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50 Fun Things To Do This Summer!

By Jillian Bietz

During the summer it is so easy to say, “I have nothing to do”, no more excuses – here is a list of things the next time you are bored.

1. Gather up a few friends, and have a picnic in your back .
2. Go on a walk and take pictures of trees, flowers, dogs, etc.
3. Buy some fashion magazines, pick out a couple of really cute outfits, and try to recreate them for less!
4. Bead some bracelets and sell them for charity.
5. Volunteer at the local animal or homeless shelter.
6. Clean your room!
7. Bake some cupcakes and deliver them to friends and family.
8. Play some childhood games like “Sorry”, “Candyland”, or “Pretty Pretty Princess”.
9. Take your dog for a walk.
10. E-mail a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile.
11. Do 25 jumping jacks!
12. Look through old family scrapbooks, photo books, and yearbooks.
13. Make a root beer float.
14. Go to the movies with your siblings.
15. Go window-shopping with a friend.
16. Write a poem.
17. Make fresh, homemade fruit juice.
18. Give your dog a bath.
19. Make dinner for your family.
20. Baby-sit for a neighbor.
21. Have a sleepover party and watch scary movies.
22. Plan a vacation you want to take next summer.
23. Plant flowers in your yard.
24. Sign up for a class.
25. Have a bubble bath.
26. Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs and title it “The soundtrack of my life”.
27. Order a pizza.
28. Splash around in a plastic kiddy pool.
29. Buy some crayons and a coloring book.
30. Read a book based on a movie you have seen.
31. Make a scrapbook of your baby pictures.
32. Get a job or an internship.
33. Start a diary and write in it everyday.
34. Spend the day at the library.
35. Draw a self-portrait.
36. Make a collage out of old magazines.
37. Run around in the sprinklers.
38. Go to a museum.
39. Go out for lunch with one of your parents.
40. Jump in the pool with your clothes on.
41. Eat last night’s leftovers for breakfast.
42. Learn to sew or knit.
43. Invite friends over and have a tea party.
44. Swing on the swings at the park.
45. Tie-Dye a t-shirt or bed sheets with Kool-Aid!
46. Make a smoothie.
47. Learn how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary.
48. Make popsicles in your freezer.
49. Put on the radio and dance.
50. Go camping in your backyard!

Please scroll all the way to bottom to comment ( be sure to read the comments very funny and helpful)

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Teens – We hope you enjoy these fun summer activities!

Be sure to check out the comments below for more fun things to do this summer and share your ideas for summer activities teens would like.

Comments (928)

r u serious
im 13 years old and there is no way IN HELL i would do any of the things on this list.first of all i dont even know where my local homeless shelter is??!??!?!? second i dont have a phone or any where to post the photos that you WANT ME TO TAKE
#928 – this is stupid – 07/19/2018 – 00:28


This is okay not
The parents just want us to be like them when they were young this stuff might have been fun 60 years ago but really clean your room memorize the dictionary that’s chores and school like really
#927 – John – 05/31/2018 – 20:50


this is awsome
i love it its amazing maybe add homework i love homework yet i still get cs
#926 – Name – 12/28/2017 – 05:38


this is awsome
i love it its amazing maybe add homework i love homework yet i still get cs
#925 – Name – 12/28/2017 – 05:38


this is awsome
i love it its amazing maybe add homework i love homework yet i still get cs
#924 – Name – 12/28/2017 – 05:38


these are some cool activitys but i like the cooking one and bulid a fort one as well
#923 – saskia coomer – 11/08/2017 – 07:46


good and bad
ill be quite honest. some of these are good, some of these are awful. like seriously, “25 jumping jacks,” try a little harder. in saying that some are quite good that i am actually doing with my friend tomorrow, like tie dye.
#922 – ash – 09/27/2017 – 06:31


coppy cat
#921 – g and m – 07/28/2017 – 19:57


bruh im 15 and i would do all of these things for fun so yall need to [email protected]#$% like who ever made this is to help you if you dont like it just leave like hello bye
#920 – Name – 07/14/2017 – 03:10


this is really fun stuff to do, i do this all the time with my friends
#919 – Zion – 04/25/2017 – 15:58


I like how most people on this list are 13 barely even can be considered a teen and Jesus are these people ungrateful. These kids are probably the Edfy type that sit around and read fanfics and watch anime and think panic at the disco is metal. Smh
#918 – Name – 02/06/2017 – 18:36


Fall Fun Things To Do
check out this post too 61 Fun things to do in the Autumn with friends https://www.familiesonlinemagazine.com/autumn-fun/
#917 – Gerri Jensen – 10/04/2016 – 17:52


Number 51
Read these comments, seriously.
#916 – Slippery Tummy – 09/05/2016 – 00:57


How about you all stop acting so macho and swallow your pride for half a second. Yes this list may not be for everyone, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking some of these things.
#915 – Mas – 07/20/2016 – 04:25


what a load of rubbish suggestions!
#914 – me – 07/02/2016 – 14:28


Great List!
I don’t know why people are being so negative with this list, there are some great ideas for the summer.
#913 – Stella – 06/21/2016 – 16:58


The comments are funnier than the list – read down a bit, LOL
#912 – Jenny – 06/05/2016 – 14:50


seriously! I’m 13 not 5. Really? is that all you got? I could have thought of something better even doing small shopping sounds better
#911 – Hold up – 05/29/2016 – 17:03


Really Guys?
Dudes, can you guys just calm down for a second? I know a lot of teens who would do these things, so these are definitely things teens would/could do. Also, whoever made this list made it to help you guys out, and this is how you respond? I am so ashamed of my generation for being this ungrateful. Show some appreciation. And if you don’t like this list, make your own! And to whoever made this list, THANK YOU. I will be sure to include some of the things on this list to the things I will be doing this summer.
#910 – Really guys? – 05/10/2016 – 13:40


Terrible List
To be honest, no teen would do this.
25 jumping jacks? Forget about it.
Honestly, I wish this had a bit more thought in it and adults who have no freaking clue about what teens should do write it.
Sorry if I sound harsh…
#909 – lostinfandoms – 02/13/2016 – 20:23


I love it
I think I like because I am a tomboy and I am 13 but I think their is a lot of girly stuff in it. Plus they need to make more things to do. I also think it should make the list better.
#908 – jayden – 01/27/2016 – 03:21


This was the worst list ever like no kid wants to #@#! clean there room this is for adult not teens
#907 – Kyla – 08/01/2015 – 15:30


2 Stars Out Of 10
I wouldn’t say it is the best list but I wouldn’t say it is the worst. I mean number 5. seriously!!!! or get a job don’t people hang out with friends at parks or go shopping or go to the movies??????
Personally 2 stars must have been written by people who don’t have fun.
#906 – vimto – 07/22/2015 – 10:10


I like this list.
To all you idiotic commenters who are complaining about this being for toddlers, go buy yourself a netflix membership and waste your like watching videos, eating junk and getting fat. Theres no point being grown up if you cant be childish sometimes. It would be useful to use your BRAIN over the summer as well as getting something you might not have heard of called EXERCISE.
I am a teenager and I am ashamed to see this is how some of us act. Theres more to life than netflix and cooping yourself like a chicken in your bedroom.
#905 – Name – 07/22/2015 – 07:42


R u mentally [email protected]#$%ed
[email protected]#$% are these suggestions. If you are a teenager then you must be so sad to [email protected]#$% cleaning your room as a ‘fun thing to do for a teen.’ The only half decent ones were when you said something like meet up with your friends other than that this list was the definition of sad. It is so sad it is offensive to think teens would like to spend a day cleaning their room it is more entertaining sitting in school or watching a tap drip.
#904 – [email protected]#$% Destroyer – 07/19/2015 – 20:13


s-t-u-p-I-d lifeless people to criticize this.
#903 – Name – 07/08/2015 – 23:46


#902 – Name – 07/08/2015 – 15:40


okay so this is more like stupid things to do in summer I mean let’s be serious it really has no outdoor activitys and where I live it gets really nice sometimes so I will want to go outside but the activitys on this are so DUMB I would rather go on my phone and text my friends and go on snapchat and instagram
#901 – lala – 07/06/2015 – 16:47


Good for little kids
I can honestly say that I would never look up words in the dictionary and learn how to spell them and what their definitions are. That’s what I am forced to do at school. However, I’m the one watching my younger siblings over the summer and this list actually gave me good ideas. This list should not be for teens, but instead for young people.
#900 – Erin – 07/01/2015 – 22:42


Guys Come on
I have just read the list and i’m not a teenager but seriously guys it actually gave me a hell of alot of ideas for my friends coming over.Thankyou to whoever created this website!!!! And to everyone else who said something rude you don’t always have to be jerks!!!!!
#899 – jemma kierin – 06/28/2015 – 11:13


You know, I saw a lot of rather rude comments when I bothered to read them. As a 16 year old, I have to say this list actually isn’t that bad. Obviously its not for everyone, clearly we’re not all the same but I love doing most of this and its things my friends and I do all the time. Besides, anyone who is really bored can just look through the list and find something they can modify to suit their interests. if you have nothing better to do than complain, maybe you do something “boring” from this list.
#898 – Name – 06/26/2015 – 13:57


It needs work
The only thing I like was number 8 and 21. Who ever wrote this needs to put maybe more fun. Like play in the kiddie pool is not really for a teen to do. I was looking at things to do in summer and this wasn’t really a great one. Try making it more for a teen.
#897 – Name – 06/24/2015 – 22:52


This list is useless
Although I got one good idea from this list it still is more for 6 year olds. I mean come on people this is so not what teens do or want to do.
#896 – Alex – 06/19/2015 – 14:53


This was really useful. My favourite was 47. Learn how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary. I mean how can the summer get better than that #LAD
#895 – Name – 06/17/2015 – 13:06


To all you haters, you need to shut the heck up. This person was trying to be part of the solution, not the problem like you. Sure. Some of the activities weren’t as fun as the others. But at least the poster grew a pair big enough to post, unlike all of you foolish nuisances. Just sayin.
#894 – Kaydence – 06/02/2015 – 01:07


Haha… NO!
I’m sorry. I’m not trying to e rude but this list was absolutely USELESS! I mean come on:47. “Learn how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary. ” “Learn how to sew or knit.” I’m sure every teenage girl and boy has those on their bucket list. Maybe change the title to: Activities to do with your growing toddler. That fits the list more.
#893 – Name – 06/01/2015 – 01:17


Some of these weren’t very fun, but over the summer I’m gonna play twister and put paint over the circles to spice it up a little. I got that idea from AlishaMarie on YouTube
#892 – Lauren – 05/31/2015 – 18:00


Fun activities? More like super lame activities.
When I started reading the list I thought there was going to be fun activities for teens like it said at the top but when I read “buy crayons and a coloring book” I knew this list was going to be a lame list of activities for 4 year olds.
#891 – Dr. Pepper – 05/27/2015 – 22:06



Okay, i admit, some of these were pretty lame, but i have to babysit my little brother and these are things he would enjoy. So, in a way, it was helpful.

Just because you have an opinion to differ doesn’t mean you guys have to be total jerks, and hurt the person whom made the list.

#890 – Abby – 05/27/2015 – 13:43


More activities
There should be more activities for girls tooooooooooo…….
#889 – Tanya – 05/25/2015 – 05:16


Useful List
Some comments are negative but I found this list helpful because it gives you suggestions about what to do in the holidays, you do not necessarily have to use them, they are just ideas. This list has given me ideas for what to do this summer which I will adapt but the whole idea is brilliant because the author is letting others gain ideas for the summer holidays: where they could be bored. Highlighting that they have given up their own time to produce this list, which may have helped others. I am a teenager and believe with some adaptations and activities being left out, that this list is actually okay.
#888 – Soph – 05/22/2015 – 20:36


I mean REALLY???!!!

List was to an extent HORRIBLE and BORINGGGGG!!!

And really guys put something really enjoyable!

The one I liked most was
21. Have a sleepover party and watch scary movies.

#887 – Friendzzzz – 05/19/2015 – 14:37


Could use some improvement
After reading through your comments and ideas, I noticed that your responses were…..interesting. The list was not all that bad though, I am 12 years old and to be quite honest I do not have time to have fun… I am constantly doing things like blogging, online petitions, letters to government officials, etc. and seeing stuff like this reminds me of what I used to do. I was looking this up since this summer I would have some time to do this sort of thing and to be quite honest I have been so busy lately that my friends think that I do not know how to have fun!!! LOL Thanks for posting these anyway-my favorite is spending a whole day at the library-I LOVE BOOKS!!!
#886 – A. Ranstrom – 05/10/2015 – 05:07


Can I just say how horrible the grammar is on these comments. I mean like seriously, someone actually said more funner. MORE FUNNER! No!!! If you are going to post something, mean or nice, atleast have the courtesy to use proper grammar because no one who actually knows proper grammar can take you seriously when you don’t use it. I’m only 17 and I know how to use proper grammar and do it as well.
#885 – Madii – 04/27/2015 – 05:37


Ok this is stupid and not for teens
The only thing I liked was
My reaction after reading this
/ \
#884 – Lili – 04/25/2015 – 08:59


#883 – Name – 04/18/2015 – 12:14


what the f**k
why would a person even think this was for a f**king teenager
#882 – jazzy – 04/10/2015 – 21:47


Srs? No offence or anything but if you wrote this and your a teenager, you are one sad girl/guy I mean clean your room…CLEAN YOUR ROOM! I would rather sit and watch a tap drip than do that! This is NOT written for 10 and up personally I get offended when I’m treated like a child so if my grandma suggested any of these I would probably say I AM NOT 3
#881 – Aislin Lindsay – 04/10/2015 – 12:38


chill out
Everyone, chill out. Obviously this list is not for everyone. I think it’s fun to sometimes do little kid like things. However if you think this list is for 6 year-olds and 6 year-olds alone that’s fine, but you don’t need to make a sarcastic comment expressing your dissatisfaction- everyone’s already done it.
#880 – Amelia – 04/05/2015 – 14:51


yall needa stop okay clearly this person thought that they had some good summer ideas so if you don’t like em then oh well maybe someone else will because it aint like this person was thinking of your rude [email protected]#$% self when they had made this
#879 – acacia – 03/31/2015 – 18:09


Q, I seen lots of you been asking who made it?
I, common sense its in top at the start
S, Next time read carefully
A, By Jillian Bietz
you guys are …
#878 – SKT 1 – 02/22/2015 – 22:27


#877 – Het – 02/03/2015 – 00:33


You’ve got to have something better to do
Than hiding behind your screen
You’re just a bunch of cowards
And your comments are obscene
You tell the author to get a life
But really, why don’t you?
So you don’t like these suggestions?
Think of something else to do!
#876 – Name – 12/09/2014 – 00:47


I found 50 things, none of which I really feel like doing right now…
#875 – XD – 08/03/2014 – 15:08


REading the comments is funner than stuff on the list
#874 – Name – 07/19/2014 – 01:14


Read a book based on a movie? I might be wrong but surely you have to be REALLY stupid to think books are based on movies.
#873 – Tillyxxx – 07/16/2014 – 16:13


I think those are some really fun things to do in the summer. But I wish like someone else said more for city life maybe, or maybe even out where I live in the country.
But over all I think those are some really awesome things to do in the summer. P.S. I wish a little more for kids from ages 5 to 14, boys or girls.
#872 – Rena Coen demPeck – 07/05/2014 – 21:42


I’m not sure who wrote this, probably an overprotective mother, who hasn’t realized that their child is now close to their way to adulthood, and this parent most likely picks out their child’s outfits because they are best friends, but I read this list so I wouldn’t be bored. However this is the stuff I do when I’m grounded and trying to make-do without my phone. Anyway, thank you for reminding me how pathetic I am for reading a list on how not to be bored.
#871 – Suzanne – 06/29/2014 – 21:08


what the hell
this is not fun who ever made this it is rubbishh!!!!!!!!!! ugly
#870 – magdo – 06/28/2014 – 10:50


what the hell
i think this is so long that it is a stupid idea to do in the summer rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#869 – magdo – 06/28/2014 – 10:48


who made this list. i bet a mom with a six year old daughter.
#868 – peter griffen – 06/24/2014 – 22:51


who ever made the comment about teens getting drunk and stuff like that [email protected]#$% LOL harvard?? lets be realistic here, you more then likely go to a public school so thats already a no brainer that you have no chance,teens like hangning with friends,sports,and go to the beach,pool party,get water ballons and fill them up with paint and throw them at each other by splitting up 2 teams , go to a concert,use ur imagination
#867 – Name – 06/24/2014 – 22:04


this is the best list to make fun of
i had so much fun just reading it. i almost fell out of my chair laughing. i really liked all the comments accept for the ones who liked it. come on seriously have a tea party who wrote this. they do not understand teens AT ALL!
#866 – Rick – 06/24/2014 – 18:14


Spell IMAP
Are u kidding me? If I was looking for stupid stuff do I’d just hangout with my sisters.
#865 – Booger-face – 06/24/2014 – 14:34


OMG this is the best list ever… I will defiantly remember to clean my room, go to the library and make fruit juice…… haha you thought. This is one of the worst lists ever but the comments are great.
#864 – Name – 06/21/2014 – 19:35


ORDER A PIZZA?!?!?!?!?!?!? LETS GO!!!!!
#863 – conner huss – 05/31/2014 – 14:53


#862 – Name – 05/30/2014 – 01:59


these are not what teenagers like to do. they are what 6 yr olds like to do. please make some changes to this list. i really need something to do over this summer. im tires of sitting at home all day. im sure most other teenagers would agree with me. thank you, bye.
#861 – Ashleigh – 05/28/2014 – 20:12


Nobody likes this.
#860 – Name – 05/22/2014 – 21:59


very funny
#859 – Bilbo – 07/24/2013 – 05:44


ok……really?….guys just watch TV play video games….sleep…..thats summer ๐Ÿ˜‰
#858 – samia – 07/20/2013 – 13:45


The guy…
The guy on the far right is REALLY cute. He looks like my neighbors twin… ;D
#857 – -A – 07/09/2013 – 22:20


those are bad things and no teen likes those things
#856 – janise – 07/07/2013 – 09:14


this is not the best list i was hoping for something fun – eating last nights leftovers for breakfast????? NOT FUN
#855 – lol – 07/03/2013 – 15:25


wow this is…I don’t even know what to say…you just play xbox watch tv or even just sit in your room and text random people on your contact list. I just text people that I haven’t talked to since middle school.
#854 – seth – 07/03/2013 – 04:22


i will hopefully do all the things on the summer list above but i am all the way in north carolina and its raining so not much fun there. but i am sure i will find some way to make it fun
#853 – jenna giordano – 07/01/2013 – 22:30


City Life
Can you make a list for people in New York City or just in cities in general? We don’t get to have backyards! ๐Ÿ™
#852 – Emmy – 06/30/2013 – 16:00


Hi I’m a dog.
#851 – Jake – 06/27/2013 – 20:47


this is like so beast omg hand over the list omg i have so much fun with it who wouldnt like splashing around in a plastic kiddy pool with other children who u can take pictures
#850 – Ryan Moloughney – 06/26/2013 – 22:16


OMFG i love giving my dog a bath and writing poems
#849 – LOVE MUSHROOMS U PEOPLE – 06/26/2013 – 22:14


i only looked at this to make fun of it.
this stuff is so stupid and boring
anyone who is a teen and likes over 95% must be…. special. and people are really childish around here
#848 – poop – 06/26/2013 – 22:10


This is a nice list of things to do in a summer. It actually have me some pretty good ideas. Sadly, for those who prefer extreme things (a.k.a, the haters and not at all me and my friends) like kissing random people and skinny dipping (this isn’t everyone, though, it’s just a couple things I came across on other summer lists online). So yeah, this is a nice list. Sadly it doesn’t suit everyone. But it suits me, so thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sadly I don’t have a dog… ๐Ÿ™‚ But I am going to Europe! I’m also writing a story online. Those are some ideas for anyone who’s interested… maybe. ๐Ÿ˜‰
#847 – Anonymous – 06/25/2013 – 23:48


Fashion and Beauty Tips
I think this is the coolest list ever!
#846 – Ismail Memon – 06/25/2013 – 20:09


Here is a mother fun thing to do. GET A FRIEND AND READ OVER THIS LIST. Seriously this is a total joke becuase no teenager would ever want to do any of these things. I mean seriously?? TAKE PICTURES OF DOGS??? Me and my friends had a great time laughing our [email protected]#$%es off at this list. Soooo nerdy…
#845 – Jason – 06/25/2013 – 17:30


this really is a great list. I don’t know about the haters, but ignore the haters. u took time 2 make a great list and it has spiced up my summer!
#844 – julia – 06/25/2013 – 00:17


If you don’t like this list, at least be nice about it. I didn’t think this list was that awesome, but I’m not being as rude. These things seem kind of ordinary, that you can do during school or the weekend and it wouldn’t be memorable. But if you don’t like these ideas, why not try changing it up a bit? You don’t have to do these exact things. No hating please.
#843 – Carmen – 06/23/2013 – 21:19


There are a lot of good ideas on here, but some just don’t seem to be fun. I mean “Eat last night leftovers for breakfast”? How in the world is that fun? Just saying. I need ideas of how to occupy my summer time so my parents don’t make me take CPR [email protected]#$%es and babysitting [email protected]#$%es.
#842 – Erika – 06/23/2013 – 17:11


#841 – ZebraGirl4359 – 06/21/2013 – 14:28


Not the greatest list ever. But what if you dont have alot of friends or dont even have a friend? Lot of difficult things to do if you dont have money too….
#840 – Emma – 06/21/2013 – 00:33


This list would be fun if you incorporated getting totally black out drunk of absolutely toasted high for everything.
#839 – Blue Murray – 06/17/2013 – 00:20


Wow everyone stop hating!
@Everyone who is saying cleaning your room is boring, I did it and it was awesome! I found things I never knew I had and I also remodeled my room. It looks awesome now and I had lots of fun doing it. All the junk I found I had friends come over and we had a garage sale,with the money we earned we went shopping ๐Ÿ™‚ So stop hating. Just cuz ur idea of fun is different from others doesnt mean u gotta hate! And ya hating behind a computer screen is so much more fun than this… NOT! Get a life and get some friends and come up with ur own ideas if u gonna hate on all the ideas given to u! [email protected]#$%!
#838 – Kendall Shying – 06/12/2013 – 16:43


You guys just right stuff on here thats total crap and you write all the rude things about what someone else thinks might be fun on here because your bored! Do you think putting someone down is a good way to get rid of boredom. do you think that somehow your making this person feel any better. They wrote this list trying to help in return you put them down or write things that have nothing to do with the list. So please just think before you write something and find a life!
#837 – yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy – 06/08/2013 – 18:27


Excuse me.
If you don’t like the list, keep it to yourself! I love it. ๐Ÿ˜€ I know what I will be doing over the summer!
#836 – Briana – 06/06/2013 – 18:31


Learn while Having Fun

Summer Immersion: Beginning Spanish Course for High School Students

This course is designed for High School students with no prior knowledge of the Spanish language, or for students who want to gain more confidence in expressing the basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary that they already know.

This course has four main objectives:

1. It is an accelerated program that will prepare students to communicate in Spanish at a basic level.

2. This [email protected]#$% is specially designed for high school students with a Spanish skill level between (no prior knowledge

#835 – Claudia – 05/15/2013 – 16:40


My list of fun things to do this summer
go swimming
have a pizza party
read all the Harry Potter books
#834 – Anna – 04/17/2013 – 17:27


My summer fun things to do list
go swimming
hang out at the beach
go hiking
read all the Harry Potter books beginning to end and watch all the Happy Potter movies beginning to end
Have a pizza party
#833 – Anna – 04/17/2013 – 17:14


One Thing Missing
The only thing really missing here is a great summer camp!! Summer camps are the best!
#832 – Britney – 10/24/2012 – 22:09


cool boy
this is the worst list of things to do. seriously, who would splash around in the kiddie pool or have a tea party.
you do cool stuff like pranking, playin basketball , go skateboarding etc. if
#831 – john carlo – 08/10/2012 – 02:06


Excuse me, but this list is not for teens. It’s not fun for us to clean our room. A lot of these activities are for little kids, please update your list to make it more suitable for teens or change your title.
#830 – Sandi – 08/03/2012 – 19:21


What is wrong?
Why are there so many mean comments? These are really fun things to do. I love almost all of them. I mean some of them aren’t the greatest but pick and choose. I mean if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.
#829 – Coral – 07/02/2012 – 22:13


For those of you who insulted this list, I totally agree with you. Because sitting in front of a computer screen all day, looking at websites I’m not interested in and making nasty comments is SO much better. I liked this list so if you don’t like it, the whole world doesn’t have to know about it and your bitterness. ๐Ÿ™‚
#828 – abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz – 07/01/2012 – 01:50


this is a weird list… some of the things are ok but really splash in a kiddy pool? And my mom won\’t even let me go to sleep over or have one… she wont even let my best friend come over to my house and its not like my house is messy or anything and I\’ve been friends with my bff for 7 years… its embarasing… i feel like a total prisoner… I even have a bed time but i dont go to bed at it and my parents get mad…. really its not the 1800s….
#827 – ???????!!!!!!!!! – 06/26/2012 – 18:09


okay so my friends and i always do alot of fun things over the summer, it just takes a while to get us started(especially when they move away and then your parents dont like your new friends)so we always look at stupid lists because some things make us think about totally different things which helps.i looked at this one, and…come on…who wrote this?i remember last summer when we walked to dairy queen and i cracked open my netbook and saw this…we were rofl.but the \”clean your room\” did give us an idea believe it or not.our mom always has us clean our rooms before a sleepover, but we didnt have to clean our rooms if we slept outside.so we had a campout in the backyard and it started raining at 5 in the morning ๐Ÿ™ but this is the stupidest list ever!!!
#826 – dr4m4q33n – 06/08/2012 – 14:28


I Thought this list was cute and fun so shut up
#825 – Awesome – 06/07/2012 – 15:52


I read some of the comments and I realized there are a lot of stupid kids out there. This list wasn’t awesome, but I took some of the ideas as things im gonna do over my Summer. So I guess I am a nerd and a “baby” I 16 and my Summers are usually spent doing things to better myself. Ill be the one getting into a Harvard with 50k a year because I spend my summer volunteering at a hospital rather than getting drunk or “having fun”
#824 – Yana – 06/03/2012 – 21:00


I Think This List Is Great!
๐Ÿ˜€ it definetly gave me some great ideas!!!!! Thanks much!
#823 – Ara – 06/02/2012 – 00:49


where is your list?
All those that knock the list – where is your great list?
I don\’t mean the one that goes – do illegal dangerous stupid stuff, ahhhhh like, hang out & text, annoy people.
How boring can you get? You have too much time on your hands, stop being so selfish & contribute something positive. Help your parents or the homeless if you are so bored – the world dosn\’t revolve around you!
#822 – fred junior – 05/17/2012 – 02:20


๐Ÿ˜‰ Check out my summer bucket list!
#821 – Megan – 05/08/2012 – 00:00


thise are perfect things to do in summer:-D:-);-);-):-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
#820 – Jennifer – 04/30/2012 – 22:43


Its ok i guess. But those stuff mentioned are kinda normal. No offence.
#819 – Grace – 12/07/2011 – 06:26


ur a …
do u actuall call this 50 fun things to do u must be a total … might as well have put go …yourself on it >-(
#818 – peter – 10/30/2011 – 15:49


Thanks Bro
hey thanks ive been thinking on what to do over the holidays and this is a really helpfull list :- ) thank you sooooooooooooooo much im looking forward to doing these thing during the holidays!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
#817 – Sam – 10/29/2011 – 23:17


this is the worst list of things to do i have ever seen
#816 – whoooo – 10/29/2011 – 11:34


why not just watch phineus and ferb:-D
#815 – anna – 10/15/2011 – 15:24


you know how yoyr family and friends count on you and you let them down when your mom or dad tells you that your moving and you planned your whole summer and you never get to see them again then you make more friends and it happens again if this has probaly happend to you email me at [email protected] and I\’ll get back to you as soon as I can which I\’ll have to check it when I get home see-yah-later
$ummer niccole hallett
#814 – $ummer niccole hallett – 09/29/2011 – 18:09



Wow..First of all I cannot believe how many comments are on this page…lol I think you all need lives..

This is how I spent my summer because I am SUPA COOL:

1. FLY BACK FROM KOREA TO THE U.S. (i am white btw)
2. Party in the U.S.A.
5. Party like a rockstar
6. learn how to unicycle (it\’s hard even though I have some skills)
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah pretty cool. That\’s a simple list..now everyone get a life…
by the way I\’m 14, have visited 27 countries…

IF YOU DON\’T KNOW WHAT ta do…get a job.. bye.

#813 – Serena – 07/30/2011 – 10:30


wow this is more funner than the list.at first i was like\’\’this list is freaking awesome(i mean i\’ll take anything cuz i could die of bordom)\’\’ then i read the comments and i was like\’\’omg imma read this all day then do this wen im bored(IF I EVER GET TIRED OF READING THIS) ANYWAY THIS SUMMER HAS BEEN KINDA SLOW FOR ME SO IM KINDA GLAD TO GET THIS ER…conversation going:-P. im trying hard not to freakin laugh and i dont think its working!!!!!!!!!!!!:-P
#812 – yasmine – 07/14/2011 – 20:04


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#811 – Jamie M – 07/14/2011 – 10:48


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#810 – YMCA – 07/14/2011 – 10:47


hit i’m a ninja
#809 – Ninja – 07/14/2011 – 10:44


Look Behind You
>-( Look behind you
#808 – [email protected]#$% [email protected]#$% – 07/14/2011 – 10:40


#807 – molly – 07/14/2011 – 10:40


#806 – Lauren – 07/14/2011 – 10:37


im a fat laz that has no friends
#805 – patrick dighton – 07/14/2011 – 10:36


u aint fit
#804 – jamie – 07/14/2011 – 10:34


i love you
#803 – pat – 07/14/2011 – 10:28


๐Ÿ˜‰ hey guysss!!!
i just wanna say this list totally [email protected]#$%sss, i mean i pick my nose and eat it and it tastes so nourished and great and this isnt even on the list, i mean this stufff [email protected]#$%s are you like old now, i mean in the olden days maybe.. yea?, but like nowadays we take drugs do weeed its soo cooll i mean its totally awesome!! so i think you should update this list cause it totally [email protected]#$%KKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
#802 – india+mollyoxo – 07/14/2011 – 10:23


Leave all those and study the comments….
#801 – silence of the lamb – 07/01/2011 – 14:45


I Mean Seriously who wants to *Clean His Room* for fun? Or *Make a fresh home made fruit juice*?? or *Have a bubble bath*?? i mean c’mon!!! this list was suppose to be for teens not 10 and under!!! *Spend the day at the library* We just finished school guys!!! we need some creative and fun ideas not like this!!!!!!!
#800 – Not ur buizwacks – 06/23/2011 – 18:15


I was kinda expecting a wayy better ideas than this ..(mind the language):oops:
Anyway, once i\’ve read this ideas for summer, i was like \, i know this summer is gonna b a dull one\"
got me thinking twice..gee, eh??i know this comment might b a waste of your time reading. i agree, wasted of my time writing it..
enjoy regreting for reading this crap lmao (hope this made ya smile:-D)
#799 – Camille – 05/13/2011 – 20:04


Yay or Nay?

I like some of these ideas, most of them actually. They are somewhat little-kid like, which is actually pretty fun. Ever play ring around the rossie with a bunch of your high school or middle school friends? TRY IT! ๐Ÿ™‚ But some of these ideas are a little old for me. I’m to young for a job. Clean my room? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! But over all, I like the ideas and think it will make a great summer.

xoxo Lissa

#798 – Lissa – 03/26/2011 – 21:31


50 things to do in Summer
Wow wat a great list of ideas, the best thing i love in summer is to jump into the pool with clothes on and then drive my bike until all my clothes dry.
#797 – James – 03/05/2011 – 10:04


ummm…weird much??
This is the most weird site in the world…
tho i might try one or two things :)…:-P
#796 – angel – 01/31/2011 – 11:28


Um, yeah..
Yeah, I’m pretty sure this list is for people that have no lifes, 25 jumping jacks? yeah real excinting.. cleaning your room? making dinner for the family? sounds like doing chores..
#795 – Exciting Teenager – 01/28/2011 – 19:53


worst list ever
ok im a 13 year old girl and i wouldn’t do anything on this list!! and i know my 9 year old sister wouldn’t want to do any of this crap either. If you want a list me and my friends would like here it is…… Go to the mall and get kicked out of as many stores as possible, sneak out of the house at night and go to all the open stores in our town, buy pizza while we r out and blame it on my brother, i know that isn’t very many things but i couldn’t get any new ideas from this terrible list.
#794 – kayla – 12/11/2010 – 12:34


this list is for 5 year olds! ๐Ÿ˜›
#793 – cal cal! and ash ash! – 12/10/2010 – 20:03


Some Fun!!
Well I may only be 11….but I thought this list was pretty good. And im sayin this in winter…because i was bored with my friend so ya…and plus there are indoor things to do:-D…..But some were really really really really really STUPID like clean your [email protected]#$% who wants to do that?????? Just Sayin!!!>-(
#792 – Molly – 12/06/2010 – 21:08


This list is so dumb my 10 year old brothers wouldn’t even do this stuff. I mean come on why would a teen want to clean there room maby they like it the way it is. I know most of my friends and I would rather stand around doing nothing than do most of the stuff that’s on this list. Who ever wrote this probably doesn’t even remember what it was like to be a teen. This list was the dumbest thing I have ever read.
#791 – tyler – 12/05/2010 – 01:17


cutechubby ratz
this list is crap. i mean who goes on walks and takes pictures of stuff? and clean your room [email protected]#$%ssssseeee. this list was written for 5 year olds.
#790 – claire jacobs – 12/02/2010 – 04:32




#789 – loser mcloserface – 11/30/2010 – 23:04


the other day me and my friend were so bored adn couldnt find anything to do.. we talked and hung ut but we can never think of something fun to do. can u help?
#788 – me – 11/27/2010 – 21:19


Generations changes teenagers

The list seems to be outdated cuz the first comment on this list is the year of 2008, much of the teenagers seems to love this list, but now its 2010, much of the teenagers today likes something andrenaline and challenging (and FUN) such as sky jumping/diving, shooting stuff or smashing mailboxes. They will do anything to impress themselves and not like \\\\\\\”spell 5 words from the dictionary\\\\\\\” or \\\\\\\”go to the library\\\\\\\” i mean COME ON!! It\\\\\\\’s summer, why do we have to read for…

And WHAT THE HELL with the \\\\\\\”Get a job\\\\\\\” thing?

