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Teenagers definitely have their own ideas when it comes to decorating their rooms. And more than likely, it’s not the laid back, neutral colors and style a parent would prefer.

Teens enjoy hanging up posters, painting with bright, splashy colors, displaying funky decorations and having a place to put the stuff they collect. While it may not be the decorating style you prefer, since it is their space and they’ll be gone before you know it, let them decorate it how they would prefer.

My teens love all the furniture and decorating styles found in the PB Teen catalog but the prices in the catalog can be a bit on the costly side. But don’t let that deter you.

Just because something is costly and maybe outside the budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the same look. You can and without the same expense.

Some issues ago, the PB Teen catalog showcased a gorgeous wood shadowbox desk for teens. I don’t think the desk is available for purchase any longer through PB Teen (Pottery Barn Teen).

My father in law, a man who can create beautiful things out of any block of wood is a whiz in the world of woodworking. We showed him a picture of the desk and he made a similar one complete with storage space on both sides and my teen loves it. The top inset of the desk is made of a hard Plexiglas and can be lifted up. Beneath the Plexiglass, teens can store favorite momentos, poems, whatever holds meaning for them.

Happy Decorating!

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