Michelle LaRowe Real Advice for Real Life from the American Nanny. Michelle is the former International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year. A career nanny specializing in caring for twins, Michelle has over a decade of nanny experience. She is called on by the media as a nanny and parenting expert, and has been affectionately dubbed America’s Nanny.

teens peer pressure parentingSharon Scott, LPC, LMFT – Counselor’s Corner and SmileNotes.  Sharon is an internationally recognized family therapist. She is considered the leading expert on peer pressure having trained more than one million people across the U.S. and throughout the world in her proven techniques.

Tyler Jacob columnist at Families Online MgazineTyler Jacobson is a father of three, Parenting Advice. For years he has researched and worked for organizations that help troubled youth, focusing on topics surrounding social media use, teenage education, serious addiction issues, mental and behavioral disorders, and abnormal teenage stress.


Sylvia Cochran, Christian Parenting and Parenting by the Book. Sylvia is a writer, born and raised in Germany. Having been exposed to a variety of religions and traditions due to travel and study, Sylvia has been a student of the Bible for more than ten years and has for the last four years taught in small groups about Biblical principles, practical Christianity, Christian parenting, as well as the spiritual use of money.


Margie Manion, Ages and Stages. She is an educator specializing in early childhood development.
Margie wants you to know that “I am very passionate about what I do. I know that parenting is the hardest and most important job in the world! I would like to reach as many parents as possible to help them to take extra steps to make their parenting experience a positive one!


Michelle Sharrow columnist at Families Online MagazineMichelle P. Sharrow, MBA, Family Finances.  She crunches numbers and provides program guidance in the federal sector by day, and freelances at night. She pprovidesa monthly column on family finance- Budgeting and Saving. Her area of specialty is personal finance and parenting.



Dr. Machelle Seibel Dr. Seibel – HouseCall® .  has been helping women for the past 30 years. He has assisted them face challenges, answered their questions, and heard the frustrations they deal with as they transition from their reproductive years to and through menopause.


Charles Glassman, MDCoachMD, has practiced general internal medicine, for over 20 years, in Rockland County, NY.   He is the author of the critically acclaimed book Brain Drain, which explores the mind, body, spirit connection in our lives.


Dale Peterson, MD , Building Health,  founded the Wellness Clubs of America to give people access to credible information on supporting and maintaining their health.  He is the author of   Building Health by Design:  Adding Life to Your Years and Years to Your Life. He currently hosts the program Building Health by Design on Web Talk Radio.


Lisa Metzgar, Phd., Nutrition Tidbits. Lisa has been in the alternative health field since 1996. She received her BA in Biology from UCSD, is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and received her PhD in Holistic Nutrition. Lisa has taught body mind retreats in San Diego, Seattle, and Australia and currently has a practice in Reno, NV where she does nutritional counseling. Lisa’s passion is to educate families in a healthy lifestyle.

Natural Health

Dr. Howard PeiperPath to a Better Life, is a nationally recognized expert in the holistic counseling field. His healing, health care and natural professional credentials extend over a 30year period and include those of naturopath, author, lecturer, magazine consultant, radio personality and host of a television show, Partners in Healing.  Howard, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, has written numerous books on nutrition and natural health including 12 best sellers.

Family Fun

children's books moviesBarbara Bietz – Children’s Books and Movies Reviews Barbara is a writer from Oak Park, California. Her favorite pastime is reading children’s books. She enjoys writing for adults and children. Like a Maccabee BookHer work has appeared in numerous publications.


Cheryl Moeller columinst Families Online MagazineCheryl MoellerParenting Humor. Cheryl cranks up the spin cycle on her dryer and life to help parents cope with too much laundry, raising preschoolers (on 12 hours of sleep per year), surviving teenagers, pleasing relatives, understanding spouses, and the thousand other challenges. Cheryl has also co-authored two books on marriage with her husband, Bob. Her first comedy book for moms and parents will be released later this year.

Sue Miller, Crafts. She loves crafting with kids and likes to plan family fun outings. She  has brought together the best crafts and art projects for children.


Jennifer Cummings, Education and School, has a psychology, and a M.Ed. in special education from Framingham State College in Massachusetts. She has been an elementary teacher in Massachusetts for almost 10 years, serving both regular education and special education students. She has taught grades 1,4, and 5.


Melodie Tucker Mars Venus Relationships , She has worked with hundreds of men and women from all over the world with every imaginable relationship concern Melodie Tucker columnist at Families Online Magazine including issues on dating, commitment, marriage, infidelity, starting over after a loss, parenting, workplace issues, and achieving personal success.



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Families Online Magazine Online MagazineAboutFamilies Online MagazineParenting Michelle LaRowe Real Advice for Real Life from the American Nanny. Michelle is the former International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year. A career nanny specializing in caring for twins, Michelle has over a decade of nanny experience. She is called on by the media as a nanny and parenting expert,...Parenting Advice| Family Fun Activities for Kids