Puppies and Dogs as Family Pets

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 How to Introduce a Dog to Your Cat

As a loyal friend and guardian to your dog, you have certain responsibilities to provide food, shelter, and veterinary care to ensure your pet’s health and safety. As dogs are “man’s best friend,” so are we “dog’s best friend,” and we should be willing to attend to their needs before our own. Dog ownership is a long-term commitment resulting in mutually rewarding companionships for both people and dogs.

New Family Pet – Getting Acquainted

dogs puppiesWhether you purchase a registered AKC dog from a reputable breeder, or rescue one from the animal shelter, it will be totally dependent on you for its care and well-being.

It is important to build mutual trust and loyalty from the start.

Spending as much time together and training as possible so both pets are responsive and obedient. The local humane society or a local dog club may offer obedience classes. A well-behaved dog will ensure a good relationship with your neighbors and will be a joy to own.

Provide a warm, dry place for your pet to rest.

Dogs adapt well to crates, as long as they are large enough to turn around. This will prevent the unacceptable behavior, such as chewing furniture, and dogs seem to feel more secure in a small, close area which they can escape to for peace and quiet.

Never leave two or more pets together unattended unless you have observed them frequently and are sure they are compatible. Be sure to take your dog outside often (at least three times a day) to urinate and defecate to avoid accidents, and always provide clean, fresh water. Dogs quickly adapt to a routine, and come to expect the same activities on a daily basis.

Dog Breeds Most Likely to get along with cats

If you already own a cat and are getting a puppy age 2-9weeks, your dog will have a good chance of living in harmony with cats. Some dog breeds are more likely to get along with cats too:

Pugs, King Charles Cavalier, Bichon, Labradors and Golden Retrievers are gentle breeds that may live in harmony with cats.

Introduce the cat and dog to each other slowly. Start with the cat staying in one room with a door that is shut. Then let them see each other using a baby gate in between them so the cat can come near to the dog if he/she wishes or the cat can stay in the room out of the way.

Often the dog will want to chase the cat and try to establish his/her dominance. Help the dog learn that they should not do this by treating the cat as the “Alpha”. Feed the cat first; pick up the cat first, etc. This will help keep the household more peaceful.

Always have a dog-free zone available to the cat,

A place where the cat can fit into or get up higher than the dog. Some dogs and cat merely tolerate each other. Sometimes they become good friends.

Offer treats

Offering treats to the cat and dog when they are near each other will also help them accept each other in a positive way.


Don’t drop the cat in front of the dog or the dog in front of the cat or try to restrain them until they get used to each other, you could get scratched or bitten. It is better to let dog and cat get to know each other slowly.

Keep the cat’s nails trimmed in case the cat tries to scratch the dog.

Be prepared to allow for some unpleasant interactions, the dog might bark and the cat might hiss but as long as they aren’t actually fighting all will be OK.

Pictures of Cute Puppies

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