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A Parent’s New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping

new year family dinner prayer Of all the millions of people who resolve to make a commitment to change for the New Year, more than half vow to spend more quality time with family and friends.

With kids in school, at daycare or with the nanny and with mom at the office, while dad is on the road, how can today’s family incorporate more family time into their day and put an end to making this annual vow once and for all?


Make Having Dinner Together a Priority.

Studies show that families who eat dinner at the dinner table at least four times a week together have children that do better in school and are less likely to use drugs, to drink or to have premarital sex. Even with hectic schedules, family dinners can work. Schedule a realistic dinner time that works for your family and insist that everyone be home on time.

Set Aside One Weekend Day A Month For a Family Outing.

Even in families where there are large age gaps, setting aside one Saturday a month for a family outing can strengthen family bonds. Picnics, beach days, outings to the farm or going for a hike gets everyone out of their element and sets the stage for communication and fun.

Take Time With Each Child Each Day.

Reading a book, giving a bath, or taking a quick walk around the block are simple activities that encourage one on one bonding. Take time out to spend a few minutes each day with each child to help curb sibling rivalry and to foster the parent-child relationship. Take An Annual Family Vacation. Whether it be camping for the weekend at a local campsite, jet setting to Milan or visiting grandma in Florida, taking time off together and doing something fun as a family unit gives everyone a chance to reconnect and to enjoy each others company.

Have Daily Devotionals.

Many families find that having a set time of family prayer and devotions helps to pull the family together as they foster family spirituality. A quick internet search for Family Devotionals will give you tons of free resources.

Drive or Walk The Kids To School.

If your schedule allows, driving or walking the kids to school gives you a few morning minutes to connect with and to tune in with your kids about their upcoming day’s events.

Have a Mid Week Family Social.

Whether a movie night, a time for playing board games or even a special dessert night, pick an evening during the week to celebrate family together.

Play a Family Friendly Sport.

Many bowling alleys offer family leagues and local YMCAs offer Family Open Gym Time. Get active together and take part in a little family-friendly competition.

Have Date Nights.

Be sure to take time for you and your spouse. A cup of Hot Cocoa after the kids go to bed, a once a month dinner date or an occasional night out on the town, take time for each other and keep the romance going.Whatever your family style and budget, you can customize these tips to create more family time for you and yours. The only rule is, take time together and take time often.

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Michelle La Rowe

Michelle La Rowe

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