness and other forms of bodily harm are one point that can be made. Additionally, a criminal record can cause interference with both educational and employment opportunities in the future. Impressing upon teenagers concerning the dismal outcome  may provide enough information for them to avoid situations where they could be exposed to Molly use.

Though Molly is not a household name, it is still just as dangerous as the more common drugs. Therefore, it is vital to get the word out about this menace and bring the facts into the light. Ultimately, this knowledge can better enable parents and school officials to protect those most susceptible, our teens.

About the Author:

Jamica Bell is a writer, concerned parent, and advocate for healthy lifestyles for teens.


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