July 4th Patriotic Pinwheel craftJuly 4th Patriotic Pinwheel craft

4th of July Crafts


4th of July Crafts

Happy 4th of July


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Patriotic Pinwheel

A simple pinwheel for older children.

Supplies needed:
Construction Paper (the thicker the better)
Paper Punch
A push-pin
A pencil with an eraser
Markers or Crayons

Start by making two square pieces of paper.

To start making a square, put the two pieces of paper together. Fold the corner of the pieces of paper over .

To finish making the squares, cut off the small rectangles, forming two squares (which are already folded into a triangle).

Fold the triangle in half. Unfold the paper.

Decorate one side of each sheet of paper.

Put the undecorated sides of the paper together.

Make four cuts along the fold lines - about halfway to the center.

Punch four holes in the pinwheel, one at each corner.

Gently gather each of the four points (with a hole) to the center. (Be careful not to crease the paper.)

Push a push-pin through the four punched holes through the center of the pinwheel to attach the pinwheel to the side of a pencil's eraser.

Happy 4th of July! We hope you enjoy our 4th of July Crafts!

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