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Facts About Weapons at Schools

It’s Elementary! Preparing for Elementary Tests and Quizzes

Field Trips: Time for Fun and Learning

When Your Child’s Teacher Leaves Mid-Year

Teaching the 3 R’s- Where are Science and Social Studies?

2009 Teacher FAQ’s

Tips for Communicating with Your Child’s School

Making Choices: Planning for High School and Beyond

Start Your School Year by Teaching Your Kids about Money – They’ll Learn Math Too!

Top Ten List of Educational Terms- Without the Jargon!

Math Anxiety

Homework Space

Science Projects and Fairs

5 Ways to Succeed in School

Standardized Tests

Math Help from a Teacher

School Success Follow the S.T.E.P.S.

Are Talented and Gifted Programs Fair for Students?

Helping ADHD Students Be Successful in School

Summer Reading

How Much Computer Does My Student (and My Family) Need?

Creative Journaling for Students — Help Your Child Improve Their Writing Skills


Encouraging Talent in Your Child
School Performance Etiquette: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Five Important Fund Raising Success and Safety Tips
Vacation Planning Is Educational and Fun!


Lice in Your Life

Notes From the School Nurse

Kids Emotional, Social and Physial Well-Being

Taming the Backpack Beast

What Happens at 3:30? After-school Emergency Planning is Key

October is Fire Safety Month! – A Note From the Teacher

Balancing Internet Safety, Education, and Fun

Do the Clothes Make the Student? A Note about Dress Codes and Policies

When Your Child is a Bully

Classmates, Comfort, and Conflict

Ending the Reign of Bullies

Are You A Hover Parent? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Are You A Hover Parent? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Back to School Anxiety

Staying Involved after Divorce

School: Assuming Guardianship of Students: Difficulties of Custody

Balance School-Activities

Top 10 Healthy Snacks that You Can Pack in Kids School

Lice in Your Life

Have an Emergency Safety Plan for Your Children (Students)

Parent- Teacher

Mid-Year Conferences

Tips From the Teacher

School Safety a Note

Changing elementary to middle school, middle to high school, or even a new school in a new town all bring some level of stress.


Summer Reading Book Clubs for Kids

A Cool Summer Idea- Visit the Local Library!

2009 Holidays – A Change of Holiday Pace

Educational Gifts that Your Children Won’t Even Know are Good for Them

Kids Summer Fun Activites – 139 Things To Do Besides Watch TV

Family Vacations During School- Worth the Trouble?

New Year Resolutions in 2008 – For Students!

How To Evaluate Kids Summer Programs

School Spring Cleaning

Summer Brain Fade

Summer Camps

Snow-time Safety for Students Holiday Gifts for Teachers

After the Holidays

Vacation Planning Is Educational and Fun!


A Note from the Teacher Answers Your Classroom Questions

Special Education

Making Sense of Special Education

Teacher Resources

New Teacher

Communicating with Parents

Jennifer Cummings

Ms. Cummings, author, and editor of the Education and School Section, she has a B.A.in psychology and an M.Ed. in special education from Framingham State College in Massachusetts. She was an elementary teacher in Massachusetts serving both regular education and special education students. She has taught grades 1,4, and 5.

"I believe that families' involvement in their child's education is one of the key ingredients to creating a successful school experience for children. Keeping parents informed about school-related issues helps parents and teachers work together for the best possible outcomes for their children. Learning together makes learning fun - for everyone!" - Jennifer Cummings.
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