I\\\\\\\’M STILL 13…
RIP for MJ

#787 – Aizat (Malaysian) – 11/23/2010 – 13:30


what about parents?
What I want to know is what do you do with parents that want to spend time with you. Today my mom keeps wanting to do something with me, but we can’t think of anything that we both can do. I read this list hoping it would give me ideas on what we could do, but I sadly realized that most of the stuff was a little to childish for teens. I mean come on! We want exciting things to do for dirt [email protected]#$%. Cause lets face it were teens, and have what 10 20 bucks in our pockets. So please I really don’t want to be stuck with my mom knitting or watching a horrible movie. there has got to be something out there that is fun. Sorry for the rant.
#786 – boo – 11/20/2010 – 18:15


ummm .. ok?
when i first read this list, i thought it was gonna be cool. Like, maybe, go ice-skating or bowling or something? but, cleaning ur room .. ? what about those who already hav clean rooms ? some of the ideas are okay but maybe u wanna read more about teenage fun …
#785 – Bored – 11/19/2010 – 16:06


I know I have sent lot’s of comments but really I just read some other ones and boy! Loads of you guys are telling the auther to get a life.Well why don’t you????!!!!!
p.s Still 7!
#784 – Lily – 11/15/2010 – 08:15


Say Whattt ?
Wow , snds so fun , dis stuff is soooo dumb! Again… Wow!
#783 – BobDaBuilder – 11/10/2010 – 14:30


riDONKulous !
you people are so stupid , Seriously? get a f\’ing life !
K?-thanx bye !
#782 – Hard Slimmss ! – 11/10/2010 – 14:22


ok so you really call that summer? omfg that’s probally 4 grls age 4-6 not 14-16. here’s a gr8 list
1. sleepover!!!!!!!(but dont expect 2 get any sleep!)
2. have a guitar-hero only party.
3. skinny diiiippppping!!! (duh!!!)
4. have a date-or-not game (it’s a canada teens game.)
5. dont look at this listttttt!! (but the comments r okay)
#781 – Simone Motar – 11/09/2010 – 07:47


my summer was a bummer until i saw this list. It’s rly cool but some of them should be excluded. Like cleaning your room and order a pizza. I hate CLEANNING MMMMMMYYYYYY RRRROOMMMMM!! No offense ๐Ÿ˜€ neways thx for the other things that u suggested!:-)
#780 – Roxanne Lucanne – 11/09/2010 – 07:17


sorry but this list fails.
i am a teenager nothing on this list sounds “fun”. my little sister is 3, she would enjoy the kind of stuff on here.
Learn how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary, Have a bubble bath, Jump in the pool with your clothes on. this person really knows how to have fun …
#779 – ginger – 11/06/2010 – 16:25


wow nobody want to take a bubble bath and play pretty pretty princess!!!!!!!!! clean your room?wow somebody had a little to much time on there hands this is really sad, splash around in a plastic pool uhm no!!!!!! whoever made this you dont know teens!!!there not all goody two shoes! we are party hard rock-aholics! this list if for 6year olds wow this is just… sad
#778 – rocck-aholiccc – 10/29/2010 – 01:48


come on!
Yes.Its me Lily again.almost all of you guys are saying that this list is lame.Well it might be that the lady who wrote this list has kids who aren’t teens yet i’m still 7 years old!!!Or it might be that these are some of the things she would be playing right now if she was a teen.
#777 – Lily – 10/24/2010 – 05:11


Sorry, but…..
I’m sorry Miss. Chick, But–
This list; ma’am, frankly, [email protected]#$%s. :/
Look, I understand your trying to help, but kids these days have more fun doing very addreniline pumping things. Here are some ideas:
1. Make a bucket list- do the things on your bucket list
2. Time Capsule
3. Go for a jog
4. Order 9,00,00000000,0000000,000000 magazines and stick allllllllllllllllllll the pages on your walls.
5. Have a garage sale-make $$$ and go shopping/but more mags. for your wall/ go to the zoo/ adopt a pet/ go see animals at a pet shelter/ buy a ton of paint in like 20 diff. colors & paint a mural on your empty abandoned neighbor hood house/ WHATEVER!
6. Go to a mueseum
7. Go to a quiet pool at 9:00 pm. and jump in– clothes and all- with friends
8: Go have a fun night with a friend/ girlfriend or boyfriend
9: Do something childish that reminds you of the old days such as: calling up 10 friends, and playing hide and go seek! (funner than seems)
10: Go to Walmart, and make funny faces, do funny accents at people, pretend to be a old couple from England, put 2 of your friends in 1 cart and push them down the aisle and make them pretend like there babies
11: Put adult diapers in a 20 year old’s cart.
12: Paint your room
13: Just Chiil With Friends.
Hope you enjoyed this list!
#776 – Sarah – 10/20/2010 – 00:09


i just sat here with my friend and had more fun laughing at this **** list than any of the activities! it [email protected]#$%s!!!!!!!!!! but so many laughs….
and the comments… SO GOOD! hahahhahahahha
(thats right i laughed the whole time i wrote "hahahah") AND im laughing now!
so thankyou for the crappy list of fun things to do for teens.
#775 – LEELA – 10/19/2010 – 06:49


Person who rote my summerlist-the one that starts with playing hide and seek in a local supewrmarket…LOVE ITTT!!! soooo jokes
and just to point out i love my parents, i have 2 piles on my floor to give to operation christmas child, i have a tin of left over canteen money to give to charity (not sure which one if any suggestions)i dont drink/smoke/do drugs , im christian, i dont swear (kk im failing at that 1 a bit but i dont EVR online) and I think this list is mostly terrible! however some are kl-oh and im 14 ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx
#774 – xxxxx – 10/16/2010 – 10:44


go for a walk and take photos of trees… i shall never be bored again!!! ๐Ÿ˜› this list is so jokes!!!! x
#773 – MOOOOOOOO – 10/16/2010 – 10:31


Shut up!
#772 – Lily – 10/16/2010 – 01:14


ummmm… well that was a waste of time
seriously! is this for real?!!! :-[] most kids wud rather go smash up de estate dan ‘rite a poem or visit a museum’ I think some one shud rite a genuine list dat dunt involve makin bead braclets 4 charity.
#771 – moo – 10/15/2010 – 16:53


Not cool!
Hi! Its me Lily again.There is something I forgot to put in my last comment intittled Hey!.It goes like this…
All you teens that are swearing and saying that this list is lame you don’t sound cool you just sound stupid.Infact some of you teens said you could think of things on your own.Well if you can then why are you on this site looking at this list!
P.S.This is coming from a 7 year old!
#770 – Lily – 10/09/2010 – 11:40


I was really bored today and this list really helped.But like Dani said clean your room should not be on the list.
#769 – Lily – 10/08/2010 – 01:34


Pretty Lame
I luv ur comment non ya! lol. this list is LAME! SRY! BUT u shouldnt have posted dis! look at all dese comments! haha! i hate the list to be honest no offense. 783 comments xD. The only one\’s i would like to do is make a tye dye bedspread and NOT TAKE A BUBBLE BATH! ๐Ÿ˜›
#768 – Ur A fReAkIn StAlKeR wHy U WaNt To No WhAt Mi NaMe iS?? – 10/07/2010 – 21:00


This is lameee
๐Ÿ˜ฎ this list is freakin lame i love the bubble bath comment xD! I DONT MEAN TO BE RUDE BUT YEAH. some of the stuff is maybe fun but i wouldnt clean my room! my room is already clean. i think! lol. BUT!… i love PIZZA! and i like the tye dye wit kool aid but dats bout it. i’d rather go to da mall or da movies!
#767 – Kalle – 10/07/2010 – 20:26


My suggestion

Choose a huge project like making your own website and that will keep you occupied!

Some ideas are

– Website
– Tree House
– Painting
– Digital Art
– Calender

It actually is really fun!

(Most of these you need a computer to do though…)

#766 – bobo – 10/07/2010 – 02:32


Good List!
(lol another thing to do is speak and type in capitals: i.e. shout all day long – it freaks everyone out and is really annoying!!)
#765 – coolestgaleva – 10/06/2010 – 03:26


OK, this list, in general, has some stuff that 95% of teenagers would DESPISE! BUT… notiuce I said but, there are some fun things in here. I really liked the journal part, camping in your backyard, picnic, cooking, etc., plus, I know I’m going to sound like a nerd, I’ve never tried drugs and I never want to. It’s bad for you. This is a great way to resist the temptation. I’d rather be a goody-two-shoes nerdy overachiever than some drug-addicted incompetent brainless loser. I’ve done about 1/4 of the things on this list, and I still plan on doing some more. i clean my room, but seriously , who doesn’t? I would’t count that as something fun. But still, you can use some of these, and in the end, you might have a lot of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚
#764 – Sebastian – 10/05/2010 – 15:26


r u serious????
u have 2 b kiddin, ‘clean ur room’ should b banned from fun lists. it sounds like some kinda old person wrote this about what they used 2 do to have fun when they were kids!
#763 – lucy – 10/03/2010 – 14:49


What is this $*#&???
[email protected]#$%? learn to spell 5 new words? clean your room? go out to dinner with a parent? how bout a friend? come on get a life!
#762 – katie – 10/02/2010 – 16:21


no fun at all
i tried a few and i didn\’t have much fun and camping in your backyard? lame.
#761 – anymous no fun – 10/02/2010 – 05:06


Rubbish really
I’m thirteen and the only thing that I wanna do is go camping but not in my garden cuz tht is lame >-( so . . .
#760 – ?????? – 10/01/2010 – 16:50


this is [email protected]#$% ๐Ÿ™‚
#759 – bill – 09/30/2010 – 23:28



As for the original list, I\’d say some ideas are good for teens, though most weren\’t exactly incredible. They did seem like good ideas for kids and, actually, college students. A lot of college students I know like to go back and do kiddie stuff when they\’re in college–nostalgia and all that. (I just graduated, so I would know.) I do agree though that this list seems to be primarily for girls.

But really, the author of the list did us all a favor by prompting a bunch of people to post their own lists, which means we\’ve now got over a hundred ideas, so we can at least be grateful for the inspiration, right? Here\’s a couple of my own:

1. Bottle rocket, by putting mentos in a bottle of diet pop (I recommend Sprite… less likely to stain your clothes)
2. learning to play a musical instrument (especially the guys–girls love it when you can play a musical instrument)
3. Knitting–I know, I know, sounds dorky, but it\’s good for people who fidget a lot, and it saves a ton of money on Christmas presents (I should know ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
4. Volunteer work somewhere–hey, it can be somewhere cool
5. Blogging
6. Learn to rewire a radio and/or a computer
7. Write and perform a play with friends, for those theatrically inclined.
8. Dag sword fighting
9. Lord of the Rings marathon
10. Really, any kind of big movie/TV series marathon, with lots of friends, popcorn, cookies, the works.

Hope this helps; and guys, try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, okay? You don\’t have to discredit the whole list just because some of the ideas (like cleaning your room) don\’t appeal to you. At the very least, you don\’t need to cuss about it. Grow up.

#758 – Michelle – 09/29/2010 – 15:20


this list CAN be fun!

cant believe how many teens are like \”this is a crap list\”…. maybe you just need some imagination? i think the idea of this list was probably [email protected]#$%/free things to do.

she could have written stuff like
1. play xbox for a full 24 hours
2. go to the mall dressed up and see how many wolf whistles you get from guys

blah blah blah…. but i think the ideas on here mostly are good just to get back to basics. when you dont have any money and you just wanna do something easy, something simple.

A bubble bath made with your own salts is cool for someone who has been playing sport all day. its relaxing, and you can make extra, decorate the jars and give them away as presents for people. your mum, nanna or even best friend will be like, wow you made me something? random, but cool, who does that anymore?

and making something in the kitchen…well girls you might think making food is \”stupid\” but the way to a mans heart is thru his stomach! so start practicing now! if you become a master at making cookies or muffins or brownies or something youll be the envy of all yor friends, theyll be like FEED ME! hahaha

and theres plenty of other ideas on here that are a dying pastime that can actually be fun, relaxing and/or… so not done anymore that its now unique!

instead of trying to be cool, why dont u try to be unique, and pick one or two things u wouldnt normally do but could enjoy?

#757 – T – 09/29/2010 – 09:35


your ideas are lame
[email protected]#$% who came up wit dis sh** o wow >-(
#756 – shanice – 09/29/2010 – 01:29


Mkkkk then…
This is the [email protected]#$%test list I have ever seen in my life:
I wouldnt even clean my room if i got paid, but still i love going shopping with friends and watching scary movies!! But definitely add reading these comments to the fun list bcoz i nearly peed myself.. KKK guys. And besides, you guys are soo fake with ur drugs and sex and whateva it is u fantasise abt!
xoxox love u all very much
#755 – Lisa – 09/28/2010 – 02:30


oh yup im soooooo gonna make tie-die shirts and colour a colouring book in! How exciting!!!!:-o
#754 – Jessica – 09/27/2010 – 02:30


I think (no offense) this is just tween stuff …lol i should know cause i turned 13 yesterday, but i saw one of the comments im goanna create a samwidch ๐Ÿ˜‰
#753 – brynz – 09/25/2010 – 11:41


and you call this fun!!!!
lame as. BORING!!!! and thats coming from a chick. aha aha. where do you live under a rock. haha.cause no offense this is such SH*T!!!!as if any teen would want to spend there holidays doing this.
#752 – random – 09/24/2010 – 05:48


u guy who read this shouldn’t cause ya don’t like it so dont read this
#751 – janine – 09/21/2010 – 00:21


I would rather get a sharp kitchen knife and shove it up my [email protected]#$% than do ANYTHING on this list.
And that would hurt.
#750 – Tomm – 09/12/2010 – 05:34


uhmmm . . . yeahh ? BORiNGG !!!
wth ?
is that the best they came uhp with ?
hahaha ; thats cornyy !!well heres sumthing crazyy !
im gonna go bomb (smoke bombs ] ppls houses on my last dayy xD , which is 2morrow.
#749 – Jenn – 09/09/2010 – 04:20


Rather die
Whoever made this list is either a goody goody teen girl or a old woman
Think about what people do today
i mean seriously
the whole thing is [email protected]#$%
#748 – y do u care? – 09/07/2010 – 20:42


this list haz fun thangs to dooo… but yet i still find it borin.. does that make any cents?:-o
#747 – dElAnEy – 09/04/2010 – 00:15


aw, you people are total pessimists!
aw, guys! most of you are being way mean! i mean, this list MAY be sliiiiiiiiiightly babyish, but unless the author is a teen, how are they supposed to know? instead of posting hate, go paint your toenails and listen to justin bieber! yaaay justin!
#746 – brookethecheerleader – 08/28/2010 – 17:55


Sorry. This is
I would be surprised if anyone did these things when they were two.
If ever.Why not make a list of WORTHWHILE crap?
Rather than useless bilge.
#745 – Heath – 08/28/2010 – 17:41


holy crap
holy crap! ppl that do that stuff are f***ed up… srsly clean your room…who are they tryna fool..? a two year old? i mean COME ON!!
#744 – ih cory lee – 08/23/2010 – 22:08


Okay, come on.
haha i am sorry. but no teens that I know/ Hang out with would ever do the things on this list. its not fun. 47. Learn how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary.- oh yeah sounds like a great way to spend my summer.
#743 – Zoe Johnson – 08/23/2010 – 18:02


๐Ÿ˜‰ hi im only 11 but some of this stuff is ok for me my mum wants me to get my laptop to! so i HAD A LOOK and i loved some stuff:-P:-D:-);-)
hehe xxx thank youclu
#742 – Erin – 08/23/2010 – 12:18



First of all, lame list. 2nd of all, people who made their own list, smoking. really? that’s how i’d like to spend my summer. DEAD!


#741 – ella – 08/23/2010 – 03:45


everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, mine is..
1. try going to a concert
2. making a music video
3. painting your room a new color
4. sleeping outside with friends on a trampoline
5. sneaking out & going for a walk at 1 am on the beach/anywhere with your girl/guy friends
6. (if your a girl) go to a store & grab 5 magazines then make a collage on your wall of pictures of celebritys & words that were cut out of the magazines
7. this sounds weird but, one night go into a friends backyard & have some kind of fight..like a jello, whipcream, frosting or shaving cream fight & take a bunch of pictures
8. try doing a game you never had before..me & my friends did a ouija boardi did all of these this summer & they were alot of fun (:
#740 – ninja – 08/22/2010 – 19:53


Summer Stuff
Melt a popsicle on the sidewalk on a hot day
Do yoga in your backyard @ 6 Am
Make a candy scene recreating ur summer
Make up a fun game with stuff in ur garage
Write your name on the street w/ watergun water
#739 – a person you dont know – 08/21/2010 – 02:01


sooo wheres the list of FUN things to do? cause i only see lame ideas. i mean like seriously.. bubble baths? cleaning? making dinner? i only read like 30 things and they made me tired.. im 12 and i can think of better things..
#738 – ola – 08/19/2010 – 21:05


For all the people who put down this list, if it’s really so bad, make a better one. How many of you who said that this list was horrible and that you could’ve thought of those ideas can actually do that? If you could think of things on your own why are you here.
For all the people who swore on here, it really doesn’t make you cool. It’s actually really disgusting… I swear a lot, I wish I didn’t coz I know it makes me sound like an idiot.
I know the ideas on this list aren’t the best, but it’s here, so take what you will from it. It made me think of other things I’d like to do, so it was like an inspiration to me… sorta lol. And really some of the ideas aren’t so bad. Age group 14ish and up might not do them for the life of them but I think it’s cool to be a kid again with my friends for a little while and I’m 20. The point is to kill boredom and well, if you’re doing anything you’re doing that. It’s better than sitting on the couch thinking about what to do.
By the way, and this really irks me, people, learn to spell and use people words okay? If you want to be treated like adults start acting like it and pick up your act. You know who you are.
#737 – personX – 08/18/2010 – 20:44


aha, people are hating and being all “badman” to a list, wow, now that is true boredom, seriously, you guys must of typed this into google anyways so you got the list you deserve. try typing in something like games, or i dunno dares they dare you to do reli crazy stuff on some websites. or what about something really crazy, going outside n doing what people do in summer like swimming or meeting mates. instead of being all hard on a list maker paha!
good luck cyber saddo’s
#736 – idontknowmynamesorry – 08/18/2010 – 18:00


WHoa the lady who wrote this should put 50 fun things for 4 year olds to do. seriuosly my sis is 8 and she thinks half the things on this list is [email protected]#$%ed. i mean tea party?? clean ur room?!? get real only a nerdy nerd wants do dat stuff. Dis Person Better get a life before somewon jumps her. AND THE 70s CALLED THE WANT THERE LIST BACK:D!
P.S i hope this lonley writer doesnt have kids, cuz i already feel sorry for whoever is in her life.
#735 – IDK – 08/17/2010 – 20:23


why be so mean, we all have different opinions
Hey some of this stuff is quite fun like having a sleepover with mates and waching scary movies and danciing to the radio. Ok some of this stuff id not want to do but we all have different opinions on life and its not right to be mean about it. Your being the babies to make comments so stupid!
#734 – Jalo – 08/16/2010 – 15:14


Oh Gosh…
Some of the thinqs on this list were qood but c\’mon we\’re in the 21st Century we don\’t wanna clean our room -_- Color ? Wat Are yuh 5 ? Yea I could tell yuh had a wonderful summer. People Must Be Jealouss I Know I Would *sarcastically* yuh know wat yuh should add to YOUR summer list ? Get A Life. That should be #1; it miqht take up the whole summer ;D
#733 – -_- – 08/16/2010 – 07:09


Oh my….
When the word ‘teen’ comes to your mind, you think of coloring books, splashing around in kiddie pools, and cleaning rooms? I’m not quite sure how that applies to teenagers, maybe little children, but definitely not teenagers. A tea party? Should I bring my stuffed animals too? I thought it should be a little more age-appropriate, not for an 8 year old child. It’s too original, nothing really pops out. I’m pretty sure about 99.9% of teens wouldn’t want to spend their summer in a library.. I really would like to know who wrote this list.. I’m convinced it’s a toddler.
#732 – Deanna – 08/16/2010 – 05:27


we have nothing to do, what are fun ideas for 15 year olds? >-(
#731 – kourtney, brae, and justin – 08/16/2010 – 00:31


if u idiots would be smart enough to read the authors name you would find out its is a girl so there is no reason to to mention the obvious we can do that by ourselves
#730 – raelene – 08/15/2010 – 19:22


CRAP: this is more than definetly written by a mom
oh come on this is 4 5 year old girls that love braiding hair. MAKE ONE THAT TEENAGERS MIGHT ACTUALLY LIKE !!!!!!!!!
#729 – EDDIE ๐Ÿ™‚ – 08/15/2010 – 12:03


i totally discredeted list after i saw clean ur room. like [email protected]#$%.

#728 – Asia – 08/13/2010 – 05:20


#727 – Tanner+Court – 08/12/2010 – 21:10


#726 – Taylor – 08/12/2010 – 18:19


ya this list isnt very good. thanks for trying
#725 – courtney – 08/11/2010 – 21:18


thats an 8 year old list

Okay this is not for teens first of all. Most likely kids would want to be doing this… NOT TEENS. (like me) But we shouldent be getting drunk or anything becuase thats just a waist of your time. If you did do tht then ur parents must not care bout u.:-[] Here is my list:

1.) Burn ur school books.
2.) Eat food with a TON of hot sause
3.) Design your room a whole new way.
4.) Give yourself a makeover and then make urself ugly.(if ur a girl)
5.) Stalk your friend, sibiling, or mailman.
6.) Make a fortress in your backyard.
7.) Ride into town and just stay there all day.
8.)Go to the mall and when you want to buy somthing start to speek another language to freek the sales person out and get angry at them.
9.) Prank call ur crush and call them fat or dumb and say its there crush or girlfriend/boyfriend.
10.) Go into a store and annoy the people there or get a survey.

#724 – Mary – 08/11/2010 – 16:45


#723 – paula – 08/11/2010 – 16:34


whatevr have fun lol
all i did this summer waz fun i did waz go to band camp goin to garner and goin to sleep over ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ B-) :-p
#722 – kelsey – 08/11/2010 – 16:15


and if you think this list is so boring and you claim that you can think of better stuff to do, then why look at it? You obviously have nothing better to do. Get a life!!!
#721 – jen – 08/11/2010 – 01:59


What is wrong with you people?
Ok. So this list may not be great or anything like that but come on…grow up. Listen to yourselves. Seriously.
#720 – Jen – 08/11/2010 – 01:57


Seriously no one cares if you hate this stupid list!! Seriously???? Why would you try to sound cool to a bunch of losers who obviously don’t care wat u think LOL!!!!!!
#719 – sofia – 08/10/2010 – 12:41


well first of all yalll dont know who mad this so shutup and everybody likes differnet stuff k so get a life!!and anyways if youdid have a life ou wouldnt be looking at this page!!!!!:-)
#718 – sarah – 08/09/2010 – 18:12


lame lame lame!
ok so im 16 and this list is totaly stupid. who want so be cleaning their room or finding new words in their summer holidays? i think you will find that nobody does. And gees i dont know what sort of lifestyle some of you people have but as for jumping off clifs ok i would if i could but the only thing i have to jump of is my bed or a sky scraper. im from a city and everything is about spending money so if my friends caught me doing half of the things on this list i would never be able to show my face in public again! i hate to be so harsh but honestly if your going to attempt to make one of these lists for anyone to see apart from yourself them at least make one thats worth reading !!!
#717 – jessica – 08/08/2010 – 17:19


>>>who knows
i really dont know what teenagers like to do. they are so lame and lazy…..>-( :-[]:-[]:-Pi am turning 13 an am kinda lazy sumtimes. anyway i love to to go to the mall and see al the cute clothes ad shoes. i love nikes. thats all i wear!!!!!!!BYEEE:-D
#716 – vicky – 08/08/2010 – 14:54


1: hangout with your friends.
2: hangout with your boyfriend.
3: go out to lunch with some friends.
4: go to amusement park.
5: go to a water park with friends.
6: vacation.
7: take a bunch of pictures.
8: sleep all day.
9: throw a party (bonfire)
10: have a pool party if have a pool.
#715 – Shannon – 08/08/2010 – 00:52


okay here’s the truth teenagers these days are not like that anymore. back then they would do good stuff lilke play outside or clean their room and do their chores like their suppose too. now in days they just sit around talking back to thier parents making a mess in their room an dnot clean it up they are very distructable.
#714 – tiffany – 08/07/2010 – 23:41


half of these things are pretty stupid.
A few things are ok.
#713 – Anna – 08/07/2010 – 21:48


All I can say is WOW…
Yeah that is actually a good idea I might give it a go!
#712 – Hannah – 08/06/2010 – 14:37



sorry, but this was not a very good list. it should have more exiting and fun things to do!

but i had an idea… draw your dream island, with all the shops and hotels and beaches!! Tryst me, it’s really fun and takes a long time!

Then, you can color it in, and it will be awesome!

#711 – ๐Ÿ™‚ – 08/05/2010 – 15:33


24 things u should definetly do in er summer!!!
1)Go shopping for new clothes and new school uniform.
2)GO to a friends birthday party, if they not aving 1 have a party and invite whoever ya want.
3)Invite a friend over for tea.
4)Have a bath every day.
5)Go to parents work if er manager lets u.
6)Go on facebook/msn.
7)Sunbathe in the back garden.
8)Invite ya boyfriend over or go to er cinema with him.
9)Text n ring peps.
10)Go on the computer n do a powerpoint bout somethin that u r interested in.
11)Do ya homework or revision.
12)Take ya dog for a walk or to the beach.
13)Walk up and down the road chattin up fit lads
14)Start writing a dairy
15)make some ice – lollies
16)Go to ya neighbours house for the day.
17)Watch tele.
18)Listen to music.
19)Cook somethin
20)Meet up with n old friend that u haven’t seen for a while.
21)Clean ya bedroom.
22)Clean er house.
23)Learnt to play a instrument.
24)Ask neighbours if ey want er cars washed, if ey do you will get money.
#710 – lol – 08/05/2010 – 11:02


there’s nothing like reading729 coments about one stupid list about things to do during the summer, and ur just a loser who was so bored you had nothing better to do than read all of the comments and comment ur self
#709 – someone – 08/04/2010 – 16:35


Frying eggs on the sidewalk is fun, and carving elastic band guns and having competitions with them!
#708 – Emma – 08/03/2010 – 23:22


Well Damn,
haha well; this is pretty lame, but kinda helpful! soo stop talking so much crap about it.
and hmm things to do.. im on ebay all the time!! it’s fun! it really is! there’s things on there you wouldn’t imagine people would sell!! haha so try it out you guys! ๐Ÿ™‚
#707 – Breeonah – 08/03/2010 – 23:15


this is so boring i bet my 67 year old grandma would get bored and she does alot!!!!!! i would rather chill out and watch movies B-)
#706 – emilly – 08/03/2010 – 20:12



i am bord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tese ideas are terable

#705 – coolfish1800 – 08/03/2010 – 14:38



OMG! I really love this list! Sure some ideas on the list might now just be you but there are more then 100000000 people in the world that could look at this list and think, This is a good idea. You dont have to say what you think or feel about the list if you HATE it. Some people should really try being more positive.

If I could add three things to the list I would add:

– Have a water fight with some of your friends or family (Probably siblings then.)
– Take an old news paper and draw goofy faces on the pictures.
– Play idol charades with some of your friends.

#704 – Amanda – 08/03/2010 – 01:55


do you think id wnna do ANY of the stuff of ur list?…NOOO!
iwant the summer to be LIVE not dead!
LOL! but the comments was more fun the the list..definatly
and [email protected]#$% why would u ”pretend” you had sex
you’ll just get the name of a sket.
and LOL to all you’s who aint had ur first kiss! iwas in year 3 LOL and tarted proper lipsin in year 6 ahha;]]
anyways my point is…. GET A BETTER LIST!
#703 – El’Leigh – 08/02/2010 – 08:19


What on earth is wrong with this list?
I am eighteen and I simply love splashing around in my plastic paddling pool with my chums. Hehe I know it’s a little goofy but we all have such fun!!:-)Jumping Jacks are a great way of keeping fit, so are cartwheels and handstands and skipping with a rope, and they’re all free if you have a garden! If not you can go to the local park.How do you play ‘candyman’?
#702 – Marjory Rose – 08/01/2010 – 13:28


Oh what fun!
I would like to add ‘reading all the comments on this list’ to the list!
It is very entertaining, and much more fun than cleaning my room.
#701 – Sparkypants – 08/01/2010 – 13:15


Not a good list at all
This is not a good list at all. I mean, I read it and didn\’t find hardly anything interesting on it. HUH!
I might as well resume to my daily summer activies:
Playing the piano, baking apple pies, surfing the web, cleaning the house, sleeping, reading my bible, and praying. LOL I was looking for better results but, DUH! it\’s just not there.
#700 – Shay – 07/31/2010 – 18:19


footsie pajamies.
#699 – floppy alex – 07/30/2010 – 21:50


This is pretty dumb.
Im 14 and all of those ideas on this list are pretty dumb to me. For most of them you have to go somewhere, and most teenagers cant drive yet, so they cant go anywhere. The other ones are just plain stupid. I was looking for something that i could do. Not just things from the top of someones head. Whoever made this list probably didnt spen much time thinking about it.
#698 – Jade – 07/30/2010 – 16:20


this might be a good idea…not all of it but some of it. :-D:-D:-D:-D:-DB-)B-)B-)
#697 – faith – 07/30/2010 – 15:16


#696 – Ella – 07/30/2010 – 13:55


READ MY LIST, ITS aCTUALLY GOOD!!! for those bored girlz out there…… 5 posts up!! OK????? ๐Ÿ™‚
#695 – Tiffany – 07/29/2010 – 22:57


Dissapointing definately.

um this list is so oblivious i mean come on what teen girl wants to play pretty pretty princesess i mean come on really an cleaning my room really come on this is like a list for teen girls not to do.:-( me and my friend were looking for things to do and no offence if u have a right mind u would think the same thing. this list was deffinatly dissapionting.

P.S. im a 12 year old girl.

#694 – Lyndsay – 07/29/2010 – 21:09


too young ๐Ÿ™
ok im only 11 years old i wish i can go to the movies but i can’t and half of the stuff on the list is for 16 year olds and they don’t even like it i >-(
#693 – julia – 07/29/2010 – 18:32


summer vaca
i like the list but my room is always clean because im a teen but i hate when people got to sleep in my room and when my brother comes in my i just be wanting to hit him and i dont have a car yet and it is too hot to go outside to do anything and im in south carolina im from phillyB-)
#692 – ciara – 07/29/2010 – 17:51


reading the comments is more fun than the actual list lol:-D
#691 – Ben – 07/29/2010 – 17:20


What the hell?
>-( What the hell is up with this list? It is dreadful, half of them are chores. Obviously an adult wrote this, an adult that needs to get a clue.
#690 – Stephen – 07/29/2010 – 17:03


this is what teens are supposed to do?? OMG LET ME GO AND SAVE A TREE
#689 – mia – 07/28/2010 – 20:17


. . .
A lot of the ideas on that list were okay, but write a poem? Memorize words from the dictionary? Really? NOT doing those things is kind of the point of summer. And doing 25 Jumping Jacks is fine, but it takes less than a minute. What’s the point?
Anyway, thanks for the effort, but only a handful of those ideas were worth reading.
#688 – . . . – 07/28/2010 – 18:31


nothing to do
iam a teen myself and my mom does not let me outside the house EVER
and alot of these thing are useless!
#687 – mia – 07/28/2010 – 10:24


This list is halfway fun….here’s something….
This list is alright…..here’s an idea.. Go to walmart/target and pick out the weirdest thing you can find for under $10. ITS SO FUN..if you go with lots of friends. don’t let anybody see it until you get home. Then try to use the stuff for the rest of the day.
#686 – bammy – 07/27/2010 – 17:27


get to know real teens.
>-( this list is crap. i wouldnt do hardly any of the stuff on here. its pathetic.
#685 – adel – 07/27/2010 – 14:40


๐Ÿ™ i cant really do all of those :/
#684 – Erin – 07/27/2010 – 00:23


haha i agree u lot are boring but still and u shud be creative decorate ur room make stuff for it or anything write down in a pad then decide from tht ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚
#683 – sophie – 07/26/2010 – 18:15


i’m 11

i love your list i’m going to do as many things as possible off your list

IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#682 – rhoda roberts – 07/26/2010 – 16:42


This list isn`t completely bad, some of the things seem interesting.
But if I`m honest this seems to be labeled wrong. This seems like a list for children or tweens.
In my eyes a teen is 13-17, so I`ve made a list that I think is age appropriate(I`m 13 btw)
1.Have your first kiss if you haven`t(even if it is in truth or dare!)
2.Play spin the bottle(can be fun)
3.Go to a concert.
4.Have a sleepover with a lot of your friends.
5.Get a boyfriend?
6.Drink for the first time(don`t necacerily(sp?) get drunk but just a taste)
7.Work on your tan.
8.If you don`t live in a sunny place, experiment with fake tan.
9.Experiment with make-up, if you`ve never used it before, test it out or if you have then just mix it up.
10.Create a youtube chanel and make skits/sketches or even dances(if you do this with your friends, or make a shared account it could be fun)
11.Try buying alcohol/cigarettes in a store, maybe not your local one though!
12.Try smoking(maybe not for everyone)
13.Camp out in your backyard with friends, like a sleepover except better)
14.Try and go into an 18+ shop and act offended when they say you can`t go in.
15.Go to the park and flirt with some random guy,if your shy just say “heey” in a flirty voice, yeah they might act creeped out but they`re strangers!
16.Get a piercing your parent wouldn`t allow(don`t do this if your certain your parents would flip!)
That`s all I can think of atm, but hope I helped ๐Ÿ˜‰
You can get alcohol from a friend or take some from your parents alcohol shelf.
Not being a bad influence but you gotta try new things, just to test them out. ๐Ÿ™‚
#681 – Nikki – 07/26/2010 – 16:25


This list seems like so much fun and I will definitely be trying most of the things on this list, especially kool aid tie dye and photography. A few more things I’d add to the list are:
A FUN SCAVENGER HUNT: make a list of weird things, like… person wearing an ugly hat, prune juice, or someone with oddly colored hair. then split into teams with your friends and see who can find these and take pictures of them all first.
ULTIMATE CHALLENGE LIST: create a list of challenges for you and your friends to complete. then split into teams and see who does them all first. For example, some of the things on your list could be throw a fit in a store, or get as many phone numbers as you can from people, or use a stupid pick up line on an old person. ๐Ÿ™‚
#680 – Prunella McGillicuddy – 07/26/2010 – 14:46


these ideas are very boring i thought they where supposed to be teens they are more like grannys ( OH DEAR !:-[]
#679 – holly and josie – 07/26/2010 – 14:08


Hey whoever made this list its time for your next dosage (DRUGS!) ๐Ÿ˜›
#678 – Kamille – 07/26/2010 – 01:00


Omg this is such a cool list ha:-P
Iv’e been on my summer holidays for near enough 2 months and all ive wanted to do is go mental and make it a summer to remember ๐Ÿ™‚
With this list i will ha ๐Ÿ˜€
Thanks for some really super cool ideas B-)
#677 – Baby-Cake.X. – 07/25/2010 – 23:32


Litterally, reading this list and all of these hillarious comments has fully entertained me enough. Thanks everyone!
#676 – John Doe. – 07/25/2010 – 22:43


this is like the most boring list EVER.
#675 – chelz – 07/25/2010 – 16:59


who did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1)this list isnt bad but who will jump in the pool with his clothes i cant do this !!
2)who write this list is stuped hi is not our mother 2 tell us (clean your room)
( THAT [email protected]#$%)
#674 – nour mohamed elghamry – 07/25/2010 – 15:39


this is a boring list.
I mean honestly…’clean your room’?
That’s something my mom would tell me…
๐Ÿ˜ฎ U couldve added something fun like sports and stuff.
The list really….well….ummm…[email protected]#$%S.:-D
#673 – amy – 07/25/2010 – 13:31


๐Ÿ˜‰ Thankyou i have done 3 of these things already. Im going to do all of them by the end of the summer hols. LOL


#672 – BeachKid – 07/24/2010 – 16:34


This list was kindof stupid
I mean hav a dance party,blindfolded makeovers,paint ur nails,do ur hair in a funky way,hav a fashion show,a mini american idol,a mini america’s got talent,start a dog walking buisness,go to the beach(if possible),torment ur siblings (very fun to do:-P:-P:-P!!!!!!!!!!!!!),dye ur hair green,act like a nerd and put it on youtube! Do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love summer but sometimes it is just SO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! later
#671 – Aalayla – 07/24/2010 – 02:03


1 . go to the beach
2. prank call evryone on ur cellphone
3. call your best freind and start dialing numbers on the phone crinkle up paper and say IM GOING THROUGH A TUNLE and stop talking and see what she dose
4. run through yor house screaming with your hands up in the air
5 . go on your block and shout your niebors names and when they look hide
6. dance to your fave songs
7. sit in your grage when they have thunder and litening ( if ithappens also get chairs and blankets snaks too )
8. if u live somewhere realy hot frezze water and dump it all over u or if u want it to b funey pour it down someones pants lol
9. take a trip to somewhere u want to go try virgina realy good and fun 4 alot of ppl
10. take a drive in ur street ( or on a scootor or bikethat has a horn )and beep the horn to evrey house that has a number 4 , 8 , 9 , 7 , or 2 i do this when im bored or in summer >
thats wat i do in summer or i :-P:-P:-P:-P:-D
#670 – ally – 07/23/2010 – 21:38


i think you should all stop being so horrible somones spent time to make this list for you maybe you dont like some of the things on this list just grow up
#669 – Meg – 07/23/2010 – 19:14


was this made like in b.c. time or something? run around the sprinklers? clean ur room? if i did that these days people would ask my mom if i was mentally [email protected]#$%ed p.s…..im 6 years oldd
#668 – steph – 07/23/2010 – 16:50


this is one of the worst lists i ever saw and i am not even a teenager
#667 – Bob Joe – 07/23/2010 – 03:14


this is so [email protected]#$%!!!
๐Ÿ™ wow these ideas r so [email protected]#$%ed!… a bubble bath! REALLY!!!!!!!!! THAT IS JUST A STUPID AS TELLING ME TO EAT [email protected]#$%!!!!!!!!! [email protected]#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >-(
#666 – Lily – 07/22/2010 – 21:08


whats the hell!!
whats the hell is going to don t tell me that you re seriouse defenetly u should chage the titre to 50 borring things to do this summmer u ve done thouse stuffs when i hade 5 years how will stay at homme on summer to what! to clean his room :!!? well ixept if he was f**** freak!!
#665 – sakura mix – 07/22/2010 – 18:27


Wow, this would be fun if you were 9
personally, i think that this list is a waste of an internet page. and this list is called “50 Fun things to do this summer” well they might as well take the word “fun” out of it becasue seriously, who invites over their friends to have a TEA PARTY!? i thought tea parties were lame since i was born. and clean your room? please it may be 10:00 on a wednesday night but i can find 100 better things to do than clean my room. and jumping jacks? please i spit at the people who do jumping jacks for fun. and whats better than omg wait for it- eating lasts night leftovers… For BREAKFAST! wow seriously who would want meatloaf for breakfast? and babysit for a neighbor? how is that fun. i mean the only good part about babysitting is getting paid and the people i babysit for only give me 3 bucks an hour!!! and who wants to listen to little kids screaming and running around being a superhero or a fairy princess.
i think i have made my point clear that this is the worst list i have ever seen in my enytire life.
as a girl i want to do outragous new things, NOT things that i did when i was 6. im sorry but the days when i was 6 are dead and gone. i have grown up and playing candlyland wouldnt even make my list of fun things to do when i was 4. and i like to cook but im sorry, on a summer night, its most likely that i have a friend over and why in the world would i cook when i have a friend over. girls at my age want to get out and rollerskat with a big group of friends and be wild and crazy. Not make a root beer float.
and even though i have loads more to say i will sum it up and call it “this list can [email protected]#$% it!”
(13 yrs old BTW)
#664 – Kylie – 07/22/2010 – 02:44


Seriously? Those of you who think the list is “stupid” then you probably have stuff to do during the summer. If you have nothing to do a coloring book can be VERY fun. And I didn’t know that you can dye stuff using Kool-Aid. In fact, I’ve been so bored that half of this stuff didn’t even [email protected]#$% through my mind! Haha, I sound like a friendless loser. Hmm…. I’m gonna try and convince my parents to let me have a sleepover in a tent and to buy a plastic kiddie pool…. I HAVE always wanted one………. ๐Ÿ˜€
#663 – daniiiii – 07/21/2010 – 22:19


you guys are dickheads, if it so crap then don’t do the stuff on the list. You must be so bored that you would spend time to write on this site since the stuff on it is so “crap”
#662 – forget it – 07/21/2010 – 16:56


This is so cool :8
Oh my word, this is like off the chain man ๐Ÿ™‚
I is defo going to do everything on this last man… I love washing my dirty dog in my bubble bath!!!! man ๐Ÿ™‚
Does ever guy and gal want to come to my house for a smashing tea party….it’ll be the time of your life…man
come to my house on the 5th of august 2010:
my address is: 118 Stanbridge Road
Leighton Buzzard
Remeber to bring some tea bags and sugar cubes man…….yyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh MAN!
I is well excited for this piss up,,,,man xxxxx
#661 – Steph Berry and Sam Collins – 07/21/2010 – 11:30


summer rules B-)
#660 – Mia – 07/21/2010 – 06:48


simple solutions
get paid.
get laid.
smoke weed.
everyday.Seriously, though, I’m a very intelligent person. I’m 17 and already have the offer of a full ride scholarship to my dream, out of state college. What they say makes you ‘stupid’, in fact does nothing in the slightest. Don’t be ignorant. Research, research, research.
#659 – that is in fact irrelevant – 07/20/2010 – 16:53


me and my friend think this list pretty boring… i mean, no offense to who ever wrote it but why would someone really wana do this… have the stuff is totally ridiculous… who has that kind of time… the only thing really liked was scrapbooking but do you know how much stuff and materials that takes… be realistic!
#658 – nhen – 07/20/2010 – 16:42


stupid list
sofeakin borein over my house we might cant even do most of that stuff dang its so borein ova here ๐Ÿ™
#657 – imane king – 07/20/2010 – 15:36


My best friend and I have read this list and thoroughly enjoyed every suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚
Thank-you for this wonderful list that we do on a daily basis. To our surprise as we scroll down the page, that is was not enjoyed by many others aged 18 and under, don\’t worry little un\’s your time to party will come. Were both 20 and our goal today is to accomplish the whole list and more like float down the river in life jackets.enjoy being young while it lasts.
#656 – kandice katie – 07/20/2010 – 13:25


lil idiots

god people get a life if u have nothing nice to say dont say it all…this person made a list for someone who acc will like it not for haters who just clearly dont have much better thiings to do then leave hate comments =/ … serisously stop being so immature =]


#655 – kristy – 07/19/2010 – 23:26


lame !!!!!!!
THAT WAS A STUPID LIST , NO OFFENSE &ND UHMMMM – YOUUU QUYS NEEDA DELETE THA LIST , nott to be Rude or anythinq buhttttt uhmmm that was a waste of my time ๐Ÿ™‚
#654 – robin – 07/19/2010 – 23:18


sorryy !
sorry but reading the comments on this page was more interesting than the list. nice try though . maybe just put this as things to do for 5th graders to 7th grade . im 17 and i wont doing most of these things .
#653 – kim – 07/19/2010 – 23:04


#652 – john – 07/19/2010 – 20:49


honestly, the comments on this paage are a lot more entertaining than any of the projects on the list..B-)
#651 – Dana – 07/18/2010 – 23:37


Well I disagree I think yes cleaning your room is AWFUL.. but it is on a \’to do list\’ cause it is one of those things that keeps me busy and it\’s always a nice change ..summer isn\’t all about wild and crazy partying. Some people have different ideas for summer.. me personally try a few new things.. take a few pictures create a few memories and get some stuff done while I have time.
#650 – Christy – 07/18/2010 – 05:10


oh boy.

pip pip cheerio everybody,

it is i simon cowel. this list is like a dog being drowned by a hamster. and i agree with randy– AUDITION FOR AMERICAN IDOL!

