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Mother's Day Thoughts

by Kelly S. Croslis

Mother's day brings thoughts of a special breakfast cooked by the kids, with handmade cards and gifts. It is a day to sit and think about what it really means to be a mom. I know when I was a young girl I thought about the children my husband and I would have. I was going to have a boy and a girl. My little boy would be named Kyle, and my girl would be named Hailey. We would live in a small house, with a yard, a nice fence, maybe even a dog. With the birth of our three daughters, my idea of the perfect family was altered from what I had dreamed of as a young girl.

It took my girls to show me that the dream I'd had, as a young girl, was not far from where we were now. There were some differences in the plan, but overall life was pretty close to perfect. They showed me that being a mom meant more than what I may have thought of as a young girl. When I was young I thought about how I would dress my children, the games I would play with them and even dreamt of walking in the park with the stroller and watching them playing in the grass. What I didn't count on was the changes they would make in me. Like the first cry that brings tears of joy to everyone in earshot, or the fear that comes with that cry. I was now responsible for this little life. It was my job to guide her, and help her grow in this world and be a strong person. The first smile they flash us that melts your heart, and the realization that there would be many more milestones to come. The first steps across the living room, or the fear that rushes through you the first time they fall down and scrape a knee, and the first day you walk them to their class for kindergarten and realize they are growing up, when you know inside that you are probably more terrified than she is. The biggest lesson I've learned is about love. We know when we are young that we have the capability to love and we will love our children, but the realization is beyond what we could ever comprehend. When a baby is born we feel that immediate feeling of love for a new life, as they grow, pride is added to that feeling as they reach each milestone. As they start to become independent and discipline comes into play, we make mistakes and maybe we feel we are being mean. Yet, they come to us later and let us know that we are loved, no matter what. That love we feel in the beginning comes full circle. These and many more are the moments that make being a mother more memorable than we could imagine, and are the memories that we will cherish even long after they are grown, when we long to have them sit in our lap and cuddle; just one more time.

The joy my girls have given me over the years more than makes up for whatever ideas my childhood mind might have had. What I learned is that dreams have a way of being changed by reality. They may not always turn out the way we think they should, but the journey we take is better than anything we could have expected

Happy Mother's Day from Families Online Magazine. We hope this is your happiest Mother's Day Ever!

Kelly is a stay-at-home-mom to 3 busy teenage girls. After moving around the country with her husband for the last 15 years, while he has served in the U.S. Navy, they are looking forward to joining the 'civilian world' later this year. She has been writing for several years, having several works published in Poem Anthologies.