parent involvement school Helping ADHD Students Be Successful in School Helping ADHD Students Be Successful in School

 a note from the teacher to parents

by Jennifer Cummings, M.Ed.

Not sure what to do in the summer months? Here are some ideas that you and your kids can use to fill the summer days while avoiding the brain-drain of television and Screentime:

1.    Experiment with paints
2.    Read a book
3.    Call a friend
4.    Go to the park
5.    Walk the dog
6.    Visit the beach
7.    Wash the car
8.    Sweep the stairs and sidewalk
9.    Write a letter to a relative
10.    Make self-portraits
11.    Create a fashion show
12.    Learn to knit
13.    Make tie-dye shirts
14.    Make bookmarks
15.    Play soccer
16.    Jump rope
17.    Set up a sprinkler and run through it
18.    Walk to the ice cream store
19.    Make a collage with old magazines
20.    Collect bugs to study
21.    Watch birds in the yard
22.    Practice math facts
23.    Make a pot with self-hardening clay
24.    Pick flowers
25.    Write a story
26.    Have a “Just a Summer Day” party with
27.    Learn origami
28.    Make a puzzle
29.    Bring all of the recyclables to the
recycle center
30.    Visit the zoo
31.    Go beachcombing
32.    Have a camp fire
33.    Set up a tent in the back yard
34.    Play Frisbee
35.    Play catch with a baseball
36.    Take pictures of your world and print
37.    Make a scrapbook
38.    Create and start a journal
39.    Research a job you might want to do
when you get older
40.    Visit an aquarium
41.    Go through old winter coats and
donate the ones you don’t need
42.    Volunteer at an animal shelter
43.    Write to a pen pal
44.    Eat at a new restaurant for lunch
45.    Visit the school playground
46.    Lay in the sun
47.    Have a picnic (inside or outside)
48.    Draw and hang your own poster
49.    Clean your room and rearrange it
50.    Make jewelry with beads
51.    Make shadow puppets with flashlights
52.    Play gin rummy
53.    Play checkers
54.    Learn chess
55.    Draw
56.    Play hopscotch
57.    Take a nature walk
58.    Clean out your shoe collection
59.    Make
papier-mâché animals, flowers, or people
60.    Make a bird feeder
61.    Make paper dolls
62.    Learn to sew or cross-stitch
63.    Do a science experiment
64.    Play board games
65.    Have a water fight
66.    Go swimming
67.    Take a jog
68.    Go to summer camp
69.    Have a sleepover with a friend
70.    Turn off all the lights and pretend
the power is out

71.    Give the dog a bath
72.    Visit a museum
73.    Go to the library
74.    Visit a planetarium
75.    Make a sand painting
76.    Bake brownies
77.    Buy Christmas presents early
78.    Visit your grandparents
79.    Make a picture, frame it, and hang it
in your house
80.    Learn how to type
81.    Make a bead keychain for everyone you
82.    Learn how to make one dinner
83.    Visit at a nursing home
84.    Make cards
85.    Have a Fourth of July party
86.    Have a tea party
87.    Play tennis
88.    Do your summer reading project
89.    Brush the dog (or cat!)
90.    Go roller skating
91.    Play Go Fish!
92.    Go for a bike ride
93.    Make pet rocks with rocks, glue, and
94.    Take a day trip to a new city or state
95.    Run outside in the rain
96.    Jump in puddles
97.    Start a postcard collection
98.     Go fishing
99.    Start a kids’ book club
100.    Try to sell a story you write to a
101.    Play cat’s cradle
102.    Play marbles
103.    Set up a fish tank
104.    Plant a flower garden
105.    Watch butterflies and draw them
106.    Play kickball
107.    Play baseball
108.    Do makeovers
109.    Make paper wish chains
110.    Play charades
111.    Learn to balance a checkbook
112.    Visit the airport and watch the
planes land
113.    Grow vegetables
114.    Count stars
115.    Play four-square
116.    Play basketball
117.    Read a comic book
118.    See a play
119.    Put on a play
120.    Make sock puppets
121.    Color in a coloring book
122.    Fly kites
123.    Make s’mores
124.    Grow pumpkins to carve at Halloween
125.    Practice a musical instrument
126.    Dance to your favorite music
127.    See a live band perform for free at
the park
128.    Climb a mountain (or hill)
129.    Visit the skate park
130.    Visit your mom (or dad) at work for
131.    Play solitaire
132.    Create your own t-shirts with paint
133.    Make a CD with all of someone’s
favorite songs and give as a gift
134.    Eat breakfast outside
135.    Walk in the grass with no shoes
136.    Catch frogs in a pond
137.    Go horseback riding
138.    Make masks
139.    Your idea?

People often lament that kids don’t play anymore. They don’t know the games that we knew when we were young. Well, take the opportunity this summer to teach your kids some new games and


Jennifer Cummings

Ms. Cummings, author, and editor of the Education and School Section, she has a psychology and an M.Ed. in special education from Framingham State College in Massachusetts. She was an elementary teacher in Massachusetts serving both regular education and special education students. She has taught grades 1,4, and 5.

"I believe that families' involvement in their child's education is one of the key ingredients to creating a successful school experience for children. Keeping parents informed about school-related issues helps parents and teachers work together for the best possible outcomes for their children. Learning together makes learning fun - for everyone!" - Jennifer Cummings. CummingsSchoolEducation and School by Jennifer Cummings, M.Ed.Not sure what to do in the summer months? Here are some ideas that you and your kids can use to fill the summer days while avoiding the brain-drain of television and Screentime:1.    Experiment with paints 2.    Read a book 3.    Call a friend 4.    Go to the park 5.  ...Parenting Advice| Family Fun Activities for Kids