#649 – Simon Cowell – 07/17/2010 – 23:06



B-)Even I, randy jackson, think this is lame dawg. This is not good foshizzle! You can do better stuff with your time homie! Audition for american idol! ๐Ÿ˜€ stay gangsta yo!

-Randy Fresh Jackson

#648 – Randy Jackson – 07/17/2010 – 23:02



so this wist is wike wewe gweat, my best fwend and i have alweady done wike almost all of the things! we just have a few suggestions, take a wook fwends!

summer wist 2010:

1. pet your cat for 15 minutes. take a bweak. repeat petting for 4 minutes.
2. take a shower with a fwend (with or without cwothes)
3. eat potato till you puke
4. run in the stweet
5. do nothing
6. wisten to your ipod
7. make your own wist of things to do and then do them
8. pway footsies
9. wook at pictures of toes on google
10. paint
11. tv
12. cwean
13. buy siwwy bandz
14. wear the siwwy bandz

#647 – best fwends speaking – 07/17/2010 – 20:40


cool i loved this list its perfect
#646 – laura – 07/17/2010 – 14:13


stupid, stupid, stupid, this page is sooo stupid!!!! whopee
this was the most wasted three minutes (I’m a slow reader) of my life. I feel for the losers that actually did some of these things. OMFG this list is awful very very very very very awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who would really bake cupcakes and give them away instead of eating them wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like all the other negative comments. THIS LIST SOOOOO ***BEEPING*** [email protected]#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#645 – Larisol – 07/16/2010 – 19:37


This lsit is really dumb! No offense but only nerds wld do this stuff. I mean who really wants to clean their room? I can think of better things to do. But to some of the other haters out there DON\’T get high and drunk. you can have fun by doing other things B-). As i said b4 this is a dumb list no teen likes to do these things. who wrote this some overprotective parent?!:-o:-o well try to find something fun to do this summer ๐Ÿ˜›
#644 – emily – 07/16/2010 – 18:42


what to do what to do
I’ve always wanted to get a few leftover wooden fence posts and some planks of wood and put it together to make a door. Suggesting this idea to my parents, though, would probably mean a trip to the psychologist. I’m not saying my parents are bad, I’m just saying possibilities of things to do are limitless, but in this limitless list of things, there are so many things you could do that would make people stop, stare, and roll their eyes.
#643 – jx – 07/15/2010 – 00:26


Lame friends
If my friends saw this, they’d probably write it all down, do all of them, and have fun. :S
And the list… is OK. Over half of them aren’t what I’d consider fun, and half of however many are left after that are TORTURE… after that, I’ve done the rest, or could’ve come up with them on my own. ๐Ÿ™
#642 – Lexi – 07/14/2010 – 17:57


You know whatall these things dont work for me
i cant get out because i babysit
i cant get outta the house because im not aloud to cuz im babysittin
and i cant go to the park or mall and invite friends because im not aloud
i cant even go to the park alone because my parents are freakin paranoid so i have nothing!!! to do
i have NOOOO life whats so ever
i cannot do anything at all
#641 – Ruby – 07/14/2010 – 02:52


:-[] what is this? this is the stupidest piece of sht i’ve ever seen.
#640 – moostaffa – 07/13/2010 – 21:45


wow ! i always stay at home now a days .i will try to most of these. cool idea’s !!! ๐Ÿ˜€ and :P,:) !!!!;-)
#639 – keir – 07/13/2010 – 20:15


i actuly like most of the things on here but i dont like taking bubble baths cause all your doing is sitting in your on sweat and dirt.B-):-):-P:-D
#638 – sam – 07/13/2010 – 17:13


im cool
#637 – McBillyBobster – 07/12/2010 – 23:40


peoples u r all very lucky too be having summer now i am freezing in winter not fun hehe ๐Ÿ˜› well okay mabey this isnt well the funnest list but is has some good stuff some of the things u guys put in WERE awesome lol and i’m gonna do them u should add stuff like making a pillow hut and ….. hmmmm making a hyge multicoloured cookie me and my friend actually did that lol or mixing milo with cornflakes,busking crazily, walk down the road wearing something odd on your head, make a pile of pillows and jump on them hmmmm yea ๐Ÿ˜€ …….. by da way some of u r just bein BEASTS
#636 – raph – 07/10/2010 – 08:11


To Whom It May Concern
Obviously, most of you who do not appreciate this list, lack IMAGINATION! The person who wrote the list was just giving “ideas” about what you all could do with your summer. First of all if you don’t like it MAKE YOUR OWN LIST! DUH! Second to those of you who are broke since you still have money to use the internet you can look up things to do in your specific state or town. I work with homeless women and children and they even come up with things to do to occupy their time this summer. Be ORIGINAL, IMAGINATIVE, and INVENTIVE. Challenge yourselves to come up with something that no one has ever heard of before and if you can’t then you are just being lazy. I know your moms or dads have said this before, but I will say it again, There are people and children in other countries who have far less than you do and they still find joy and fun out of almost nothing. You all have NO EXCUSE except LAZINESS. The children here at the shelter have no homes and have lost almost all their belongings, but they still smile almost every day and take it in stride. Most of you have NO IDEA! These kids don’t even have an option to take a bubble bath, or clean their own rooms or order pizza, or do half the other things on the list period. So BE GRATEFUL for what things you DO HAVE and STOP GRIPING! People have become multi millionaries with no more than an idea, a piece of paper and some tape! Voila! “POST-IT-NOTES”!
So go outside the box make up your own game, write your own book, or invent a new invention, just stop depending on everyone else around you to think for you. The world gets boring that way. ๐Ÿ˜€
#635 – Optimistic Person – 07/09/2010 – 00:06


I liked your list, but only 1/3 of it… ๐Ÿ™ I think going to the museum, taking a bubble bath, spending the day at the library, and a few more, is a little off target for a teen’s great summer, at least in my generation…. although i am 12, (not a teen yet). But still, thank you for the great ideas!

P.S. i already went into a pool with my clothes on, but not for fun, see, i kind of grew out of all of my bathing suits from last summer, so i went into the pool with skinny jeans, a white tank, and a long sleeve abercromie plaid shirt, not my best choice of clothes ๐Ÿ˜›

with all due respect, Christie Torkinson

#634 – Christie Torkinson – 07/08/2010 – 21:17



it really is amazing how one list of random stuff to do can start such a debate lol well…

HAV A KICK [email protected]#$% SUMMER!!!:-D;-):-):-oB-):-P

#633 – ROCKETT GIRL – 07/08/2010 – 19:35


not really fun but [email protected]#$%ed comments
Im 14 and i think you guys are really immature some of the things on this list are okay but there are some great ideas , i think this was intended only 4 girls ( like myself ) but serously this is [email protected]#$%ed if you people think your so cool then why are you even reading this??? I bet you dont do half the things you say you do and your all loners and losers so get a life !!! BTW , i came on this site while i was randomly searching the web ๐Ÿ™‚
#632 – not tellin my name – 07/08/2010 – 14:29


Yeah sorry, but these do not sound fun at all.
’37. Run around in the sprinklers.’
That’ll keep me occupied…
Half of these are stuff I do everyday, and the reason that I AM bored.
This is obviously written by an over enthusiastic, arrogant mother or someone, and if anyone asked THEM to do one of these they would prefer not to.
Honestly, this list is a waste of space if you expect anyone in their right minds to actually achieve the activities and get rid of their boredom.
#631 – Jodi – 07/08/2010 – 09:57


okay, haters can hate, lovers can love. But PLEASE, the back-and forth and cussing at lovers if you are a hater and vice versa is really unnecessary and wont make anyone right…>-(
#630 – Luvli – 07/08/2010 – 01:52


omg would u look at the time guess what every one who commented good and bad r smart because that is exactly what this damn person wanted you to do because u just wasted precious time for your summer reading this guys weird summer list un less u had nothing better to do like me
#629 – kelcdey – 07/07/2010 – 19:52



Okay, this list is the best thing EVAR!!! It will keep me busy for this summer ๐Ÿ˜‰

The person that said no ordinary teenager would do this, and that only goody-goody teens would do this: Im NOT ordinary, and im the GOODIEST girl you will ever meet. So take THAT! >:D

#628 – Starlight – 07/07/2010 – 19:48


Really Fun Time-Consumming Activity

Hey,I have a great idea of something fun to do if you’re really that bored this summer.

Just visit this site and spend hours reading through everyone’s hilarious comments.

#627 – Bored Teenager – 07/07/2010 – 16:52


yes, yes, yesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok,, so me && mi friend Layeh just readed dis lsist and it a totl WIn!!!!!! we did evrythanf on it && had de bester day evr,! we made out wif our bfs aftr we did everythang at our t-parti!!!!!!!!!!!!1nm
we tryd ski diving but it was too slow,, we knead action!!!!! so we orderd pitza lyk the list told us 2!!!!
SHE HAS bfs 2!! lyk we do!!!! SO WE ALL MAKEOUT ALL DA TYM! SUMMER =
#626 – Berp. – 07/07/2010 – 16:36


Sick List!!!!!!!!
Great job whoever wrote this list dont listen to the haters if their sooooo cool why did they read this list in the first place. Who cares what they say they are just idiots.:-D LOL
#625 – Hannah Marie – 07/07/2010 – 16:21


Complete fail. I’m a teen boy and I know if you even do half these things, you’ll be a social paraiah if the people in your school caught you doing these things. No way. And besides, you could finish this list in 2 weeks, what about the other 7?
#624 – Fail… – 07/07/2010 – 14:51


>-( wat teen rlly wants 2 do this stuff…TEENS dnt wanna do thingz like this durin the SUMMER duhhh id rather sit in mi house n look at the wall do sumthin different tht teens rlly wanna do
#623 – Ashley – 07/07/2010 – 02:36


This list is soooo STUPID!
It looks like this list was made by a goody-two-shoe adult! wowwwww! really? clean up your room,eat leftovers for breakfast? like who doesn’t do that? well the eating leftover thing …. ._. seriously this is the list that has the most stupidest things to do! well most of them are stupid!why would us kids want to spend a day in the library?like most of these things are like chores! go wash your dog! walk the dog! get a job! this thing is sooo lame! >-(
#622 – lini – 07/07/2010 – 02:24


this was avbiosly written by an adult sooo:-(
#621 – emily – 07/06/2010 – 21:16


#620 – ECOSYSTEM – 07/06/2010 – 17:11


these r cool i really like them…… now if i can get some friends to hang out with me i think we ll be set!!!! lol;-)
#619 – hannah – 07/06/2010 – 15:41


ermm .. kkk?

i agree with some of this people this is soo stupid? learn how to knit? were not 80!? clean your room.. yeah fun? eat left overs from the night befour.EW!! take pictures of trees, dogs and plantss .. i’m not a perv? go to a library for a whole day?erm.. no? i could go on about this list .. but canna be botherrd(n]

get it?
do some funn stuff.. unlike this rubbish?

#618 – ermm .. kkk? – 07/06/2010 – 12:00


My opinion

This list really inspired my to do some things that i would have never thought of doing. I thought this list was great. This summer, i wasn’t going to do anything at all! This list helped me to have a more fun summer!!!Thx;-)

Those of you who are leaving nasty comments, it makes you look immature and extremely ignorant. So what? You don’t like the list; don’t read it!! These were just suggestions, its not something someone is forcing you to do. Go do something else with your life if you don’t like it!

#617 – Diana – 07/05/2010 – 22:51


This list was freaking aweful!! i mean really, what kind of teenager wants to do that?! i think that was a list made by a mom to get teens to do lame stuff. DO NOT DO ANYTHING ON THIS LIST!!
#616 – kelly – 07/05/2010 – 21:14


im not gonna waste my time complainig , but that was truely terrible , things teens ACTUALLY DO are go to the park with a group of friends go to the beach , horseriding or other sports , discos , have partys in the woods , watch skins !
#615 – chelsey – 07/05/2010 – 15:46


a normal teenager wid dae this a swear:L? git a grip! sowing aye:|? we arny 6O ye ken!
#614 – unknown – 07/05/2010 – 13:20


Well, some of them were actually good but yeah…I agree with the others that the list is a bit ‘nerdy’. I was also expecting a list to suggest like actually FUN and OUT-GOING activities to do but like…I didn’t get that so like watever….The list could have bin better is all i gotta say.
#613 – Louie – 07/05/2010 – 09:35


Oh My [email protected]#$%king Gosh!
Lmao..Whoever Made this list is probly the lamest person in her school.., 4real..? Clean Ur Room..? How is tht fun..? This is the lamest Shyt i have Ever Seen in my lifee! Gorgeee! 4Reall..? Just Come out the closet already.., Comments Were [email protected]#$%king hilarious!
#612 – [email protected]#$%k You!:) – 07/05/2010 – 02:57


This has got to be the worst list of things I have ever seen! The only benefit I received from it was the entertainment it brought me from laughing so hard at some of the suggestions.
#611 – Still totally bored! – 07/03/2010 – 20:25


Don\’t listen to the haters!

Apparently, SOME people think that nothing can be fun unless it\’s life-threatening.

But I liked your list.

#610 – Anonymous – 07/03/2010 – 13:54


๐Ÿ˜› Go to the beach and bring a big beach ball or putt your towel on the ground and work on your tan B-). ๐Ÿ™‚ At the beach and go swimming for 1…2…3 hours :-D. Peace ๐Ÿ˜‰
#609 – Elena Gillbert – 07/03/2010 – 00:22


beach fun
go to the beach and play on a big beach ball or something and or go seashell hunting its really fun ๐Ÿ˜€ and if your and girl were a bikini .!!!!!!!
#608 – jasmine brushett – 07/03/2010 – 00:09


Yeah, I\’m sure every teen would have fun cleaning their room, camping in the backyard, and coloring in a coloring book. And sign up for a [email protected]#$%? Seriously, NO teen is going to willingly sign up for a [email protected]#$% during their ten weeks of freedom.
This is more like a list for 4-8 year old girls, not teens. But don\’t listen to me just because I actually am a teen. I\’m sure that all kids want to have a picnic with their parents and friends.
#607 – Pat – 07/03/2010 – 00:06


This list would be great for like a 10 year old but cmon! i rather not spend the summer cleaning my room and camp in the backyard am not some child
#606 – John – 07/02/2010 – 09:56


No, Just no
We don\’t want to do EDUCATIONAL thigs. This is meant to be a list of fun things to do for teens. Not look up five new words in the dictionary! We are out of school for now we want to have fun not learn. Do I need to spell it our for you?
#605 – Why? – 07/02/2010 – 05:15


I don’t understand this
This would be a good idea for like 6th graders, but I’m an actual teenager in high school and I can promise you that any teenager would just think this list is a joke. maybe next time you should have a real teenager make up the list!
#604 – Idont Understand – 07/02/2010 – 03:01


good job
i liked this list i agree with some of the things the only one i dont agree with is cleaning your room
#603 – lisa hillvick – 07/02/2010 – 01:55


No doubt about it!
this is the worst list ive ever seen!!!>-( I\’d rather hike up a moutain and then jump off from the top to land in the ocean,wear i let my self get eatin by sharks and let my body be drifted away and dfrown to the bottom of the ocean! Mabye a TEEN should have mad this list.
#602 – LC – 07/02/2010 – 00:01


i hate this list
okay dude whoever made this list obviously is not a TEENAGERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#601 – this list sux – 07/01/2010 – 22:21


are you serious
no offence, but these activities are more for preteens than teens. come up with something new and not boring please
#600 – skye – 07/01/2010 – 15:42


some of them are just great ,fun and unusual(i like trying new things! some of them are not very good though….ty anyway:-)
#599 – evaki_asp – 07/01/2010 – 12:33


Lol whoever actually likes this list must be either one: be a 6 yr old kid thinking its cool to pretend their a teenager and use the computer or two: is a creepy old man that is thinking: “ooooh teenager girls in bubble baths, yummy ;)” …. creeepy but yeah thats probably the only two reasons… srsly fail job at a list… and ppl, srsly, stop hatin on the haters.. HATERS = FTW BIATCH!!
#598 – Normal Teenager Girl – 06/30/2010 – 21:30


Get over yourselves, please.
If you’ve all got so many great ideas about what to do then why are you looking at this list? Shouldn’t you be out there doing all the “cool” things in your heads instead of critiquing someone else’s efforts?
#597 – Emily – 06/30/2010 – 16:44


Bored to death??
Because I am THAT bored I actually read most of the comments over here.and frankly I don’t know why i am even writing this..anyway.
I NEED SOMETHING TO DO WITH MY SUMMER!!!!!!! this list is GREAT for less than 8 years old..but we’re teens as it was written in the title..We DO NOT WANT A BUBBLE BATH or clean our rooms(which i just did-AND IT WAS BORING-);-)
#596 – Tia – 06/30/2010 – 13:54


Okay these ideas are like totally freaking retarted! like please no one would want to clean their room! wow BORING!!! what you would want to do is go to bed at like 2:30 after watching a movie wake up at 12 go out and just hang out with friends(like go to the movies etc.) and come home at like 10:30 or like have your parents go away and have a party while their gone now that is a summer not doing stupid little baby stuff please my little bro wouldnt even do those stuff and hes 8 lol no offense.
#595 – Jez – 06/30/2010 – 02:28


Here\’s an idea:


#594 – julie anna – 06/29/2010 – 15:27


love it
I found this very helpful! just shut up haters and if ur so good do a list urself!
#593 – rachel – 06/29/2010 – 01:25


is that a joke..or serious…. oh yea jumping jacks sounds funnnn…. i dont think that housewives should be writing to do lists for kids..sry just saying..
#592 – uhh – 06/28/2010 – 23:41


hehe hehe hehe
i made it my summer goal to do everythang on dis list
#591 – anna – 06/28/2010 – 20:58


This is the WORST list ever!!!!!!!!! im 14 and would never do over half of these things!!!! I mean go on a walk and take pictures of trees, flowers, dogs, etc….honestly??? And go window-shaopping with a friend this person must have issues in the head (no offense). wow this is sad
#590 – Sara – 06/28/2010 – 19:37


seriously? this list should have been made for girls ages 4-7. no ordinary teenager wouldnt want to do any of these things unless they are those weird homeschool kids
#589 – john camry – 06/28/2010 – 18:47


my list
Uhm the list is alright? i have a better one though
Have a water balloon fight with your boy/girl friend in your clothes(which leads to having to take them off..)
Play chalk charides
Make a video and put it on youtube
Draw on sneakers
play human pacman
tan in your yard
Give everyone in your yearbook nicknames
play tag or hide and seek in a store
#588 – kate – 06/28/2010 – 02:11


there are a lot of people looking for better things to do
Read the comments that include lists– the ideas are better and will make you think of your own
MOREwalk around town with someone and go in whatever places seem interestingswingingsell lemonade just kiddingslip and slide down steep hill with a roll of thick waterproof material from a construction worksitethats all im bothering to write
#587 – brooke – 06/28/2010 – 01:35


Better Ideas
Listen to the [email protected]#$%les or travel somewhere.
Tomorrow I’m flying to Syria to see my family and I’m 12.
#586 – Armine once again – 06/28/2010 – 01:02


summer rocks
u could always make a dance to your favorite song so when u hear it next you can show off your moves
#585 – missy – 06/27/2010 – 17:53


well some of this stuff sounds fun but it’s all like obvious stuff ya know have a picnic read a book take pics i do that like everyday. think of stuff like football game with friends kids vs aldults or like camping far away from ur back yard. instead of take your dog for a walk put it in a dog comptition!!! think about stuff outside the box thats actually easy and possible:-D
#584 – alison – 06/27/2010 – 09:27


Really Kewl.
This List Is Really Kewl.I Hope That Some Of The People That Have Commented It,Don’t Act Like They Talk…Seriously,Youl Are So…Immature.Don’t Youl Have Anything Better To Do That Trash On This List??It’s Actually Pretty Kewl,And Don’t Try And Judge Me Whe I Say That.Cuz It’s True.Some Of Youl Talk Like It’s The Worst List In The World.If You Think It’s SOOO Bad,Then Just Don’t Even Say Those Mean Things.I Feel Sorry For Whoever Has To Deal With Your Behavior.And I Really Like This List…So…Please Be A Little More Considerate About Others Feelings When Commenting It.Thank-You.(And I Actually Really Like This List,No Lie.)
#583 – Shannon Brewer – 06/27/2010 – 04:01


#582 – Dewan – 06/26/2010 – 03:20


okayy so a lot of yall really need to calm down and quit complaining!!!!! your the one that was looking for something to do in the first place!! im a 16 year old girl and i think a few things on the list are fun but try 4wheeling or dirtbiking or goin on a jetski or go tubing!!! fishing is pretty fun too!!!!!!!
#581 – Audree – 06/25/2010 – 22:48


Dearest Human Teenagers…
Oh how lovely and polite you all are! Here, let me help you.
OKAY YOU AZZHOLES!!!!!!! LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok. Now that I have you\’re attention, I\’ll make it short and sweet. 1) Stop complaining. Obviously you were bored, and that\’s why you\’re looking up this list and commenting. They were just trying to help. Don\’t bite the hand that feeds, even if they\’re giving you brussel sprouts. 2) Guess what, YOU JUST DID SOMETHING OVER THE SUMMER! Congratulations! Reading this list and the comments gave me some GREAT ideas, and even if it didn\’t for you, at least you were occupied! 3) My goodness, do I feel so bad for many of you. I\’m 14, but even I had to look twice to the 12 year olds who claimed to drink and watch p0rn. That, my dear fellow, is quite disturbing. Forget sad. You [email protected]#$%ed that long ago. 4) No, you\’re not cool for saying you smoke. 5) Last and final, learn. All these people are saying the same thing and suggesting the same things: what not to do or what to do this summer. Complain to yourselves, but don\’t waste the words you could be using to suggest others what to do by complaining. Just go out and have some fun!
I hope this stops at least ONE person from horribly, rudely downing this list. I admit, many of these things I will try to avoid, but see how I said it? Nicely, no rudeness. Dear mortals, please change your behavior. Otherwise your kind is doomed for the future. May 2012 swallow the fools! (HA XD juuuuuuuuuust kidding… :D)
#580 – Marie – 06/25/2010 – 18:52


i don’t hate or love this list but i think it had some good ideas plus the comments had good ideas too
but for all of you that are drinking smoking and having sex i think your just ruining your life theres always a way to stop you just hav to to want to and for you 11 12 year olds theres a reason your not a teen till you turn 13 don’t try to grow up to fast i wish i could go back to elementry schoolHAV A KICK [email protected]#$% SUMMER!!!im 15 and i was just googling random things wen i found this so im not bored i already hav my own list just trying to add to it. ;-):-):-D:-o>-(B-):oops::-[]:-Po ya who ever made this list shouldn’t hav had open comments lol
#579 – ROCKETT GIRL – 06/25/2010 – 18:48


FIRST of all, whoever says getting drunk or wastedor ANY of that, should NOT be posting that all over the internet for kids that want to do something \\\\\\\”fun\\\\\\\” in the summer to look at. If you\\\\\\\’re doing that stuff, it doesn\\\\\\\’t make you cool to post it all over the internet. These things this lady posted to do for summer are reasonable. Quit dogging everything. Thank you:-D
#578 – JesHope – 06/25/2010 – 18:07


omg what is this this is the lamest list ever like come on get real and figure out some real stuff to do like im a girlie girl but i would never do this and i agree you should smoke instead ๐Ÿ˜‰
#577 – Anisa – 06/25/2010 – 01:06


JILLian? really?
really jillian? really?
give ur dog a bath? order a pizza? are these DAY activities? take a bath? you don\\\’t even know me! yOU don;t know who i am, what i\\\’ve been through. I JUST WANT A FUN SUMMER. thanks for NOTHING.well i\\\’ll be sure to have a SUPER DUPER fun sumer with THIS LIST.
#576 – Jill\’s biggest fan – 06/24/2010 – 22:34


wow, um….. there are soooo many other things i could waste my time doing. for exsample, 1.get drunk(allways fun) 2.make out with ur bf/gf ( i dont judge its ok 2 be [email protected]#$%) 3.break something
4. burn this list
5. attak ur little brother ( one time i pushed him off the trampoline)
6. ambush ur sisters sleep over ( lots of jelly involved)
7. make ur daily goal 2 piss off as many people as u posibley can. see if you can break my record, 87
8. make a voodoo doll of ur math teacher. haha mrs.dillon!!!!
9. learn how 2 poll dance. ( u can take lesons from any nieghborhood hooker)
10. put condoms in ur sisters underware drore and watch the groundind begin!!!
now that i have taught u my evil ways make use off them!!!!!! 903- 851-4068. tx me 4 any more questions. i cnt call.
#575 – samantha m. – 06/24/2010 – 16:11


welll this list is pretty boring but i used this list to come up with my own list that is more exciting. you just hav to tune it up a little like,
-jump in the pool with your clothes on… in someones pool that you dont know
-order a giant pizza with a friend and try to finish it all at once
-pull an all nighter watching horror movies or something.
just use these ideas and make them fun on your own
#574 – kyle – 06/24/2010 – 01:36


Jesus Christ, this page has made me hate teenagers.
#573 – Hannah – 06/23/2010 – 23:13


To Ally the prep loser who’s an idiot.

No these are things foreveryone to do Ally. Cleaning a room keeps you entertained, and it ends up being a comfortable space to be in in the long run. For your information not evryone can afofrd a main. Window shopping is fun, you see things you’d like to buy and put them on a wishlist. Who knows someone could even buy it for you. You don’t seem very intelligent. You can’t even type and spell properly and you curse like some lowlife who thinks she’s all that but really isn’t. People hang out with their family because they love them and it seems obvious to me you don’t have a loving relationship with yours. You seem pretty jealous really. Friends are good but family loves you and would never abandon you. Tea parties can be fun you just make it fun. You can sit and joke and pretend to be a british person and dress up in hillarious clothes. it is fun you just make it fun not drab like you.


#572 – Katie – 06/23/2010 – 21:55


u are alll soooooo boring!! nth new !!
can a person come out with real things to do!!??
this [email protected]#$%s!!
no fense:-P
#571 – nivoo – 06/23/2010 – 15:26


list for actual teens with actual lives
check out this list , dont if your a goody two shoes, wouldnt want to hurt your feelings, so yeah if your a teen thats bit wilder than \’\’clean your room\’\’ you should check this out http://tfsol.blogspot.com/
its my most recent entry , leave a comment ๐Ÿ™‚
#570 – fiona cuffe – 06/23/2010 – 10:56


lamest.. list…ever…
okay. most of these apply to girls- guys don\’t usually have tea parties, or make beaded bracelets. these are stupid little things you can do anytime. plus half of them are things little kids would find cool, but people over the age of 10 probably just find them cheesy. they\’re HORRIBLE. make some juice? yeah, that\’ll keep me occupied for a whole TEN MINUTES. lame. 25 jumping jacks? [email protected]#$%??? that takes like 10 seconds and then you\’re bored again.
how about something that\’ll keep you OCCUPIED, like writing a book? or something like that? making a movie? just hanging out with friends? that\’s what people are going to do. and then some people, drugs/alchohol/sex etc. some people might do these, and they are good ideas, it\’s just that a) you can do them anytime, b) they\’re short and don\’t keep you occupied for more than 15 minutes at most, and c) they\’re LAME.
nobody\’ll read this, but adults that think you are experts on teens, please? nobody wants to do these things. you might do them if you were teenagers today, but teenagers today won\’t do them. they\’re goody-two-shoes things.
just stop trying, okay? you\’ll never get into our minds B-)
#569 – a person with a point – 06/23/2010 – 04:23


It would be better if you came up with something more original. This stuff is fun, but not new or intresting. Im sure you can come up with some better stuff.
#568 – ashley – 06/23/2010 – 04:17


a lot of these are dumb. i think ill just have sex do drugs and drink alcohol B-)
i joke i joke.
i probably just play xbox anyways ๐Ÿ˜
#567 – Ray – 06/22/2010 – 21:22


Hi I read this list and realized wow this would b awesome fun but too bad I already did everything on it like 10 years ago btw I’m 14 I want something new and exciting
and to those of u who made ur own lists how would skinny dipping and first kiss b on the same list
#566 – Mrs. Beitz or whatever her name was obvious jk – 06/22/2010 – 20:17


thats was stupid like a pony if i were to do karaoke i would tape my self and send it to someone who i didn’t know n if i ordered pizza i would either hit on the pizza guy if he were cute or if he was ugly i would slap him and tell him he gave me the wrong order without even looking in the box!!! now thats how u have funn just changed those up a lil u can make any of those thing funn if u just added a little more to it
#565 – california fruit jice – 06/22/2010 – 20:12


I would rather grab a knife and chop my nuts off and feed it to the dog then do this bollocks.

