Terry Ate A Chicken Leg
(or The Art of the Family Laugh)!


family counselor child help When I was growing up the phrase "Terry ate a chicken leg" would bring peals of laughter to my parents and myself! I won't explain the reason in case the now adult "Terry" might be reading this. And I delight in the memory of when Nany, my elderly grandmother, failed to see my Cocker Spaniel Pudgie asleep in her dining room and crashed to the floor on top of him like a falling tree. We all gasped sure that she had broken every bone in her body' there was silence' and then, she lifted her head laughing hysterically. Or the story about my grandfather laying a dead snake skin in the back pasture for my Uncle Kenneth to stumble upon'the stumble resulted in a record sky-high jump. Or when Aunt Nell, my mother's sister, got lost in my new house and went to the wrong bedroom almost climbing in bed with my sleeping father. These stories are treasured in our family because they cause us to laugh until we cry.

Speaking of laughing so hard that you cry, I miss my father terribly as he was the one person who would laugh so hard with me that he couldn't sit up and I would actually be on the floor incapacitated from laughter. Our laughter would best be described as loud cackles with gasps for air every now and then before we would start up all over again. Daddy died in 2004 and I don't recall laughing like that since' but I hope that I do some day.

I don't miss the cartoon in the newspaper 'Pearls Before Swine' by Stephan Pastis as more often than not his comic strip makes me laugh out loud. I go to sleep after watching Jay Leno's monologue because he, too, makes me laugh out loud'especially the segment he calls Jaywalking where he asks people on the street questions and they give really dumb answers. My favorite was when he asked a 20-something female if she knew what Mount Rushmore was and she replied that she did. He then asked her how the four president's faces came to be on the rocks and, in all seriousness, she said, 'Erosion?'

As you can see, I look for things or people to make me smile and laugh. I hope you are developing the funny stories (but not humiliating ones) that will cause your family to roar with laughter. If not, find your funny bone and share it' or buy a book of humorous stories' or watch shows like 'America's Funniest Videos' with your family. Laughter could help the world go 'round!

Copyright 2009. Sharon Scott. No reproduction without written permission from author.