Vacation is the lost art for many parents who try to spend it actually relaxing, but end up worrying, trying to find the missing toddler sock, or handling sudden allergy outbursts. Once upon a time, it was simple to just book a flight to a beachy resort and spend most of the time reading an immersive book, sipping cocktails, but your little rascals require ample planning, and an equally impressive amount of attention.

Hence the need to plan and organize the perfect trip for your entire family in order to prevent any potential mishaps, or at least fully brace yourself for the ones you cannot possibly foresee! Let’s see what makes an ideal family getaway that everyone will enjoy until the very end!

Entertainment through the roof

No matter their age and range of interests, kids will get bored very easily wherever you may choose to go on your vacation. Potential tantrums, or simple annoying “I’m bored” statements can become the predominant tone of the day if you don’t plan well!

That’s why you need to look into all possible fun trips in the vicinity of your accommodation, kid-friendly experiences, playgrounds and aqua parks, anything to keep them occupied and active. Even a few board games, cards, and movies can be fun in case the weather messes with your plans and you need to skip an outing.

Pick the right destination

family vacation

It all depends on the mood of your family, as well as your budget, and your preferences. Some families love adventure-laden escapes with tons of hiking, and the kids won’t mind the limited food options. However, those with young munchkins on their hands can benefit from all-inclusive options offered by various cruise lines or different exotic resorts for the entire family.

The former means you don’t have to worry about anything – from kid-crafted menus, to loads of entertainment options, you’ll have it all figured out long before the trip. As for the latter, you might need to kick up your entertainment game since you’ll be in a single place, but you’ll have lots of freedom to schedule your fun time.

Do your homework

Once you have selected your ideal vacation spot, you should devote a portion of your time to doing some research. Do they have babysitting services, any additional fees to change the menus, and what’s their security like? Is there a fun performance in the area, or a particularly delicious pancake place to stop by?

Not everything has to be set in stone, but if you do find some exciting sightseeing spots and eateries, your kids and you will have a blast exploring the area!

Add the element of surprise

Sydney AU Aquarium

No one knows your kids better than you, so use your in-depth knowledge to tailor the trip in such a way to include a handful of special experiences that will keep them on their toes. These will serve as your bonding experiences as well, so make sure to encourage their passions and interests to the best of your ability.

Whether it’s a diving trip to meet the local underwater life, a special performance by their favorite magician, a surprise trip to Disney World, or a fun event featuring their favorite movie characters, they’ll become the highlight of your entire trip.

Schedule some alone time

It’s difficult to get any privacy as it is, but even more so when you’re set on an adventure as a family. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your best to set up an evening or two for just you and your spouse, which will also give the kids some time to have fun with their peers.

Consider booking a sitter for an evening to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner, and of course, alert your kids beforehand so that they know they’ll spend a few hours without you. It can be a spa escape, or a particular sightseeing experience if you go on a cruise, while your youngsters enjoy the many entertainment options on-board.

Pack light

kids on airplane

Your room will instantly devolve into chaos if you choose to pack too many items that you most likely won’t need. An extra pair of socks is more than fine, but when you aim to pack even the essentials that will clearly be included in your arrangement, then you’ll find yourself handling a mess in no time.

Instead, go for rentals whenever possible, whether you can rent out a stroller, a volley ball, book an hour on a tennis court, or rent a surf board, you really don’t need to pack all your equipment. Bring the essentials, and let the destination do the rest!

Include the youngsters

Sometimes when you start planning your dreamy family escape, you might find yourself at a loss: which play should we see? What toy store would they prefer? Should we set up a cooking class for the whole family? Just go straight to the source and ask your little ones if they’d prefer a particular excursion or experience.

That way, they will feel a part of your plan, they will own the vacation project as much as you do, and you can use this time to talk to them about the basic rules of conduct, so that they can stay safe, and still have loads of fun!


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