Better list would be:

1. Get wasted
2. Get stoned out of your mind
3. Find a hooker
4. Date 2 girls at once, see how it works out
5. Go up to a random strager and ask them if they wanna fu*k. (Maybe you\’ll get lucky :p)
6. Watch ALOT of [email protected]#$%
7. Go clubbing (if you have a fake ID)
8. Have a threesome (not sure if this is normal in places other than dubai)

#564 – Amr – 06/22/2010 – 18:54


#563 – think – 06/22/2010 – 18:08


This list is ok…but i would not do these things on a day were it is 95-100 outside…soo this list does not help me today but on a cooler day ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ B-) ๐Ÿ˜›
#562 – lola – 06/22/2010 – 15:44


Maybe if some of you could speak the Queen’s English you wouldn’t be so bored.
#561 – idiots – 06/22/2010 – 15:20


A… different list (for you teenage girls) (:
#560 – Melaniee – 06/22/2010 – 14:20


#559 – gleek – 06/22/2010 – 12:54


;-);-) i was sooooo bored when i read this this list is soooo bad that i was on the floor laughing and now i will share this a a foward :-P:-P:-P:-P
#558 – victoria – 06/21/2010 – 22:56


>-( This list is so dumb
this list is fun for a 9 year old im 16 and this is whats on my list
๐Ÿ˜‰ Give a guy or a girl a [email protected]#$%
๐Ÿ˜€ Give a guy a hand job
๐Ÿ˜‰ watch [email protected]#$% all day mofosex.com
๐Ÿ˜› lick a strangers face
Have a threesome
have sex
have anal sex
makeout with a guy
makeout with a girl
finger a girl
๐Ÿ™‚ Best list ever!!!!!!!!!
#557 – Becky – 06/21/2010 – 22:56


this is sad
I only read a portion of these comments. Air one is a station that plays Christian music. I am shocked at the expressions on this site. Is their not a moderator to take offensive wording off the blog? I have 2 teens and I hope they don’t use this site. They rarely get bored because they have been taught to make the best of their [email protected]#$%stances and entertain themselves or get busy doing something productive. I was uplifted by the few who tastefully tried to be encouraging.
#556 – mother of 4 – 06/21/2010 – 19:00


>-( these are so bad yall how all gone but out some stuff like that yall gotta do it big you know what saying bring dat [email protected]#$% back and get some good ideas.
-Its Barbie
#555 – nicki minaj – 06/21/2010 – 17:44


This is pretty cool.(:
I love a lot of the stuff on this list. They are fun ideas, that you can do with friends or by yourself, and doesn\’t cost a whole lot of money. Even some of the ones that don\’t sound cool, They are something to do. I\’ll probably do a lot of this stuff and I already have done some it(:
#554 – Fun~Seeker – 06/21/2010 – 03:09


thank you for my amazing summer
i think this list is great i did everything on it and i had a blast..btw im 17 so this person does understand teens this had to be the most amazing summer because of this list but me and my boyfriend added one more thing on to ours ;)..yeah we did it..it was amazing tooo..(: (: (: (:
#553 – ashleigh golden – 06/19/2010 – 22:48


its okay
this list it is okay ๐Ÿ™‚ i guess but really, jump into a pool with your clothes on is just going to far ๐Ÿ˜›
๐Ÿ˜ฎ i realized i just offended u
sorry :-[]:oops::oops:
#552 – lily – 06/19/2010 – 18:55


I just realized that this summer I am going to hang out with almost nobody, except my lover, and do absolutely nothing all summer long. That list didn\’t help at all. No joke. Some of it, I can\’t even get the motivation to do. I might as well just start playing runescape all summer.
By the way, Muslim hater, you shouldn\’t hate Muslims, you should hate the USA. USA put some Alkada guy in power and turned against us. We gave him lots of money to have Iran and Iray kill each other earlier. Damn USA. Now we are having to pick up the pieces.
Well, please make a better list. I am a teenager and that doesn\’t make me feel like \”Oh, can\’t wait til summer!\” It makes me feel like….\”Do people really think teenagers in my generation think that way? Upgrade, please.\”
#551 – Unknown411 – 06/19/2010 – 04:19


wow this is….
Ok, so i just turned 15 i can say this!!!!!!! i will never use anything on this list im sorry!
#550 – Unknown – 06/18/2010 – 15:31


what is ur guys problem
If u hate this persons list so much than go get a life and stop judging if u think u could of done better than why did you come to this site??? when you guys pick stuff out of the list to say thats bad those are the ones u know u secretly want to do so why not get of ur lazy butts and go do them instead of making the creator feel bad!!!!! you guys are all immature judgmental morons !!!:-[]
#549 – alix – 06/18/2010 – 13:05


i just realized today im wastingg my summer, and i need to change that. but i dont think im gonn follow this list. lol.
#548 – kayla – 06/18/2010 – 03:53


Enjoy your life now…
Let get with it kids….why is it sooo difficult to think of something fun and memorable to do this summer! Teenagers have many opportunities, resources, and activities to keep busy, more than I ever grew up with, so stop complaining and find something constructive to do….
#547 – Amanda – 06/18/2010 – 02:50


fun things?
Try playing sports with your friends at your school fields, then afterwards going to one of their houses to hang out. That remains fun for months.
#546 – mike – 06/18/2010 – 00:41


Haha wow….
Okay I went on this site for something to entertain me during the summer and after reading all 555 comments on people arguing whether this list is totally awesome or totally lame, I will admit I am entertained……:-)
#545 – Jamie – 06/18/2010 – 00:35


๐Ÿ™‚ this list aint bad but its too obvious i could have thought f those things on my own, if your gonna make a list you should hav really creative ideas
#544 – Ariana – 06/17/2010 – 21:04


The List
Dear Madison,
I think your list rocks.I have decided that i was gonna keep a journal, and write in it every day.Dear Other People,
If you hate Madison’s list why did you bother to even check it out oh wait i could answer that cause if you think the list is stupid then i think you are stupid.You people are so immature and omg if you really want to know george btw your writing [email protected]#$%s i dont know how old you are but im way smarter and im a 6th grader and i doubt you are younger than me but im way smarter.thanks Madison
and no thanks you other people;-):-o:-D:-D
#543 – Hanna – 06/17/2010 – 15:37


This list blows.
#542 – Amelie – 06/17/2010 – 14:56


what the ……. is with this website you people have no life
#541 – steve – 06/17/2010 – 14:27


what to do i’ll tell
1 get a skateboard
2 ride on it with a very loose pant
3 buy an icecream and throw it on ur rival or may be on mad dogs
4 race with them
5 go home and kick on ur room’s wall with a cool colour(only one) and crate a stamp like image
6 go on net and play all versions of impossible quiz
7 search ur school physical teacher house and play the game that ur school play , show off with loud noise and also break one of the window of his house
8 get the number of ur favoraite girl of school and sms her. tell her that u were sms ing one of ur friend and that u have gotten the number wrong(only if she calls u otherwise send her really funny sms es that u tell ur friends
9 wake up early and do push ups and muscle making exercises
10 get a cool haircut (i prefer short hair) and always smile
i am sure that this will really make your summer cool and funny and also future making
#540 – monty – 06/17/2010 – 04:11


My 10 list not all mom\’s are lame.
1.T.P a friends house 2.have a photo scavenger hunt at the mall pictures of stuff like a red beanie, flower socks, pink pants, losers have to eat a raw egg. 3.ride your bike, skates, scooter, skateboard through a drive thru tell them it\’s a dare you\’ll have a better chance of getting served. 4.dye your dog or cat to match your outfit use (washable dye) take on a walk, or just bond it will make you feel squishy inside. 5.post fake yard sale signs(HugeSale)Tools, furniture,video games, clothes, jewelery etc. make it interesting watch the cars go in circles how many times do they go around. 6.set a fart bomb bags of in public places. 7.have an unbirthday for a unknowing friend send everyone to their house shhhhh it\’s a suprise. 8.post signs of something lost be creative dog with 2 leg\’s, bike with 1 wheel etc see how many calls you get. 9.run an extension cord outside rent a new release set up chairs, blankets, popcorn, snacks etc have a movie night outside. 10.pool hoping at a random apartment complex make sure it\’s during pool hours you don\’t want to get arrested. I am a mom of 10-14-16 year old duces i think that\’s what you kids say.
#539 – mkm //my kids mom – 06/17/2010 – 02:40


I lmfao’d at #2.
#538 – Michel – 06/16/2010 – 18:54


This stuff seems fun, but its not what I’m looking for. I’m at my dad’s over the summer (divorced parents) and I have no friends her, so cut some of that off the list, I’m stuck inside, cut some of that off the list, I have no pool and none of the cool gadgets I have at my perneament house (my mom’s house) . So , I can’t do much but chores, but come on. This is summer, it’s for teens to enjoy and spend with friends. : ((
#537 – Christine – 06/16/2010 – 18:27


25 jumping jacks? swing on the swings at the park?
this is a joke right? hahahahahah
#536 – Amanda – 06/15/2010 – 23:51


It sounds Christian-y to me. And I don’t like Christians…
Naomi, that’s an amzing list.
#535 – Lee Ming – 06/15/2010 – 22:27


Sam & Stefini’s Summer to do List ๐Ÿ™‚
1. Hang with friends
2. shaving cream/foam fights
3. Juice fights
4. 4 wheeling
5. camping.
6. swimming
7. Play in the rain
8. midnight walks
9. texting
#534 – Sam & Stefini – 06/15/2010 – 18:20


I think that this list is mainly for the young who has never live a fun and dangerous day in their life…if ur a teenager( like me) the summer is meant to bring memories sum good and bad ones..liek da first time u smoked weed, got drunk, snuck out at nite to see ur bf and go to a party, summer crushes, getting lost in da woods, going to a bar tryin to get drinks, double daring,-n if u graduated this year like me-spending the last days out with ur best friends b4 u guys leave off to college…overall, live life were teens n were born to make our parents worry while were out having some fun and experiencing life! Sorry for the long essay today is a slow day lol ๐Ÿ˜€
#533 – Tricey – 06/15/2010 – 17:13


okay, im stuck at home, no car, parents at work, i dont have a dog…and the rest of this stuff is BORING! can someone just tell me something fun to do TODAY without having to use a car or parents or a dog!??!?!
the tie dye idea was cool, but i dont have kool-aid rite now, and i’d have to go to the store! i DONT have a car and i want to d it 2day!! wahhh!! HELP!
#532 – Kayla – 06/15/2010 – 17:09


this page [email protected]#$%s!!!!!! get a summer job? Spend your day at a library??? who wrote this a teacher this [email protected]#$%s!!!
#531 – Stavros – 06/15/2010 – 15:44


Im not trying to be mean here but you obviously do not know teenagers these days I am personally going to Spain playing xbox live hanging out with my gf and sleeping half the day
#530 – Beast – 06/15/2010 – 02:14


This list all sounds fun:) You should put on here how to tie dye:) and also how to make a cd sound track;-):-):-D:-(:-o>-(B-):oops::-[]:-P
#529 – Jahna – 06/14/2010 – 21:35


I agree with Hannah
OMG… get a frickin life, sure its a little girly and some of its lame but yal are a bunch of jerks. >-( JEEZ! And George, are u messin w/ everyone or do u take bubble baths everyday? Iz oka anyway, ur cool. ๐Ÿ˜€
#528 – NAME – 06/14/2010 – 20:14


u are all soo boring
no thing is really fun here!!>-( it is kinda boring i mean there is some cool things but for me i dnt think that there are some ideas that i can take like come on u all like boys that much tell u wt i’ve never had boyfriends! not because no body asked me too no there are a lot did but i think that that is discusting u can have friends but not BOYFRIENDS i know that u think that i am crazy but then keep ur thoughts to ur self!!
there is quit gd things here but not NEW THINGS!!:-(
well for me when i came here i thought finally 50 new things that i can do !! there is but not…
#527 – nivoo – 06/14/2010 – 16:16


What a bunch of snot nosed, filthy mouthed children. Ungrateful, vacuums of self involved id-ness. If you are teenagers, you aren’t showing it. If you were so amAzing, you wouldn’t be online lookin for somethin to do. Yet you feel so comfortable criticizing another’s suggestions. This is the future of our country? Scary. And so sad.
No self respecting creature would respond with misspelled ranting. If yer gonna cuss, then at least spell correctly. Maybe you shouldn’t bE outa school for the summer. ThAt’s what’s amAzing, that yer not in detention in some hot boring [email protected]#$%room reading a dictionary for entertainment. Shame! Shame.
Yer showing yer intelligence, and it’s lacking…if yer so clever, then respond with better suggestions. As for those who slam a boy for thinking of this list positively and shouting [email protected]#$%…methinks thou doth protest too much (Shakespeare) and perhaps there is some chance you are hiding from your true self. Is it time to come out of the closet? Bless yer heart, Have a happy summer!
#526 – julia – 06/14/2010 – 14:58


Well, this was funny to read. I’m 16. I’m a girl. You guys that like drinking and getting high, good for you, you’d bore the f*** out of me, but if that floats your boat, great. Some of this stuff is pretty fun. Some need improvements, as done by other users. Wow, my own comment is boring me already. Finishing this off now…. All you haters are bogus and have no lives and anyone that wants to clean their room is of the total opposite extreme. Note: both extremes are bogus. To the 17 and 18 yr. olds….. you guys are freakin awesome.
#525 – MoonshineBastardsMoonshine – 06/14/2010 – 13:55



From reading some of these comments, I have lost so much faith in teenagers….

And this is coming form a teenager.
Get a life and have some self respect.

#524 – Hannah – 06/14/2010 – 13:51


wierd list
now some of these things sound fun but there are alot that teens dont do. teens like to pull all-nighters and stuff, not give dogs baths and stuff. im kinda nerdy for a teen,but have tons of friends and we do much more! like sneaking out to watch movies and i locked us out the house, staying up all night hooked on Amp and wiping out at a football field(huge sleepover) thats what we do!
#523 – zi – 06/13/2010 – 22:04


I like most the ideas on your list but some arent that fun… teens dont want to clean their rooms. And boys dont want to have sleepovers or teapartys. Maybe if you labeled it something like 50 things for girls to do over summer vacation or maybe you could make the list for girls and guys. Just some advice.
#522 – NAME – 06/13/2010 – 16:44


this is the worst list i have eva seen. clean ur room
like seriously, cop on to urselves. we would rather commit suicide than do anythin on this list. most of this stuff is like chores u are forced to do or things to raise money for schools and stuff. Both chores and school things ar NOT FUN!!! our 6 year old sisters wouldnt do this stufff!!!!!!!!!!!! get a life, sereiously!!!>-(
#521 – Laura & Eimear – 06/12/2010 – 20:29


omg they sooo dont get us we want more out there kind of things like indoor sky diving or sip lining. im tried of go to the pool or six flags every year.it time to do some thing different.vactions are good but what if you stay at home you have nothing to do. this list is just a list with junk that a 5 year old kid would do.>-( i love summer but these things is not what i would like to do. uummmmmm…OH if you cant make a summer list dont make a winter list. OK!!!! thanks!! -drama queen
#520 – kyla tolliver – 06/12/2010 – 15:20


MY Summer List for Teens
1.) Go to a waterpark (don\’t have a car? Find a friend. Seriously. Your a teenager.)
2.) PARTY (I mean seriously, who doesn\’t in the summer?)
3.) Virgin (or not) margaritas outside while tanning
4.) Tubing down a local river (experiance to remember!)
5.) Lake Cliff Diveing (super fun!)
6.) Cliff diving at NIGHT (scary- thrilling)
7.) Sneak into public pool at night and jump in for an illegal but blood-rushing midnight swim
8.) Waterballoons (make a ton with your friends- scare the sh*t out of others ๐Ÿ˜‰
9.) Pack as many people into a car as possible. Play stop-light game. Window chalk the car with every [email protected]#$%enger\’s name on it. (Super fun over 10 ppl)
10.) Find a park with a sand volleyball court. Start a game -invite random people
11.) Mud Wrestling after a rain (gather up lots of friends in swim suits. Surprisingly amazing)
12. Have a flour fight! (at night, gather up as many people as possible; purchase the hugest bag of flour possible, and dump it in an open area. THen throw it at one another. Seriously, it looks like a bomb went off!) -and walk to public areas covered in flower- acting like nothing happened
13.) Go to movie theater dressed up as if you are in it. (EX: transformers; dress up in boxes as transformers. Spiderman; dress up as spidermans… ect)
14.)Camping in General (you can sleep on your tramp, set up a tent in your backyard, but the most fun is at at lake or next to a river. Bonefires, smores, fishing. Teens across the world: its just common sense to do this in the summer!)
15.) You haven\’t lived until you found a park where the spinklers go off at night- and run through them with your friends in your casual clothing. (you\’ll never forget it!)
16.) HOT TUB-ING! (serioulsy, find someone with a hot tub and befriend him/her. Best summer ever)
17. Energy-Drink party. (yeah, maybe you think they are nasty, but if you aren\’t into real \’drinking\’ then its a great way to hype everyone up and do some crazy things)
18. BBQs! (find a grill, turn up some music, oh yeah, maybe throw some limbo into it. Everyone comes to a BBQ! -Plus you\’re outside enjoying the most of summer)
19. Swing-sets at Sun-set (playgrounds are not just for five-yr-olds! Grab some icecream or smoothies and go swinging and watch the sun set. It\’s actually a pretty good time)
20.) Create a pack of bike-riding, rollar blading, or even scootering teenagers (For more fun, do it at night and put a bunch of snap-on glowsticks on everyone. It\’s pretty cool)A lot of these things are stuff I did last year so I know what\’s fun and what\’s not. Yeah, the swing-set one is more for teen girls or dates then guys, but the rest should be uni-sex. Tell me what you think? Is it a better list then above?
#519 – naomi – 06/11/2010 – 20:31


yo mama!
#518 – Miss Tery – 06/11/2010 – 13:36


WOW,this list is freaking stupid.
Read a book? Okay! oh my god, you should just take this off. It’s stupid. >-(
#517 – KAITLYN – 06/11/2010 – 09:03


……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….HAV FUN
#516 – Amy – 06/11/2010 – 08:48


im a girl and i find this list BORING! cmon where the sport, the fun, the extremely awesomeness in this? stupid people!
#515 – ma name aint needed fool – 06/11/2010 – 06:44


I thought the list was cool. Another thing I was planning on doing at the beginning of summer was hosting a bonfire where I and all of my friends burn our old school papers etc…
#514 – tarry – 06/11/2010 – 06:02


Make yourself useful
Go to a big box retailer and ask them for cardboard boxes. Take them home and make a small city out of them, paint them, make doors and windows, ynow like for kids, and then bring the city to a day care center, and let the kids rampage it. Crawl through it, and play with it. Gives them a great fun day and you can enjoy watching them play in it. Kids are a blast to watch. Simple pleasures.
#513 – Larry – 06/11/2010 – 00:54


Plane ride
Hey you, on the plane ride. Take a pencil and paper with you and design a tree house. Make it any way you want to. Multi level, ten stories up, rope swings, secret entrances, whatever. Then write a short story about how you would use it. How you and your closest friends would use it. Be creative have fun with it, you probably won\’t even feel the bumps in the flight. C.S. Lewis once wrote a famous story about a wardrobe, and a few characters. Maybe you can do as good a job. Think in terms of Harry Potter, but make it your own, use your imagination. Develop the idea of the treehouse on paper, then put your world into it. Good Luck, enjoy your flight.
#512 – Big Ed – 06/11/2010 – 00:08


ok….. im not going to be rude here…. but this isn’t a very good list. it needs more action…. some of this stuff is kewl but there is NO WAY im cleaning my room for fun this summer!! add stuff like theme parks, movies, the beach, and dont make it so girly……… i AM a girl and i think this is girly…. i feel bad ofr all u guys out there!!:-)
#511 – Sophie – 06/10/2010 – 18:03


Make a CD of “the soundtrack of my life”
[email protected]#$%. Okayy…
#510 – Name – 06/10/2010 – 01:57


why are we so bored??!!
1.nothing to do on the com.
2.no pool
3.no pets
4.:-( so bored
5.:-[] have to go to bed at 8:00
6.no more snow
7.no boys
8.no beach to play at
9.were stuck in our room all day >-(
10.no one to call
11.no t.v.
12. no junk food :-[]
13.no more friends around any more >-(
14.nothing to waste our money on
15.we have to do chores
16.we don’t get to have a ballon fight
17.screaming bro.
18.we both hate our cuz’s
19.no stores are open for toys ๐Ÿ™
20.we can’t be fam. B-)
#509 – ivy and hailey – 06/10/2010 – 01:49


you call that summer to do listt ?
Haa ! More like Tortureee !
im 13 andd i dont see 1 thing thts interstin in tht list ,
#508 – Cynthiiaa Ramoss Breh , – 06/09/2010 – 23:46


wow this list is sooo stupid
>-( no ones likes this list! you people should make a new one for teens!!!! THIS SOUNDS LIKE A LIST FOR 3 YEAR OLDS!! YOU DUMB B&%#*t!!!!!
#507 – Emily Bangert – 06/09/2010 – 14:40


wow. i just sit at home all day long and i don’t have any fun because idk how. but looking online for fun ideal(wow) is really a blast. but whats even blaster is they ideas now me and my super cool friends can do cool and fun things like waste my moms money on coolade powder to make tydy shirts. she got mad. and what even better then swimng with all ur clothes on is swiming nude! i love making smothies. and my ideal day is to go the the library. i love to look words up in the dictionary to work on my poem: roses are red violets are black why is your chest as flat as ur back! my fav. well my days are complete and i will have a lot more fun stories to tell my [email protected]#$%mates. they will have non cause they spent the days getting high and drunk off the coolade powder they could of used to make tydy?;-):-o:-o
#506 – Ami wallshleger – 06/08/2010 – 19:24



okay reasons why I said “eh”:

1. Some of those things sounds like chores
2. Some others you do on a regular bases
3. The rest I can’t do because you won’t find it any walking distance in my town.

#505 – Ta’Laya – 06/08/2010 – 10:36


-go swimming
-ride bike
-watch tv
-go camping
-play water ballon fight
#504 – shosh – 06/08/2010 – 08:45


HOW COULD YOU NOT PUT THE BEACH WITH FRIENDS OR FAMILY!that is the main thing you missed so make it 51 fun things to do this summer or more
#503 – haha200 – 06/08/2010 – 05:03


There r sum pretty good ideas up here that i used 2 do that i should get back into a normal habit. It brings back so many memories and going down the list makes it last longer too. Thank You!
#502 – Sarah – 06/08/2010 – 02:21


um this list isn’t very good so sorry please u have no idea what teens even do these days just saying and we are 12 and 10. sorry ๐Ÿ™
#501 – supa man 101 rocls 101 – 06/08/2010 – 01:02


my great list!
-hang out at a country club. (if ur a member of one)
-go to the mall for some new summer clothing
-go somewhere else in your state and rent a condo with your friends and your family!( i go to south padre island with my parents, brother, my brothers friends, and 2 of my friends!! we just hang out at the beach all day!!)
-learn some crazy tricks for the diving board
-stretch everyday and maybe you will get taller by the end of the summer!
-ride your bike around the street and see who is outside…EVEN IF IT IS BURNING HOT OUTSIDE.
-board games are BOAARING!!! SO try to make your own fun kind of board game! (if ur a girl… MAKE THE GAME ABOUT FASHION! AND IF UR A BOY…MAKE THE GAME ABOUT CARS)
-bring ur friends over and rent a movie!
#500 – Rebecca – 06/07/2010 – 22:16


i think this list is pretty good. i just wish that it was a little more creative. i have been surfing the web of what to do over the summer and i have found practically everything on here. but i mean i never do these things over the summer, so i might just try them:-D
#499 – ugpklg – 06/07/2010 – 20:36


I’m not digging it
So this list isn’t really what I would call summer fun for teens most of those thins pretty boring I mean think of something different. I will admit some of the things got you thinking but I think most people who are looking for fun things to do are really looking for FUN things so a job and volunteering isn’t really a teenagers idea of fun maybe your list should be called things to keep someone busy.
#498 – Kelsey – 06/07/2010 – 19:51


Make your self a list of stuff u like to do for summer thats what i did. I dont see why u have to search for stuff u like to do. I was just looking up summer games for my birthday party and this site came up…..
plan a trip with ur bff’s for when u graduate to like the beach and plan how to make the money and stuff if your not rich.
#497 – A – 06/07/2010 – 17:44


addition and comment
I agree with many others that some things on this list I wouldn\’t exactly call \”fun\”… and being a teenager I thing I have a right to judge a list for teens. Most of it, however, I will actually try to accomplish! But maybe some additions will help… such as making a video with friends, or learning a new sport. Trying to make a song, or learning a biking/skateboarding/etc, trick (with a helmet, of course :P)… It sounds like a better summer already!
#496 – Isis – 06/07/2010 – 02:45


I looked up this list so i wouldnt be stuck watching tv and on the computer and sleeping all summer long but I would rather be doing that then any of this poopy. it [email protected]#$%s hard core..
A 3 YEAR OLD COULD RIGHT SOMETHING BETTERWho ever wrote this must be the 40 year old virgin!
#495 – bob – 06/06/2010 – 22:16


Hey,this list isnt bad..but maybe “spaz” it up a little..I’m not trying to be mean but think about it!=)
#494 – Suzie – 06/06/2010 – 22:11


i think your all stupid. ๐Ÿ™‚
#493 – jake – 06/06/2010 – 17:51


This is totes my new fabu!
Hello friends!
Who knew you could have so much fun without a social life! This was hauntingly splendid.
#492 – Genine Buttercup – 06/06/2010 – 03:59


i agree with butter biscut 101
who was the [email protected]#$% couple in their 40s with no children that wrote this??? i mean clean your room??? realy?!?!? im sure who ever wrote this had good intinsions but like butter biscut said you need some original ideas!! i realy dont want to be mean to who ever wrote this but come on!!!! get in cheak with the presant!!! i dont even have a dog. just a cat. you ever try to give that a bath??? it doesnt work. i apolijize if any thing i wrote hurt your feelings. i admit some ideas i like. but i do think you should revise it.:-):-P:-o>-(B-)
#491 – sam411 – 06/06/2010 – 02:10


You could do better
this is not realy a good list i mean give your dog a bath i dont want to be mean but i`d rather just jump up and down, and yea alison is right it is not that good of a list but i appricate your nice heart!:-):-):-)
#490 – basel – 06/05/2010 – 21:47


Travelling and I need help!
I am travelling this summer, and I am 12 years old. What can I do on this 10 hour plane ride?
Other than the obvious sleep, read, watch movies, listen to music, chew gum, esc.. I don\\\’t know..I know i sound stupid because that\\\’s pretty much all that there is to do. Butt please, if you know any other way to keep entertained please let me know!
Please comment below!!!
#489 – Armine again – 06/05/2010 – 20:51


Why is everyone so mean?!!!!?!?!?!
If you like the list then then fine, if you don’t like the list than fine. Someone just took the time to put some ideas that she liked online! People like to do different things! So if you dont’ like the list THAN DON’T DO THE IDEAS!!! GET OVER IT AND DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!! Some ideas i lik and some i don’t it is not a big deal so everyone should just get over it!!!!>-(
#488 – Alliecat1237 – 06/05/2010 – 20:46


my oppion
ok to who ever wrote this list; most of this i do on a daily basis any way. you need some original ideas!!! do you have any teens?? look im not trying to be rude becuz i dont know you and 4 all i no u could be some ax [email protected]#$%, but this list is just sad…. sorry.
#487 – butter biscut – 06/05/2010 – 19:57


Horrible List
Obviously whoever wrote this list either doesn’t know teens at all (well real teens, not the teenage girls who still think the world is perfect and that magic exists), or they think of teens as mindless children. Teenage Boy’s Summer Goals – Get Laid, Party, Experiment (not in a [email protected]#$% way)… Teenage Girl’s Summer Goals – Hang out with friends, etc.
#486 – Bkur – 06/05/2010 – 08:16


find a book
find a good book and by 2 of them. Read with a friend.:-D
#485 – rayray – 06/05/2010 – 02:46


lmao seriously? what a fail!
have a bubble bath? make popsicles? CLEAN YOUR ROOM? yeah, i should’ve stopped reading at number 6, but this is such a hilarious fail to rip on with friends, that me and my bud just kept going! So thanks, you gave us one thing to do this summer- laugh our arses off at your [email protected]#$% list! Thanks, much appreciated.
#484 – a real teenager – 06/04/2010 – 23:49


I do kind of agree with the rude people (even though being rude is totally wrong) picking up a dictionary in the middle of July is the least thing i want to do id rather be bored. There were only a couple of things I didn\’t like, like clean your room, bake some cupcakes and deliver them to friends and family, Take your dog for a walk, E-mail a friend you haven\’t spoken to in awhile, Do 25 jumping jacks, Look through old family scrapbooks, photo books, and yearbooks , and write a poem, those are some of the ones that are sooooooooo boring. Like why would I drop everything and do 25 jumping jacks?
#483 – Who cares – 06/04/2010 – 23:20


okayy honestly i agree with the people that hate this list because i am one of them…this list needs to be burned and erased from the internet i mean come on i will never pick up a dictionary during summer because its pointless that is what school is for.DUH so for the people that are sayin rude stuff i strongly agree with you..

IM 12 AND THIS LIST [email protected]#$%S ON ANY KIND OF DAY!

#482 – NONE OF UR EFFIN BUSINNESS WAT MY NAME IS – 06/04/2010 – 17:22


This list is cool!

So, it’s more for girls… I’m a girl it’s a cool list!

#481 – Kelly – 06/04/2010 – 06:01


My List
#480 – Who cares – 06/04/2010 – 02:04


ummmm ok… this list is kinda lame. i mean come on clean your room?? what teen likes to do that?? but i guess some ideas are cool like kool aid tye dye but thats about it… you should have things like go to the mall with a big group of friends and play hide and go seek (my sister just did that). i dont know maybe its just me maybe somewhere someone likes this list
#479 – PF LE!! – 06/04/2010 – 01:08


This is awful. this is for little girls…i mean come on, get a coloring book? Have a tea party? i mean, wow…
#478 – fdfsaf – 06/03/2010 – 22:45


ummm none of these are fun??

EXCEPT making a popcicle….SUCH a fun time!!! *puts lemonade with stick in it in freezer*

*5 hours later of boredom, takes it out* WHOO HOOO!! NOW ALL MY BOREDOM IS GONEEE!!!
*accidentally drops it*

…awww man!! >:(

#477 – Lorelai – 06/03/2010 – 22:01


Order a pizza? Learn new words from the dictionary? How about something fun? Oh I’m sorry, because ordering a pizza is just a HUGE adventure…
#476 – Robby – 06/03/2010 – 20:23


Yea im bored hmm whats something fun to do..?? Oh yea ill go learn to knit! Woohoo… -.-
#475 – Ur mommm – 06/03/2010 – 19:57


agreed with number 4
sorry, i have to agree with number four :-[] I’m 13… and when i think summer i think “BOYS!!!” :-[]
#474 – Claire – 06/03/2010 – 18:52


This is my summer list.
1) get a boyfriend
2) make out with boyfriend
3) lay in bed with boyfriend
4) spend the day with my parents
5) cook for my family
6) text boyfriend all day long
7) go to the movies with boyfriend late at night
8)enjoy the summer
9) chill out and be cool!!!
#473 – Brianna – 06/03/2010 – 07:33


Answer this for me, please!
I am travelling this summer, and I am 12 years old. What can I do on this 10 hour plane ride?
Other than the obvious sleep, read, watch movies, listen to music, chew gum, esc.. I don\\\’t know..I know i sound stupid because that\\\’s pretty much all that there is to do. Butt please, if you know any other way to keep entertained please let me know!
Please comment below!!!
#472 – Armine again – 06/03/2010 – 03:58


Are you kidding me?!
Anyone saying back, are we reading the SAME thing?! This list is the LAMEST thing ive ever read. Are you kidding me? get a coloring book? That would be like telling a two year old get a job. LAME.
#471 – LOL! – 06/03/2010 – 01:38



bietz, wow! this is gonna b soo fun! NOT. let me guess, you are the overprotective mom of a teenager who you think will never leave you? yeah heres some news for you, no teen wants to do this crap. “Learn how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary.” thats SCHOOLWORK [email protected]#$%, summer is all about being as far away from school as possible. this list is for 6 year olds. coloring books, kiddie pools, we don’t want to do this stuff.

heres a REAL teeen summer list:
go cliff diving
go white water rafting
take you and a bunch of friends on a camping trip in the woods
go surfing
go to amusment parks
go out of country
hide in a ditch and throw water balloons at [email protected]#$%ing cars
get a zipline
get 4 stars or higher on the hardest song in guitar hero
hang out with friends
read a novel… HA! i cant even write that with a straight face

ALL OF THIS… should be without parents

#470 – a teen, not a mom pretending they know what teens like – 06/02/2010 – 21:39


ya’ll people
ya’ll people need to get a life and get off the computer ๐Ÿ˜›
#469 – henderson – 06/02/2010 – 19:51


back off!!
obviously this list was made from a mom and not a teen, but back off, some teens find this list fun !
#468 – no name please! – 06/02/2010 – 18:41


Loves the [email protected]#$%les.
I forgot to tell you all yesterday when I first commented that you should listen to the [email protected]#$%les! Helps so much! Keeps you going trough the tough times! Hope I help1
#467 – Armine (Again) – 06/02/2010 – 01:15


Im a teenager and this list was kind of on the boring/weird/not fun side, i was kind of looking for stuff more adventerous, but i guess its not all bad! like, i guess you could call me a goody goody, but not really, some of the stuff is okay.
#466 – Sophia – 06/02/2010 – 00:39


the bomb
this is a good list it is pretty cool i think that doing bath and STUFF like that is boring but other than that there is really nothing else to do so just like the fffing you dummys and stop complaining i’m rich so this lists doesn\\\’t make me any more happier so whatever i\\\’m a black kid with syle so what if i like this.:-[]
#465 – danzel – 06/01/2010 – 12:35


Bored mostly all summers, but travelling this time…
Hint: People, cleaning your room is actually good if you open the windows, put on music, and have a whole day ahead of you. You get to read like your 2nd grade journals and stuff and it\’s kind of like chill (memories) .Anyway, you have nothing else
to do, and you might as well. You could also find things you\’ve lost (and you ight really need it)
Once your done, trust me it pays off.Tip:Don\’t check these websites if you really want something unique, and original, because that should just come naturally from yourselves. I know I\’m one of those people that are \”really hard to entertain\” and I know that I sound as bad as the person that wrote the list in the first place, but I am also the kind that googles things like \”how to have fun durign summertime\” so..yah..It doesn\’t really help me, because I never end up completing any of those. Just hang out with your friends, and make the best time out of time itself…There is really no cure to summer boredom..not that I know of… so figure it out on your self…. BTW AC helps BIG TIME!!!Anyway I\’m out of this country this summer so that might help also…
#464 – Armine – 06/01/2010 – 04:24


this is what to do!
ok i have one thing to say…… just watch phineas and ferb and listin to the theme song and do everything it says…. theres 104 days of summer vacation! B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-) B-)
#463 – me – 06/01/2010 – 00:10


I think this will make boredom worse..?

Hey, lady.. why dont you just tell us to go knit a sweater and do homework.

sound stupid? mhm

gotta do fun stuff. like get lost on the city bus route.. or go to a busy street and hold up a sign that says “honk if your [email protected]#$%”.. or sneak out at midnight or throw eggs at stuff.

live a little? (:

#462 – Erinn – 05/31/2010 – 23:17


how old r these teens
um… oubviously the person who wrote this knows nothing of teens my summer is gonna consist of parties and drinking so this is a good list if ur 12 not someone in highschool haha
#461 – L – 05/31/2010 – 21:30


ummmm ive done a lot of this
OKAY PEOPLE youve got to be creative here. i am a cheerleader and 15 and ive dont most of the stuff on this list IN SCHOOL or with school realted events.THAT IS SAD!! but it is a good list even if it stupid sometimes =D
#460 – Katelyn!!! – 05/31/2010 – 02:23


WOw… This was the WORST list I have ever seen… we want things to do that will last all day! Not make a f**** root beer float! >-(
#459 – ME – 05/30/2010 – 19:35


this list is so cussing boring

what kind of hobo list is this.

who ever goes to this cuss beep website i\\\’m just saying it is not that good :-(:-(:-(:-(:-o>-(B-):-[]:-P>-(;-);-)

#458 – tmac The awsome – 05/30/2010 – 01:07



hello weirdos of earth,

This is a mean 2 be a fun list and there are NO fun things on this list! mostly clean your bedroom how is that fun ??

bye bye

#457 – ?????????????? – 05/29/2010 – 10:08


Ben Dover
Dude. Dont complain and comment. just go to another website?
#456 – Ben Dover – 05/29/2010 – 06:02


Really people??!?!?!?!?!?! show some respect…and i would rather clean my room than makeout with a guy all day! geeze you people are rude!!! >-(
#455 – girl you dont know – 05/29/2010 – 00:59


Sounds like hw

That list sounds like school projects or chores. I’m 17. I’ve already done those things when I was 8. Thisss is the modern version:

Go to a concert with friends
have a sleepover
play tag with frends
play sports with frends
play rockband2 by urself or with fam or sibs
make ur own cookies with a frend n cookie cutters
watch ppl at the mall
talk to 20 ppl u have never met at the mall with ur frend
pretend to b [email protected]#$%/ [email protected]#$% with ur bff at themall
wear ur bffs clothes n vise versa
go 2 the movies
go 2 the pool with ur bff n tap ppl on shoulder n act like u didn’t do it
make a YouTube vid
learn a new language urself
make lyrics to a song
make an imaginary frend
make ur own clothes by cutting old shirt sleeves n putting them on torso of another
make a goal n accomplish it
try 2 brush ur teeth every night
pretend to b a cop n kno the codes. Ex. Code 10-14
ask stupid questions at target
go to a store u’ve never been in
check ur house for secret [email protected]#$%ageways
ask ur parents weird questions about their life
pretend to be the opposite gender
play would u rather
watch tvn do what they’re doing n say what they say
pretend 2 b a mime
pretend to be a stereotype ex. Prep emo goth
change ur name for a day
sit on ur neighboors porch until they say [email protected]#$% or approach u
or do that on their driveway
go up to a casheir n tell them u love them or kiss them ( u may get arrested for [email protected]#$%ault)
think about how to fix the reccession
lick [email protected]#$% so u kno how it tastes b4 u die
go trick or treating when it’s not Halloween
follow/ celebrate the weird holidays no1 celebrates, there’s alot, google it.
answer questions on yahooanswers
find out answers 2 questions u didn’t kno answers to n wanted to
watch smosh on youtube
find music u from diff singers u never heard of

#454 – Michelle – 05/29/2010 – 00:27


omg…i would try them allB-)
#453 – Alicia – 05/28/2010 – 20:11


okay i have to admit this is complete crap, but reading has given me something to do, and i couldnt stop laughing at #24 Julie “Facial” if you know what i mean
#452 – Adam – 05/28/2010 – 19:38


Great ideas!
๐Ÿ˜€ Hey you gave me some really great ideas! Thanks! This website is totally going on my favorites ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for helping me!
#451 – Jessie – 05/28/2010 – 16:42


#450 – why.do.u.want.2know – 05/27/2010 – 22:22


Summer is a droolin
im 12 yrs old and i only have 5 days and 1 week left of school!Sothis website will totally help me decide what i should do for summer while im sittin at home!
#449 – CayleeDooley – 05/27/2010 – 17:10


Ermir Ramadani blows up people and likes it in his bum.
#448 – Seymore [email protected]#$%es – 05/27/2010 – 16:04



Well… ok, so I was thinkin of stuff 2 do this summer, right? so i googled it, and this site came up… but this is sssooo not what I was lookin 4… I was lookin 4 sumtin out of the ordinary, uk? so this is like, 3rd grade stuff… sry but, clean ur room? learn 5 new words from the dictionary? what the heck!!! who does tht… (nerd) heres my list

1. hang w/ friends!!!
2. listen 2 music… gotta keep up, haha
3. watch a scary movie @ midnight
4. have a day where u try all new foods… and enjoy some old 1s!!!
5. play ur fav sport… so fun!!! (lacrosse!!!)
6. have a neighborhood game of sumtin (idk, like, baseball, kickball, dodgeball, kick the can, red rover, etc.)
7. make a schedule…/checklist
8. camp out in ur backyard (if u have a tent, use it otherwise u get soaked… i always camp out w/ friend and lil sis!!! if we get tired, we run round the house a couple times, sneak some food from inside, and duck down and hide every time a car comes… sounds lame but its fun!)
9. go 2 a camp!!!! (oovernight of course!!! and of course w/ a friend!)
10. idk… do sumtin s2pid… plan ur life i guess… sumtin non borin!!!

btw, this came from a 12 yr old…

#447 – … – 05/27/2010 – 00:18


๐Ÿ˜€ im making a summer checklist of things i wanna accomplish and this helped sooooooo much thx.
#446 – twilightgirl – 05/27/2010 – 00:00


some stuff sounds fun but sum i’d rather kill a cow like jillian beitz & make my own burgers . invite my boyfriend ova 4 lunch wit my bro so he can fade n da background and watch us kiss:-PB-)
#445 – De’Jeanae – 05/26/2010 – 20:12


It some good stuff
I don’t think there was anything on there that I would be doin.
I like to tan, hang out wit frans, and sleep in. lol
Hanging at the pool too.
Im not workin at no animal shelter, baking, cleaning or any of tht boring stuff. but go ahead uu can.
#444 – samantha – 05/25/2010 – 14:38


summer stuff.
This summer me and my best friend like to walk aroung lay in the yard and enjoy the summer. swim and go to camp!!!well theres not much to say here buh.. i like chicken
#443 – Haley and chambria – 05/25/2010 – 02:42


Bad List!
Yeah, so I was looking for something \”fun\” to do this summer with my friends. This list did absolutely nothing to help me out. This is the worst list I have ever read. I am 18, not 5…I could\’ve thought of most of this stuff myself. No help here!
#442 – Whitney – 05/24/2010 – 23:07


If youre gonna complain about how stupid this list is…SAVE IT! no one wants to here complainig! if it’s so stupid make your own and see what people think of it…[email protected]#$%S
#441 – whitnee – 05/24/2010 – 19:43


i like it
yeah sure it needs more guy things but im a girl and i think most of its cool and their right you dont have to do it
#440 – jessie – 05/24/2010 – 16:53


Oh, and i think I might try out the Museum part and maybe a couple of other thinggs. Also how can most of u kids just sit there and right all that stuff just because you got nothing bedder to do. It’s like WOW how rediculous dont u think!!!!!
#439 – Daniel – 05/24/2010 – 06:14


I agree with Lily damm kids calm down it was just a suggestion, u dont have to do it so back off!!!!
#438 – Daniel – 05/24/2010 – 06:05


Okay it’s been two years leave this lady alone she didn’t have to put this up she was just trying to help you but you’re not very grateful or respectful…OBVIOUSLY
#437 – Lily – 05/23/2010 – 18:25


I was gonna clean my room..
but then a got high 8D.ye kids, just go to your local pot dealer and go mad! always makes summer fun :).
#436 – kat – 05/23/2010 – 17:14


Lads this list is slick, it’s only lacking in a vital heading – THINGS TO DO WHEN YOUR HIGH.

now re-read the list and tell me that would not be enjoyable.

