Mother's Lap

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Have you seen the photo going around on the internet of a newborn foal climbing into the "lap" of his mother, the mare who had just delivered him? The beautiful brown and white mother was laying on the ground and he just climbed up onto her outstretched front legs and settled comfortably under her chin. It's a perfect example of parental love. Sometimes when I've been visiting my mother and I'm preparing to leave, she hugs me and then doesn't release. She holds on and gives an extra squeeze as if she might not see me again. I also have a couple of friends who are great huggers---they hug with enthusiasm and big gestures'I feel like they've enveloped me. And it's nice. I feel special and important in their lives.

School has begun. Is your home hectic in the morning like most peoples? If so, try to prepare clothes, lunches and breakfast items the evening before if possible. Teach them to get their homework, backpack, supplies, etc. ready the evening before as well as to lay out clothes to wear for the next day. Try to talk kindly to your children. It's the beginning of their day too, and we all may have stresses to face. And before your child (and spouse!) leave the house, make sure to give them a loving hug to send them on their way. We never know when we'll see each other again'

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