Stressed Out Moms: Making Time for You!

moms corner logoEvery once in awhile our cleverly controlled world comes toppling down. Weeks can go by where one day easily flows into the next, maybe a little too easily.

All the little frustrations and the nerve-grating repetitive tasks get pushed out of our thoughts because we don’t have time for them. Between the kids, husband, and the too many to count household duties, our work is never done. Heck, even our sleep gets disturbed with mommy duties.

Being a wife and mother has become so much a part of our lives, that it’s easy to forget that we are anything but, and even easier for others to assume that’s all we are.

But one day the frustrations and unending obligations come bubbling to the surface. Baby’s screaming, toddler’s tugging on your pants repeating ‘mommy’ over and over again until you answer her, the phone’s ringing, hubby walks in the door asking what’s for supper, and ‘Oh, by the way honey, I’m going fishing with the guys tonight,’ and all the while the anger is building inside.

We zero in on hubby, he has is so easy. All he has to do is go to work for eight hours, come home, eat and sleep. It’s suppertime and the day isn’t even close to being over for us.

There’s still dinner to get on the table, dishes, baths, entertaining kids, getting them to bed, chasing them back to bed for at least two hours, cleaning up toys, and trying to finish up what we didn’t get done during the day. What does he do? Nothing!! He worked hard today, and he just wants to relax! What, and we laid on the couch watching T.V. and eating chocolate? Men!!

We’ve had it! We work hard at least sixteen hours a day, and nobody thanks us for it. We’re stuck in this house for what feels like twenty-four/seven, and nobody seems to care. Who can we turn to, what can we do?

Stop being stressed out and do what we always do, take care of it! It’s time to get our life back under control and keep it there. First of all, we need to remember that before we can be a wife and mother, we are first and foremost a WOMAN! We have to take care of the woman first; otherwise the whole family suffers in the end.

Following these steps can help you live a stress free SAHM life:

  • Sit down and make a rough schedule of your day. Include meal times, nap times, everything. This will give you an idea of when you have some free time, or if you don’t have any, make some. You might find that once the kids go down for an afternoon nap, you have a couple of hours that you usually spend doing housework.
  • Once you have an idea of when you have free time, ink in time for mom in the free time slots. Notice I said ‘ink,’ no penciling allowed! Talk to your husband about your feelings and needs, you’ll be surprised at his response.
  • Congratulations, you have just made time for YOU in the day! Now you have to figure out what you want to do with that time. Think about what you liked to do in your spare time before you got married and had kids. Make sure the time is kid and husband free, this time is meant for you only.

Stumped about what to do with your free time? Here are a few ideas on what you can do during the day or evening:


  • Read, write or do both.
  • Arts & crafts.
  • Soak in the tub, you’ll be surprised how relaxed you feel the rest of the day.
  • Relax on the couch and watch a movie.
  • Get into the garden or bake (but only if it’s something that you enjoy and is not viewed as a chore).
  • Have a nap.
  • Play a game on the computer while listening to your favourite music.


  • Scan the local papers for events happening around town.
  • Find out more information about various clubs and groups that you might like to join.
  • Go out with a friend(s) for dinner, shopping, or just for coffee.
  • Make an appointment to get your hair done.
  • Signup for an evening class that teaches something you have always wanted to learn.
  • Go to the library and take your time looking for new books to read.

Whatever you choose to do with your newly found or made free time, make it all about you. Don’t worry (so much) about the kids they’re fine! I have personally found the best way to destress myself, is to step out of my role as wife and mother, and slip into being me, just a woman.

I go out with my girlfriends for tea and catch up on the latest gossip, browse the library enjoying the peace and quiet, or go shopping and actually accomplish it, since it doesn’t involve dragging the kids in and out of the van and stores, and rushing to get done before the baby needs to eat again. Whatever you find that you like to do, make the most of it and stick with your plan to make time for you!

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Melissa Ingold

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