tree art

Celebrate the joys of the great outdoors with some easy, nature inspired craft ideas. These fun five natured themed projects will ensure you and your pre-schooler enjoy and appreciate the start of Spring!

tissue paper balls

1. Tree blossom art

Draw a large tree trunk and branches on a sheet of paper.  Or if you’re not feeling too artistic, simply print a picture of a bare tree off the internet!  Cut pink or white tissue paper into little squares.  Show your pre schooler how to scrunch up the tissue paper into little balls to create blossoms for the tree. They can then use craft glue to stick these onto the tree to create a lovely springtime picture.


egg crate caterpillar
Photo by Micah Taylor
2.  Egg carton caterpillar


Get an egg carton, ideally one that contained 12 eggs to be able to make a longer caterpillar.  Cut it in half so you have two strips with six egg cups each.  Get your little one to help you paint each strip green. Once it’s dry, poke two holes in the first egg cup for the head.  Show your preschooler how to thread black pipe cleaners through the holes and bend them back underneath to secure.  Have fun twisting the pipe cleaners into curly or wavy antennae. Finally, stick on some goggly eyes or if you don’t have any just cut out two circles of paper for eyes.

pressed flowers

3. Flower pressing

Enjoy the fresh air and have fun in the garden looking for pretty flowers and interesting leaves to press.  Once you’ve gathered your collection, find a heavy book and some kitchen towels to press them.  Simply open the book and lay down the kitchen towel.  Carefully place your flower collection on top ensuring the petals don’t touch and cover it again with a sheet of kitchen towel. Close the book and place something heavy on top such as a brick for a week or so.  When the flowers are pressed, use them to create cards or arrange them and stick them on sheets of colored paper for beautiful springtime art.



leaf rubbing bags

4.  Leaf rubbing

Make the most of a beautiful spring day as you and your preschooler gather up a selection of leaves.  Use a hard surface (like a wooden floor) and lay out the leaves before covering with a sheet of paper.  Use a crayon to slide it over the top of the paper and see what leaf impressions are made.  Thick veined leaves work best but a variety of leaves will create interesting shapes and impressions, especially if you also use different crayon colors.  If you’re feeling very crafty, you can then cut up the page to create a mobile or other paper crafts or just leave it as is for artwork or even use as wrapping paper.


egg cress head
Photo by Phil Thomas

5. Egg cress heads

Encourage your little one’s green fingers with this craft activity.  You can see decide how much of it your little one will be able to do without mom or dad’s help, depending on their level of ability. Raid the fridge for an egg and then cut the top off the egg. Clean out the egg contents, carefully dry the eggshell and place it in the egg carton or an egg cup.  Fill the inside of the eggshell with cotton wool. Using waterproof permanent markers, very carefully draw a face on the outside of the eggshell. Add a little bit of water to the inside of the eggshell to wet the cotton wool. Sprinkle mustard or egg cress seeds on top of the cotton wool. In order to get the seeds growing, place in a darkened room till the first shoots appear and then place in a warm, sunny place like a windowsill. Watch as the cress grows and creates “hair” for the egg!

There’s no better way to celebrate nature than by getting creative with your child.  Showcasing nature for your children will help them to appreciate our environment and the benefits of healthy, natural living.  Creating your own nature inspired projects is one of the best ways to make nature fun.

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