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Summer Reading for All Ages (Beyond Harry Potter)

 Are you looking for something for your kids to read that’s fun, but can still be used to complete their summer reading requirements? Maybe they’ve already worked their way through the entire Hogwarts collection, or maybe Harry Potter isn’t their thing. Here’s a list of titles for all ages that will be sure to capture the imagination:

 For Little Tykes (pre-K to 2)

These books are fun to read and have great illustrations. Whether they are new to you, or a reminder of an old classic, these books are sure to get your little ones’ attention

 The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

In this tale, a young bull lives his life the way he sees it- even if it’s not how others expect him to!

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell

This is the inspiring story of a little girl who thinks and acts big enough to befriend the entire world. A perfect story for someone who needs a little encouragement to face the world on their own terms.

Pog by Lyn Lee

Who hasn’t been afraid of the critters that live under their bed at night? In this delightful book, the tables are turned on the monsters under the bed!

Chewy Louie by Howie Schneider

Do you have a family pet that just can’t seem to get the hang of living in a people house? Is Fido always up to something? This book will remind readers that everyone grows up- sometime.

Thomas’ Snowsuit by Robert Munsch

Summertime may not bring thoughts of snow to mind, but this book will make you wish it was time for the white stuff! Robert Munsch brings the age-old battle of getting ready to play out in a funny way for all ages.

 For Older Readers (grades 3-5)

Here are a few ideas for shorter chapter books that can tell a great story, but not overwhelm the reader with length. These have good writing, interesting characters, and good lessons to learn.

 The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman

In this short novel, kids read about a not-so-nice prince and his servant as they have adventures in the time of the royal court. Through amusing language and quick writing, Fleischman makes kids laugh and think as they read about the boys.

Make Four Million Dollars by Next Thursday or Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days by Stephen Manes

Have you ever wanted something, even though it was too good to be true? In these stories, join in the fun as Manes explores the stories of how you should always beware of something that’s just too good!

The Twits by Roald Dahl

Most people know Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but this funny short novel is sure to delight readers. The Twits may not be the nicest people around, but their story is sure to tickle your funny bone.

Skinnybones by Barbara Park

Every parent has seen their child talk their way straight into trouble. Well, in this funny story, Alex Frankovitch has pushed it a little too far, maybe. From the author of Junie B. Jones for the younger set, this book is a pleaser!

 For the Oldest (and those who are still kids at heart!) (grades 4 and up)

These books are a little longer, but will still be just as interesting at the end as they were in the beginning. Strong writing and good stories make them winners!

 Wishes, Kisses and Pigs by Betsy Hearne

What would happen if you ever really got that “first star” wish? In this book, there’s a little magic and a lot of love as Hearne tells the story of a family wishing to get things right.

The Cat Ate My Gymsuit by Paula Danziger

Middle school is rough for everyone, but even more so when you feel a terrible injustice has been done! In this classic story of conviction, kids will learn that doing what is right doesn’t always come easy.

Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech

When two orphans come to live with a couple in Ruby Holler, they’re not sure exactly what a family is, but they know they’ve never been in one. Through their adventures, everyone comes to learn a little more about exactly what make people come together as a true family.

Crispin by Avi

In this medieval tale, a young boy goes from being a nameless face in his village to one of the most hunted people in the kingdom! This fast-paced story will have you in suspense from the beginning to the end.

 Good luck with your summer reading! Enjoy!!

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