Need a dog groomer? Looking for a trainer or nearby park?

Are you tired of misplacing your dog’s vaccination schedule and medical info? “My Dog,” a new iPhone/iPad app, is your dog’s ID, medical info, insurance card, social life and travel guide – all in one place and always at your fingertips.

“My Dog” app allows dog owners to create and share a personalized profile of their dogs, including photos of medical and vaccination records, according to its creator. In addition it features a national pet service directory and pet travel guide and some useful social networking features.

Holger Laufenberg, the California-based designer of the app, said the idea for it came after his terrier mix, Dax, went missing.

“A panic struck me, and I first ran around the neighborhood, than started Googling and calling all the vets and shelters nearby. Over and over again, I was asked the same questions about what breed Dax is, whether he is taking any medications, has allergies, what he looked like, in case someone would bring him in,” said Laufenberg.

“I was going crazy, and thought there must be some better way to do this, and I set out to create an app that covers every lifestyle aspect of dog ownership. I wanted to create an app my dog would want me to download,” the former ad executive added.

The profile includes a picture, detailed description, information about the dog’s owner and emergency contact information, as well as details on vaccinations and medical history with iCal integration.

Each dog profile can be emailed directly from the app to a dog trainer, daycare and boarding facility or your vet, or in case your dog ever gets lost, to local rescue organizations and shelters.

“We wanted to create something that allows any dog owner to have all the information needed at their fingertips at all times,” Laufenberg said. “We all run around with our smartphones, which allow us to communicate, and we have to take advantage of it.”

“I live in California, but my dogs go where I go. Sometimes I need to find daycare centers to put them, or need a sitter or to show vaccination records. Now I have all that with me,” he said.

The “My Dog” app also features a national pet service directory, which contains around 35,000 listings by category and location, including dog trainers, pet stores, groomers, pet photographers, daycare and boarding facilities, rescue organizations and shelters, as well as all the dog parks and beaches. Some unique features include the ability to share any pet service and business listing via email, Facebook or Twitter right from the app.

“I wanted to create the Yelp or Citysearch for dog owners with all the functionality and ease of use one should expect from a great app,” Laufenberg says.

The app also serves as a dog travel guide with listings of services such as dog-friendly hotels, the pet rules of U.S.-based airlines and rail services and a pet travel editorial with many valuable tips for traveling with your dog.

Karen James

Karen James, PhD is an educator, child development and parenting specialist a the IMPI, International Maternity and Parenting Institute.

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