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Book Review: Nanny to the Rescue

Today's featured writer is Michelle LaRowe. Her book (ISBN 0849912326) is entitled "NANNY TO THE RESCUE! Straight Talk & Super Tips For Parenting In The Early Years.

You have been through nine months of book reading to understand the ins and outs of being pregnant, Lamaze classes to prepare you for the big day, child safety classes to make sure you remember to put your toilet cleaner and other substances under lock and key, but all the preparation you receive for handling the needs, demands, and idiosyncrasies of parenting this brand new life were summed up in the words the nurse spoke when she handed you the bundle of joy: "Here's your baby! How often has a new mother wished she could go live in the hospital with nurses just a push-button away, always full of advice and two helping arms if all else failed.

Michelle LaRowe freely acknowledges that nannies have a leg up when it comes to parenting, especially for new parents or those who are traversing these treacherous waters for the first time. The odds are that you have a full-time job, social commitments, and problems of your own to deal with without having to figure out how to curb Sally's sibling rivalry, get Johnny to use the potty, and have your picky little eater actually put something other than two peas in her mouth and call it dinner. As a professional nanny she knows the ins and outs of dealing with kids on their levels, out of love and affection and not frustration, and without having any other pressures bearing down on her. Yet she is here to let you know that you, too, will be able to employ some of the simple little tricks of the trade she has learned over the years and thereby help your parenting style improve tremendously.

You may now be wondering how reading yet another book can possibly help you. Yet I am here to tell you that after reading NANNY TO THE RESCUE your parenting style will never be the same! As a matter of fact, the advice and suggestions this book offers are dynamite and you will be missing out if you do not add this book to your library. No matter if you are cradling a newborn, or are looking at your stubborn kindergartener in utter disbelief and even frustration, this book will be able to help you either get off to a great start or turn around a seemingly hopeless situation.

This book should be required reading for any new parent, and should top the lists of baby shower items. Very highly recommended!

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nanny to the rescue
Nanny to the Rescue


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