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Scandinavian: Meaning of Names — Origin — Ideas for Baby Names



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NameMeaning of NameGenderOrigin
AINAForever.Also Nigerian name meaning difficult birth.femalescandinavian


DANAmyth name DARDAfemalescandinavian




APSELfather of peace ARLESmalescandinavian




GUSTAVEStaff of the gods.Variants includeGustavand Gustavus. Diminutive is Gus.


HANSForm of JohnGod has been gracious.male


HANSONSon of Hans.Variants include HansenHanssenand Hansson.


HAROLDArmy ruler.Variants include AraldoAraltAroldo


INGEMARSon of Ing.Variants include IngamarIngemurand Ingmar. INGVAR


IVORNorse or Scandinavian name meaning bowman.Sometimes associated with Welsh Iforlord.Variants include Ivar and Iver.male


JANDutch form of Johnthe Lord is gracious.male


JANSONSon of Janmalescandinavian


JENSScandinavian form of Johnthe Lord is gracious.Variants include Jensenand Jenson. KNUT

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Greta Jenkins JenkinsBaby NamesBaby Name Ideas,Names and Their MeaningsScandinavian: Meaning of Names -- Origin -- Ideas for Baby NamesAfricanAnglo Arabian and ArabicAramaic ArmenianArthurian (English) Basque (Spanish)Celtic Chamonu (Spanish)Chinese CzechoslovakianDanish DutchEgyptian EnglishFinnishFrenchGaelic GermanGreek HawaiianHindi Hungarianindian ItalianJapanese Native AmericanRomanian RussianScandinavian SlavicTurkishVietnameseName Meaning of Name Gender OriginAINA Forever.Also Nigerian name meaning difficult birth. female scandinavian DANA myth name DARDA female scandinavian HELGA holy INGA INGE INGUNNA APSEL father of peace ARLES male scandinavian GUNTHER warrior male scandinavian GUSTAVE Staff of the gods.Variants include Gustav and Gustavus. Diminutive is Gus. HANS Form of John God has been gracious. male HANSON Son of Hans.Variants include Hansen Hanssen and Hansson. HAROLD Army ruler.Variants...Parenting Advice| Family Fun Activities for Kids