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The right picnic table can make the perfect place for warm days of spring and summer family fun.

Picnics and outdoor games are a big part of most people’s outdoor activities when the weather is nice.

Although you can basically have a picnic almost anywhere, you can make eating outdoors even more enjoyable by taking the time to create a picnic-friendly area in your backyard.

Without too much effort or expense, you’ll be able to create an area where you can enjoy eating meals and having fun with family members as well as guests. In fact, you’ll probably find that having a specially designed picnic and the outdoor eating area will make your summer entertaining easier and a lot more fun as well. Here are some quick, easy and inexpensive ideas you can use to transform your average backyard into a picnic paradise.

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Assessing Your Backyard Space

Before creating your picnic-friendly area, it can be helpful to thoroughly examine your backyard. When choosing your area, it’s important to remember that sun and shade both have their place as part of a pleasurable outdoor experience. Although the summer sun is warm and cheerful, sometimes it can simply be a bit too intense.

If you are planning to add a picnic table to your backyard, it can be helpful to choose one that you can easily relocate when necessary. Then, position your table under a shady tree if you have one, which will provide a pleasant spot to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner.

Space Saving Ideas

On days when you’d prefer to enjoy a bit more sun, you can simply pull the table out from under the tree. Patio tables that include an umbrella can be a great choice if you plan to locate your picnic area on a deck or patio. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors frequently during the summer months, it might also be advantageous to buy an inexpensive canvas or plastic shelter.

These tent-like structures are easy to put up and take down, providing you with a weather-resistant area to dine outdoors. Some of these structures even have netting that you can use to help protect your picnic from mosquitoes and other pesky insects.

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Choosing Your Picnic Table

The number of people you generally need to seat and your intended location for the table are two of the most important factors to consider when choosing an outdoor picnic table. If your family is small and you rarely entertain, a small round patio table with an umbrella might be a perfect choice.

However, a spacious picnic table with benches on both sides could be what you need for larger families. If you enjoy entertaining on the patio, a large oval or rectangular patio table and chair set might be perfect. When selecting your table, make sure to choose one with sturdy construction that will be able to withstand the elements.

Even if you have to pay a little more for a better quality table, it can be well worth it. After all, you don’t want your table to fall apart after only a year or two of use, even if it was an exceptionally good deal.

Finishing Touches

Thoughtful finishing touches and a bit of advance planning can be the key to pleasurable picnic experiences. Plastic serving trays can make it easier to transport your food items from the kitchen to the picnic table. If you enjoy grilling outside, locate your picnic area within close proximity to the grill to make it easier to serve the food. A plastic tote designed to hold cutlery and paper plates can also be extremely handy.

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