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This book is a complete guide to collecting child support. Learn how to work with government child support agencies, attorneys and do-it-yourself methods to collect child support. Written by Geraldine Jensen a child support expert . Download How to Collect Child Support, 3rd Edition and begin to learn your legal rights about collecting child support. Get the knowledge you need to navigate the child support system, and child support laws. You will learn how to effectively enforce your child support order to ensure that your children receive the support they deserve.
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Singlemotherhood Tips

by Tammy Jones,

Single Motherhood is probably the most challenging experience one can live through. With constant, overwhelming, responsibility you might wonder if you really through it that is. Just kidding, but anybody who's ever been a single parent will tell you "sometimes, it ain't easy!" Through the difficulties I've encountered as a single mom I have found an inner strength, a resourcefulness I never knew existed. It feels good! I am in charge of my life and I like who I see when I look in the mirror. As a single mother for the past 6 years, I have put together what I call my "Single Parent Success Tips" and I am pleased to share them with you now.

1). Ask for help when you need it! Family and friends want to help and they maybe unaware you need assistance. Whether it's borrowing money to pay the light bill or you're having difficulty shuffling the kids around to and from soccer practice, just let people know what you need. Your family and friends all want to see you succeed and they will help!

2). Form a support network of friends and family. Include other single mothers in your network. Bounce ideas off of one another. Get reassurance of your own parenting skills by talking with others. Swap out baby-sitting with other single parents for time to yourself.

3). Going to the store? Form a shopping network of two or three other moms (single or otherwise) in your neighborhood. When a mom makes a trip to the grocery story, have her call the other moms in the group to see who needs what. Take turns and everybody gets a little help.

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