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Joining a summer camp can be your child’s great source for fun and learning. If you are up to looking for the best summer camps for your children, then you may want to check out the following questions that you need to ask before choosing a summer camp for your child:

Is it just a day camp or a residential camp?

This should be the very first question that parents need to ask. Of course, before looking for any summer camp, you have to know first what your child really wants. This way, you can be assured that your child will be able to enjoy the entire camping activities.

What are the qualifications of each summer camp staff?

Some camps only hire high school grads or college students to lead and watch over those young kids for the entire summer camp. There are also summer camps that hire those experienced, well-trained and college graduates for their summer camp staff. Although it is completely okay to have high school students as leaders for each camp team but then everybody must be well-oriented regarding camp safety and other important protocols should any emergency occurs.

Is there a balanced ratio for counselors to campers?

One of the most important things to ask about a summer camp is the ratio of counselors to campers. Make sure that the staff follows ACA guidelines regarding counselor to camper staffing. This way, you will be assured that each child is given enough attention and nobody is at risk of being overlooked all throughout the duration of the camp. Having the right ratio of counselors and campers will prove to be very helpful especially when an emergency occurs.

What safety and emergency measures are being prepared for the summer camp?

Before allowing your kids to join a summer camp, make sure to ask the summer camp director or staff about those measures that they have in preparation for any emergency and for the safety of everybody during the camp. Do not forget to ask about their strategies when responding to any types of emergency. You also need to ask whether they have a standby rescue team waiting and always ready to respond quickly to any emergency.

What types of accommodations are available?

As kids leave for the summer camp, one of the things that most parents would worry about will be the children’s dwelling place. To be able to set the right expectations to your child, you have to know first what kind of dining hall they have in their chosen accommodation, how many campers will occupy each sleeping quarter or room, and what would the bathroom and toilet like.

Is the summer camp for the same gender or coed?

This question becomes very important as your children gets older. As a parent, you should also be aware of just how a coed or same gender camp benefits your child.

Are there any religious and values perceptions being taught in their camp activities?

This question should also be of utmost importance especially if you are the type of parent who is very much particular about your child’s religious upbringing. You have to ask whether the summer camp organizers belong to specific religious affiliations and that their summer camp activities are applications of these religious values, theories and philosophies. McCrayParenting AdviceActivities for Kids,Ages and Stages,Seasons – Spring – Summer- Fall- Winter  Joining a summer camp can be your child's great source for fun and learning. If you are up to looking for the best summer camps for your children, then you may want to check out the following questions that you need to ask before...Parenting Support | Family Fun Activities for Kids