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10 Things that a Dog Teaches a Parent, Just Because

By Cheryl Moeller
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1. Just take a nap, doesn't make you worthless.

2. Just Because...the newspaper is in your neighbor's driveway doesn't mean you can't read the headlines.

3. Just are grown up, doesn't mean you still don't like squeaky toys.

4. Just bark, doesn't mean people will listen.

5. Just Because...there's nothing in the refrigerator, doesn't mean there isn't anything to eat.

6. Just Because...there is a guest at your house, you have to like the guest.

7. Just's messy and drooling, doesn't make it a real kiss.

8. Just are inside doesn't mean you wish you weren't outside, and vice versa.

9. Just find something in the back yard, doesn't mean you have to eat it.

10. Just look at someone long enough with sad eyes, doesn't mean you will always get what you want (but it's worth a try).

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