By America’s Nanny Michelle LaRowe – In an age of technology, the Internet is a great way to research available resources for single working moms.

In addition to the well-known federal aid services such as welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and child support enforcement, there are other financial resources that are less well known. With a bit of time, Internet access and persistence, you may be surprised to learn about the assistance that you may qualify for,and the money-saving tips that you can use to stretch your dollar. (Speaking of making your dollar go further, check out It’s a potpourri of money-saving ideas’definitely a fun website to peruse.)

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Nanny to the Rescue

America’s nanny offers a large dose of healthy
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nanny to the rescue

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Many resources available for single moms vary from state to state and have different financial guidelines that determine eligibility. And just because you may not qualify for one doesn’t mean you may not qualify for another.

In addition to accessing federal and state aid, consider the merits of starting a savings account and having a budget. Knowing what you have and where it goes is the key to successfully navigating the financial world of single parenthood. There are many free web-based programs (see as well as software (Microsoft Money, for example) that allow you to track your income and expenses. Having a clear picture of where you stand financially will help you to analyze your budget and identify where you need to pinch pennies.

Of the many financial burdens that single mothers face, the rising cost of healthcare is often one of the heaviest. Many single working mothers are caught in the insurance gap: Their employers do not provide health insurance, but they earn too much money to qualify for a local or state insurance program. At the same time, they do not earn enough to cover the cost of enrollment in a private health insurance plan. If you are currently uninsured, check with your local health department. Many health departments offer free immunizations and vaccinations and can direct you to free or low-cost health clinics that provide care to the uninsured.

Pharmaceutical companies often offer programs that aid eligible candidates with free medications. Check out RX Assist (, which has a comprehensive database to search for patient-assistance programs. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance ( is just one of the organizations that provide pharmaceutical assistance. In addition, don’t be ashamed to tell your doctor that your financial situation is tight, as they are often aware of the least expensive places to get prescriptions and may even have free samples of what you need on hand!
Many people find significant long-term savings by ordering prescriptions via mail. In most cases, mail-order prescriptions allow you to order a 90-day supply (and it’s often less expensiveto purchase in bulk) for maintenance medications. Also, discount warehouses like Costco and chain superstores such as Wal-Mart often offer the best prices for prescriptions.
When it comes to dental care, many dentists offer discounted rates for uninsured patients, but won’t necessarily offer the less expensiverate unless you ask. Most dental schools also provide services for reduced rates. Treatments are usually done by dentists in training who are supervised closely by their licensed dental instructors.
Also, remember to shop smart. If you’re on your own looking for insurance, one of the easiest ways to compare and get insurance quickly is to use

While these tips may not solve your dilemma, they certainly can get you thinking creatively when it comes to being resourceful and making your dollars stretch.

Adapted from Working Mom’s 411. Regal Books 2009.

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