by Jamie Opielski

Poetry Book

poetry book

Tangerine Sky
by Jamie Edson Opielski

Tangerine Sky is a compilation of poetry, prose and random writings. Step into a colourful but wicked world and ride the endless thoughts as you explore the never ending windings of ones imagination.


Portrait of a 60’s Teenager

teen boy

He stood against the cornerstone of the old abandoned
building. A cigarette lay sloppily out of the side of his well
formed lips, pack in shirt pocket.

Jacket of leather wrapped around his torso like a glove,
the collar sticking straight up-like he was cool. His slicked
back hair perfectly in a ducktail- comb in pocket.

Eyes of blue; glistened against the golden sun, shaded
by thick lashes. Fair faced and clean shaven, chiseled chin.
Black worn loafers hugged his feet, legs of his jeans rolled
up, twice.

A born leader of first impressions, magnetizer to the
chicks. He’s got a cool car, he’s got the cool walk, he knows
how to dress and he’s got the sweet talk. He’s everything
they want to be, he’s everything they want.

Old time James Dean; modern day John Travolta. Bad boy
reputation; envied by his buddies, followed by the others.
Nineteen sixties- early seventies, child of rock-n-roll.
Reveals just a small glimpse into his fragile soul.

Jamie Lynette Edson

Copyright ©2004 Jamie Lynette Edson


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Jamie Edson Opielski

Jamie is a work at home mom living in Universal City, Texas with her husband and their four children. She is a published Poet and started her Writing/Copy Writing Business shortly after she quit working out of the home. She started submitting poetry for Families Online Magazine and later starting writing the Work at Home monthly column. Jamie expanded her horizons as a Virtual Assistant managing the help desk for Kindersigns.com. She is now the Director of Operations for Kindersigns.com and the Support Manager/Asst to the President of Bizymoms.com. Jamie also creates Character Letters for children. She published her first book Tangerine Sky- a book of poetry and short stories.

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