#435 – Olivia – 05/23/2010 – 13:24


Coool!!!! now my summeris gonnna be fun!!
I have one more thing in mind
Buy a dvd of ur choice and watch it late nite wid ur buddies…with lights off!!! and yummy caramel popcorn
#434 – Amy – 05/23/2010 – 08:44


wow some of the people who commented on this are really being immature. can we all at least act like we are more mature than a 9 year old? i mean seriously, i get that if you are looking this up, you probably have nothing better to do than talk about how other people should get a life and stuff, but i am just saying, anyone can be a jerk if they want to. it’s nothing special or new, so please do us all a favor and GROW UP.
#433 – Maia – 05/23/2010 – 01:53


this list is terrible. no normal teen would ever want to do half the things on that list for fun. maybe some homeschooled kid whose parents never let them see the light of day, but other than that…no. this is some uptight parents idea of what kids should do for fun. please. and those of you who say that im being mean and this list is great…please, go get a life.
#432 – Ali – 05/21/2010 – 20:13


Oaky wow yeah all of you guys making sarcastic remarks well guess what if you have a problem with this list… wait for it… YOU DONT HAVE TO READ IT!!!
common sense right?? yeah well obviously not since there were so many rude comments
Any way I actually quite liked this list. I mean there were a few things that were kinda unrealistic like 6. cleaning your room
instead it should have read 6. finding some guillibke person to clean your room for you. haha but other than that [depending on what kind of person you are] this list sounds like fun!! [well some of the things
#431 – ElizaBeth – 05/18/2010 – 04:34


this didn’t help me at all so bye
#430 – agirl – 05/16/2010 – 20:31


๐Ÿ˜€ Well Sorry this isnt the most fun list its mostly boringi mean clean your room who likes doing that???B-)
#429 – Gabi – 05/16/2010 – 18:56


I think this is a cool list. I’m going to look through it again and do some of the things on here! :-):-DB-):-P:-D Thxs
#428 – PeaceOut – 05/15/2010 – 20:13


I agree with ????

Dear People reading this

This is what Jesus says: I am the bread of life; he who comes to me shall not hunger, and he who believes in me shall never thirst.

John 6:35

God doesn’t like seeing his people sinning, he gets sad. He loves you even if you hate him.


#427 – Billy – 05/15/2010 – 10:55


WOW. this is so gaaay.
ok seriously? what teenager is gonna waste their time doing ANY of these things? teenagers like to do stupid things that we will regret later on hahaha. not give stuff to charity or write a poem or have a bubble bath. this list is for teenagers who have NO LIFE ! seriouslyy, this may be the most [email protected]#$%ed thing i’ve ever seen. i might just make my own list of things to do this summer. things that ACTUAL teenagers wanna do (;
#426 – Amber – 05/14/2010 – 13:59


ok i hav to agree w/ the ones tht said tht this list is boring but wat wer u doin on here anyway it sounds like u kno wat u want to do so do it but God knos wat yur doin so plz just b safe btw the person who wrote this was just trying to help if u feel like it just write down the ones u thought wer a good idea hen go to other websites and do the same thing but seriously the cussing and the drugs i am not a teen and serioulsy it may b cool to u to cuss but to me its just not it can really scare littl kids and u put ppl in danger wen u do som of the suggestions ppl put up here NO ONE SHOULD HAV TO GIV UP THER LIFE FOR YUR BAD CHOICES
#425 – liz – 05/14/2010 – 03:12


My LiSt
1. dye my hair pink
2.get a crazy haircut
3.get anouther ear piercing
4.try a monster
not very much but im still working oin it
#424 – laura – 05/13/2010 – 22:46


Hey dont be mean!!!!
๐Ÿ˜€ i think this list is very cool!! i like it, i will never get bored in the summer so just keep you stupid thoughts to your self, if you dont have anything to say then dont say it!!!!
#423 – emily – 05/08/2010 – 15:50


๐Ÿ™ im really dissaponted this list is crap and im only 13 if u think that this is a list for teens and which i knda am but not like 16 how do u make a living this is crap
#422 – TRISTAN – 05/07/2010 – 14:17


On to it
I think actually the people who like this list are preteens and 20 year olds. this isn’t a teen list!The guys are forgoten. please Mrs. who made this think about the guys? PLEASE! George, is a soft guy(bubble bath?). :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
#421 – Nick – 05/07/2010 – 13:38


Hay, I don’t think guys are bad, but don’t be so rude. This is coming from a christian girl. And I love God, I just want to say God loves you even if you aren’t a christian.Hay so I’m not saying I hate you people who are rude. God says love your enemeys with all your heart.:-D
#420 – Sally – 05/07/2010 – 12:59


Back off Guys

I know some people will think I am crazy! But I like the one: tidy your room. Teens rooms are all ways a dump. And for you guys step back. I agree with the 21 year old guy Sam.

Yes some things are kinda not a teens ideal thing but back off a little ( and yes I’m speeking to you guys!)

#419 – Sally – 05/07/2010 – 12:47


๐Ÿ˜€ as if somme1 would want to tidy their room:-PB-)
#418 – chloe – 05/06/2010 – 13:36


hahhahahah [email protected]#$% this llist
this list sux you people are [email protected]#$%in tards fer this get a life this [email protected]#$% on this list is boring as ever [email protected]#$%get as people
#417 – bitxx – 05/04/2010 – 16:32


:-(this is horrible i am looking for stuff to do out side not boring chore.this is lame
#416 – Niome – 05/04/2010 – 15:22


wow wow WOW
>-( i think this list is………..ok but i would add get a life whoever wrote this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>-(
#415 – jake – 05/04/2010 – 03:46


Only half of this
i havent met any teen who does stuff 4 charity durin dere summer.:-o|| y dnt u try adding um idk something fun, no offence to the ppl who actually LIKES this stuff -_-
#414 – Isabella .-. – 05/02/2010 – 20:59



That list is too boring…sorry.

How is “window shopping” fun? O_o

#413 – Ahmed E – 05/02/2010 – 16:10


this stuff isn’t even close to what i like to do. the only thing on the whole list that sounds like me is have a sleep over and watch scary movies….. WOW you people are lame!!
#412 – [email protected]#$%idy – 04/28/2010 – 22:17


love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#411 – sathyagee – 04/28/2010 – 10:45


All of these things cannot be done alone ;]
-things to do in Walmart– (Or in other local stores)
1. Play hide and seek with a lot of friends.
2. Play Marco polo with friends.
3. Throw skittles at people and yell “Taste the rainbow!!”
4. Jump into the toilet paper. Or make a fort and when someone walks bye jump out like a ninja!:]
5. Set off alarm clocks all at once.
-Things to do outside late at night-
1. Play ghost in the graveyard in a cemetary.
2. Go TP a house.
3. Sleep on the trampoline.
4. …just go camping.
5. Go roller bladeing/bimke riding at like 2:00am
6. Go night swimming.
7. Have a water balloon fight.
8. Have a huge bonfire/party.
1. Play chubby bunny:]
2. Go tubing.
3. Pull an all nighter.
4. Have a scavenger hunt in the mall.
HOPE THIS HELPED:] sorry if they are lame:(
#410 – Monicaa – 04/28/2010 – 02:17


so…be nice people
sure I admit this list is kind of lame…but still…
although I ended up getting some good ideas from all the list I read from the comments…
damm so many comments…-well…the list did [email protected]#$% but…..oh well…
#409 – NotTelling – 04/27/2010 – 02:27


okay i admit it these are pretty lame.
you people need to get out more, knit? like really??? were teens not 50 come on.
#408 – Okay… – 04/25/2010 – 21:56


Once you guys grow up, you might actually be able to appreciate some of the things on this list. And by grow up I really just mean when you no longer have your parents\’ money to rely on because judging by your lack of manners, you guys may never grow up in the maturity sense.

Coming from someone who is 21, this is not a bad list. Sure, some of it I won\’t do, but if you\’re looking for something free, it isn\’t bad at all. Sometimes it\’s actually nice to get to act like a little kid again once you start having to work rather than play around in school all day and complain about how boring your life is.

Cheers to the writer and the few of you with manners. To the rest of you, grow up and quit taking your anger out on people you don\’t even know. It doesn\’t make you cool.

#407 – Sam – 04/24/2010 – 01:13


This is boring
#406 – Tayla – 04/23/2010 – 03:57


ok u no wat i have to agree with #4. im a girl and i wood never do that stuff. i mean, likememorize5 words from a dictionary?:-( this is just sad
#405 – kat – 04/23/2010 – 01:08


i am 14 years of age…..and i need things to do this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#404 – Kay kay – 04/19/2010 – 20:14


I am ten yeArs old and i wanted to see things to do because i am realy bored
and that guy who said \\\”this is the worst list i have ever seen\\\” is not kind because this list rocks and i agree with the person who titled \\\”hey that was mean\\\”
if u think its dumb why did you open it anyway???AND YES I AM NOT LYING I AM REALY TEN YEARS OLD
#403 – lisa – 04/18/2010 – 04:08


I am ten yers old and i wanted to see things to do because i am realy bored
and that guy who said “this is the worst list i have evar seen” is a loser because this list rox and i agree with the person who titeled “hey that was mean”
so back of all ppl who hate this
if u think its dumb why did you open it anyway???
#402 – lisa – 04/18/2010 – 04:06


Who the hell does that. That list is like wow. i don\’t knoee ONE single teen that donates to charity and claeans there room.
Who ever made this list must be a fuqqed up [email protected]#$% freak.why don\’t yuh go do sumthing fun in summer like 20.Go 2 the beach and act like complete [email protected]#$%s saying hi to little kids; knocking down ppls sand castles ; [make a best sand castle competeion] act like hyperactive reatrds in the water.Or like..or roll down w/ yuhr best friend w/ a card box in a hill of mud..everything in that list is completely lame and boringg.. noone does that!
#401 – chelsie – 04/17/2010 – 17:48


Omg this list is for completly sad people!!!! im 16 and this stuff would completely bore the crap outa me! bring on the houseparties etc!!
#400 – Lisa – 04/17/2010 – 00:14


:-Dthis was good…and to all of u who mentioned farmgirl meet one…cleaning ur room is not usually fun but I do enjoy it if I am in the mood. SOme of the stuff I wouldn’t do…..camping in ur back yard? My back yard is a mountain sssssssssssoooooooooo….but I wouldn’t anyway, Alaska is better;-)
#399 – @ – 04/15/2010 – 00:29


Ok, i no most of u probably wouldnt c this, but ima teen and some of these things does seem kinda fun. For those of u out there posting those frigged up comments on wat u think the averade teen is up to SHUT THE HECK UP!! DO NOT [email protected]#$%ume that every teen thinks this list is lame and does everything to mess wit their parents, or some other thing immoral or outside of the law. So heres my motto- if u dont hav anything nice to say, dont say any thing at all. >=(.
#398 – Krystal – 04/14/2010 – 23:54


kinda boring… : /
#397 – Jarty – 04/14/2010 – 18:00


This list rox. i feel srry for whoevr thinks it doesnt.
#396 – kati – 04/14/2010 – 01:46


:-[]well i did everything….in like 3 days….now im bored again!
#395 – Ashley – 04/12/2010 – 23:02


ok really?! some mom with a 3 year old probly got high for the first time and wrote this. please tell me this is a joke!! why would i ever do 25 jumping jacks for fun? if i wanted to do jumping jacks i would work out all the way. im looking for something fun to do with a firend or maybe a creative date.
and child who calls themself ‘blah’…
our generation isnt in that much trouble. look back on the last few generations. hippees were always doing drugs and sex. there was racism. there was a lot of bad stuff before our generation and if you ask me i think its gotten a lot better. and just because people are doing drugs and sex all the time it doesnt mean that theyll become a president. so i suggest that you stop being a loner and sleeping and try to open your eyes a little bit. there is a lot of good out there.
ps. this didnt help me at all in case you were wondering


How is this “fun” at all!
Im a teen, and this is stupid! Teens want to do things that are exciting and adventurous. Not stuff like “clean your room” or “do 25 jumping jacks” or “have a bubble bath”… and ESPECIALLY not “learn to define and spell 5 new words in the dictionary” I mean [email protected]#$%? this was either written by a boring [email protected]#$% mom or a reallyyyyy nerdy kid…
#393 – One who is not entertained by this list – 04/11/2010 – 21:45


blah blah blah your summer ideas blow!
good lord, these ideas are lame im sorry but you really want to spend you summer doingsome of these things..
how about trying things like..
.climb a billboard
.go streaking
.road trip
. flash a stranger
.get on tv somehow
.go bowling trashed
.scavenger hunt with lke three differnt groups of people
.out of a group of frinds who can get the most numbers over the summer
.get random tattoosomthing besides whats on this site. thats what go and im coming here to find ideas? sorry but no thanks you fail.
#392 – haley – 04/11/2010 – 02:02



Erm… yeah..
If this were a perfect world- everyone would want to do that list. XD

I’m 16… I’m sort of a “loner” (not really..) so I just…sleep all summer..

It’s really sad no one here donates to charity. This is why I have no faith in my generation. We’re the selfish, no-respect generation. I fear for how we’re going to be like when we’re in our 30’s, I really do….

Like, what, everyone does drugs and has sex all the damn time. I hate my generation! We’re good for nothing!
I hate people in general, but still.

God. One of them will be our future president- SCARY.

#391 – Blahh – 04/10/2010 – 19:49


i am a teen and this is a great idea 4 a 2 yr old
nt a 13 yr old
#390 – Rosie – 04/10/2010 – 12:33


Be nice… make the world a better place. Shouting online helps no one.
#389 – me – 04/09/2010 – 03:19


More for a guy
Obviously it’s been said over and over. But a list with more things a guy would like to do would be cool. For what it is though, it’s not a bad list for my little sister, I’ll [email protected]#$% along some of the ideas for her when she’s not in summer camp. Thanks.
#388 – Jordan – 04/07/2010 – 19:50


i hardly read this list but ahahahha it’s hilariously the worst list i have ever seen but i am laughin my [email protected]#$% off. i love you george. that comment was totally hilarious. hahahahahahahaha. wow. if you hvnt seen his comment guys…you should really checckkkittouutt … so george, you take bubble bathss every day?? cool. yea that’s a bit creepy .. ๐Ÿ˜›
#387 – [email protected] – 04/06/2010 – 19:14


im a 13 year old and I dont have a pool in my yard or neighborhood since its new and stuff but ya I did all these when I was younger. Thanks for the ideas whoever wrote them but ya I am looking for creative fun things to do that won\’t kill me and my parents will allow. who knew a list of things to do during the summer would make everyone go mad.
#386 – k – 04/05/2010 – 19:45


m not exactly a teen im a preteen but during the summer i like 2 lissten to music,play music with family, ride 4 wheelers,or the caboata, hunt,swim, play with dogs, play corn hole, but 4 u people who dont know wat to do here is my scedual 1.eat breakfest,2.sit in the house and watch tv,3.wait untillunch then eat,4.ride 4 wheelers,swim 4 a while go to town ,hang withfamily and stuff liketht we rrednecks so ya


so this is my list but if u want some good ideas just tell me and i will give u the best ideas ever






danielle rules and justin beibor HERE IS A GOOD I DEA PLAY WITH AN AIJI BARD























#385 – danielle – 04/05/2010 – 19:13


Library Actually is Fun. If your going therre with friends to get the internet on free computers. xD

OK Well i was reading the comments then noticed half way through, this would take me 3 hours to read all of this hateful comments, the funny part is this isn’t summer yet and this is really fun. Hater Rage is always fun. xD Anyway I have a good idea, Play some World of Warcraft. If you think world of warcraft is for nerds then you are mistaken by a long shot. First of all my Girlfriend at school plays and she is pretty damn hot. So, i have proven two points. 1. WoW isn’t for nerds. 2. Chicks in general do play WoW. Now, go get WoW because if your bored then play it! it is fun. BTW The library is Beastly.

14yr old Dude/Man (doesnt really matter)


#384 – Tyler Fair WV Pwns – 04/05/2010 – 04:59


ehh, it\’s an okay list. most teenagers in these times tend to want to party and go crazy. i\’m a 16 year old girl and kool-aid tye dye actually sounds kinda fun, and sidewalk chalk is always fun. honestly i think it\’s an alright list. all i really want to do is have fun this summer..i really don\’t care what i\’m doing. thanks for the list. plus all of these activities can really be fun if you\’re with a friend or boyfriend etc. (: i\’m gonna try some out!
#383 – bethaaanybabii – 04/02/2010 – 17:37


ok or you can..
1. Go to the seaside
2. Get stomach pierced
3. go on holiday
4. meet new people
5. hook up with guys
7. have a garden party invite everyone
8. go to gigs and concerts
9. go to the park with friends
10. get plastered
11. kiss a stranger
12. get a tan – sunbathing
18. play twister in the shopping centre
19. Stay out all night
22. Drink five red bulls in one night
23. have a water fight!
24. Spin the bottle
25. have fun!
#382 – sophie beal – 04/02/2010 – 16:45


This would keep my kids entertained

Im sure this would entertain my two boys.

If they were five.

#381 – Roger – 04/02/2010 – 04:40


Well with all your guys’ attitudes it seems like this woman has done a good job occupying you. :p
She’s got you all fighting and hating on her.
I think she gave you ideas so you can make them your own, so that you can make them fun personally.
Like “clean your room” i read someone say that they found old notes in there and that it was super fun to see. Making that your own would be; cleaning it, redecorating, and making it more enjoyable to be in. Just saying.
#380 – Aley Mae. – 04/02/2010 – 02:13


lol these comments are HILARIOUS!!!!
thank u guys for makin my night lolas for the list…
i am a teen and i have to agree, this list is lame. some of the stuff on it would be cute, but nothing really fun or wild and crazysoFUNNY the person before me had some perrty good ones, and a couple other commenters did, so read theres instead!!!and as for that “mother of 2 teenagers and parenting expert” you are not a teen so dont try to tell us these things are fun. they are just goody goody and stupid. i feel sorry for your kids haha
#379 – rachael ๐Ÿ™‚ – 03/30/2010 – 05:15


teen list?
#378 – SoFUNNY – 03/30/2010 – 04:47


the people who say the people that claim they drink and stuff at 14 and 15 probably arent lying. im 15 and 90% of my freinds drink presently and drank before now. its sad but a lot of kids start drinking really early. also i think some of these things on this would be fun…drunk except for babysitting and volunterring ans stuff like that. try it then say its not fun. or go to camp seriously igo to sleepaway all summer and its the best time of my life and my friends there are like 15 and 16 and we have a kiddie pool in front of our bunk and tye dye once a summer. we have a bonfire and make smores and watch movies on rainy days. then when we look back on the summer the special days when did sill things like that its better then the nights we spent drinking and sneaking around. the list can be fun if you do the stuff in your own way. and most teens do get summer jobs i dont becasue of camp but all my friends that are staying home are looking for them
#377 – leslie – 03/28/2010 – 21:16


#376 – misow(i know weird name) – 03/28/2010 – 18:21


i like it.!!:P!!
#375 – ”Cio0laInWonderland” – 03/27/2010 – 19:09


Okay…. Kinda lame
:-[] Okay no offence, but this is really for lil kids!!! I’ve done all that, (and then some! =D) When i was younger! I was really expecting something…..Fun for our age group. But hey, no disrepect to those who like this list!
#374 – Meggie – 03/25/2010 – 17:02



Hey I is not even summer here! It is Autumn but this list might be a little kiddie but at lest she wanted to help all you losers ๐Ÿ˜›

You guys need all the help you can get.

Super Nanny lol es my neibour

#373 – Jessica – 03/24/2010 – 00:41


This is list is,,,
Idk Lmao,,
But my plans this summer are,,:)
Get bellybutton pierced(Mom said no)
Wth my cousin
Go tanning,,
Get darker,,
Jog at least every other day,,
And of course Cheer Camp if i get the team:)
Well thats all i have planned,,
Oh,,party with my cousins,,
Maybe drink withher IdkYet if i want too:/
Prolly though:)
#372 – Amanda(ImaBoutToBe15) – 03/22/2010 – 21:19


i love summer alot . and i am a summer baby yay me i love summer a lot(h)
pce tc
#371 – sophie – 03/20/2010 – 23:05


defense of room cleaning fun
lol seriously, i do clean my room for fun!! ๐Ÿ˜€
#370 – wouldn’t you love to know? – 03/20/2010 – 22:28


Whoa number 381, chill out!
#369 – blahh – 03/18/2010 – 23:50


Whoa number 381 chill the heck out.
#368 – blahh – 03/18/2010 – 23:49


ONLY one word…… [email protected]#$%>-(
#367 – shut up – 03/18/2010 – 18:12


lol my name is jillian 2 and i wish i had that much time:-o
#366 – jillian serna – 03/18/2010 – 05:14


Okay seriously, have any of you people who think this list is so bad actually tried doing some of the suggestions? Honestly, its fun. And you can remember doing it the next day.
#365 – Donny – 03/15/2010 – 22:55


Im not the neg type but all that sounds pretty [email protected]#$%…come on go to a museam, and make dinner for your family…teenagers arnt suppopsed to do that get the train to bray with ur mates and sum girls go swimming, have an egg fight , jump of your dam into a resovior
who ever wrote this is prob is some sad sad boy
and of course u defo need do this for summer….get laid
#364 – Conor Whelan – 03/15/2010 – 11:27


what to do in this boring summer especially in india simply sit and watch tv nooooooooooooooooo
#363 – SRI RENGANATHAN – 03/14/2010 – 13:08


look im sorry some of these things might be okay and fun and i dont mean to rag on u guys but get serious like any kid is going to want to put ‘get a job’ or ‘clean my room’ on their things to do this summer list!>-( sry but u guys dont really no teens.
#362 – Becca – 03/14/2010 – 01:52


ok this list kinda [email protected]#$%s…….i mean come on…..clean you room. i dont know one person in the world that would do that 4 fun.how did your parents raise you? i mean sereously do u really think any normal teenager would do this?
here my list:Go to the mall
Have a sleepover
go skinny dipping
jump in the pool at midnight
sleep in the backyard
have a bonfire
go to the spa
go to the movies
sleep on the trampoline
have a movie marathon
have a “eat whatever you want day”
stay outside all day
Play tag in the streets all night(if u live in a rural area)
play in a mud pit(SO FUN!)
squirt each other with a hose
Go on the slip n slide lol
#361 – hannah – 03/13/2010 – 20:12


my list
1. have friend over
2. have a sleep over and wattch a movies
3. call your friend (or boyfriend )
4. text on my cellphone
5.go swim
6.get a job
7. go to my boyfriend house and have fun with he
#360 – luck y – 03/11/2010 – 20:55


love this list lol ๐Ÿ™‚
1. first kiss.
2. hookup.
3. skinny dipping.
4. goto a party.
5. take dance.
6. learn to play the guitar.
7. go skiing.
8. go out of state.
9. fall in love.
10. change someones life.
11. tag someones car.
12. run in the rain.
13. go muddin.
14. stargaze.
15. get lost.
16. volunteer.
17. sleep outside.
18. make a crazy memory.
19. kiss in the rain.
20. goto a midnight premiere.
21. goto a concert.
22. talk to someone in spanish.
23. do ‘yes man’ for a day.
24. laugh untill you cry.
25. get a new peircing.
26. pretend to be someone your not.
27. bake a cake.
28. go streaking.
29. jump into a pool with all your clothes on.
#359 – carilynn ๐Ÿ™‚ – 03/11/2010 – 18:59


ummmmm……i’m not too fond of this list :p
haha [email protected]#$% how about drink a beer and jack around who the heck wrote this mary poppins
hahah…..i love this kid!!! :] lol
#358 – Carilynn – 03/10/2010 – 18:40


ummmmm……i’m not too fond of this list :p
…………i didn’t really find anything on this list helpful in any way……all of the things seem more like chores than anything else……oh well i guess we just dont have the same taste in a so-called “good time” for me i love to hang out with friends or significant others and/or PARTYYYY!!!! :] lol but seriously you need to think about what others would do to have a good time not just what you think is fun or entertaining! E’ for effort though lol :] best wishes hope to see another list from you…..xoxo, me :]
#357 – Carilynn – 03/10/2010 – 18:38


bad list
this list should be for five year olds no teen agers would do these things no offense to who ever wrote this but BAD list!!!!:-o
#356 – Emma – 03/09/2010 – 21:13


wow ninja
also anybody getting the virgin vibe…
#355 – Tony Littua – 03/09/2010 – 17:37


THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!! I mean, clean your room? oh come on… that is so NOT FUN!!!
#354 – Zui – 03/07/2010 – 08:22


my totally awesome list!!
ok- i admit the list could be a tad bit better-but seriously-why the rude comments? anyway, my awesome list:
catch fireflies
have water wars (water guns, balloons, and all that crap)
make popsicles
go camping-in your own backyard(its free!!!)
make lemonade
make smoothies
teach yourself how to do flips on the trampoline
take pics of ba-utiful summer scenes
give your flip flops some pizzaz!
:-)hope this list helps;-)
#353 – missy – 03/06/2010 – 20:25


your stupid
what a [email protected]#$%ed list what teenager wants to do that during the summer
#352 – James – 03/06/2010 – 17:23


FOR REAL?!?!?!
Wow seriously?! Whoever wrote this is obviously trippin on acid cuz NO ONE ever does this stuff and you have to have no life whatsoever to think this stuff is fun..so to whoever wrote this: GET A LIFE AND LOOK AT REALITY.
#351 – Gina – 03/02/2010 – 23:00


Oh my god……….
Okk so these comments about drinking and doing drugs and everything is just plain lies and u know it. Especially miss eleven year old who wants to take it further…
Sure. We all believe you on that one.
And only the stupid teens want to do drugs and drink and such. Not like school stupid like life stupid. You are going to wreck your life and your families.
No I am not a teacher or a mom or anything, I am your age and apparently I know miss eleven and wants to take it further(ahem KC)
anyways don’t try to be cool bcuz…
#350 – Liz – 03/02/2010 – 02:49


I think this list is great!
Yeah so some of the things on this list is a little kiddy, but they’re fun things! If you don’t like it go find a different list then.
#349 – holly.(: – 03/02/2010 – 01:35


Are you serious?
What kind of nerd wrote this?
Get a life maybe?
#348 – ThisIsATerribleList13 – 02/22/2010 – 23:03


Are you on something?!

Oh… my gosh. Is whoever wrote this doing crack or something?? I think half the girls who replied to this claiming to be teens who enjoyed this list were actually TWEENS who wish they were 13 already… But my 11 year old sister laughed pretty hard at this, so maybe socially awkward tweens, even… This is the dumbest thing ever….

Check THIS out…

^ a REAL summer bucket list…

#347 – thisissostupid – 02/22/2010 – 19:03


okay so im a 12 yr old looking for party ideas 2nite and really, i did this stuff in 2nd grade sortof like i even did better stuff then and really, drugs and alcohol=1 way road to troubble so if you want to have fun dont do anything on this list but plz no drugs cause thats sumthin u can have fun with l8 in life so yea
#346 – Crose – 02/20/2010 – 20:17


sneak into a music festival
cliff diving
build jumps
race [email protected]#$%boxes through paddocks
sneak into private property
knock and run
i know you might enjoy the things on your list.
#345 – jakefirst – 02/18/2010 – 11:41


#344 – jessssssssssssss – 02/14/2010 – 12:33


A nice list
Hi, I think some of the stuff on the list are suggestions good but others a little childish for teenagers like the colouring book and paddling pool – but they could be enjoyable. But ones like tidy your room and make fresh fruit juice are very rewarding. I would add listen to another genre of music to your normal patterns and download the free version of spotify, go for a long walk, get some extra hours of sleep and do some painting or something you enjoy that’s creative.
#343 – tom – 02/14/2010 – 10:28


Wow People
Wow. I am 18 years old and half this list is a lot of fun to do with friends. I am in college and my friends got me a coloring book, jumbo crayons, and extra bubbles for the bubble bath. Believe me, half of you think that you’re all that because you use crappy language and make fun of this list. Yes, I agree. As a fourteen year old (Still a preteen), this stuff may seem babyish because you want to be cool. Once you hit teenage years, 16-19, you will find that this stuff is so much cooler than what you thought. I still hang out with my friends and just sit and color, or order a pizza. NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL AT ALL!! Oh my gosh!! Half of you who say you are doing drugs and drinking at age 15 are liars. No one at age 14, who says that they are drinking, is going to really mean it. They are just saying it to be cool and fit in with their “friends”. Believe me, this list is awesome!! For those of you that say crappy comments and use crappy language, I’m telling you to f*** off. Yes, I did just use crappy language. But not about the list. About you preteen 14 year olds who don’t know whats cool.
#342 – Em[ily] – 02/12/2010 – 20:09


This was cute
I’m 22, and let me tell you; drinking gets old. Don’t be so worried about seeming grown up as if not acting like a degenerate will make you appear childish.
We have college parties at our house every weekend, and after a while, it gets boring (beer pong and quarters is only fun the for so long; after a while you realize your just doing the same damn thing weekend after weekend). I was looking for some interesting ideas to change things up. Simple, innocent things like this are fun. Us big kids find them endearing (my best friend bought me a giant coloring book for my birthday).
Anyhow, I’ll add a few of these to my list.
And, just a word of advice, if you want to appear grown up, don’t type like an idiot. A thousand smilies, a dozen misspellings, and caps-lock, is equivalent to a tantruming 5 year old with stickers all over their rooms. Look at yourself. None of the older kids you want to seem to be likes that [email protected]#$%. I promise you.
#341 – nightshade – 01/20/2010 – 08:00


wow people are lame these days.
#340 – olyviaaaaa – 01/19/2010 – 23:44


Wow some of these entries are really rude! I only read 12 of them but seriously those of you who think this list is stupid or for nerds etc, You are the ones who need lives.. This is a decent list for people who are bored and need SOMETHING to fill their time, and its very low to bash it if you dont like the list, why dont you make up a list of your own!!
#339 – Tracy – 01/13/2010 – 01:16


I don’t know what kind of teens you are raising, but a good 1/200 would enjoy doing anything on this list..
#338 – Jerome Benes – 01/09/2010 – 17:48


I’m 16 and very easily bored. By the time I was at 15, I seriously wanted to smack whoever wrote this. Someone doesn’t know a thing about teens. ‘Do 25 jumping jacks’?? That’ll take two seconds and what teen would do those when there’s better things to do, like sleeping??
#337 – Are you kidding me? – 01/08/2010 – 18:02


my summer list. :]
1. first kiss.
2. hookup.
3. skinny dipping.
4. goto a party.
5. take dance.
6. learn to play the guitar.
7. go skiing.
8. go out of state.
9. fall in love.
10. change someones life.
11. tag someones car.
12. run in the rain.
13. go muddin.
14. stargaze.
15. get lost.
16. volunteer.
17. sleep outside.
18. make a crazy memory.
19. kiss in the rain.
20. goto a midnight premiere.
21. goto a concert.
22. talk to someone in spanish.
23. do ‘yes man’ for a day.
24. laugh untill you cry.
25. get a new peircing.
26. pretend to be someone your not.
27. bake a cake.
28. go streaking.
29. jump into a pool with all your clothes on.
#336 – julie – 01/08/2010 – 05:31


Neon X is better

Has anyone tried to track down this author and, perhaps, inform her that she titled the list ‘for teens’… I was looking for ideas for things for my son and I do together this summer… Not 100 things to make him [email protected]#$%!

At least it was worth a laugh. I showed it to him, and I swear, he almost pee’d himself he laughed so hard.

I hope Ms. Bietz won’t mind. We’re [email protected]#$%ing on the bubble bath and crayons. Instead we’re doing Scuba diving, mountain biking, a three day racing school, and maybe sky diving.

In case you skipped over it… look above for Neon X’s list… it kills!

#335 – Huh? – 01/07/2010 – 07:35


really [email protected]#$%sequal
this is the lamest ever what about get laid? ride a cow? hydroplane a dirtbike? jump off a cliff? any thing is better than this …….. this list is sooooo f….ing [email protected]#$%
#334 – chuck norris – 01/04/2010 – 09:50


this has inspired me in so many ways!
im going to go get my camera and snap pics of the neighborhood dogs and the trees.
then im going to tye dye my sisters underwear as a prank!!!!!! im feeling scandalous.
then im going to buy some water proof crayons and draw a self portrait of me on my dream vacation!
wow this summer will be great!
then im going to invite my friends (speaking of which i need to make some) and have a tea party with the set my great aunt left for me after a bear malled her in the parking lot.
then i’ll fill the neighborhood pool with jello and well splash around in it! oh and ill order pizzas for the whole crew!! (speaking of which, where and how can i make a crew? PUT THAT ON THE LIST!!)
and finally ill end my summer night on a romantic note. ill take my boyfriend (actually, no boy in their right mind would date me) so i’d take my dad and we’d go see a romantic movie followed by a walk threw the park.
who ever wrote this is completely oblivous.
you [email protected]#$% at list making.
#333 – Josie – 12/30/2009 – 22:30


I love this list!
I\’m absolutely going to do almost everything on the list. I\’m a 16 year old girl and they all seem like some easy things to do if you just want a lowkey summer, like myself. So, uh, what I\’m saying is, could you make another list of things to do for 2010 or whatever? Thanks for making this, made my day!
#332 – Jerika – 12/25/2009 – 19:04


this is a weird list!!!!!!
im srry but this list is the WORST list ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would NEVER do anything on this list!!!!!!
#331 – rudy – 12/10/2009 – 23:11


Who are you?
Are you serious? These aren’t’ fun things to do, these were fun 50 years ago. I swear my mother wrote this.
#330 – a teenager – 10/31/2009 – 04:42


That’s mean of ya if you were to said that this list is absolutely horrible. Yes, some of the things suggested might be childish, but it’s your choice to follow it or not. And if you are gonna follow this list, make sure you make a few changes so that you won’t end up doing the childish stuff given.
#329 – Naddystar – 10/27/2009 – 08:30


this was a lame list! this is really stupid:oops:
#328 – Courtneyt – 10/03/2009 – 01:11


Boring sorry heres some advise…
Okay this list is horrible sorry but have a tea party really what teenager would want to do that i would advise you to forget this list never look at it again an dgo out and have some fun.
#327 – Carrie – 09/27/2009 – 23:52


This list is totally radical! It has some great ideas for me to do, but i don\\\’t have many friends so would you mind posting more things for me to do…alone?
#326 – Sir Ben IV – 09/26/2009 – 19:11


My summer list.
1. go to woodford folk festival.
2. get my belly peirced.
3. get tanned.
4. get a boyfriend.
5. get fit.
6. get good at surfing.
7. go shopping for summer clothes.
8. do singing acting lessons
9. go to big day out.
#325 – lucy – 09/16/2009 – 00:51


this list is hilarious
#324 – hi – 09/07/2009 – 04:39


u r shannnn
well all u haters havnt put any ideas down so stop being so fkn mean ! jillian continue writing dont listen 2 these bunch of fkn losa\’s
#323 – u r shannnn – 09/06/2009 – 09:32


I like julie’s list better than the first one…. but come on people!! Why would u read this page if all u wanna do is sit around!!!!! jeez
#322 – sofia – 09/05/2009 – 14:08


๐Ÿ˜ฎ i agree with brandon!!!!! this list is totally RUBBISH X
#321 – Abby – 09/04/2009 – 14:26



yah know im a girl and i totaly agree with the guys. all the girls are like omg thats not nice!its just cause ur a guy!

but i totally agree. i wanted something fun. not to take my siblings to the movies. the whole time they talk.

no offense but seriously. go to zumiez and write the list again.

your list can [email protected]#$% it.

#320 – a name – 09/03/2009 – 17:32


This list [email protected]#$%s. I mean seriously, Tea Party? even eight year olds think its stupid….. I mean I’m only 11 and this is the lamest list ever….. The only thing I would do would be jump into the poool with my cloths on, and thats still lamo. I am still bored
#319 – bookgirl19 – 08/30/2009 – 14:41


to comment #59 and Liz whos comment is mad long
i am 13 years old and from reading this list i get a vibe that the auther was an adult. and 13 to 17 is a teen-ager. if ur 18 ur leagal and practicly an adult ur self. i also think that some of these activities are a little out there on what teens really wana do but i also have a feeling that this list was 2 sorta act like a child and reminis on ur younger days. i think we could all b alil bit nicer but it is a free country and we all have free of speech and i am happy that we all know how 2 speek our minds. haha BUT TO LIZ: DONT YA THINK UR A LIL BIT OLD TO BE LOOKING UP THIS WEB CITE MAYB UR THE 1 THAT NEEDS TO GROW UP A BIT. BE HAPPY THAT UR ALOUD 2SPEEK UR MIND SO FREELY HERE. K HUN!! B-)
#318 – yyeeaa – 08/25/2009 – 02:50


hey all you frustrated guyslookin for sumthin to do…
hey, everyone that is sitting around in your house looking up things to do,
get up off ur butt n go outside, get as many as your friends together, go see a movie, then go to someones house and do sumthin, go in the basement and have fun with all your friends
#317 – Petie Pie – 08/23/2009 – 15:21


alright this list is ok i guess some of the things on here are just stupidd. seriousl>>>>CLEAN YOUR ROOMM I WOULD NEVER DO THATT ON SUMMER VACATIONN?!!!!!!!!
#316 – ok then?! – 08/22/2009 – 23:36


ya right!
haha as if!! im a teen 2 non of this sounds fun. its sounds like the writer just really wants us 2 do stuff around the house. if we really wanted 2 do that stuff, we would. maybe you should hang out with a teen for a day. then you would understand what we like, cause its sure not any of those things.
#315 – teen – 08/22/2009 – 05:12


Umm… why does everyone things all teens want to drink and get high? I have a surprise for you, some teens actually like to FOLLOW THE LAW!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
#314 – Sarah – 08/20/2009 – 18:08


Some of you guys are really mean. I mean, geez, the lady was just trying to help. And sometimes going back and doing kid things helps you forget all the stressful crap that comes with growing up and can be really fun. I mean, like, when was the last time you colored with Crayons? How would you know that it’s boring? I love Crayons!
#313 – Amy – 08/18/2009 – 21:37


Do this
#312 – emma – 08/17/2009 – 12:58


This list [email protected]#$%ed,I like Neon x’s one LMAO! ๐Ÿ˜€
#311 – Lily – 08/16/2009 – 00:23


Teacher: what did you this summer billy
Billy: I learned 5 new words from the dictionary and had a tea party!
Teacher: really?
Billy: no!
#310 – Maisy Eleanor – 08/15/2009 – 21:51


okay teens may be kind of hard to entertain and we are kind of picky but really???? my mom has to annoy me for a week to get me to clean my room! And who wants to spend their summer looking up words in the dictionary??? Summer is supposed to be about having fun and taking a break from leaning!
#309 – Rach – 08/13/2009 – 21:38



I’m going to tottally improve this list.

