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Being a teen is difficult and you need to find a way to make this time a bit less stressful and a bit more enjoyable. Creating your own special corner is one of the ways to do that, which is why all teens value the privacy of their bedroom – it’s a way to distance yourself from people who annoy you, take a step back from your busy schedule, and dedicate some time to yourself. Renovating a teen’s bedroom could turn out to be more difficult than you can imagine, but if you know what you’re doing and what sort of vibe you’re trying to achieve, it could actually be surprisingly easy. So, if you’re looking for ideas for your bedroom at the moment, here are a few that could really help you.


Save some space with a Murphy bed

The problem with most teens’ bedrooms is that they’re tiny and you can barely find room to move around. That’s why every inch of free space counts and opting for a Murphy bed instead of a more traditional one could be one of the best ideas out there. These beds are just as comfortable and spacious as any other bed on the market, but they save a ton of space, especially during the day.

The point with these beds is that you can assemble and reassemble them in a matter of seconds, which means you can hide it right after waking up and keep it that way all day long. This will give you more space for your furniture and possessions, which is more than important. What’s even better is you can ask your parents or someone with more experience to build you your own Murphy bed, you’ll get a unique bed you can later decorate and make it your own.


Get your own décor

teen room idea

This is probably the most important part of the entire makeover process, and unless you insist on finding your own décor and giving it its own spot in your room, you shouldn’t be doing anything at all. In the end, it’s your room, and you should be the one picking the décor, arranging it and giving it your own touch.

Different teens have different ideas when it comes to picking the décor for their room, and there are millions of ideas you can take into consideration. From childhood memorabilia and travel souvenirs to TV show posters and movie props, it’s all up to you! What you need to do first, though, is define your own signature style, and then stick to it when looking for new décor pieces that could take your room to a whole new level.


Comfortable seating arrangements

Even if you’re not the most sociable person in the world, you surely have friends coming over from time to time, which is why your room should be equipped with enough seating options for all of them. Yes, your friends won’t mind sitting on the floor, but if you could provide them with an alternative, they’ll surely be happy to consider it.

One of the ways to make the most of your space is by opting for a sofa or a section – these pieces will give your friends enough seating options, and they can even take a nap at your place if that’s what they feel like doing. So, talk to your parents, explore different ideas, and be sure to look into those comfortable and spacious sectionals from King Living because these don’t just give you lots of space, but also look good, and that means your room will soon turn into a favorite hangout spot for all your friends.


A spot for your hobby

teen room decor

Different teens have different interests, but no matter what your hobbies are, you need to be able to practice them in your own room. Whether it’s music, sports, painting, reading, playing video games or something else, you should have enough space to feel comfortable and enjoy your hobbies.

The most effective way to make room for your hobby is the aforementioned Murphy bed, but you’re also going to need to keep your room decluttered at all times. If you play an instrument, you should have a comfortable chair that will keep you relaxed and help you focus on your music. If you’re into reading, don’t be afraid to add a small reading nook and design a wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling bookcase that has enough space for all your favorite titles. In the end, if video games are your forte, all you need is an ergonomic chair and a huge desk – or you can get a colorful bean bag and spend your free time in it.


Decorating and furnishing a teen’s bedroom isn’t easy, but it’s still doable if you combine practicality, functionality and visual appeal – just don’t forget to adjust it to your own style, and you’re good to go!

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