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Centuries ago, mosaics were used in a wide variety of ways–everything from floors to intricate designs of beauty in ancient churches.

Mosaics have evolved with the passage of time to become artwork we can create in our own home and enjoy for years to come.

One mosaic project is a table. It doesn’t matter what size the table is but you might want to start with a small one to begin with. Square or rectangle tables work better than round ones if you’re a beginner.

Start by searching flea markets, garage sales or thrift stores for an inexpensive table. Even if the top of the table looks a little worse for wear, that’s okay. By time you get finished creating your mosaic masterpiece, it won’t.

You’ll need to buy ceramic bathroom or kitchen tiles if you plan to make a border around the edge of the table. You don’t have to create a border, but I do recommend it as it gives the table a nice framed appearance. You don’t want tiles that are too small otherwise the project will be too time consuming.

You’ll need ceramic tile adhesive, grout, a grout floater–this can be found at a home improvement store and you’ll need a sealant-especially if you have little ones and have the risk of getting juice spilled on the table.

For the art design, you’ll need broken plates (you can also use flat marbles along with the broken plates). You can find some wonderful old plates second hand–be sure and find the ones with colorful designs and make sure you buy enough to fill the table area.

Break the plates into different sized pieces. To do this wear safety goggles and protect your hands with thick rubber gloves. Using a hammer, tap the plates while they’re contained either in a plastic container or wrapped in a towel.

Using a puzzle board or thick cardboard, lay out your materials. You can place the material at random or like the stained glass windows of old, you can create a design or a picture.

Once you’ve decided how you want the materials on your table, coat each broken piece with adhesive and glue it in place. You’ll want a space of about 1/4 inch between each piece. Put the grout in the areas not covered by mosaic pieces. Make sure you build up the grout evenly with the mosaic pieces. Any excess grout should be wiped off immediately because once it sets, it’s hard to get off.
Once everything is glued down into place and dry, cover with sealant for a beautiful, long lasting work of art.

Happy Decorating!

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