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Book Review: New Dare to Discipline

Today’s featured book is written by parenting advice veteran Dr. James Dobson. The book (ISBN 0842305068) is entitled New Dare to Discipline

The odds are pretty good that you are already familiar with the name James Dobson. A spiritual giant in his own right, Dr. Dobson has made it his life’s mission to help parents regain control of the parenting process. While it would be easy and by far too simplistic to point at circumstances and other reasons – some good, some not so good – why many a parent has abdicated his or her responsibility, the sad reality lays in the fact that many parents are scared to discipline their children.

On the one side of the equation they are scared of the reactions that the in-laws may have if they dare to discipline their children in such a way that the message comes across. They may be scared of the neighbors, or what the person at the grocery store may think. Yet perhaps most disturbingly, they are scared of their children. Oh no, they are not afraid that little Johnny is going to drop a dime and call child protective services – no, instead, they are afraid that little Johnny will cry, or pout, or be unhappy for ten minutes, or that little Johnny will be the only kid on the block to miss out on the latest and greatest toy or game. The list is almost endless.

Dr. Dobson does not let parents off the hook that easily and his book serves to help parents regain the conviction that the parenting buck stops with them. Add to this some solid and hands on advice, and you just know that this is a great parenting tool. Discussing morality, drug use, discipline in the classroom, and a variety of other topics, this book is truly a timeless parenting classic.

Of course, Dr. Dobson is controversial, not only because he gives a fair share of the responsibility for acting up to the child, but also because he does not discount but encourage corporal punishment for the most egregious infractions. While this may fly in the face of today’s politically correct parenting movement, it is important to note that spanking is a biblical principle that – if administered properly – will yield positive results.

Sylvia Cochran

Sylvia is a writer, born and raised in Germany. Having been exposed to a variety of religions and traditions due to travel and study, Sylvia has been a student of the Bible for more than ten years and has for the last four years taught in small groups about Biblical principles, practical Christianity, Christian parenting, as well as the spiritual use of money.

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