1. Gather up a few friends,lay on picnic table in the park and scream at everyone who walks by .
2. Go on a walk and take pictures of old people,their interesting.
3. Buy some fashion magazines,and draw on the pretty people and make them ugly.
4. Bead some bracelets and see how many you can fit on your arm.
5. Volunteer to stare at hobos.
6.Never Clean your room!
7. Bake some cupcakes and eat them all in an hour.
8. Play some ‘adult’ games like ”What’s in her mouth” ”How far can you put it in” exc.
9. Take your cat for a walk and make sure it has a jumpsuit on.
10. E-mail a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile and just be really weird like ”Its been ages since we last spoke of love and lust I miss the way your arm smelt”.
11. Do 25 jumping jacks in the middle of Wal*mart!
12. Look through old family scrapbooks, photo books, and yearbooks and make rude comments at every picture.
13. Make a beer float.
14. Go to the movies with your sexkitten.
15. Go window-shopping, as in you and your friends put on the mannequins clothes and pretend to be mannequins and wink at everyone that walk past.
16. Write a poem about the colour pink and happiness to every goth you know.
17. Make fresh, homemade fruit juice then put something nasty in it and give it to someone you don’t like.
18. Give your sexkitten a bath.
19. Make dinner for your parents,make it taste really bad but pretend you worked hard so they feel bad and say they love it.
20. Baby-sit for a neighbor that has a hot older bro/sis.
21. Have a sleepover party and watch scary movies then while your friend’s asleep put on an old halloween mask and scare the [email protected]#$% out of them.
22. Plan a vacation you want to take next summer and bring everyone you know along.
23. Plant garden gnomes in random peoples lawns.
24. Sign up for a [email protected]#$% & never show up.
25. Have a bubble bath with your sexkitten.
26. Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs and title it “Satanic songs” and mail it to your Christian neighbors.
27. Order a pizza with the yuckiest toppings to your neighbor and watch their confusion from the window.
28. Splash around in a plastic kiddy pool with 10 people .
29. Buy some crayons and pelt them at people.
30. Read a book about sex in a public libary and make remarks like ” WOW THIS IS REALLY INTERESTING” & reccomend it to everyone that walk by.
31. Make a scrapbook of creepy pictures of like knives and put it someones mailbox.
32. Get a job at Wal*mart and get fired the same day.
33. Start a diary and write everything you’ve done that your parents would kill you if they knew you did it.
34. Spend the day at the library and talk to yuorselfthe whole time and see if you get kicked out.
35. Draw a pen!s and mail it to your bestfriend.
36. Make a collage of hot people out of old magazines.
37. Run around in the sprinklers;naked.
38. Go to a museum and run around the very vauble items to see if you can p!ss off the employees.
39. Go out for lunch with one of your enemys and manage to spill your drink on them,[email protected]#$% them,*acidently* spit your food on them.
40. Jump in the pool with your clothes on and scream bloody [email protected]#$%.
41. Eat last night’s leftovers for breakfast then force your friend to eat old cereal.
42. Chase people around with knitting needles and yarn,it can get kinky..
43. Invite friends over and have a tea party then smash tea cups and throw scones at eachother.
44. Swing on the swings at the park and *accidently* kick people that walk by.
45. Tie-Dye a hair with Kool-Aid!
46. Make a smoothie and pour it on someone while their not expecting it.
47. Make your own dictionary of words you use with your friends and define them in what you use the word for.
48. Buy 10 boxes of popicles fill a kiddie pool with them and wait for them to get slushie and push someone in it.
49. Put on the radio on opera and mosh.
50. Go camping in your backyard all day with 8 people in one tiny tent ๐Ÿ˜‰

#308 – Neon x – 08/13/2009 – 20:39


What teenager wants to clean their room? ;S
This isn’t the brady bunch get your [email protected]#$% together.
#307 – Kole – 08/13/2009 – 19:57


this list is for 3 year olds!!
ok this list is REALLY lame. Im 15 and i know for a fact that none of my friends r gonna do this [email protected]#$%. no offence to anyone else, but im really popular at my school and the only person thats gonna take a bubble bath on a summer day would be the guy that reads in his free time.
– Jenny
#306 – Jenny – 08/11/2009 – 15:57


ya guys if ur bored go to CheezyWhiz.webs.com i went there and it was cool.
#305 – nick jonas – 08/11/2009 – 15:52


This list royaly [email protected]#$%s
This list is horrible! Who wants to take a bubble bath??? I mean cmon! The only two I like are the ones that say order a pizza and watch scary movies at a sleepover. This list is meant for nine year olds (maybe younger). I really found nothing I was looking for in this list.
#304 – greendayfan101 – 08/11/2009 – 14:50


IF ur bored…
hey guys if ur bored go to CheezyWhiz.webs.com!;-)
#303 – cheezy whiz – 08/10/2009 – 22:55


im bored
im so bored that i think i will try to complete this list.:-)


this list is the most rediculous list i have seen in my life. i mean who the heck would want to take a bubble bath. maybe when i was 5. but come on. teens want to have fun in the summer since we’v been in school for so long. who would want to make cupcakes and give them to your friends. this is just a stupid list that a grown up “profetional”(i said in a sarcastic tone) thought that teens would enjoy this.this is a reatarded list that only [email protected]#$% people and hippis would want to do. and yes im talking about you george. lamo
#301 – alexandria – 08/09/2009 – 20:51


Truth or dare!!!!!!!!
#300 – anonomus – 08/08/2009 – 19:19


Worst List

Worst List i Have Ever Read U Obv Dont Now Teenagers Thats the kind of list id give to a 3 year old to do not a teenager i think you need to think about what youve wrote shuck it in the bin then write a better one okaa

Summer whoooB-)

#299 – Annie n Sarahjane – 08/08/2009 – 08:36


I read comments about people cursing the woman, but all you can do is critisize. That\’s totally lame. If you don\’t like the suggestions, that\’s you. If you really feel the urge to just bother the rest of us who come onto this site for suggestions with your immature and often misspelt opinions, that\’s ok as well. Just don\’t cuss her or other people who think the list is fine the way it is. I must admit, there were some that didn\’t appeal to me, but as a teenage girl of 16 years, I can confidently and happily say I would find some of these ideas quite enjoyable.B-) B-)

Enter suggestions yourselves. I saw some great ones. But at least try to make your ideas fun..and legal. I doubt that most considering getting hammered or an STD have the intellectual capacity to come up with just five of those but I may just be incorrect. lol
Getting ridiculously intoxicated isn\’t exactly my idea of fun. It may be yours but maybe i\’m just missing out..

on being a screw-up.:-P :-D:-P

Anyone else who bothers to curse this woman or call the entire list lame is a //////-bag, /unt or someone who ///// hobos (without their consent).
๐Ÿ˜ฎ >-( ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

And should be pitied for thier inferior intellect and their ignorance of social grace. Even straight-A-students are sometimes idiots and should be likened to primates.


#298 – RandomSense – 08/08/2009 – 06:48


fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd:i loveeeeee summmererrrr especially the girls ๐Ÿ˜€ GO SUMMER!!!! copy and paste!
#297 – omfgomfg – 08/05/2009 – 02:02


wat did thiz summa was make out with a hot guy:-P
#296 – sam – 08/02/2009 – 20:24


kk…….. the top 5 things i have done all summer is
1. facebook
2. texting
3. tv
4. swimmnig
5. eating lolim soooooooo bored and reading this list makes me think that im going to have a really bad time intil i go bak 2 school!
#295 – lyndzie – 08/02/2009 – 14:51


well okay-dokay
Where to start… I don’t have all day to plan something I am sleeping, I want stuff to do on a whim and not something completely crazy or illegal. Just not Babysitting activities. I honestly think that these could be fun– if you’re with the right kind of people who can make it fun, buuuuut not something I would want to do. It would be strainuous to make these work out.
#294 – Carolyn – 07/31/2009 – 22:51


me and my mates are so totally going for a picnic it will be soooooooo cool ๐Ÿ˜› luvvin this website ooh yeaa
#293 – lauren cee – 07/30/2009 – 09:31


total crap
yu cud b a bit more imaginitive ne1 can think of ttht stuff list weird n wow stuff not this borin rubbish…………honestly
#292 – kate.. – 07/29/2009 – 19:14


this list is okayyyyyy but i was looking for things so strange you\’ve never heard of that makes you curious, ive heard of all these things.
#291 – Maddi – 07/29/2009 – 00:51


worst things to do in summer”09
okaay? you have one or two good things but no offence im a teenager and cleaning my room doesnt even come into this? id rather sit watching telly or sunbathe than that? write a poem, remind me of school jumping jacks? reminds me of p.e this is more for your wee kids or old grannies?
#290 – louu – 07/28/2009 – 22:40


so you seem to think that summer\’09 is all about making cakes+going to the library?
well whoever made this list has got SOME good ideas+loadsa good ones for liettle kidds.
but not for teenagers.
are you for real to expect 13 years old to clean their room instead of sitting at home doing nothing?
why not make a proper list.
use the people ^^^^ that have commented as your input.
it\’d be a damn more successful.
but thankuuu for trying.
it didnt workkk :-P.
summer shudd be about friends.
make thousands of memories.
whatever you\’re doinngggg.
#289 – lindsay – 07/27/2009 – 18:42


ok kkiids
this list should go on a baby site!
#288 – kittybabytea – 07/27/2009 – 18:07


Most teens would rather kill themselves
Okayyy, so you obviously have no idea what teens do these days. Most of the teens i know would definitely kill themselves before doing some of this stuff. I mean, come on, bubble bath? Clean your room? Bake cupcakes and give them to friends and family? Help charity? Um no. Worst list ever. Best list ever for [email protected]#$% kids in the 50s.
#287 – rawrr_radio – 07/27/2009 – 17:58



#4/#7 you guys are jerks. and cleaning your room isn’t stupid. you’re just a lazy idiot.

i liked this list. it’s relaxing and fun ๐Ÿ™‚ you can just go be boring by yo self! hahahaha

#286 – emily – 07/26/2009 – 20:21


so who liked my ideas ?
Hey hits who liked my ideas I gave ? ?
#285 – [email protected]#$%ie – 07/26/2009 – 14:33


wow…umm how about..NOT!
seriously who ever wrote this is pretty lame..this stuff isnt even fun. no teen would even consider doing any of this…dangggggg.
#284 – T Paiiiin – 07/26/2009 – 02:23


no offense but i dont think this is something a lot of teens would like to do . im 13 and lots of these even i wouldnt like to do. but thanx for trying ๐Ÿ™‚ andd dont listen to all of the really mean comments. okay it may not be the best list ever but it could give people SOME ideas at least!
#283 – jess – 07/25/2009 – 18:13


๐Ÿ˜› Im ten and iwas just looking for some ideas for this summer but none of these is are good ideas. B-) this list is for nerds and babies. Cleaning your room is not fun.
I suggest some sports like bicycling or swimming or baseball.:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P
#282 – lyba – 07/25/2009 – 15:18


Sorry Mate
28. Splash around in a plastic kiddy pool.
29. Buy some crayons and a coloring book.
34. Spend the day at the library.
37. Run around in the sprinklers.
38. Go to a museum.not really my idea of fun and exciting stuff 2 do ๐Ÿ˜›
#281 – Dotty – 07/25/2009 – 14:19


Here\’s my list.
1.) Go cliff-diving
2.) Go to a park at night
3.) Tye-dye shirts, white short-shorts, or sheets
4.) Lay on the trampoline and look at the stars at night
5.) Smoke a cigar with your friends
6.) Make popcorn and watch a scary movie with all your friends at night
7.) Burn some good CD\’s and go on a road-trip
8.) Search your friends parents rooms for [email protected]#$% and laugh when you find it
9.) Play truth-or-dare (or just dare) at a park at night
10.) Yell at people from a car
11.) Go to the lake at night and skinnydip
12.) Go to the library
13.) Make a funny video and post it to youtube
14.) Try to get as many phone numbers in a day as you can and then compare the amount you got to your friends
15.) Get drunk
16.)Go to a movie
17.) Smoke weed out of an apple
18.) Write random things in peoples truth boxes on myspace
19.) Sidewalk chalk obscene things on other peoples driveways at night
20.) Have sex
#280 – Leah – 07/23/2009 – 20:27


:-(thats not what i was looking for:oops:
#279 – bailey – 07/22/2009 – 21:05


I love summer soo much but i never know what to do…
last year i made a list too and i did the same things again this year…they never get old :-P1) Go to the cinema at least once a week with mates.
2) Go the the beach in the RAIN and go in the sea FULLY CLOTHED ๐Ÿ˜€
3) Go camping and get no sleep at all, just sit thee and talk with friends all night long.
4) Go to the local playpark meant for 5 year olds and just sit on the roundabout and swings all dayy.
5)Phone people up who you barely talk talk to and just chat for hours and hours.
6) Go to town and jump in every water fountain you see and then turn up at an expensive restaurant ๐Ÿ™‚
7) Go somewhere different…last year i went to london and it was AMAZING!!
8) Go abroad with friends who also cant speak the language and dont think about it until you get there ๐Ÿ˜›
9) Lay on the sunbed reading an old book that you really remember or looking at photos until you get too burnt.
10) Make lots of cookies and cup cakes and then have a giant sleepover and eat them all :DENJOY SUMMER EVERYONE :-Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
#278 – hello (: – 07/22/2009 – 19:48


my gosh people!

i no this list may not be awesome or just wht u want 2 do but some people just might like it so give it a rest and respect other people’s opinions! u can wright your own if u don’t like it!!!!

most of you are alot older than me but like wayyyy more immature u probly would not belive how old i am for what im saying (wayyyyy more mature than the rest of you)

#277 – young, but mature – 07/22/2009 – 16:53


I hate to burst your bubble guys…..
If you are bored than that means you are boring. I dont remember ever being bored when i was a kid or needing my mom and dad to entertain me. I lived in the country with no one around my age and there was no cable/satelite tv, xbox, wii or playstations. No cell phones to text my friends, definately no pc to watch youtube or myspace. I was born in 1970 and i always had great times. No, i agree, about three things on that list would have been fun for me and cleaning my room was not it! But i did stay outside from morning til night playing, riding my bike without hands or standing on the seat while riding the bike. Playing my trumpet, making tree houses, making ramps to jump my bike. Playing chase with my dog, etc. i could go on and on but the main goal was to stay away from the house so my mom wouldnt make me do stuff (creative right!?). There wasnt even a list to look up like the one above, so i came up with all of my own ideas, imagine that. The bottom line is you all are spoiled to having these things and you havent had a chance to use your imagination or creativity. Technology is a wonderful thing but it has created alot of uncreative or unimaginative and very ungrateful, kids.
I hate to spoil it for you but life is only as cool as your imagination or creativty will allow it to be. Without that imagination or creativity your life is going to remain boring and more than likely you will just end up in jail because you were bored…. The list is lame but if you had imaginations you wouldnt even have read it because you would be out doing something fun!
#276 – Audra – 07/22/2009 – 16:27


[email protected]#$%?? Those ideas are… mehh no. and I saw the same ones on the page i just looked at! I would rather watch TV or sleep thaann doo that… >-(
#275 – [email protected]#$% IS THIS ?? – 07/21/2009 – 20:14


i love summer i dont know what i could do with out itt!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
#274 – katelynn beazel – 07/20/2009 – 19:51


I’m not sure being thrown down a mountain is the best course of action here, but I did laugh at that one. Anyhow, Kirsty, while your input is greatly appreciated, I don’t know what the hell you said in that paragraph. Could I get an English translation, please? Thanks!
#273 – Seton – 07/20/2009 – 03:52


๐Ÿ˜ฎ dont mean to e nasty but most of the things in here are eithaa borin or done in everyday lifee … have a bath … tidy room … make smoothyy … mak ice lolliess aint gnaahh keep you goin for long is it tbhh … no1 can keep goiin for liak 6 weeks there aint anyhing to do for kids nomoree unless we have loadsaaa money iits crap tbhh (N)
aaahhh wellll
go out drinkin n have a good laff with maytes ii sayyy (:xxxx
#272 – kirsty – 07/19/2009 – 16:07


I second what Ryan said. I’m fifteen and nobody I know would do any of this stuff, even if they were extremely bored. I mean, I am googling things to do in the summer so I clearly don’t have a life, but I have enough of a life to know that this list was designed for eight year olds. Sign up for a [email protected]#$%? Go to a museum? I just escaped school! Why the hell would I want to sign up for a [email protected]#$%? If anyone thinks this list is fun, they are probably not a teenager.
#271 – Melissa – 07/19/2009 – 14:04


Okay Kids, a couple things.

First of all, whatever loser thought of this should be thrown down a mountain. I have never heard more lame things in my life. My idea of fun is not to take a freakin bubble bath. Now, maybe if i was about 6 and I had no friends, then i would do these things.

But hmmmm lets see? I am 16, and i have a life! So do the world a favor, get back to your bubble bath, and never make one of these lists again.

And for anyone that thinks this is a good list, you must have the maturity of a 6 year old girl. Enough said.

#270 – Ryan – 07/19/2009 – 05:17


I have a couple of suggestions…

Read this list (it [email protected]#$%s so bad it\’s hilarious)

Read the comments (I\’m laughing out loud right now)

#269 – Seton – 07/19/2009 – 05:12


its funny how all the little kids think this list [email protected]#$%s when all the older kids think this list is not badd LOL

i liked it ! some of the ideas are really cute like having a tea party. i would do that it would be so fun just with your friends and chatting with little cupcakes and cookies that u baked ๐Ÿ™‚

u could also do things like :
-movie marathon
-jogging with friends
-buy a pet ex.a fish or a hamster
-have a grage sale
-get a new makeover
-go camping with friends
-go to sleep country and jump on beds
-go to laser quest?

Hope that helped!

#268 – anonymous – 07/18/2009 – 16:44


Ok it was lame……..
Ok i h8 the list i wud give it a 1 out of 10 it was bad….. ๐Ÿ˜›
#267 – * giggles * – 07/18/2009 – 08:01


1am-1pm sleep
2-5 go visit a friend | shop
6-8 call someone/relax
8-1am go party
1-go home & do the same thing
#266 – crystal benard – 07/16/2009 – 00:31


Okay…i guess!!!!??
this list is kk. i guess. some stuff could be fun if u like changed it a bit. like the cool aid tye dying u could pour the bucket on ur head and then lye in sand. lol. idk!!!!! but here’s some stuff 2 do:
1. if ur at the beacch go to a jetty and jump off the rocks
#265 – Lena – 07/15/2009 – 13:51


This must be a joke. Whoever made this has no clue.
No teenager I know would do any of that [email protected]#$% (I’m 15). Maybe losers who don’t have friends to spend time with? Not even.
Most teens drink, smoke, party, go shopping, whatever. Have fuuuuun in the summer. :-[]
#264 – Skye – 07/14/2009 – 19:51


bareeee gimps haha
go get smashed on a beach and forget where you are like i will be haha pathetic people
#263 – ailz – 07/14/2009 – 14:33


#262 – caca santi – 07/13/2009 – 21:41


Not Too Bad
I think this is an OK list, seeing as the writer doesn’t seem to consider that sometimes people don’t have museums/libraries/malls nearby, and money is not an easy thing to get.
Also, it’s pretty cheesy.
#261 – Rie Ka – 07/13/2009 – 05:46


this list is a disgrace to all teenagers. why the hell would a teenager want to go window shopping with a friend or do jumping jacks for fun?! summer is supposed to be a time of fun and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on this list seems fun for any teenagers i know. wow this is such a depressing list. if i saw my kids doing half of these things during their summer break, i would kick them out of the house naked, until they go and do something actually fun and come back with some interesting stories. don\’t even bother reading this crap. it is either made for amish children, or it is from the 1940\’s. ouchhh. good day to you madam.
#260 – Jaime Scott – 07/12/2009 – 01:16


i do agree. stupid list. ill make my own. oh and by the by, i think im going minigolfing, or to canobie lake park. fun? yeah.
#259 – kristina, age 14 – 07/11/2009 – 20:12


Wow. You comments are so cruel.
I’m 17, and i know the list was far from amazing, but i mean you have to give whoever did this list credit, they tried. I mean they’re not going to please everybody and you have to remember they’re writing for Families Online Magazine, of course it’s going to be a little more conservative. Even if you don’t like the list, right your own, or find an other one, don’t cuss out the writer who is trying to do this for us, or for her job. She doesn’t deserve to be called cruel names, just because she couldn’t come up with ideas everybody liked.
#258 – Melissa – 07/11/2009 – 19:55


Not Really For Mee !
I Think The List Is Okaay ! But Not 4 Teens !
I Mean I Would Rather Do Summin Really Mentall
At The Local Park Or Summin ..Not Charity Stuff!
Sorry ! But It Aiint For Me ! ๐Ÿ˜› x
#257 – Abbi – 07/11/2009 – 19:36


stop makin fun of the list you fat basterds how do you think the creator feels [email protected]#$%es!!!
#256 – desheyonna – 07/11/2009 – 06:27


who does this stuff…i mean…come on now
#255 – MEE – 07/10/2009 – 17:50


Okay to start things off I’m 16 and going to the library is something I would do, I love books, and no I’m not a nerd(not that it would be a bad thing :]) I have a life and I have friends but seriously nothing is wrong with acting like a kid… You can still have fun and still get to throw in your ‘I want to be crazy, have fun, and act stupid’ My friend and I like ‘kid stuff’ and things more suitable for teens… but yeah I guess I’ll stop rambling now.
Two other things
1. Try running up to random strangers and give them a hug…the reaction is priceless
2. Seeing as you’re all at least 11 you’ve taken first grade english please use what you learned instead of posting ‘omg lyk no wai tht list is ttly LAME!!1one’ caps lock doesn’t make you any louder lol :]
Peace, love, and a great summer
-Deli (if it posts twice it’s because my computer is nearly fried)
#254 – Cataclysmic Delirium – 07/10/2009 – 09:27


wow first of all im 12 and i woodnt do this stuff. second of all u “TEENS” think that ur soo cool and stuff but drinki ovr summer?? u MUST have abetter lyfe den dat buht watttevvv u guyssssallll suuukckkckckkckck
#253 – woOw – 07/09/2009 – 22:33


all these ideas [email protected]#$%!>-(
#252 – Sarah – 07/09/2009 – 16:31


OMG This list is awesome
Omg! I just love this list. I love taking bubble baths and play pretty pretty princess. Also i just LOVE planning slumber parties with all my buds. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You know who you all are. I just L.O.V.E. this list, it is tOtaLLy Ah-mazing
#251 – daniel – 07/08/2009 – 22:50


this list is ok

some of the ideas are good. Then others are bad like cleaning your room and taking a bubble bath those things are like so not cool at all. And me being a dude this list doesn\’t fit me at all. a good list would be.

have an outside party with all of your friends
walk in the park while textin
wash the car for money
go play lasertag with some friends
go down the street and get some ice cream
go mountain biking
blare your music
watch reruns on tv
open up all of the windows in the house and turn all of the fans on high
play the wii online
rent some movies form blockbuster
and much more what do you think

#250 – chase – 07/07/2009 – 23:51


this list is terreble
this list is terreble im still freakin bored id never do any of this stuff
#249 – u [email protected]#$% – 07/07/2009 – 17:06



be who you want to be, B-A-R-B-I-E, barbie girl!!!!!!!!!

do whatever makes you happy. cleanse your mind. just remember:

happy healthy safe.

peace to all ๐Ÿ™‚

#248 – peace maker – 07/07/2009 – 15:47


ohhhhhhh yeah baby
#247 – liz – 07/07/2009 – 15:19


Im sorry but im trying to have fun this summer, not frigin ruining it!!!!! whoever wrote this has no idea of what teens do these days.
#246 – Daniel – 07/07/2009 – 04:05


really? what actual teen would do this?
#245 – samantha – 07/07/2009 – 03:00


This list is okay…
Some of the stuff on this list can be fun…don’t be so hateful! lol But I agree with some ppl that you need to add on some fun and crazy things to do that we would not have thought of…
what frustrates me about this summer is that I am ALMOST old enough to drive (I can have my permit) but I can’t drive by myself and it is making me CRAZY!! I really need things to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰
LOL but besides the point great!!
#244 – Kay – 07/07/2009 – 00:03


You’re all pathetic…!:-D
#243 – hey there – 07/06/2009 – 23:19


Ummmm…. I\’m 14 and this list isn\’t bad… I\’m a guy and these things are just kinda not fun to do, but it doesn\’t need criticism lmao… I sound like a lecturing [email protected]#$%… Anyways if u want a really fun summer, do what u like. For me, I watch movies, play tennis basically all afternoon, and have fun with my friends. Even little things like that can be rlly fun ๐Ÿ˜€
#242 – not telling – 07/06/2009 – 04:16


Ummmm…. I’m 14 and this list isn’t bad… I’m a guy and these things are just kinda not fun to do, but it doesn’t need criticism lmao… I sound like a lecturing [email protected]#$%… Anyways if u want a really fun summer, do what u like. For me, I watch movies, play tennis basically all afternoon, and have fun with my friends. Even little things like that can be rlly fun ๐Ÿ˜€
#241 – not telling – 07/06/2009 – 04:12


wow if yur tht cool u wudent do any of this stuff. i mean rly take a bubble bath???
#240 – elen and teresa – 07/06/2009 – 03:30


kayy, really…
this is an okay list…
but really…
i’m actually looking for something REALLY wild, crazy, and things like that.
things like making out with cute random strangers.
hahha, i don’t know!!
#239 – Megan – 07/06/2009 – 01:50



True, this list is kinda lame, but some of the stuff is stuff I would do with my friends. I mean, this is an effing parenting site. So, if you think its OK to be such a jerk , then I have something to add to your LIST, \\\”Take a long walk on a short pier\\\” It may just seem like this is just some person who probably will never check this again, but really it doesn\\\’t even matter, because other people lose respect for you when you treat other people like that. And it adds up. I am only telling you this because most of you are acting like total idiots and if you want to spend your Summer being that person, fine. Its not my life to screw up. I know it seems like I am over reacting, but really, just from sitting here and reading this, I realized that people need to really just get over themselves. People can get really caught up in being so \\\”cool\\\” that they forget what they really WANTED in the first place. If you were anything like me, what you truly want is to have FUN this Summer. Not sit on your [email protected]#$% and insult people who don\\\’t deserve it. So here is my list. Insult me all you want. But if anything please try to remember that every one of us has a little 5 year old inside wanting to take a bubble bath, or splash around in a kiddy pool.

-Meet someone that makes you laugh
-Raise enough money to go on a shopping spree with your friends.
-Jump off the high board at the local pool
-Chug Monsters with your friends and then go Ding Dong Ditching
-Watch horror movies with your friends and a big bowl of popcorn
-Go for a hike in the woods for a whole day and take tons of pictures
-Run as far as you can go
-Write a short story
-Find old friends and make up with them
-Go to Cedar Point/6 Flags/Michigan Adventures/or any other theme park
-Make a book of pictures and memories with your Best Friends.
-Sneak out at night and meet your friends at your old elementary school playground, just spend the night swinging and laughing.
-Start a garden (I know it sounds lame, but its actually really cool when it looks really pretty and you can cut roses and put them in bouquets)
-Get a job at the local bowling alley
-Start a band- have auditions
-Start a youtube channel and make people laugh all over the world
-Go to digg.com and just look at stuff
-Read a good book
-Make yourself wake up at 6 AM for a run, and eat healthy ALL DAY.
-Then Wake up at noon the next day, and eat junk stuff ALL DAY.
-Compare how you felt both days.
-SHOP, have a parent drop you off (or drive) to the mall (when it opens) spend the whole day there, and leave when it closes.
-Go to a parade with your friends
-Go to the beach
*[email protected]#$%es
*Beach Towel
*Suntan lotion
*A Straw
*A magazine
*A cute bathingsuit
-Go to the park and say hi to everyone who [email protected]#$%es
-Tie a disposable camera to a bench in a public place with a note that says \\\”I will return at the end of the day, snap away!\\\”
-Make a Summer Scrapbook
-Learn a new language
-Fix something about yourself that you\\\’ve always hated. And if you haven\\\’t hated anything, improve something ๐Ÿ™‚
-Flirt with cute guys at baseball games
-For one day, act like you\\\’re something you\\\’re not. Buy black eyeliner, a fake lipring, skinny jeans and a skull shirt. And if you\\\’re already like that, buy PINK.
-Go get pampered at a salon with your Best friends.
-Write a Song and record it
-Don\\\’t watch TV for a week
-Watch the movie YES MAN, then try to do everything he does…well…almost everything…
-Stand up for yourself
-Stand in front of a crowd and do what you do best
-Cover an entire wall with things you love, pictures of people, clippings from magazines…and anything else you love.
-Make a CD for your boyfriend ๐Ÿ˜‰
-Join a site that has opposite views from yours (such as an Adam Lambert fan joining WWW.krisallenation.com)and try to see their point of view.
-Clean the WHOLE house and then ruin it all by having a huge party
-Be called these words…
-naughty (ha ha)
-a Best Friend
-an angel
-mature for your age
-Stand up for someone else
-Be a hero
-Climb a mountain and then scream something like \\\”I love you _____\\\”
-Meet your favorite celebrity
-Get your favorite book signed
-Tell someone you love them and mean it
-Apologize to everyone that you may have hurt
-Be yourself
-Have fun
-Drive a speed boat
-Blast music in your car
-Buy something you know you don\\\’t need, then give it to someone who does need it
-Get all your friends together, make yourselves look amazing, and then take a ton of pictures to put on facebook.
-Get a mani pedi
-Get a facial
-Make out with someone you think is totally hot
-Don\\\’t talk for a whole day
-Run a marathon
-Learn how to do something you thought you\\\’d never do, (backflips for me)
-Make a miracle for someone else.

#238 – Anna – 07/06/2009 – 00:40



this list is lame, thankfully i have some cool stuff for ya to do ๐Ÿ™‚

1.go tubing!
2.prank call ur ex- bf/gf (or bffs ex- bf/gf)
3.scary movie marathon
4.make a webshow or vlog
5.take pics with a webcam
6.water park (there are ALWAYS cute guys)
7.have a bonfire
8.go to burgerking and ask from crowns ๐Ÿ˜‰
9.go through a drivethrough and mess w/ the people
10.(like dont order food jus mess w/ them ;D)
11.get a fake i.d. (u dont have to use it, its just 12.kinnda fun and exciting to get one)
13.go to the mall and try on really ugly outfits and 14.ask to emplyees their opinion
15.go up to a random person and be all like, heyy! 16.good to see you again! and see if the play along 17.to avoid [email protected]#$%ment
18. go to hottopic and get the temp. comb in color! it washes out but it looks real! ๐Ÿ™‚
19.go to an outdoor concert ( i am! in 1 week!!!)
20.get ur hair cut short! or do something carazy with it. summer, no school, no violations! so go crazy boys and girls

thats it.
lists are [email protected]#$%y, old people do it (OBVIOUSLY!!)
but i felt it nesacarry cuz that one
[email protected]#$%kkkeddd!

#237 – Jessica – 07/05/2009 – 21:34


It can\’t get any worse…
man what a [email protected]#$%ish list…
no offence but whoever made this list obviously doesn\’t know what teenagers like, let\’s just hope that it wasn\’t a teen who wrote this.
I mean daaaaamn, I highly doubt making a smoothie will amuse me for an hour let alone an entire day…
Should I even attempt to do everything on this DIRE list, it wouldn\’t even last a week anywayson the bright side, at least someone cared enough to take the time to put suggestions up. If it works for Jillian Bietz (who may have been stoned when she wrote this…?) then good for her!
#236 – Mochi – 07/05/2009 – 20:46


Hey, I think some people are forgetting that this lady will not send a bunch of thugs round to your house if you don\’t do this list. I do understand how people feel though, somehow it pisses me off a bit too. I\’m sure she made this with good intentions though.
BIG MISTAKE if anyone plays something called \’Pretty Pretty Pincess\’ then it is guaranteed that somebody will [email protected]#$% them up. This list is actually quite dangerous.
#235 – Jayni – 07/05/2009 – 18:46


all you good girls should start a new life!! i mean, do we really want to clean our room?? we want to do something crazy and wild!! this is really wierd because like everyone is disagreeing!! well, i think they should have some fun things like riding your dirt bike in your backyard!! that is what i did yesterday!! why isn’t there a good website that has things ppl will really want to do??! i wouldn’t have a ton of ideas, but this list has dumb things noone is really looking forward to do. whoever had the idea to throw water baloons at cars is my girl!!=-D i like that idea, but that is kinda unreal. i mean, it is pretty likley that they would catch you; which is the sad part. i like water balloons and water parks and whatnot, so that makes it even better to do those fun water things=) well, there are some cool things if u are a very hiper person.(me) and i would very, most defiantly do, is go in the sprinklers.(well, at night in the dark as a dare=)muah ha ha ha!!) i LOVE dares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is scary sometimes though!! like i enjoy doing stuff like eating something out of the fridge really late at night.. lol i did that with my two friends, mel and bri!!;) we ate animal cookies and WE HAD A SCOOP OF ICECREAM!!:P it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! see, that kind of stuff is fun, not taking a bubble bath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-P well, see yalzz!!
#234 – JAM JAM!! – 07/03/2009 – 22:54


wow worst list ever! i mean who besides greg the [email protected]#$% does half of this crap i mean come on clean you room?!?! you need to see what we do now a days i mean come on (by the way im almost 15 so yah i know what im talking about)!!!!!!!
#233 – brit – 07/03/2009 – 15:44


more like 50 things to MAKE you bored
yeah so most of this stuff was pretty lame. because im bored so now i think ill go take a bath then go take pictures of trees and flowers and dogs. and maybe even splash in a plastic kiddie pool instead of having fun in a REAL pool. one thing they left out is to make homeade ice cream- it actually is really good! but yeah. ewwwwwww this is seriously the best they could do?
the beach is always fun especially cuz its so close to me. just go with a few friends and have fun for a whole day its never boring.
#232 – kylieeee – 07/02/2009 – 18:41


Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!
Omg! i think this list is awesome, but it has not stopped raining for the past 2 weeks. I AM SO BORED! I cant go down town because I live in the back woods. I hope i can find somthing to do.
#231 – Jordan Watson – 07/02/2009 – 14:22


How I Love The 50 Things
Well My Own Thing is to go in the sunB-)
Well I Love to Pet My Boston Terrier! Boston Terriers are The Friendly Dogs. Well Some Time We Have to yell at him>-( and I Love The 50 Things. This is on Google is You Seach Summer Fun Things.;-):-):-D:-PB-)
#230 – Riley – 07/01/2009 – 21:27


OMG this is 4 losers!!!!!
#229 – Kelsey – 07/01/2009 – 18:35


OMG! im 15 and i seriously thought there was litterally nothing 2 do over summer exept watching tv. so i found my self typing in Google “things 2 do when ur bored over summer” and found this! I LUVVV the fashion mags. THANKS ๐Ÿ™‚
#228 – Serena – 06/29/2009 – 19:27


Twin Fun
hello friends, we just moved to America from Korea, YES! When we first moved to America we did not know your ways and what your youth did for fun activity. Then we found this list. YES! We have more fun than we had back in stupid Korea. YES! I just could not handle being bored in America. So i used this thing called the internet. YES! We searched \”fun things to do for two little korean-american children\” and somewhere from our searches we found your website. YES! Now we take bubble baths and give our little food supply to charity. YES! Now our mom works extra double shift. That is twenty hours a day for six days a week. YES! YES! YES! I love you Americans and BADADADADA IM LOVIN YOU! and your mickey D\’s YES!
#227 – Debwee and Demmit – 06/29/2009 – 16:24


We did every single thing on this list, and oo mi gawd we loved it!!:-D I mean, wht kind of person wuldnt have fun with this list, i mean really, we r turning 16 and this was G L A M O R O U S!!! lol i luv tht song!! we were takin tht bubble bath and oo mi gawd my butt was feelin better thn ever b4. haha. oo mi gawd whoever wrote this is like my hero, and we gonna hangout and do everything on the list at my party. ha. i shuld totally invite evryone who put a good positive comment on this list.
lOVE Brit &+ Ash.
#226 – Brit &+ Ash – 06/29/2009 – 16:04


#225 – popsicle – 06/27/2009 – 20:01


hey im only 12 and this list [email protected]#$%s. if im 12 years old and i wouldnt do any of this im sure some one older wouldnt eithorr ๐Ÿ˜›
#224 – leah – 06/26/2009 – 19:38


Well. idk if i would do this stuff on the list, but i guess some poeple would
And all you stupid people say oo im gonna get drunk, haah im gonna makeout with my boyfriend..
stop trying to be cooool! and shut the hell up and do something normal for your age!!!
#223 – tiffany Picketts – 06/26/2009 – 19:28


sounds great
im just a [email protected]#$%erby.
Your ideas sounds great
i like it^^
#222 – Kathy – 06/26/2009 – 11:03


dear sweet baby jesus. autumn\’s comment is so godly.

well, yeah.
i\’ll go with the majority and say that the list is appropriate for those under the age of 9. i mean; tea parties. for 13-18 year olds.
…not in this day and age, no way. maybe in 1875 that would have been a field day. this gen is mainly about insanity and wildness, so you\’re going to have to be more creative than that, i\’m afraid :/

think: music.
think: lots of people.
think: 7 minutes in heaven.

yeah. that\’d be sweet.

