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mom driving car with lots of kids

You know it's time for summer to end...

1) When you start telling your kids that you're bored.

2) You've quit wearing perfume and instead settle for two sprays of misquoto repellent..

3) You've grilled everything you can think of including your husband's favorite pair of flip flops.

4) The only family vacation you want to take is to Slumberland.

5) You cut the grass in the shape of a giant calendar to you can mark the days until school starts.

6) You've started using the hedge clippers to trim your own hair.

7) The lemonade has turned ruby red -- exactly the same color as the tube of lipstick you can't find.

8) You've eaten so much sweet corn that you now chew your green beans holding them with both hands.

9) Your garden produced so many zucchinis that you have started hiding them in the purses of friends who visit.

10) You get caught trying to buy school supplies for yourself.

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