Never Late!

dad puppy

My father was a remarkable man in so many ways. He was from what many have called (and I agree) 'the greatest generation.' He served in WWII in the U.S. Army all over Europe. Daddy died on Memorial Day, 2004 at age 87. He always had a twinkle in his eye thinking of something mischievous or funny to say. I think my dry sense of humor comes from him'and I'm quite proud of its source! One story that I often chuckle over is when he would tell, in all seriousness, about the time when he was almost late for work. He worked for the same government agency his entire life and was actually never late'but almost was one time!

How many of us have that level of responsibility and dedication? If we hope to instill it in our children then we must begin with ourselves as their role models. It can be as simple as getting prepared the evening before for work'and have your kids do the same for school. There could be a place to lay out clothes as well as a place for our briefcase, cell phone or keys. We would help them find a place for their homework, lunch money, books or backpack. Then we need to get them to school and ourselves to work on time.

If this organization was done the evening before, there might even be time for a healthy breakfast together! What a novel idea (oops, my dry sense of humor is showing). I ate breakfast every morning of my young life with my parents. It doesn't have to be a big time consuming breakfast'it could just be toast and fruit or cereal. This is a rarity nowadays as everyone is always in a rush. It would give us the energy to begin our day as well as the calmness of sitting with our family before the day begins.

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