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 Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God,

As we gather around this table

Full of love, a meal and life

To give thanks for what we have-


To enjoy the company of

Those we are with-


Remember those who can’t be

Home today, who are off

Somewhere and far away


Guide those who are lost-

Help those who are pained-

And those who are in your world

Keep them safe in your grace


Please watch over us as we

Come together on this Holiday

And everyday hereafter


Bless the paths we choose

The lives we nurture

The families we create and

The friends that we make


Dearest God,

In Your Name-


Thanksgiving Poem

Thanksgiving Preparation

Alarm clock rings

You stumble out of bed

Time to cook the turkey

Butter its butt- boil the neck

Pumpkin spice coffee

Flirts with your nose

Now where’s that dog?

You dropped pie filling on your toes

So much to do

Too much to prepare

You’ll have company soon

And you’ve got to fix your hair

Sage and cornbread stuffing

Warmly scents your home

Candied yams overflowing

With marshmallows burning

On the bottom of your stove

Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie

And more! Time to put the rolls in-

Your husband gooses you and they

All fall onto the floor

Jellied cranberry, olives galore

Giblet gravy-

There’s a knock at the door

Green bean casserole

Finally done

Family and friends gather around

The table one by one

Hands are held- prayers are said

It is time to dig in and you

Realize the worst…

Your still in your PJs, your hair is

A mess- but hey! The feast is done

And by God it has been blessed.

Jamie Edson Opielski

Copyright ©2017 Jamie Edson Opielski

About the Author

Jamie Edson Opielski is a Poet/Copywriter/writer. She lives in Universal City, Texas with her husband Jason where she is a ‘Write at Home Mom’ of four children; Alona, Matthew and twin boys Jason and Justin. Jamie is the Regional Representative of the San Antonio- Chapter of the National Association of Women Writers. She is also the Senior Press Manager/Regional Press Editor of the Womans-Network.

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