by Kelly Croslis

Rethinking Your Life

A month ago the end of summer picnics and last minute school shopping topped the list of things to do. Today, we watch the news and see that life is more complicated than that. It seems hard to believe, especially to us that do not live in the line of destruction, that all this is happening in ‘our land.’ It is more like something we would expect to see on the news from overseas.

But it’s not, it is real, it is our own neighbors, brother, sisters and families. No one is immune to the pain and sorrow that we see each day. As the Hurricane season winds down, we find ourselves maybe rethinking our own lives. Four years ago, we were rethinking our lives then too, with the tragedy of 9/11. Every time there is a tragedy, we rethink our lives – what would happen if we took our lives seriously every day, not only when we are reminded by tragedy?

Be thankful for your day today; don’t wait for a tragedy to rethink your life.

Kelly Croslis

Kelly Croslis is our Grandparenting and Sports Section author and editor.

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