The US Food Supply is linked to Hormone Problems!

By Dr. Mary Riggin

There is a new epidemic. Growing numbers of healthy people are complaining of unexplained weight gain, belly fat, lack of energy, chronic pain, insomnia, digestion problems, allergies, low immune function, fibromyalgia, arthritis,

high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, bone loss, hair loss as well as an array of other symptoms that are often attributed to stress, age or just being out of shape.


It has been discovered that in many cases these symptoms could be caused by hormonal imbalances.  Hormones control how our bodies grow and operate.  It is commonly known that hormones control sex drive and affect your mood.  What is not commonly known is that the internal balance and proper function of the entire body is dependent upon hormone balance and health.  If balanced and healthy, we should not even know we have them.  However, your hormones can easily become disturbed and confused by many factors.  This confusion, and the imbalance it causes, can create an array of chronic symptoms.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reported to Congress that There is concern that certain pesticide chemicals and other substances may modify the normal functioning of human and wildlife endocrine, or hormone, systems and cause developmental, behavioral, and reproductive problems.  The EPA calls them endocrine disruptors because these substances disturb endocrine or hormone communication.  Since 1998, the EPA has set up research and testing guidelines to evaluate the impact of endocrine disruptors on animal and human health.  The research continues today.

Meanwhile, more people are complaining of symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances in their reproductive systems, thyroid, adrenal and other glands.  In addition to poisons in our environment affecting the delicate balance of our hormones, high sugar, low fat, low cholesterol, high and low protein diets, as well as external synthetic hormones added to our food supply greatly influence hormone balance. Synthetic estrogen and growth hormones given to cattle and chickens to increase size has a powerfully negative effect on our hormones and glands; this can cause a disruption in the communication pathways in the endocrine (hormone) system.

Normal Hormone communication starts in the brain with the pituitary gland where hormones are released into the blood stream.  From there, they flow to other glands to turn-on function via that gland’s receptor site.  These include the thyroid, pancreas, liver, adrenal, ovaries, uterus, and prostate.    The receptor site acts like a keyhole in which the particular hormone will fit like a key.  That hormone then acts like a switch to turn-on function.  The gland then sends a reply message back to the brain via the blood stream acknowledging that the message was received.  This communication line is where the trouble starts.  Those endocrine disruptors in our environment and food cause a breakdown of communication by preventing our body’s hormones from getting into the cell receptor site.

It’s kind of like breaking a key off in a keyhole.  We’ve all either had it happen, or have heard about it from someone.  The key that’s broken off gets stuck in the keyhole, so when you go to put another key in the keyhole to unlock the door, it’s blocked.  So you have to call the locksmith to remove the broken key so you can get your other key into the lock to open your door.  It’s a frustrating situation that sets a bad tone for the rest of the day.  So then, think for a moment of what happens in your body when your thyroid gland or adrenal glands get these endocrine disruptors stuck in the cell’s receptor site.  These endocrine disruptors are really hormone mimickers.  They trick your body into thinking they are the real hormone, but they are not.  They look to the cell’s receptor site like the real ones, but when the receptor site allows it in, it get stuck there, which prevents the real hormones from getting in.  This creates a big problem since the originating gland does get a response from the receiving gland that it got the message.  This causes the originating gland to increase its messages.  Have you ever tried to speak to someone who didn’t respond?  It gets real upsetting, right?  Well, the communication breakdown that’s created by the blocked receptor sites cause a similar issue.

Years of clinical experience throughout the country has shown that when these blockages are treated using a specialized acupressure technique to restore hormone communication, health improves.  This is accomplished without the use of hormone supplements.

If you’re concerned about endocrine disruptors and the impact on health, start incorporating more organic (non-toxic) food in your diet.  In order to label something organic, it must adhere to strict guidelines of no chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or other toxic agents.  Organic dairy products, meats, fruits and vegetables are all available in our community.  There is a higher cost, but when you weigh the health benefits, the additional cost is nominal.


Dr. Mary Riggin

Dr. Mary Riggin

Dr. Mary Riggin,LAc,  FitFM - Family Wellness

Executive Director, Acupuncture Physician

Dr. Riggin is  FitFM - Family Wellness , is the Founder and Director of Healing Touch Oriental Medicine. As an inspiring health educator, in-demand speaker and doctor of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Dr. Mary has helped thousands of people completely turn their health around. Dr. Mary co-hosts and produces the wildly popular radio show "Food is the First Medicine" and her presentations and viewpoints on natural healthcarehave made her an in-demand and innovative expert in the natural health world.
Dr. Mary Riggin, produces and hosts Food is the First Medicine Talk Radio Show, and is a popular speaker. Since 1996 she has practiced natural medicine in the Tampa Bay area; her passion and purpose is to help as many people as possible. Listen to her weekly on TanTalk 1340AM in Tampa Bay, or online anytime, anywhere at

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She is a published author and was featured in the book A Woman's Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Alternative Healing, writes and publishes educational newsletters and brochures, and was elected to serve two consecutive terms as President of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association.
Dr. Mary Riggin

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