Create an Interactive Garden Mural for Your Nursery

Babies and toddlers love to “Look with their hands.” It’s how they learn.

nursery wall mural baby

By Combining an easy Paint by number mural with 3D ‘stick on’ wall art you can create an environment for your baby that’s great for sight, sound and tactile stimulation, helping to develop their motor and coordination skills and aiding in language development.

At the Magic Mural Factory we are constantly adding new easy DIY mural ideas for you to paint or create. Our ideas are simple but effective.For this one we have used a garden bug paint by number mural design and a selection of 3D easy stick flowers and garden friends. These delightful 3D characters are called ‘Wallables’. They are made from durable, soft and flexible, non-toxic foam. They play music when pressed and glow in the dark.

To create this playful bug mural

You will need

1. A ‘Bug Collection’ paint by number mural

2. Your choice of Wallable characters (There’s loads to choose from)

How to do it

1)Paint your bug mural following the simple paint by number mural instructions, making sure that you position the mural at a height your child can reach.

2) Stick on your Wallable characters in strategic places that your child can touch.
Wallables use Velcro© to adhere to the walls. Once the adhesive is attached to the wall, the Wallables Character can be easily removed, then re-attached over and over again.

It’s that simple!

Before sticking on the Wallables characters give your mural a coat of matt varnish for extra protection. This will make the mural more resistant to dirt and allow you to easily wipe away grubby little finger marks.

Sonya Weiss

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