#221 – Anonymous – 06/25/2009 – 22:51


This is why 6 year-olds need to stay away from the computer
Uhm, I think i almost cried when I saw this list. And 217, Autumn, you\’re probably the one I agree with most on here. :/ srry but this list is terrible.
#220 – Jess – 06/25/2009 – 22:19


This list seems kind of boring. Honestly, if you’re trying not to be board, this will not help. You should add stuff that bring out the adrenaline in you. This definitly does not. I aree that it is for 6 year-olds. Besides, staying at home and cooling it off isn’t such a bad idea. Of course, you need ups and downs but this is simply boring. HAVE FUN this summer!!!!!

#219 – cynthia – 06/25/2009 – 16:23


aa no
these are the stupidest things to do :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:
#218 – benna – 06/24/2009 – 23:16


Today I cleaned my room, and I must say, I am no longer bored whatsoever. My Summer vacation feels complete and I would like to go back to school now. However, I do hope that I have saved just enough time so that I might learn to spell and define five new words from my dictionary, intellectual growth is always so much fun.
#217 – Michael – 06/24/2009 – 21:00


This stuff blows
Hahaha are you serious?
This [email protected]#$% is bogus. Why
would someone think its
fun to gather up friends
for a picnic? Clean your
room? Wow. This girl must
really be one dumb [email protected]#$%.
I don\’t see how she could
think these \”activities\”
could be entertaining
especially when you have
an actual life to where
you know about sex and
have the freedom to go
anywhere. Just…damn.
#216 – israeld00d – 06/24/2009 – 09:05


my list
summer 2009-
1. take as many pictures as possible
2. volunteer at a local animal shelter
3. tons of sleepovers
4. have a water balloon fight
5. splatter paint
6. go to the mall and try on crazy outfits
7. have a picnic
8. camp in backyard
9. tye-dye shirts
10. no computerand tv for a whole day
11. have a water gun fight
12. decorate a cake
13. roast marshmellows
14. have a bonfire
15. spa day
16. build an awesome sand castle
17. surf 24/7 -enter a contest
18. dance in the rain
19. catch fire flies
20. read at least 5 good books
21. go to a concert
22. setup a slip n’ slide
23. go roller blading
24. road trip
25. go to LBI
26. go to 6flags
27. go jetsking
28. sun bleach hair
29. make a shell necklace with shells you found
30. go skinny dipping
31. go old fashion crabbing off a dock
32. go kayaking
33. hookup with at least 3 people
34. play beer pong
35. get drunk
36. send at least 100 texts a day
37. do something every night- yeaa some of them are [email protected]#$% but thats itt ๐Ÿ™‚ theres more but i dont feel like typing it
#215 – Hanna – 06/24/2009 – 02:38


Get a life!!!
Instead of waisting ur time reading the list u think is stupid why dont u just get a life and stop criticizing and cursing out a person just because u think their list is stupid. let’s see ur list that u think is better!!maybe if u just tried some of these things they would actually be sorta fun. And ppl u know that u wouldn’t even have theguts to do drugs, and get drunk so shut u.
#214 – Patricia – 06/23/2009 – 23:45


more ideas 4 u!
1. go to the beach 2.starbucks 3.sleepovers 4.pool partys 5.double dating 6.skinny dipping 7.rent movie prjector put a sheet up in yur back yard and watch it! 8.make ur own fort for u and your friends somwhere in the forest 9.prank calls 10. ding dong ditching thts som stuff i do :):-D
#213 – jenna – 06/23/2009 – 18:18


really people only really bored people would look this up and IF you were really bored this would all be fun and come on its summer live a little sometimes when you clean your room you find something that you lost a long time ago or put on some music… gosh you people are so weird>-(
#212 – Sam Parker – 06/23/2009 – 14:55



To all you complaints…

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!

Really. This person is probably really nice cuz he/she tried to give teens a solution to boredom, so leave the negativity alone please. Some Christian people don’t like reading through a list of profanity-filled comments after trying to find something to do. So again, if you have nothing good to say, don’t waste your time saying anything.

#211 – I’d rather not say my name – 06/23/2009 – 03:20


^^^^^^^ Hell yeah, I agree with that girl.

# 51 is a huge improvement.

#210 – KellyA – 06/21/2009 – 02:15


I’m a 16 year old girl and I just thought I’d say that this would be a really great list of things to do if you add idea number 51:

Do all of these things while under the influence.

#209 – Autumn – 06/21/2009 – 02:13


I think you should rename this list and address it to younger children. Really? You actually think teens (as in mature 13 year-olds to 18 year-olds) want to spend their summer doing jumping jacks and learning words from the dictionary?
#208 – Christine – 06/20/2009 – 21:59


This list [email protected]#$%s!
Okay like seriouslyy. Any teen who actually wants to do any of that as “fun” must have NO life. Im actually looking to do something fun this summer not work for the saints. Whoever wrote this seriously is oblivious to what teens actually like to do. I think egging and toilet papering houses should be added to that cuz u know thats actually “fun”
#207 – Nicole – 06/20/2009 – 02:02


ok im 13 and this stuff is really stupid.
no offense but seriously?
no one is gonna clean their room
i take my dog on a walk as a chore
and why window shopping?
write a poem? im not in school. its summer
dinner with your parents? for fun?
movie with your siblings?
learn how to sew or knit? were not 50…
a tea party. ok really were not in kinder.
i wouldnt do anything on this list. ever.
im pretty sure only some loser who has no friends and sits alone at lunch would do the stuff on this list.
not to brag or anything but im really popular and i know none of my friends would do this
got it?
#206 – Ally – 06/18/2009 – 22:40


i love summer
i love summer one thing is that NO SCHOOL:-D
and u get to spend lots of time with friends and go places FUN PLACES like the lake thats me fav. place to go and my other fav. place to go is the [email protected]#$%ch yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!;-) i love how u go fishing go on cruzes and get really tan im a hard counrey girl and so im an out going person and love to have lots of FFFUUUNNN!!!!B-)B-)B-) its all kool lol but the most part that i hate about summer is when we have to go back to school ๐Ÿ™ that makes me really mad:-[] :-[]:-[] looooool but as u can see is i love summer and im not bored one bit have an awsome summer YALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!1;-):-):-DB-)B-)B-)B-)
#205 – nikki williams – 06/18/2009 – 22:37


this list didnt help at all >-(
#204 – jordan – 06/18/2009 – 17:14


u have to be on something to think this is cool
this has to be the [email protected]#$%est list i have every seen. ur probably some 79 year old man lady who has like 40 cats. i was looking for something to do with my friends today… im very disapointed with you jillian. get a life and a teenager to tell you wats actually cool.
#203 – bkpink2696 – 06/17/2009 – 17:22


This list is crazy…i mean clean my room?? Summer is about doing something u wldnt do during ol. How at stuff thats FUN and free and at home. Not all of us can just GO to the beach!!
#202 – huh – 06/17/2009 – 15:24


#201 – ๐Ÿ˜› – 06/17/2009 – 01:24


Ali- yes skinny dipping can be fun. You can do it at night or in the middle of the day at a lake. I did it at the lake near my house. Haha it was so fun. If the lake is dirty especially. Then nobody can see anything. ๐Ÿ˜›
#200 – ๐Ÿ˜› – 06/17/2009 – 01:19


my list XD

1. read the comments on here

lol it really is entertaining

#199 – Megan – 06/16/2009 – 21:05


Hey everybody!!!!!
Hey I thought that there were some pretty cool things to do on the list. Thank you for making it!!!:-D
#198 – Clara – 06/16/2009 – 19:32


[email protected]#$%ED STUPID MESSED UP
many of you have said this but this is the most MESSED up list EVER !!!!!!! I feel sorry for the ones who ever do this I mean I bet everyone has done this list before does the author of this think that we are stupid!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!
#197 – none of your buisness – 06/16/2009 – 18:47


Not Cool
Yea I guess this list is sort of cool I mean I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’m a teen and I would rather change a diaper than than do 50% of these things on the list I mean come on write a poem I think this Julian girl is a teacher.
#196 – Megan – 06/15/2009 – 15:03


WHY?…I\’m a teen and this stuff sounds terrible!
#195 – jj – 06/15/2009 – 13:53


Um…yea… I\’m gonna have to [email protected]#$% on most of it.
I\’ll have to agree with whoever thinks this is lame. I mean, I\’m a teenage girl and I have to say… I wouldn\’t do half the stuff on this list if you paid me to. \”Take a Bubble Bath?\” I mean, c\’mon! Plus, most of these have like no relation to summer.
#194 – Anonymous – 06/15/2009 – 04:33


Simon Cowell

My name is Simon Cowell and I think this list was brutal it must be one of the worst lists Ive ever seen and I bet that Jillian cant even sing well,……..

Sorry Jillian but its a definate NO! from meB-)

#193 – Why dont I just tell u where I live!!!!!!!!! – 06/14/2009 – 18:28


i do this stuff on my own everyday.
but honestly, staying in the library all day doesnt float my boat
i could think of this stuff on my own
when i googled this, i was looking for something creative and fun
i hate to say it, but whoever wrote this must not have many friends
they dont talk about other people anywhere
#192 – lauren – 06/14/2009 – 08:24


My Review

i don’t like this list…these are bad. no teenager would want to do any of these things. revise the list by tomorrow morning.

a teenager ’09

#191 – tara seiden – 06/13/2009 – 23:17


they forgot photo shoots, tours and concertdont forget golfing and surfing…………………….gotta luv a gal who can surf am i right?
#190 – m. lovato – 06/13/2009 – 15:19


Come on Guys
Take a bubble bath??? Clean your room??? Do 25 Jumpin’ jacks??? Color with crayons in a coloring book??? R U SERIOUS!!!!!!!!! This list is insanly [email protected]#$%!! Srry to say. No NORMAL teen would do this crap.
#189 – Jolmy – 06/13/2009 – 14:35


some more [email protected]#$%ss

So I’m not a huge fan of this list. But right now my friends and I are trying to brainstorm some stuff to do this summer. Here’s some of what I’ve got so far.

1. roadsideamerica.com-pick something random and go for a trip with your friends. try to get lost =)
2. make a scavenger hunt with some of your friends and come up with a good prize.
3. skinnydip-i know, a little weird, but do it in the dark. or just go swimming in the middle of the night.
4. go camping-a backyard or legit camping.
5. go to the beach at night.
6. sneak out
7. bonfire with a ton of people. find a place and send out a [email protected]#$% text. you’ll get people there.
8. mud football/soccer…preferably with guys not wearing shirts.

these are a little more realistic. some of the things already up here can be fun too, sometimes i guess. have fun guys!

#188 – Ali – 06/12/2009 – 23:37


What the F*** is this a mother talking or just a boring teenager??
Ok so the clean your room thing…so off the list…that is not fun.
you should have put on the list…
play some phone tag..
make your brothers mad
watch movies with your friends
play guitar hero…(it\’s awsome)
make a new friend….if your able too??
have a mud fight….it makes your mom mad when you come in all muddy
that\\\’s abouut it…;-)
#187 – umm… Samantha but who cares any why?? – 06/12/2009 – 19:06


To Shay u tink Bietz is an idiot u cant spell stupid!Ha
;-)MY LIST;-)
:-)KISS as many boys as possible
:-)Prank call my worst enemy
:-)Text loads of guys and c how many replys u get
:-)Soak my mother wit water bombs
:-)Get fireworks
:-)Put red paint all ovr my brothers walls sayin”I C U”
#186 – Anonymous – 06/12/2009 – 10:04


Haha, yeah.

This message, dear boys and girls, is coming from a nerd that went to a nerd school. Yep, had to take a test to get into this high school and everything. All the [email protected]#$%es are college-level, so year-long, I’ve been stuck in my house doing nothing but homework. But even though for the past year I’ve been stuck inside my room… even I know that this list is whack.

Fellow teens that disagree with me and think this list is creative obviously need to get out more. And that hurts a lot, especially coming from a hermit like me ๐Ÿ™‚

I have graced you with my presence.
You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚


#185 – Lazuli – 06/12/2009 – 04:17


this is dumb
K Im 15 and i wouldn\’t do anything on this list this is so lame whoever wrote this is stupied and has no idea wat teens want.
#184 – Shay – 06/12/2009 – 01:53


R U A MOM!!!
1st of all… dictionary shouldnt even b in a summer list! i dont even OWN a dictionary! wat kinda teen r u talkin’ 2!?! 2nd r u like trying 2 get ur teen 2 baby sit or something!?! take ur sib 2 the movies!?! I dont think so! and wats w/ the cleaning up ur room!?! isnt the point of summer 2 make ur room messy!?! i think im gonna listen 2 something teens write themselves… not a mom. ๐Ÿ˜› plz stop writing advice columns… teens want fun summerz.
#183 – MAC – 06/11/2009 – 18:15


I think you forgot to put things on there like read the Betty Crocker Cook book, and darn your socks…
Oh …my….what….fun!!! NOT.
There is absolutely NOTHING on that list that my 14 year old would enjoy doing…(take a bubble bath??) Is that an ALL DAY bubble bath or what?? LOL!
Get some new video games, upgrade the computer and fix up your myspace page for starters. Hey, you can also put the dishes away, but I think Betty Crocker gal forgot to put that on her list!!!!!!!!! LOL
Have a great summer kiddies and stay out of jail!!
#182 – Mom of a TEEN – 06/10/2009 – 21:10


is this really for teens?
#181 – Liz – 06/10/2009 – 19:52


i was relax by omg
guys really i hate how u all try to sound cool by saying im going cliff diving skydiving and all that crap u no ur not going to do so really be real AND DON’T DO DRUGS just so u no little kinds like 9 year olds get on here and ur saying freakin do drugs instead how bout an animal shelter help out there or GET A JOB!maybe at the local mallat ur fav store or in the food ourt or at like petco or something just stop being fave jeez!!!!!!>-(
#180 – im back again – 06/10/2009 – 19:39


great list

i will do everythang on dis list oh plus i have a summer goal..

me and my bf kevin need to do it:-P;-)

weve kissed A LOT..

But we need to kiss in other places too i mean like we cant just stop we need to go up and down


lov ya babe

love, tyler

i am 11

FIGHT FOR [email protected]#$% RIGHTS;-)

#179 – Tyler Sasala – 06/10/2009 – 19:33


this web is mint it has help me on my homework well i say helped i mean done my home work i had to do a article of things to do over summer and i have writers block
#178 – shannon – 06/10/2009 – 19:13


My List

I wouldnt do most of these things. Heres my list.

My List

1. Surf all day every day
2. Make a crazy movie with your friends
3. Go to mall
4. Go to a theme park and ride the craziest rides
5. Watch a scary movie with friends
6. Wakeboard
7. Play manhunt with friends
8. Water ballon war
9. Go to a concert
11.Campfire and smores
12.Get a job
14.Travel, if you can. Somewhere cool like New Zeland
15.Throw a pool party
16. If you can, do somthing really extreme like skydiving
17.Go boating, kayaking, jet skiing
18.Window shop downtown
19.Go outside with a magazine and lemonade and tan
21.Learn to play an instrument like drums or guitar
22.Go fishing
23.Ice skating with friends

-Jasmine, 15.

#177 – Jasmine – 06/10/2009 – 18:11


well i think that sum of it wuz ok……. like jumpin in the pool w/ ur clothes on…. but sum of it wuz really like 4 younger kids. people dont have to b so mean!!!
#176 – Amanda Smelt – 06/09/2009 – 21:42


ya ummm
that list was (no offense) really geeky
um y a
i would sujest somethin like having an awesome bonfire campout
havein a 007 movie marathon
be [email protected]#$%y people
and get a lifeB-)
#175 – kINNIE – 06/09/2009 – 21:25


uh been there done that!!!:-[]
alll of them!!!!>-(
#174 – case – 06/09/2009 – 16:58


Hey Bri, what did you do this summer?

Oh, I cleaned my room.

Things to do this summer:

Gauge my ears to an eight
Watch all the 007 movies
Have a huge bonfire
Hang with Sage
Spend a weekend with Jen
Go mini golfing
Tan so much I look Mexican
Get a psychic reading
Go camping in the back yard
Get thrown into a pool
Go swimming with Tanner
Have a water gun fight
Build a sand castle
Float down the river
Go clothes line shopping with Jen
Throw a tomato into a fan
Make a [email protected]#$% video
Have a shopping cart race in Wal*Mart
Have someone duct tape me to a wall(hello fly on the wall)
Print up a bunch of “lost grilled cheese” signs
Have a picnik
Tye-Dye bed sheets
Make a beach in my garage

#173 – Bri – 06/09/2009 – 15:15


OMG guys!!!!! im going to do this list and have the best summer ever!:-) OH AND WHILE IM AT IT IM GOING TO PRINT LOSER ON MY FOREHEAD CAUSE MY SUMMER WILL [email protected]#$% IF FOLLOW THAT LIST! WHAT A WOUNDRFULL LIFE!no.
heres a REAL list of stuff to do…
1.hold a beach party and learn how to wakeboard while getting a beast tan
2.have a scavenger hunt with friends at the mall.not baby scavenger hunts. like the kind where you have to steal manaqins and stuff.
3. make an action movie with your friends and post it all over youtube and see how many hits you can get!
4 hangw/friends!
(ps if you have no friends than…your screwed:)
#172 – whatev – 06/09/2009 – 14:04


umm k
only 15 of these ideas sounded good to me oh well gives something 2 du i guess
#171 – alley – 06/09/2009 – 02:01


its josh
๐Ÿ˜ณ oh u make me feel so heart broken well would u please atleast go to my house or somwere with me i miss you and first of all marry me forever please!!!!!!!!!! welll okay answer fast ladies are all over me
#170 – JOSH – 06/08/2009 – 19:29


Josh dude…dat was totally cute but I got a boyfriend…NOT..but I dont date losers ovr d internet….especially wen i am takin am takin a warm bubble bath nd playin PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS nd makin my own little diary!!!!!YA RITE:-):-);-);-);-);-);-);-)B-)B-)B-)B-)B-)B-)B-)B-)
P.S-U broke my heart…..JOSH
#169 – Mary – 06/08/2009 – 17:24


I think I’m in luv!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Mary-I read ur message nd was amazed on how a girl can be so vicious nd honest.My name is Josh, im 15 and love sports-I no u dont no me but wen I read ur message my heart melted,i felt a strong urge 2 get off d computer nd scream my luv 4 u but u keep me interested in these topics….:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)Please reply…my heart 4eva urs,JOSH
#168 – Josh – 06/08/2009 – 17:05


Summer list

go sky diving

hang glinding


hot air balloning

#167 – chovo butiner – 06/08/2009 – 16:59


IM SICK OF ALL D [email protected]#$%S!!!!!!!!!!!
OK….all d [email protected]#$%ers are losers honestly how sad can u get??????????As rebele said u peeps make up ur own website nd give ideas…JEEEEZZZ!!!!!!!!!!:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-PB-)B-)B-)B-)
PEACE…I’M OUT!!!!!!:-D:-D:-):-);-);-)
#166 – Mary – 06/08/2009 – 16:55


K..just finished readin evrybodys comments..2 d guy who said get a boy/girlfriend..em..-i recently broke up wit my boyfriend nd it was gud fun wit him but sum ppl find it hard 2 go out wit d rite person..;-)-i no i may sound full of myself but alot of guys i dated r jerks…bak 2 d “[email protected]#$%ers” wats ur prob..U set up a website helpin TEENAGERS..D IRISH RULE****
#165 – Rubi – 06/08/2009 – 13:51


I think ders a few good ideas but it kind of needs more sports….CAMOIGE,gaelic football,and defo more water sports..WATER FIGHTS nd water bombs like playing golf or sumtin…:-DK I do tink its a little bit girly i have 2 agree wit d guys but otherwise its kinda cool..u shud also include RUGBY-best sport eva*(cept 4 CAMOIGE)
#164 – Rubi – 06/08/2009 – 13:06


this list kinda helped me.
i have like NOTHING 2 do this summer.
well, i’m going 2 raging waters and get a season [email protected]#$%,
but like NOTHING else.
any suggestions?
#163 – Weirdo – 06/08/2009 – 02:25


guys calm down this list may [email protected]#$% really bad but still really no need for the cussing you could just set a date or not either way and have a movie fest just pick a theme complete with snacks, drinks , cozy blankets pillows and a big screen or not either way but still just calm down and y ca’t we just relax for the whole summer? or hang with friends jeez!B-)
#162 – omg – 06/07/2009 – 21:22


I think this list is not really for teenagers! its like for a freaking granma or somthing! WHO WOULD ACTUALLY WANT TO CLEAN THEIR ROOM ON SUMMER!!!!!????? give me a break! this list [email protected]#$%S!
#161 – Karen – 06/07/2009 – 17:59



I think I’m gonna spend my 81 days of summer cleaning my room, doing jumping jacks, bathing, coloring, going to museums, spelling, and most of all, playing Pretty Pretty Princess. B-)


#160 – Katie – 06/06/2009 – 21:18


this is my last summer before high school and i’m not going to waste it doing this list!!>-(
#159 – bored – 06/06/2009 – 15:17


jeeze give this lady a break she was just trying to help us out whether they are good idea or not>-(
#158 – Alicia – 06/05/2009 – 20:37


Yeah this is not really a list that teenagers like to do more like eight or nine years old. Im fifteen and i have never done anything on this list before.
Keep Trying youll get it right!!
#157 – Emma – 06/05/2009 – 17:37


the drive-in ,in your backyard
one thing we like to do is invite friends over ,bring out a portable t.v. dvd,vcr and have movies out door. we pop popcorn order pizza sweeeeet tea and soda pop .pick that favorite new release or maybe monster fest of the realy old kind dont forget the citranilla candles.;-)
#156 – lindasue – 06/05/2009 – 17:26


is this web site for a [email protected]#$% i did this stuff when i was 2 why dont u [email protected]#$% and clean room for me moran
#155 – robert biggs – 06/04/2009 – 17:37


thats a good list but no offense..anyone could have thought of these things….:-o some of the ideas are good the rest are hard to do and some are just absurd,,,..all i do in my holidays is sit in front of the tv or computer…
#154 – Ashley – 06/04/2009 – 14:09


OMG sresly clean ur room for fun!! omg that [email protected]#$%s… >-(>-(>-(>-(
THIS LIST IS FOR 5 YEAR OLDS!!!!!! OMG>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(
#153 – [email protected]#$%s – 06/03/2009 – 22:49


I agree with brandon. Shoot sumpthin, go skydiving
#152 – John – 06/03/2009 – 22:28


๐Ÿ˜€ I will only do some like go to the mall and that kinda stuff>-( i also love to have sleep overs eith my friends so awsome:-[] i could also find better things to do no offense
what ev!!!!:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(
#151 – kt – 06/03/2009 – 01:05


Uh……not so great
:-[] I’m 11 and looking for something fun to do this summer, I think i pretty mature for my age, but this list [email protected]#$%s. Some ideas are OK, but most of these things cost money if you dont have the supplies, and what if you’re looking for something you can do at home without buying stuff for it. THIS LIST IS NOT FOR TEENS. I’m not even a teen, but some of these things are PATHETIC, seriously, playing pretty pretty princess? what am I 3? Make the ‘soundtrack of your life’ 25 jumping jacks??! I’m not a baby, how can this be for teens?? Clean your room??? Why would you want to clean in summer that’s sooo stupid no offense Jillian but your list is for 5 year olds, find a new hobbie because obviously this is NOT your thing. Overall I give it a horrible review, if your a tween or teen i suggest to never come to this site again, EVER.>-(
#150 – Ivy – 06/02/2009 – 17:50


this list is boring, and i really wanted something fun to do this summer, like climb the watertower or something! or go learn how to skate. or somethinggg. this did not help. oh and im 14, and really no 14 yr old girl is gonna want to do the stuff on this list… seriously. ugh…
#149 – my,name,is,a,secret – 06/02/2009 – 03:04


sorry i meant it wasn\’t that good of an idea
typing error:-o
#148 – lorna17 – 06/01/2009 – 23:16


ok i was reading some other comments
half think this is stupid and waste of time and the others think its great..you all have your opinion the main idea is that we all need something 2 do
yeah in my opinion it was that good but come on you guys…it’s just a list
#147 – lorna17 – 06/01/2009 – 23:13


im a teen that cant drive so theres not much for me 2 do stuck in my house while my parents work…. a lot of this stuff doesn\’t help me cause this stuff is for little kids and most of it sounds boring.. maybe u need 2 find better ideas
#146 – lorna17 – 06/01/2009 – 22:55


okay guys im turning 14 tomoro so i am a teenager like the rest of u.
u dnt have to drink and party and get knocked up to have fun. some of this stuff is cute ๐Ÿ™‚
so starting today and for the rest of the summer, i am going to do each of these (one every day)
none of my friends are in town so today im going to ask my little sister to have a picnik with me in the backyardd.xo peace out
#145 – lovinglifexo13 – 06/01/2009 – 19:37


IDK what 2 say
well most of it is good stuff, and you should add some stuff like “start a backyard culb with your friends” and “try to make some clothes for your self” teens like stuff like that!!!!!
#144 – Cowlover2023 – 05/31/2009 – 02:45


Most people commenting rudely about this are extremely immature. And personally, immaturity is something I can\’t stand, agreeing with the rest of society. You people have nothing better to do than drink and party and act like ignorant bafoons. That\’s your choice, but don\’t criticize other people\’s ideas of fun or actually doing something productive during their summer. Although I am also a teenager and senior in high school, I am smarter than to act stupid… unlike the majority of your summer\’s will be.
#143 – HB – 05/30/2009 – 21:38


Most people commenting rudely about this are extremely immature. And personally, immaturity is something I can’t stand, agreeing with the rest of society. You people have nothing better to do than drink and party and act like ignorant bafoons. That’s your choice, but don’t criticize other people’s ideas of fun or actually doing something productive during their summer. Although I am also a teenager and senior in high school, I am smarter than to act stupid… unlike the majority of your summer’s will be.
#142 – HB – 05/30/2009 – 21:36


A couple suggestions to the maker of this list —

While it may seem cute to tell teens to go back and revisit childhood activities, some of it is really a little silly. A tea party? I used to do that with my stuffed animals…

Also, maybe you could include some more specific things. I have three free weeks in the summer and I\’m looking for something to do, which is how I happened upon your list. I was considering volunteering, but I have no clue where to begin finding volunteer work. Perhaps you could supply somewhere that accepts volunteers?

Lastly, I would try to keep away from the things that we do all year round, or that only take up ten minutes. I mean, I clean my room every day and order pizza fairly often. And learning five words from a dictionary will take precisely five minutes, so it\’s not exactly an exciting activity to take up time…

Anyways, thanks for your effort! I think some of these ideas are pretty good, and I\’ll probably do a couple, but I hope you\’ll take my advice in mind the next time you write a list like this!

Oh, and to put it in context, I\’m a 16 year old girl. I don\’t think all these 11 and 12 year olds who so eagerly declare themselves teenagers really count, ahaha….

#141 – Courtney – 05/29/2009 – 16:47


[email protected]#$%est list ive ever seen
thr is absoulutely nothin fun on tht list nothin i wld do anywayz
#140 – DALE – 05/29/2009 – 06:15


#139 – MEH GRACE – 05/28/2009 – 14:55


To all the complainers on here…
At least this person was making the effort to give you good ideas for things to do in the summer.
They’re safe, somewhat time consuming and can be fun if you make it fun.
So really, if you don’t like it, just do something else, like not waste your time on the interweb making up stupid complaints.
#138 – Nemo – 05/28/2009 – 13:10


its ok
um i think this is ok i agree with the people that said to disclude CLEAN UR ROOM i mean come on we dont want to do that but i think that jumping in a pool wth ur clothes on is cool that would be soooooo much fun but i thought the rest wuz funnyyy
#137 – shelby – 05/27/2009 – 21:41


Ok soo this list [email protected]#$%s……..and for the parents on here who think that it is SOOOO much fun you are wrong. Cleaning your room is never fun even with music and whatever and im sorry but I found this to be quite boring and would not recommend this torture for anyone. And for parents who THINK that there teens like this, then I am sorry for all of those poor teens.
#136 – CLAIRE – 05/27/2009 – 13:46


Pretty Good
ok, well the list is okay but there is a really fun thing to do. make a summer camp for a day, invite all of ur homies and siblings homies or whoever and do activities like drama, gymnastics,ect. then grill hotdogs. ๐Ÿ™‚ and for extra fun come up with ur own play and perform it for your friends. (if u want extra cash, charge 1.50 per peep) ๐Ÿ˜‰
#135 – Ashleigh – 05/25/2009 – 20:35


i suggest ..
Going to summer camp
Going to concerts
Going to the zoo
Going to the beach/water parksGL ! ๐Ÿ™‚
#134 – Brooke – 05/25/2009 – 20:14


:-)I love this website !!!!!! I mean cleaning my room is kinda lame……. But i love ordering pizza and sleepovers!
#133 – Shelby – 05/25/2009 – 19:00


>-( This is the lamest thing i have ever heard all these things take what five mins no its stupid.
CLEAN YOUR ROOM Really [email protected]#$%.
What kind of teen actually likes this type of stuff. Preacher kids! or Nancy.
#132 – Morgan – 05/25/2009 – 16:20


Seriously?! This sounds like smashing fun!! I can’t wait to do all of these things over summer!! I’m sure that all of my neighbor friends would love to join me in doing all of these activities!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Mrs. Bietz!
#131 – Kailee Cable – 05/24/2009 – 21:23


The best and most likely funnest
GET A GIRL/BOYFRIEND trust me more exicting dates hanging out making out and it will keep you ocupied.:-D
#130 – NIck – 05/22/2009 – 00:28


Ok….so you didn’t like the list…how bout this one.
1. Set up a skate boarding competition with your friends.
2. Plan a Rock-Out competition with real music or the Guitar Hero games.
3. Hang out at the Mall.
4. Go swimming at the pool or local swimming spot.
5. Have a texting compeition and see how many texts you can send in one day.
6. Do a day Spa with your friends (If your a girl)
7. Work on a car either tricking it out or just fixing the engine.
8. Have bike races (either motor bike or just pedal bikes.)
9. Plan a nice dinner date for your girfriend or boyfriend.
10. Water Balloon Battle or Water Gun Battles (no matter how old you are this is great on a hot day!)
11. Go to the mall with ur friends and try on different styles and outfits (if your a girl)
12. Go play a game of basketball.
13. Get a game of baseball going.
14. Have a dance off.
15. Read a good book (for those who like to read)
16. Hit the Gym and workout (Buff Up)
17. Just Chill Out or Sleep.
18. Go Rock Climbing (If Your in an Area with that availability)
19. Spend Time with your grandparents (If your lucky enough to still have them)
20. If you liked puzzles as a kid, Get a model Kit and Build Models (cars, planes, etc.)
21. Re-paint your room a color you like.
22. Go to an amusement park and ride the fastest, highest, gruesomest coaster till you puke.
23. Bungee Jump
24. Sky Dive
25. Take Flying Lessons.
26. Draw and Paint a mural on your wall.
27. Learn a new language with a friend and freak people out at the mall when you speak in that language only.
28. Go to the park and play some frisbee (it’s still fun)
29. People watch with friends and make up stories of who they are and what they are doing.
30. Speak Randomly when having a conversation with your friends.
31. Do Some Drive-by Yelling (Try to be nice, not to graphic.)
32. Tye-Dye is still fun (Sorry Guys it just is)Ok I can’t think of anything else right now.Just so you know…I’m a mother of a 15 year old and a 13 year old.And a Youth Leader for teens and tweens.
#129 – AngieMC – 05/20/2009 – 15:12


these are all true, i never looked at this before, but these are awesome ideas for the summer, ive done most of them, i bought a kids paddling pool and my friends had a great time, we just hung out with a drink and shizzle. to be honest, i think cliff climbing whatever should not be added, becasue you have to pay and go out far places to do that, these are small things that you dont have to pay, my parents wont take me anywhere and when im bored i’ll do all of these things. Great idea to put them online. AWESOME!
#128 – Hello – 05/19/2009 – 16:09


B-) i think this list is really cool i think summer will be fun. ( these things i will only do though if i get board) i love the list though
#127 – elizabeth – 05/18/2009 – 20:29


i love when idiots make it easy to post comments. summer dosen’t need a list, you do what you want when you want.
#126 – Yocornflake – 05/18/2009 – 03:17



are you guys having fun posting about how bad this list is?

haha, and zoe? love your ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

#125 – asherr – 05/17/2009 – 23:14


okay for some people this might have been more what they were looking for.
-spend the night at walmart(its open 24/7)
-go to a cemetary in the middle of the night
-sleep on a trampolineso if your like me and love to have real fun try these thing(:
#124 – kati – 05/17/2009 – 21:55



1. play ding-dong-ditch

2. flirt w/the teenager that works at the gas station (if u have one)

3. learn to speak german

thats for all you people that say the other list is too “goody goody.” if u dont follow THIS one, what do i care?

#123 – Emily – 05/17/2009 – 21:20


I give it a 5 out of 10
Okay. So. This summer I plan on having an adventure with my friends nearly every day and some of these things WERE pretty inspirational such as a Slip N’ Slide and playing childhood board games.
However, it was also too much directed toward GIRLS and aimed for people who like to do too much good in their societies.
Thanks for some inspiration but I personally would only do about 1/4 of this list.
#122 – Maeve – 05/16/2009 – 23:27


dudeeeeee. lmaooo! this list is sooo fkn [email protected]#$%.. i can make 5 milllion lists that are 45643635735 times better than this one!
so i sugestt to get a new one (:
#121 – kerstin – 05/14/2009 – 15:38


50 Things Not To do in Summer
1. Gather up a few friends, and have a picnic in your back .
2. Go on a walk and take pictures of trees, flowers, dogs, etc.
3. Buy some fashion magazines, pick out a couple of really cute outfits, and try to recreate them for less!
4. Bead some bracelets and sell them for charity.
5. Volunteer at the local animal or homeless shelter.
6. Clean your room!
7. Bake some cupcakes and deliver them to friends and family.
8. Play some childhood games like “Sorry”, “Candyland”, or “Pretty Pretty Princess”.
9. Take your dog for a walk.
10. E-mail a friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile.
11. Do 25 jumping jacks!
12. Look through old family scrapbooks, photo books, and yearbooks.
13. Make a root beer float.
14. Go to the movies with your siblings.
15. Go window-shopping with a friend.
16. Write a poem.
17. Make fresh, homemade fruit juice.
18. Give your dog a bath.
19. Make dinner for your family.
20. Baby-sit for a neighbor. 21. Have a sleepover party and watch scary movies.
22. Plan a vacation you want to take next summer.
23. Plant flowers in your yard.
24. Sign up for a [email protected]#$%.
25. Have a bubble bath.
26. Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs and title it “The soundtrack of my life”.
27. Order a pizza.
28. Splash around in a plastic kiddy pool.
29. Buy some crayons and a coloring book.
30. Read a book based on a movie you have seen.
31. Make a scrapbook of your baby pictures.
32. Get a job or an internship.
33. Start a diary and write in it everyday.
34. Spend the day at the library.
35. Draw a self-portrait.
36. Make a collage out of old magazines.
37. Run around in the sprinklers.
38. Go to a museum.
39. Go out for lunch with one of your parents.
40. Jump in the pool with your clothes on.
41. Eat last night’s leftovers for breakfast.
42. Learn to sew or knit.
43. Invite friends over and have a tea party.
44. Swing on the swings at the park.
45. Tie-Dye a t-shirt or bed sheets with Kool-Aid!
46. Make a smoothie.
47. Learn how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary.
48. Make popsicles in your freezer.
49. Put on the radio and dance.
50. Go camping in your backyard!>-(:oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:
#120 – Martha – 05/10/2009 – 19:36


oh wow. what fun! i\’m psyched for summer already! -_-\”

clearly this was written by an extremely boring, extremely middle-aged woman with no teenage children whatsoever.

stick to what you know and don\’t meddle with our teenagerly ways!

