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diverse group of teensby Jillian Bietz

What comes to mind as the air gets cooler and its time to buy a new winter coat? That’s right; fall is here. Sure it can get depressing when you have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon because the pool is closed for the school year, but you can do other things!

Bummed about your grade on the History test you spent the whole night studying for? Are you giddy and hyper because your best friend from summer camp just arrived for a visit but you don’t know what to do? Or maybe you’re just bored. In any case, it’s guaranteed that watching movies will lift your spirits. So head on over to Blockbuster or get out a pen to write down a title for your Netflix list, because you’re guaranteed a good time if you check out these wonderful chick flicks.

Raise Your Voice ( Amazon Prime)

Sixteen-year-old Terri Fletcher (played by teen sensation Hilary Duff) is a passionate singer and the most picture perfect family girl. Her only wish is that she will be accepted into the super prestigious Bristol-Hillman summer music academy. But when tragedy occurs, the Fletcher family feels as if they cannot go on. Still traumatized by the frightening event, Terri soon finds out she was accepted into the school, and is very excited to be moving on. Her heart broken father forbids her to go. Mrs. Fletcher hatches a plan to send Terri to camp, but tells her husband that their daughter will be spending the summer with her Aunt Nina, and plans only to tell him the truth when “the time is right”.

When Terri arrives at Bristol-Hillman, she soon meets another student, Jay (Oliver James), and instantly develops a crush. But what will happen when Robin (Lauren C. Mayhew), Jay’s greedy ex-girlfriend finds out? After meeting an inspirational teacher and finding out the real reason why she was accepted into the school, Terri’s only goal is to win the coveted scholarship by competing in a live musical competition against other hopefuls. Will Mr. Fletcher find out were Terri really is? And what will happen with Terri and Jay? You’ll will have to pick up the DVD to find out!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants ( Amazon Prime)

Based on the top selling series by Ann Brasheres, this movie is the ultimate “chick flick”. When best friends Tibby (Amber Tamblyn), Lena (Alexis Bledel), Carmen (America Ferrera) and Bridget (Blake Lively) find a pair of secondhand jeans that miraculously fit all of their very different shapes, they know that something big is in store for them during their upcoming summer vacation.

Tibby, an aspiring director,is stuck at home working at the local discount center, Lena is headed to Greece to visit her Grandparents, Carmen visits her estranged father(who is hiding a huge secret), and Bridget is off to a Mexican soccer camp. Worried that they will lose touch over the hectic months, the girls make a plan to keep connected by mailing the pants back and forth to each other where each girl is required to write and doodle on the jeans all about the crazy things that happened to her while she was away from her friends.

The girls each learn their own personal lessons that will last a lifetime; When Tibby finds and loses an unexpected friend, and Lena is faced with an important decision that may lose her family’s trust forever. Whether you feel like laughing or crying, “Sisterhood” will satisfy both cravings like a chocolate covered pretzel. Between the emotional moments and the hilarious ones, there is no doubt you will realize that nothing can go wrong when you’ve got your loved ones close to your heart.

A Cinderella Story  (Netflix)

Based on the familiar Disney Classic, this real life version is sure to keep you entertained. Sam ruled the city. Her talent on the baseball field was never ignored. Her Dad’s popular Diner was the place to hang out, and Sam couldn’t be any happier with her life. That is until her father decides to marry the atrocious Fiona (Jennifer Coolidge), who also comes with two horrific daughters.

Feeling left out in her new family, she feels as if the only one that loves her is her father, but when he suddenly dies in an earthquake, Sam’s life is crumbling just like the walls. Fast-forward ten years. Sam (Yep, another Hilary Duff) is now a senior in High School.

Between dealing with her horrible stepsisters who treat her like a servant rather than a step-sister, and rigorously preparing to get into Princeton University, Sam is quite the patient one when Fiona’s demands her to work as a waitress at the diner (with Fiona’s own kitschy re-decorations) 24/7. This leaves little room for a social life, and it seems like the only friend Sam has is her Internet buddy, “Nomad”, who attends her school.

Not knowing who he really is, Sam decides to meet up with him at the Halloween Dance. With no costume, and only the help of a fellow “fairy godmother like” waitress (Regina King), Sam heads to the dance looking like a beautiful princess.

But when it turns out that “Nomad” is actually Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray), the schools most popular guy, and quarterback, Sam is unpleasantly surprised. Things start to go awry when Sam ditches him, and he sets out on a chase to find his “Cinderella”. But what happens when her greedy stepsisters find out that Sam is indeed the one Austin is looking for? Looks like you will have to rent the movie to find out!

Now head on over to the couch, pop some delicious popcorn, and claim the remote control because you are in for a treat. Who ever said it was more fun to go to the Cineplex?

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