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‘m trying to think of how to give you a smile for my SmileNotes column, yet all I can do is cough. I have pneumonia. Last Wednesday, the doctor said it was a virus. Then by Friday he said x-rays showed I had pneumonia. So my head is addled with prescription drugs, I alternate between being hot and cold, I wonder when I can see my private counseling clients again (who haven’t been seen for two weeks due to the back to back ice storms), and I think about the bills piling in when no income is! Sound familiar?

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By Sharon Scott

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Family counselor Sharon Scott is the author of 8 books including this delightful series for children that is “co-authored” by her savvy cocker spaniel Nicholas who makes learning valuable life skills fun.

child character building book Too Smart for Trouble , a popular, award-winning book, teaches children to think on their own and how to say no when asked to do something wrong.



school age  child bookNot Better… Not Worse… Just Different is must reading for children to learn to be more sensitive to others, avoid bullying and know how to handle teasing.



elementary age child bookLife’s Not Always Fair is a child’s guide for managing emotions and learning to soothe oneself when mad, sad, scared or confused.



child character building bookNicholas’ Values is a delightful guide helping children develop good character traits such as honesty, confidence, sharing and so much more!



kid anti-drug bookToo Cool for Drugs helps children learn why and how to say no to drugs–drug education must begin in the home at an early age!

When I want to look at the positive, I often think of my dogs’present and past,as they always looked on the bright side and encourage me to do so as well! My year old tri-color cocker spaniel, Colt, has been sitting close to me all week as he doesn’t understand what’s wrong with me. He tries to help by repeatedly putting his wet, cold rubber chicken toy on my face when I lay down on the couch to cough.

I think the funniest thing that happened was years ago when my dear departed Scooter, also a tri-color cocker spaniel, tried to help me when I had the flu. I was propped up in bed on three pillows. I began coughing and wheezing so badly that I had a very, very long inhale where there was no noise as I couldn’t even get my breath. Scooter got alarmed, immediately jumped on the bed, climbed on my chest and put his snout to my mouth. I don’t know if he was trying to give me mouth-to-mouth or just wondering where all my air had gone, but his being up to my mouth was not helping. I now had no air coming in plus a 28 lb. weight on my chest! It would have been hilarious had I not been so ill.

I hope you have an animal member in your family to help give comic relief when needed! We need to treat them well as they love us unconditionally and are a part of the family.

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P.S. Please see my other column The Counselor’s Corner about the power of pausing.

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Sharon Scott, LPC, LMFTSmile NotesSharon Scott, LPC, LMFT - SmileNotes 'm trying to think of how to give you a smile for my SmileNotes column, yet all I can do is cough. I have pneumonia. Last Wednesday, the doctor said it was a virus. Then by...Parenting Support | Family Fun Activities for Kids