Books That Work! Character Building Books for Kids
By Sharon Scott, Family Counselor

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At last, a way to teach elementary-age children how to manage their emotions without losing their attention (or your mind)! In his latest book, Nicholas the Cocker Spaniel makes it fun for kids to learn what to do when they feel sad, mad, scared, or confused, as well as how to handle happy emotions without bragging.
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Children live in a fast-paced world where time, tension, television, and technology often interfere in the development of good, strong character. Selfishness, negativity, and cynicism are overwhelming realities in their world. To help children live ethical lives, the authors have lovingly selected eight important values based on the letters of Nicholas' name. N is for nice. I is for involved. C is for confident. H is for honest. O is for obedient. L is for loyal. A is for accountable. S is for sharing. These are values that any parent would want children to develop and use in their daily lives. Use This book to teach children in grades K-5 to be kind to one another. Nicholas, her Cocker Spaniel co-author, uses his animal friends, Shawn, Many, Cedric, and Katy to teach children how to accept and respect all types of differences as well as what to do if they become the target of a bully.

Books For School Age Children
by Sharon Scott, LPC, LMFT

Internationally acclaimed family counselor, Sharon Scott, along with her savvy Cocker Spaniel, Nicholas, have written a charming series of books for elementary school-age children. Each book in The Nicholas Collection is filled with the antics of Nicholas and his real-life animal buddies along with delightful cartoons and life enhancing skills. Kids adore (and remember!) the lessons taught through the eyes of this adorable dog.

Sharon Scott, Family Counselor Sharon Scott, LPC, LMFT, has been making a difference in people's lives for 30 years through her eight award-winning books, dynamic workshops, and private counseling services. She has trained over one million people in 42 states and in Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Malaysia, Turkey, the Philippines and Micronesia in her proven "Peer Pressure Reversal" skills. Prior to opening her company, LifeSkills for Positive Living, in 1980, she was Director of the nationally acclaimed Dallas Police Department's First Offender Program working with delinquent youth. Sharon has appeared on CNN and Good Morning Australia and has been quoted by hundreds of media including 20/20, The London Times, Redbook, Seventeen, The Washington Post, and Good Housekeeping. She is the only three time recipient of the "Professional Writing Award" given by the 5,000 member Texas Counseling Association. She was honored in 2001 with the "Molly Gerold Human Rights Award" for 20 years of global volunteer service to combat drugs. For information on bringing Sharon to your school or community to present on one of her 29 workshop topics, please see her website

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This book helps parents, educators, and other concerned adults educate children in grades 1-5 about the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and inhalants-the scientific negative impact of these chemicals are simplified so that children can really understand the consequences to the mind and body. To capture and hold the interest of young readers, the book is written through the eyes of Nicholas, the Cocker Spaniel, author Scott's beloved companion. Nicholas, along with his animal friends, discovers why drugs are harmful and learns learn skills for managing negative peer pressure. Nicholas' inquisitive childlike qualities make him the perfect guide through this difficult and important subject.

Nicholas the Cocker Spaniel and his animal friends teach children in grades K-5 how to say no to all kinds of trouble invitations, including cheating, cliques, fighting, lying, going too far from home, gossiping, talking to strangers, and much more! Too Smart for Trouble shows kids how to recognize peer pressure and avoid it and Nicholas makes the learning fun. An award-winning book that includes delightful illustrations, thought provoking true stories, and an entire chapter devoted to practice.