#119 – Chrissy – 05/10/2009 – 09:14


you guys are pretty big losers like me because u are saying all these things like it was a waste of time and all, so why are you wasting your time telling all these wonderful losers like me that this is a waste of time, obviously your not the coolest cat of the alley (which you thought you were), so don’t go all out dissing this list that some one took alot of time and alot of effort making. I am dissapointed.
#118 – Bella – 05/09/2009 – 03:41


this is THE worst summer list i have seen in my entire life. i want to have fun this summer and i’m not 5 years old anymore. seriously, make a real list!
#117 – veronica – 05/06/2009 – 23:17


this is what i would do
durin summer i woud go roller skatin, fish, have a party, go cavin, go muddin, exercise, go swimmin get on myspace, clean tha house, get on peoples nerves, be stupid, mow tha [email protected]#$% for my great uncle… and alot more
#116 – natalie – 05/06/2009 – 12:58


Seriously if you think the lists are so ‘lame’ then why do you waste your time commenting on them? GET A LIFE. Anyways, I think the list if great,,,and well,,there could be more active/exciting stuff(:Or maybe just hang out with friends?
#115 – ME(: – 05/03/2009 – 16:54


Sounds great!
I love to make to-do lists in the summertime. It\’s so fun ๐Ÿ˜€ It feels like u had an awesome summer when u look back at the list and u see all of the things u wanted to do marked out. I feel like i completed my summer. Summer 2009 is gonna be absolutely crazy. I can\’t wait.
#114 – Brandi – 05/02/2009 – 19:42


um, to all of the people with negavite comments, whoah. JUST CALM DOWN, why does it matter so much to you? personally id rather do 25 jumping jacks have fun with the rest of your pathetic lives.
#113 – kdfjvdfjvd – 05/02/2009 – 18:58


>-(. This list is [email protected]#$%…. SOmeone should get rid of this stupid list. ahh
#112 – gladys – 05/01/2009 – 18:43


most of these are obvious. plus- cleaning your room isnt fun. the list wasnt verty good. sorry. its just want creative
#111 – mari – 04/28/2009 – 00:57


Well for the most part alot of this stuff on this list is kind of…weird? Most teens usually don’t do that stuff during the summer but seriously people back off! If you guys are so f**** bored why not do something on this list like go camping in ur back yard? Bring a couple of your friends over and make smores on a grill and tell scary stories at 2:00 A.M-seriously that could be fun. Ya’ll don’t have to be hating on people just because you don’t like someones’ ideas. And you really don’t have to be calling people [email protected]#$%es because you can’t think of any thing to do. Haters get a life beside making people feel bad.
#110 – Erin – 04/25/2009 – 20:01


yeah., it kindof [email protected]#$%s. but there are some on here that are cool. and there were a few people who put AWESOME lists on here. so why dont you read theres. i think that if you just hangout with your friends, stay out late, party. your young and yeah you might get in some trouble, but do it while you can. fool around be stupid. its the best way to have fun ๐Ÿ˜€
#109 – sammayy – 04/17/2009 – 17:25


okay sooo…. if you dont like the list make your own seriously you dont have to be so rude about it. yeah some of the things on this list are kindof stupid but thats the point of it. me and my friends do lame stuff all the time and its actually fun.
– Megohmygod. people are so rude these days, ok like meg said, MAKE YOUR OWN LIST. are you that immature brandon? your like emo dude. come on’
– Mel
#108 – Meg and Mel – 04/14/2009 – 20:15


so no offense or anything but this shouldnt be for teens..it would be great for kids in elementary school though!
1. Get a tattoo
2. Get a piercing
3. Try to get into a club
4. Get somebody to ask for your number
5. hook up with at least one person
6. Crash a party
7. Hook up with at least one person
8. Steal something
9. Car racing
10. Go to a college party
11. Get a fake ID
12. Go moshing at a concert (dont really know how to spell that)
13. Road trip!
14. Skinny dipping
15. Streaking. and im not talking about the kind where your still wearing underwear. im talking butt naked
16. Beer Pong
17. Kiss a stranger
18. Have a shopping cart race in the parking lot
19. Have a sword fight in a department store
20. Hide in a tree and throw water balloons at cars (not cool if you get caught but its pretty freakin fun)
21. Stay out all night
22. Drink five red bulls in one night
23. Have a lemonade stand
24. Spin the bottle (i know thats like middle school but its still kinda fun)
25. Get a piggy back ride from a stranger
26. Go to the mall. Get a HUGE bra. Ask a random guy if he thinks its big enough.there. its not the best ever but it [email protected]#$%s yours. and also these are definitely the funniest comments ever. and liz is really annoying cause she wrote a longer comment than anybody else on how they just shouldnt comment on something if they dont like it…yeah nice job cause you just did and it was longer than any of the others on this page ๐Ÿ˜€
#107 – caroline – 04/14/2009 – 03:14


Young Grandma Looking for fun with Grandaughter
I am a Grandma of an 12 year old. I came on this sight to look for fun things to do with my Grandaughter. I have got to tell you this list must have been thought out using 7-9 year olds answers. TEENS 13-18!!! You should really use them to get fun things to do. I have alreay done all this stuff with my Grandaughter or she has done them with her freinds 5 YEARS AGO and SHE IS ONLY 12!! Sorry I am not trying to be harsh, I just thought I should let you know my thoughts. And I am a Granny!!
#106 – Franny – 04/13/2009 – 13:33


its ok….
i think this list is actually ok! i mean like there r some lame parts like order pizza… but there r sum rlly kewl things too! sum mite actually b beneficial even if its sorta nerdy like memorize 5 words from a dictionary or clean ur room. AND ALL U HATERS JUST SHUT THE HELL UP! WHO DOES DRUGS?? U GUYZ NOE U DONT DO IT AND UR JUST TRYING TO SOUND KEWL! UGH. PPL THESE DAYS…
#105 – VALLLL – 04/12/2009 – 11:53


Happy kind giver
This list is very good and efficient, i am going to bake cakes and give them to the homless :), because i am a kind person, and i know i will feel tuns better knowing i am giving someone less fortunate a treat.
#104 – Nicole. – 04/11/2009 – 15:25


People, Calm Down!
kk\. It is just a list. Some of the things on it, such as cleaning your room, walking a dog, doing 25 jumping jacks, ect. are stupid. Others, like making a rootbeer float, tie-dyeing (spelling?), and jumping in a pool with your clothes on (which is pretty fun when its 115 degrees here in Augusta) are not so stupid. You can say you hate it, but please dont cuss. kk\?
#103 – Emmy – 04/09/2009 – 20:06


Worst List [email protected]#$%s
U Guys r mental.
#102 – Sped – 04/07/2009 – 21:57


get your own

all you people that say that this list [email protected]#$%s, why dont you go make your own list that is perfect. Its hard isnt it. Im not saying that this list is good either but its better than what all you people have so far. If this website [email protected]#$%s so much, why are you even on it. Ok, looking up 5 words in the dictionary is really stupid and so is sewing and knitting and having a tea party, I mean,come on. Here is what i think is the good stuff and the bad.

clean your room
do 25 jumping jacks
write a poem
spend a day at the library
learn to sew or knit
swing on the swings at the park
learn 5 new words from the dictionary
have a tea party with your friends
get crayons and a coloring book(we are teens, not 4 year olds)
draw a self portrait
babysit for a neighbor
make dinner for your family

I agree that all of THESE things are really stupid and lame, but there are a couple of good things here. The list never said you had to do everything on this list.

make a rootbeer float
go window shopping with a friend(if ur a girl)
sign up for a [email protected]#$%(doesnt have to be with school. You could take like a pottery [email protected]#$% at the rec center if you liked pottery)
make a mixed cd(but you should make it something other than “the soundtrack of my life”)
order a pizza
jump in a pool with your clothes on(it could be fun)
make a smoothie(maybe…)

so next time you should all actually read the whole list before you say that there isnt anything good on it.;-):-):-D:-(:-o>-(B-):oops::-[]:-P

#101 – anneli – 04/07/2009 – 21:19


are you really christian or something ?what about….
10. IGNORE ALL RULES, EXAMS ARE OVER, YOU\’RE YOUNG, AND YOU CAN PRETTY MUCH DO WHAT EVER THE F…. YOU WANT.(this is what your average teenager wants to do in summer (Y) )
#100 – tayler – 04/07/2009 – 14:55


im bored i did this to say hi …………………………………………………hi:-P:-P:oops::-[]B-)>-(>-(>-(>-(>-(;-):-):-):-):-):-):-D:-D:-D:-(:-(:-(:-(:-D:-D:-D:-DB-)B-)B-)B-)lol
#99 – a person – 04/06/2009 – 04:37


You can do better?
Ok to all of you complaining…here’s a fun thing to do, why don’t you sit and make a list that fits perfectly with your life and interests and do those things for fun instead of bashing someone trying to help. It doesn’t [email protected]#$%, what [email protected]#$%s is most of you looking on here for fun things to do while claiming you could have thought of this yourself, If this [email protected]#$%s then surely you can come up with something better so why not go and do that instead of being rude…If you’re all that creative why are you on here?
#98 – Lola – 04/03/2009 – 15:14


What the heck???
ok for real . . . this is redickulous. Whoever made this list needs to get on some medication, chill, earase this list, and start all over again . . . because it [email protected]#$%s. You would either have to be on dope, or be some kinda stupid to do any of the things on this list. And if you are one of those people, than you need to get a life and get some money.
#97 – Anna – 03/30/2009 – 02:07


This list is kinda out of date
I think this is more intended at a tween audience but being a 14 year old girl in england i can think of muchh better things to do.
Meet up with Friends
Visit places you havent been with friends
late night picnic
mess around with your hair (if you are a girl)
try and make a really interesting meal with your friends
visit fashion museums
change your room
make a stupid youtube video
chat on online messengeror whatever comes your way :)and you may think projects are ‘lame’ but if you choose something you really like then it wont be lame will it?xoxo
#96 – Leila – 03/29/2009 – 12:54


Okay, some of these things could possibly be fun with lots of friends. But not on your own. Unless you have no friends. And yes I have done most of these things on this list… When I was four. Any sane teenager would rather not clean their room or color in a coloring book. Or splash around in a kiddy pool or make bracelets for charity. I mean, this must be an absolute last resort kind of thing, because if there was a party or something actually fun, would anyone stay home and ‘order a pizza’ for fun? I think not.
#95 – Fee – 03/29/2009 – 06:39


this is stuff my mom suggests!
No offense to whoever wrote this, but this list is full of the stuff my mom suggests. I know that this is supposedly for teens, but i wouldn\’t do most of this stuff, and if i did it would only take me like five minutes to do each thing!
#94 – asl;dk – 03/20/2009 – 17:41


the comments on this page are more entertaining than the list. which isnt saying much but still!
#93 – ashly – 03/12/2009 – 01:19


Is this list a joke? These are the worst suggestions on having a good time. This is the [email protected]#$%est thing I\’ve ever heard.
#92 – Pat – 03/08/2009 – 03:47


MAcaroni and snow
have you ever realized how great macaroni is after a cold snowy day?
its great.>-(B-):oops::-(:-D:-):-):-P:-[]
#91 – poopnuggs. – 02/17/2009 – 19:17


this is a bad list, teens wanna have parts and go to the beach and tan, not do 25 jumping jacks, haha:-D
#90 – [email protected] – 02/11/2009 – 21:59


i am amused just by reading the comments on this website.
#89 – wdwaddawdwa – 02/08/2009 – 22:52


sorry but this summer list really [email protected]#$%ed. idn bout the rest of the people reading this, but reading a book based on a movie or ordering a pizza is NOT my idea of a good time. to have fun this summer just go out with ur friends and get smashed.. bottom line. good luck to everyone’s summer plans!
#88 – chad – 01/30/2009 – 22:42


are you a mom or somthingggg?
1.I hateeee this list.obvsssisaly you\\\\\\\’re not normal or one of those people without friends because … Reallly!? You should change this list to 50 thingsss not to do in the summerr or if you have no life. I would rather go to school for wholeeee entireeee dayyy then do this … Hahahahahahahahahahhahah and by the way you have more bad comments than good so good luck!
#87 – tori – 01/24/2009 – 14:47


I think you made a mistake.
You wrote that this was a list for teenagers, I think you should change it to a list for torture.
Just thought I would tell you, before more teenagers start doing drastic, extreme things.
Lots of Love.
#86 – Dasamaoe – 01/08/2009 – 02:47


this sounds more like a list for 10- 12 year olds if im honest…
you have to realise that teens drink and do stupid stuff for fun.. not have tea parties.
#85 – katie – 01/02/2009 – 00:10


10 GREAT things to do when your bored!!!!!!
1. brush your teeth(use baking soda to make them extra white ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
2.steal a turtle kid
3. go to applebees
4. read this website
6. have room nights
7. throw a party when your parents go out [email protected]#$%
8. sing
9. shop if you can afford it
10. prank callll people hehehehe
#84 – Clarence – 12/30/2008 – 01:55


Bored in the winter at 6:00 and i am bored and cant go outside cause dark ! What do i do help me !!!
๐Ÿ™ Ok so i need ur help …. what do i do ??? I have a wii and computer tv alot of stuff ! Plz help me i have 1 week tell me what i can do!!!! Nice site BYE!!!!!!!!! HELP!!
#83 – anastasia – 12/30/2008 – 01:06


the fashion mag thingy ma bob was gurd. But the clean your room thing??? Seriously! Clean your room who in their right mind would do that when theyre bored i would rather sit and be bored!
i agree with the comment above lol
#82 – katie – 12/19/2008 – 18:33


OMG this list is PATHETIC i mean… cleaning your room? not fun… learning five words from a dictionary? hahahaah no thanks thats what schools for. i think u need to do a survey or something cos seriously this a no no coloring book? LOL muesum??? ahahaha no.
seaniqah is cool LOL X
#81 – hilly student – 12/09/2008 – 03:38


this list isn’t sooo bad. i mean some things may not be that fun but some things r pretty neat. specially if ur a bored tween.
i’m 12 yrs old!:-o;-)
#80 – ruchika – 10/08/2008 – 08:13


..like….totally……reading this list has got me even more bored than before….i mean …COME ON loser…! what kind of nerd would learn 5 new words from a dictionary everyday??????plz……this list has got to go…..seriously …it seems as a 50 year old person wrote it..!
#79 – naaah – 10/03/2008 – 22:19


i love to have fun
๐Ÿ™‚ im only 12 but when i get my drivers lisense me and my girls will go out on friday night. i will pick them up and we will go somewhere. im thinking the mall. and best of all no adults aloud!
#78 – madison – 09/13/2008 – 15:37


some rude people
๐Ÿ˜€ i loved this definatly some ideas i am a teen and i am like sooooooooooooooo bored all the time and you people who say this is bad list your wrong so if you don\’t have anything nice to say don\’t say it at all
#77 – alyssa – 09/05/2008 – 20:34


hey im really bored and i want something to do that dosent cost money but fun stuff not lyk goin for walks lol x help me!
#76 – Lucy – 08/22/2008 – 09:23


blahh :[
lame ๐Ÿ™
my little brother did half thee stuff on this list yesterday.
…..hes 8.
#75 – Jenna – 08/18/2008 – 17:49


lol, 41. Eat last night\\\’s leftovers for breakfast.

I do it everyday. Also switching to a nightlife is also fun, like going to sleep at 9am and waking up at around 6pm. I did it, it was awesome.

#74 – Zandarok – 08/14/2008 – 14:55


I WAnt to date this list
THIS LIST IS AWESOOMMMEE!! i dont get why everyone hates it NO POINY I LOVE IT I WANT TO DATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#73 – carly – 08/14/2008 – 14:54


ok then?
i\’m sorry people but maby instead of thinking up this stuff yourself maby you should go ask like alot of teens what their fav. thing to do in the summer is because you guys didn\’t come up with a very good list i only found i few things on there i might actually be half interested in. i\’m not trying to be mean but the list wasn\’t that great and when you get bored really easily like me you need actual intertaining things. so maby you should try the asking teens thing!
#72 – chey – 08/12/2008 – 17:10


I thought this list was cute. I mean you dont have to do everything on it. I wanna try tie-dying with kool-aid!!!!!! and i also thought julie’s list was really cute too =]
#71 – Amanda – 08/12/2008 – 14:00


yeahhhhhhhhh boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kooliooooooooooooo

go to disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BOIIIII YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! HAHA jk

but no really im serious

yo for reals tho these commments is fricken hilarious! ๐Ÿ™‚

tru dat!


#70 – nelson tromboneeee – 08/07/2008 – 02:38


Dude im 11 and the geek of the school
even i think its kinda lame. Some stuff on it might be fun to me but not to teenagers. Thats the kinda stuff we used to do in scouts not durin summer. I wouldnt say stuff as rude as some of these people but its not great.:-(
#69 – Harry Potter – 08/07/2008 – 01:12


๐Ÿ™‚ this is awesome even though i already did half of these things its still TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D:-D B-)
#68 – Nirel – 08/06/2008 – 17:29


wow how exquisite
This list has literally made my day…..me n my bro were looking 4 fun things 2 do……when in fact the fun thing 2 do is just read that stupid list n all the hilarious comments that were posted……THANK YOU everyone……..WE LOVE YOU all!!!
i will think of this 4 years n years……George u seriously r awesome……n seriously about time u came out of the closet u bubble bath taking fruitcake……as a matter of fact …add that 2 ur list….MAKE A FRUITCAKE…LOL wow…this was the best half hour of my life…lol
#67 – angie and adrian – 08/02/2008 – 01:57


If all the haters are so above this kind of stuff, then why were you on this site to start with?
I’m 16 and i don’t see anything wrong with using summer to do stuff you wouldn’t normally do.
Just because it sounds childish doesn’t mean it can’t be fun – especially if you involve some friends or do it with a little kid
Don’t try and grow up so fast! You’re gonna be old for the rest of your life!
Also, why are so many people hating the tidy your room idea?
If you are bored – why not do it?
I personally wouldn’t like to live in a pig styOther ideas =]Search online for some cool competitions
Join a gym
Go shopping – just in charity shops – find a bargain!
Go to a theme park with friends
Jump on the bus/train to a town/ village near you and look around
Learn some practical skils – how to build a fire, find water, make a shelter – put them into practise on a camping trip?
Revamp your old clothes or create some crazy outfits and hold a fancy dress party
Get a pen pal
Learn sign language
Try some magic tricks
Sign up for a language course
Make a masterpiece with paints
Start a petition
Start a fan club
#66 – Amy – 08/01/2008 – 10:14


omg im sorry but im a teenager & none of this looks even a little bit fun , clean your room , [email protected]#$% , who wants 2 clean on their summer vacation , i think you really should understand what teens want before u try 2 tell us what we should do.
#65 – Brooke – 07/30/2008 – 06:46


Why not add to the list ideas you have found to be “FUN”? Instead of complaining – do something constructive – add to it – gives others more ideas.
#64 – tip – 07/27/2008 – 16:12


this list is OK…..
not really:oops::-[]:-P
#63 – lizzy – 07/26/2008 – 13:19



I was looking for more like…

“Build a rocket model” or…


Not clean your rooms…

#62 – lol – 07/21/2008 – 17:04


this list is like rally awesome but ican’t do half of them!
#61 – Jasu – 07/18/2008 – 15:48


omg im sitting here with my friend looking at this goinuig”youve got to be kidding” some of this is lttle kiddish! like go get a coloring book! wow like any teen other than the ones with no friends will do the stuff on this list!
#60 – sarah – 07/16/2008 – 19:53


Try Again
i am 11 and i am just on this website looking for something 2 do. this list [email protected]#$%s. i can’t do anything cause i live far away from my friends and i spent all my money, i am to young 2 get a job and can’t even walk down 2 the store to get a soda with my over protective parents. all the kids that live over here are so small like 5 and i can’t go anywhere cause my bro has summer school for 4 weeks cause he chose 2 go and my mom works. i have 4 other siblings but my 2 bro’s are older and my 2 sisters are 2 young i am stuck as the middle child and stuck in the middle of summer with nothing 2 do. [email protected]#$% THAT!
#59 – Khlowie – 07/14/2008 – 02:14


Rather lame.
25 jumping jacks? Soundtrack of my life?
Maybe you should be a little more concise, like Summer list for pre-teens or like, because I’m sure anyone 14 or over would read five lines and turn away in disgust.
The word ‘teen’ itself is extremely broad, and should be used with more intellect. Thanks for being creative, but I must agree this list is a load of bull.
#58 – April – 07/14/2008 – 02:10


shut up
i read it looking for something else fun to do.
and maybe i should take whoever made this lists advice and get a life over the summer by reading the dictionary? this list [email protected]#$%s, so shut up
#57 – penis – 07/12/2008 – 23:59



I cant belive you people! If you hate the list so much why did you read it?! Better yet, how did you get to it?!!

You all are soooo imature! If you have nothing better to do then criticize some ones list… I would suggest getting a LIFE

Truely Madison (person who created list, i think) the list was good! Thanks for putting it on the web!

#56 – Alexa – 07/12/2008 – 20:08


I actually found this list helpful. I’m [email protected]#$%uming that many of you are about 13 or 14 based on the language and manner of your comments (it just makes you seem even more immature), and I don’t understand why any of you would be going out drinking and doing drugs at this point in your life. I doubt most of you have ever even tried alcohol, despite your talk. Either way, maybe you should try to open your eyes to new experiences. Although you may think volunteering is “lame,” it is actually a really rewarding experience, can be very fun, and it looks great on resumes and applications. And as far as taking a bubble bath, what is wrong with that? Seriously, they’re so relaxing and can make your day 10x better. Stop trying to look so “cool” by shooting down everyone elses ideas, and actually try them for yourself. Most likely, you’ll enjoy almost everything on this list. There’s nothing wrong with having innocent fun, you should enjoy it while you have the chance. Oh, and by the way, I am 18 and have no problem doing anything on this list (even if I do party a bit on the side).
#55 – You’re all ridiculous. – 07/11/2008 – 16:42


Wow.Just Wow
๐Ÿ˜› WOW.only a couple things on this list look fun.But really WINDOW SHOPING.Whats the point in going if your not going to buy anything.Ordering a pizza is overrated EVERYBODY does thaat.How about make cup cakes yeah that is fun IF YOUR 6>-(
#54 – Jourgeine – 07/09/2008 – 16:26


hello =]
lol i love the tea party. and kiddie pool :] the kiddo stuff is awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ lol ;] i’m 13. and had summer school … [email protected]#$%ish.. not cause i’m dumb. but because i loose things easy tehe. oh well 3 more days then i’m doin the list bwhahaha.. well MOST of it =D
#53 – mindi – 07/09/2008 – 02:49


seriously.? what the hell kind of list is this.? yah sure let me just go do all those things.! NO! what am i 5. this list blows for sure. were teenagers and we wanna have fun. that is some bullsh*t fun if you ask me. im sure other people would agree
#52 – sarah – 07/07/2008 – 03:36


this is freaking lame what kind of teenager says im bored
but you know what will really entertain you?
buying PIZZA
is that really fun? while im waiting am i supposed to do the [email protected]#$% things on this list?
plus how can u make a tie die BEDSPREADoh i have an idea! after you play in ur little kiddie pool put kool aid packets in a be A LOSER
yeah ok
whoever made this is
#51 – non ya – 07/03/2008 – 00:49


im so f in bored my email is [email protected] plzzzz email me im sooooo bored ill replay if you writeB-)B-)B-)B-)B-)B-)B-)B-)B-):-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D plzzzzz email me
#50 – kay – 07/02/2008 – 22:01


you might be a “ Parenting expert”
but im a teenager
and this list blows
i think im going to take a look at anthonys list some of them sound half decent
as for you jennifer single and not loving it
nobody likes a desperate girl
why dont you chill out and give the capslock button a rest
#49 – Ben – 07/02/2008 – 12:49


I think this list is ok… cleaning yr room can be fun btw(not that i’m enthusiatic for it either)…but u can reflect on yr past too…and think about if you’re still a normal or have become a messed up kid like most of the newer generations are…tho that’s not true for all of us. and u no…don’t say stuff is lame or stupid until u’ve tried it… things seem stupid when they’re put in words but words can’t describe feelings and emotions from those activities, + if u’re so freakening smart and dissing this list come up with your freaken own won then…u’re not creative at all for coming to this site and looking at what someone else thought of.
#48 – anony – 07/01/2008 – 04:18


;-)i love this site! i learned so mant cool things to do!
#47 – madison siginit – 07/01/2008 – 02:16




umm the things are a bit nerdy but oky ???????;-)
#45 – meme – 06/26/2008 – 20:56


its so hard some times you know… trying to live life. i mean my soul is like a flower and you know it makes me think sometimes…. KIDS IN AFRICA DONT EVEN HAVE CLEAN WATER TO DRINK LET ALONE BATHE IN. so peace.love
hang in there george…
#44 – barbara – 06/26/2008 – 04:37


= ] im a ninja
ello im 16 i did half theses things when i was 8 but me and my friend read it and laughed, like we\’d acctually do any of that stuff
this list [email protected]#$%s and so the ninja will come and shank u with his shanking device MUHAHAHA MUHAHA:-[]
#43 – bella and ruby – 06/26/2008 – 03:44


i’ve seen better part 2
btw nice list :-/
#42 – bored to death – 06/24/2008 – 15:53


i’ve seen better

yeah this list is really dumb..sorry..i mean i do most of those things anyway and get bored to death doing them… and others are just plain crazy. seriously, clean your room? wow…lemme guess..your a mom.

so yeah…my rating out of 10 would be: 2:-( sorry

#41 – bored to death – 06/24/2008 – 15:48



most of the stuff on this list was really [email protected]#$% but some of it was ok..this is my list

1. Make a funny youtube video
2. go to the mall with 8-10 friends
3. have a mall scavenger hunt
4. pool party ๐Ÿ˜›
5. stay up for 24 hous then sleep the next day
6. dont cook for family..cook for friends
7. dance party in your bedroom ๐Ÿ˜›
8. have an old fashioned sleepover with 4 or 5 friends
9. Rent any movie that u did not get to see over the school year
10. go to the movies one day and watch every movie

yeah i know your probably like IDC [email protected]#$% ABOUT UR LIST..well..im kinda bored now and i have no life at the moment haha ๐Ÿ˜€

#40 – Kimmie – 06/24/2008 – 06:06


Yawn…the only reason…
the only reason i am reading or posting about the list is because it is summer and there is nothing to do! most of the stuff on the list is quite mundane and monotonus. I do however miss school it at least was something to do! my seminary teacher gave everyone a list for date ideas but mostly they just seemed like fun! like people watching, acting like you know someone when you really don’t, watch movies without the sound and make up the dialogue, do a picture scavanger hunt, or a filming scavanger hunt, various contests, etc. anyway, what i’m getting at is this list is very lame.
#39 – Fayte Zidane – 06/23/2008 – 20:15


๐Ÿ˜› eww this is a stupid list. it is sooooooo boring !
#38 – Tina – 06/23/2008 – 14:26


These ideas were OK but they could be a bit more fun!!!>-(:oops:
#37 – Jolee – 06/22/2008 – 17:44


Great ideas!I really want to try some of these! I’m so excited. Thanks for all the help, it’s hard finding things to do with out friends- life can be so hard sometimes…
Have a great summer!!
#36 – two cool kids – 06/21/2008 – 21:29


u [email protected]#$%in crazy!
who in the hell would want 2 do this list ?????????? u\’r a [email protected]#$%in [email protected]#$% y don\’t u do some of this stuff and while u\’re at it take the fat [email protected]#$% stick out of u\’r [email protected]#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#35 – idk – 06/21/2008 – 17:09


my summer list!!!
1. Go party
2.have friends over
3. have a sleep over and watch scary movies
4.call your boy friend
5. go to a movie with your friends (or boyfriend)
6. text on your phone
7. swim
8.play a prank on a brother or sister
9. go to the mall
10. go ding dong
11. go t.ping
12. makeout with your boyfriendTHIS IS COMING FROM A 12 YEAR OLDjavascript:var%20text_area%20=%[email protected]#$%ent.form.comment;%20text_area.value%20+=%20′:-(‘;%20text_area.focus();:-):-):-):-):-):-D:-D
#34 – christina – 06/20/2008 – 18:22


my summer list!!!
1. Go party
2.have friends over
3. have a sleep over and watch scary movies
4.call your boy friend
5. go to a movie with your friends (or boyfriend)
6. text on your phone
7. swim
8.play a prank on a brother or sister
9. go to the mall
10. go ding dong
11. go t.ping
12. makeout with your boyfriend
#33 – christina – 06/20/2008 – 18:20


This seems like a great list.

Of course not everything is for everyone, but there are some great ideas on here. I’m compiling my own list for myself and friends and I took some from here, so thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

I think even cleaning your room is a good idea when bored. I let my room get really messy and then it’s so refreshing to just go through and throw out the stuff I don’t need and organize the rest.

By the way, I’m 18 and am on my way to college in August, so I’m trying to make the most out of this summer. :]

#32 – Maria – 06/20/2008 – 04:45


Hey friends!
Guess what i did this summer?
I did 25 jumping jacks, gave my dog a bath, wrote a poem, and I learned how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary!BEST SUMMER EVER!!!!!!!!…not.
#31 – Lilly – 06/19/2008 – 16:59


Granted theres some stuff on here to do when your bored, but nothing really fun. I mean comon CLEAN YOUR ROOM! Thats chores not “fun things to do”. How about add something interesting like making a vandagraph generator. Now thats something that can keep a teen interested for days.
#30 – Rey – 06/18/2008 – 17:59


That list is got some fun stuff on it but i still thank it is kinda not what i like to do….. i like to hang at tha mall, talk on the phone with my boyfriend, go to my boyfriends house ,kiss :-D, watch movies, make these cool keychains, go swimming, hang with my homies,walk up and down the street, look at boys, spy on people, have a water balloon fite, go to my grandmas house, txt buds, get drunk only on the weekends,sleep .late, eat,clean my room, make bracelets, go to my uncles house, jump on the trampoline, and alot of more stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-P:-[]:oops:B-)>-(:-o:-(:-D:-);-)
#29 – kritin – 06/17/2008 – 18:44


me & my friend were really board today. We googled Fun things to do. & go this website. We read to plan a tea party. so we went over to her house made invites, created a date 7 time, asked our parents and now on Sunday we are throwing a tea party with our friends and my brothers.;-)
#28 – Holly – 06/17/2008 – 02:54


this list is kinda weird……….
#27 – Y do you care what my name is – 06/16/2008 – 23:21


these are beyond stupid ideas. i really dont know what kind of childhood you have but no ordinary teenager today would want to garden, go to the library, or sign up for a [email protected]#$%! im sorry if it seems like im killing your unoriginal ideas.. but seriously?- try thinking OUTSIDE of the old generation box
#26 – Tasha – 06/16/2008 – 21:21


this list [email protected]#$%s
dude even i could think of better things, this person obviously dont kno teens
#25 – meg – 06/14/2008 – 21:02


this is me&my sisters to do list for summer
#24 – julie – 06/13/2008 – 17:54


clean my room!!!???!?!?!??!?!??!?!? are you SERIOUS!!?!??!??!??!?!? this [email protected]#$%s..
#23 – jerry springer – 06/13/2008 – 06:05


This is not the best list in the world but why not take a few ideas from it???? make ur own list that is fun for ur self. but dont just sit around being stuped
#22 – TT – 06/12/2008 – 23:59


wow there is nothing excitting to do on this page these r for nerds.
#21 – [email protected]#$% – 06/12/2008 – 19:55


So What?

Yeah, so the list is stupid? Its better then sitting around your house all day, bored out of your mind. And like Christine said, it keeps you out of trouble.

P.S. This is coming from a 12-year old!!!!

#20 – Anna – 06/12/2008 – 19:39


Are u kidding me? This list is for like 6 year old girls. Put somethin crazy and fun on this list. Or, just put sumthin A GUY would like to do. I mean im not sittin in my house on a summer day wanting to take a bubble bath. And seriously come on, I’d rather sit in my house and do nothin than learn 5 new words from the dictionary. This list is just absolutely brutal.
#19 – John – 06/12/2008 – 19:09


SUMMER Activities
Hey this sounds cool I might try some activites and see what I can do! This list is really cool and I might come out with a book called 101 things to do in the summer. Thanks.B-)
#18 – Austin – 06/12/2008 – 01:34


im a teen and This is a pretty good list i mean some of these things r lame n other stuff i do like every day but overall its better than being bored..this is a list of things 2 do not SUPER FUN THINGS..n a lot of things teens find fun r bad things so i guess this is a good list 2 keep out of trouble
#17 – christine – 06/12/2008 – 00:13


well I like this list and some of the little kiddy things are the best things that make summer fun! but i would also like to do some things i’ve never done before-something different and crazy but this is still a good listB-)
#16 – Citum – 06/09/2008 – 23:07


Well, this list is ok, but I personally don’t mind doing nothing. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s such a nice change from school…..
#15 – Diana – 06/09/2008 – 22:40


I’m a Parenting Expert and Mom to 2 teens and I found…

the list to be quite fun and filled with some creative ideas. Cleaning your room can be fun, turn on the music dance and clean – also it can be a money maker too. What you don’t want – why not sell on eBay or have a yard sale.

Aurelia with http://www.parentingmyteen.com

#14 – Aurelia – 06/08/2008 – 19:18


George, you need to get a life, what kind of guy takes bubble baths and thinks things are ewy? I think George, that you need therapy or some kind of professional help.
#13 – lester – 06/05/2008 – 17:41


this list kinda [email protected]#$%s. i like the tie dye thing and thats it.
i mean cook for your family, as for me i’d rather stay away from them.
#12 – Emily – 06/05/2008 – 15:19


“Clean your room” should not be on a ‘fun list’. Neither should “making dinner” or “ordering pizza”.

You should add cliff-diving. It’s totally great, especially if you’re looking for something different and fun. Or if you can’t do that where you’re at, biking and junk is great, too. Anything involving endorphins or adrennaline and all those wonderful things. =)

Or just hanging out with friends. Friends are great for when you’re bored, lol. (SAM)

Yoga’s good too. Total opposite of what I just said, but it’s good. Fun and challenging, keeps you fit and balanced, you know?

That’s all.

xxDani (age 16, BTW)xx

#11 – Dani – 06/04/2008 – 19:17


I think this is the coolest list ever! i take bubble baths like every day and I think smoothies are nutritional and yummy. you guys should really get a life. this is totally the most exciting list I’ve ever read. Some of you guys are bitter and ewwwwwwwwyyyyyyy.
#10 – George – 06/03/2008 – 17:51


Yeah this list kindaaa [email protected]#$%s.
I was looking for wild and crazy, interesting, out of the norm type stuff.
not like… taking bubble baths or cool aid tye dye.
no offense or anything
but i couldve thought of that stuff on my own.
and i might have done it when i was eight.
#9 – Averee – 06/02/2008 – 20:14


some stuff is ok.. but its stuff anyone can thin of.. you need a creative list with fun stuff we cant think of doing.. imean.. clean your room. wow lots of fun.. and make food.. and stuf.. um no..
#8 – MISS CAROLINE JONAS – 06/01/2008 – 19:00


This list is actually oblivious to what normal teens do for fun. Clean your room?!? Come on. That should obviously be discluded from this list. Maybe is you live in farm land this would be fun. Definetly not if you live in a city….
#7 – Anna Phymoss – 05/31/2008 – 20:02


that sounds fun, now try making one for boring corn filled Nebraska.

gahh, i wish i hadn’t moved.

#6 – Caylee – 05/31/2008 – 14:53


hey that was mean!
That was mean! I am a teenage girl and I liked this list soooooooo back off! I would add mud volleyball, go to the zoo, go to an amusement park, camp, self defense [email protected]#$%, frisbee golf, scavenger hunt, outdoor concert, sidewalk chalk, go to a fair, fish, ice skate, have a bonfire, build a time capsule and have a dance party!
-i probably repeated some of the ones above
yeah it is girly but get over it! geeze you don’t have to use it jerk
#5 – Lafanda – 05/28/2008 – 19:33


this is the worst list I have ever seen
whoever wrote this list must be either oblivious to teens today, or on something. This list is for either goody goody teenage girls, or a really girly guy. There is nothing interesting in this whole list. I mean come on- take a bubble bath, make stuff for charity; I can almost guarantee that most of the teens today who see this list would think that it is a waste of space, and would rather go jump off a cliff than do the things on this list. So good job Mrs. Bietz. you have just made the worst list of things to do during a teen’s summer break.
#4 – brandon – 05/27/2008 – 17:10


omg i would like to o so much besides stay in the house all the time an do nithing it really gets boaring
#3 – Bertha – 05/27/2008 – 15:53


Whoop, Whoop!
๐Ÿ˜› Yay, I love summer. It\’s like sooooo fun! Omg, I love all the things on that list! ๐Ÿ˜€ Woo-hoo! I hope everyone has as much fun this summer as I think I am going to have!!!:-D:-
#2 – Rosie – 05/11/2008 – 01:51


summer ideas
im a teen myself and i am also very hard to keep entertained. this site has deffinately given me some great ideas for this summer, jumping in a pool with my cloths on cool aid tye dye, but summer is not the time that im really worried about what im going to do. summer i always have something i can do. the winter on the other hand drives me NUTS! i was wondering you ever thought to make a site for 50 things to do this winter. it seems like in the first couple of weeks ive already done anything i could do. ive gone to the mall, bowled, iceskated, saw a couple movies, sled, had a snow fight went to target and played tag, and i even scheduled a day when my friends and went to starved rock to party. i have at least another four to five weeks of this absolut bordom. CAN YOU HELP ME?
#1 – madison leatherwood – 02/12/2008 – 01:46

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Our experts and other parents provide warm, loving, and generous advice for parents, your family, and children, no matter their age -- infants, school age, 'tweens, and teenagers. Features include: Parenting, Ages and Stages of Child Development, Child Support, Cooking, Health, Children's Books, Nutrition, Christian Parenting, Relationships, Green-living, Education and School
Families Online Magazine
https://imgsub.familiesonlinemagazine.com/uploads/2015/03/teens1234.jpghttps://imgsub.familiesonlinemagazine.com/uploads/2015/03/teens1234-150x150.jpgFamilies Online MagazineTeensTeens There is nothing permanent except change - Heraclitus 50 Fun Things To Do This Summer! By Jillian Bietz During the summer it is so easy to say, 'I have nothing to do', no more excuses - here is a list of things the next time you are bored. 1. Gather up a...Parenting Advice| Family Fun Activities for Kids