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A Few Products That ALL New Moms Will Need

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It’s an exciting (and hormonal time) to be expecting a first child of my own. Although I’ve been blessed to love many children along the road to now, I’m still processing that my heart has room for more.As I’ve looked back over the past decade plus of my time spent working with families,

I’ve come across many products, gadgets and gizmos for baby.

I’ve furnished more baby nurseries than I can remember, and I’ve purchased more strollers, diaper bags and other baby gear than most parents will purchase in a lifetime. And because of my niche in working with families of multiples, as you can imagine, I’ve really done double my share.

From Kmart to the Best Baby Boutique, I’ve seen it all; the good, the bad and the ugly in baby products.But this time around shopping will be different. I won’t be using the company credit card. I’ll be dishing out of my (and my husbands) wallet to purchase my new mommy must haves.

And unfortunately the wallet isn’t big enough to have it all.

So after careful thought and consideration I’ve paired my list down to the top five items that I, as a new mom will need. These are items that have made life dramatically easier with baby and that I consider to be absolutely, positively worth the investment

.As tempting as it can be to purchase one of the popular all in one travel systems don’t. They are bulky, hard to maneuver and very rarely fit well in the trunk of a standard car making them less convenient than you’d think.

Instead, opt for the Maclaren Easy Traveler Car Seat Carrier Stroller that is comparable, but of better quality, and design than the all too common Snap N Go.And when baby outgrows her car seat, invest in a Maclaren Twin Techno.

It offers the same features as its singleton counterpart and easily fits through doors and shopping isles.For fashion and function in diaper bags, it’s Petunia Pickle Bottom and her Boxy BackPack all the way . With a chic and modern feel (you have to check out the amazing choice in fabrics!), this diaper bag not only offers a built in changing station (with removable changing pad) but allows you go to from backpack to shoulder bag in a cinch.

It even has coordinating valet clips that velcro over the handlebars of your stroller for hands free convenience (purchased separately). And Petunia Pickle Bottom won’t let super organized moms down. The outer changing station has lots of room and two pockets for diapers, wipes and all of your other changing needs, while the inside boasts a spacious compartment that has a key clip, dirty diaper pouch and inner (as well as outer) side pockets.

And for the upmost in practicality, a Basic Comfort Ultimate Crib Sheet is a must. This crib sheet has a soft top side with a super absorbent core and waterproof backing that makes changing babies crib sheet easier than ever. The sheet has tabs along the edges that conveniently snap around the crib rails.

For moms, this means no more taking out the bumpers or the crib mattress to change the sheets!And as any mom who has begun introducing solid foods to their baby will tell you, it can be very messy. For that reason, it is essential that every household with kids be equipped with a powerful hand held vac.

The Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum does the job and gets up dried Cheerios and fruit bits that have found their way to the floor.So there you have it. My personal lists of must haves. The products I trust and love that really make life easier.

One baby at a time.

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Michelle La Rowe

Michelle La Rowe

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