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Stress and Pedicures

by Kellie Strausser

stress relief We live in a society of me, me, me, for the most part, especially the younger generations. I don’t mean to generalize, but it seems to be true. Only thinking of yourself continually, is not a healthy balance, but there are still many of us out there who fail to take the time to do something for ourselves at least occasionally. Stress builds in the body like the roots of a growing tree that bury deep into the ground over time, with each passing year.

Actually, I think that’s a really good way to imagine it. Obviously, a tree needs roots to twist and bend deep into the ground, intertwining and weaving to keep it sturdily in place. Our body does not need stress to do the same. If we let it, those stressful roots inflicting our mind, body and spirit, can spill over into each area of our life and cause major problems.

Now, there is no possible way to completely admonish stress from your life. What we can do though, is chip away at it, bit by bit, to make more room for the positives and less room for entanglements.

This is where you may feel selfish, or greedy, or that you are lavishing yourself with more than you deserve. Take each of those thoughts and bury them right next to that tree for a few minutes and keep an open mind. We all need our own space; comforts that we allow ourselves without guilt, and people in our lives whom support that.

This past weekend, I took a day for myself. My girlfriend and I went out to eat. We then went shopping for new clothes, which I rarely do and I bought an outfit I look and feel great in. I then got a manicure and pedicure (heaven); of which I had never had from a professional, and on the spur of the moment, a new haircut.

Now, I went all out, because my life had been so stressful lately that I hadn’t done anything for just me for a couple years. The point is I took a day. I blocked everyone else out for a certain time period (unless of course there would have been an emergency) and only did what I wanted.

Even when I told my boyfriend that this day was for me, he still tried to get me to do something for him, which I declined politely. I had to. If you don’t take moments like this and let others fend for themselves for a certain amount of time (unless of course they are small children or animals, then please have someone responsible look after them) you may never be able to pull the roots out.

This attitude probably does sound indulgent to most, but I have spent my whole life trying to please others and make them happy. I would bend over backwards, forgetting myself, in order to please someone else. I’m sure many women can relate to this, not that there are men who don’t do the same. Women just seem to be in the majority.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to please others, the problem is when it controls your life and you no longer have a life of your own. This is why many women seem to have regrets, bitterness, and no real identity or peace within their being. The stress has been growing steadily in them for years because they have not taken these moments, hours, days or even weeks for themselves. Can you imagine taking a whole week and doing whatever you want? A trip to Europe, a week at a Spa, or locked in a hotel and only ordering room service, watching movies and reading your favorite books. This may be extreme, or is it?

Your peace of mind and pleasure you received from this time would carry over into all of your relationships. On your end, you would be rested, secure and happy. The people in your life would know how important you really are to them, and therefore not take you for granted.

Your whole mind, body and spirit would thank you and you would retain amounts of individuality you thought were gone forever. If you can’t take a week, take a couple days. If a couple days are not available, take a day. Take an hour. Whatever you need to do to give yourself the peace of mind that you really are taking care of yourself to be a better person for all involved, including you.


Kellie Strausser

Chef Kellie Strausser is a thirty-four year young self and restaurant taught Chef who dabbles in catering small functions as a hobby. Her love of creating carries over into several areas of her life, including freelance writing, art and her passion for cooking and entertaining for friends and family in Lancaster, PA. StrausserLife+StyleHealthLife TipsStress and Pedicuresby Kellie Strausser We live in a society of me, me, me, for the most part, especially the younger generations. I don't mean to generalize, but it seems to be true. Only thinking of yourself continually, is not a healthy balance, but there are still many...Parenting Advice| Family Fun Activities for Kids