Summer vacation is almost underway and children are buzzing with excitement. They are surely more than ready to leave schoolbooks behind, disconnect their alarm clocks from the wall and enjoy the lazy summer days ahead.

As a parent, summer vacation can be a stressful time trying to figure out how to keep your child engaged in activities so they do not suffer from long hours of boredom, spent watching TV or playing video games. This year, help your child break the summer boredom blues and enroll them in a summer camp or summer school program.

Traditionally, summer school has been seen as a means for students who have fallen academically behind to catch up to their peers. But, as more colleges across the country are raising their standards of admission, many students are forgoing lazy summer vacations and hitting the books in preparation for the next school year.

For the younger kids, there are summer camp programs that cater to almost every interest a child may have. For some who are interested in extracurricular activities like sports or learning new crafts, there are camps ranging from horseback riding to learning a new language or volunteering with an organization. Some camps integrate education and extracurricular activities, keeping your children engaged academically and having a lot of fun.

For those students who are interested in preparing academically for high school or college, there are summer programs from institutions like The Connections Academy that offer academic credit for completing prep classes in math, science, history and more. Completing required credit hours for graduation in the summer may allow some students to graduate early and begin their college career.

Another perk of summer classes is their smaller size, which means your child will likely get more personal attention than in the standard academic year. Also, summer classes are a great way to lighten the load of the busy schedules children often have throughout the year. Taking a summer class or two gives your child more room in the fall and spring for dance classes, school clubs, sports or any other activity they wish to do with their friends and classmates.

Enrolling children in summer classes does more that give them the opportunity to get ahead in school; it also allows them to explore new opportunities or interests that they may not have time for throughout the rest of the year.

Do you have a child who is interested in becoming a chef or an ER doctor? There is a summer camp for that! The Exploration School, Inc., offers kids the chance to experience culinary arts or ER medicine in a learning and fun environment. With a little research, you can find a summer program for almost any interest a child may have.

Aside from academics and fun activities, summer programs are a great opportunity to engage your child in culture enriching experiences like studying abroad or learning a new language. The People to People Ambassador Program is a great example of a program that allows children to experience foreign cultures while traveling the world.  This is a great way to connect children with their family’s heritage, or give them the opportunity to learn about diversity and other cultures.

Summer programs can be of great benefit to your children. They can help them get ahead in school, or learn a new craft, and keep them entertained and engaged until the school year begins again. A great way to start thinking about summer plans is by asking fellow parents and friends about their experiences with great programs. Do some research online and see what other people are saying about a program you and our child are interested in. Most importantly, look up the staff and teachers who run those programs and see if their qualifications meet the needs of your child.

Whatever program you and your child choose, chances are that it will be more rewarding than sitting at home. Most kids like camp, even the ones going to summer school will be glad when they feel prepared for high school or college. So fight summer boredom, and help your child discover fun summer can be!




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