By Suzanne Turcotte

Pinterest is the hottest online sensation right now. Simply put, Pinterest is eye-candy. It is your own collection of virtual bulletin boards that you customize based on your own tastes.


The fastest growing social medium, it is the third most popular behind Facebook and Twitter. Almost any woman between the ages of 25 and 44 with high speed Internet has explored Pinterest and many of them are addicted to it.


Especially for women, Pinterest appeals on so many levels. It inspires, solves problems, provides advice and helps plan. Creativity abounds there. However, the reality is that for many of us, we try very few of the recipes, crafts and tips that we spend time pinning. That’s where Pinterest parties come into play.

With so many people madly in love with Pinterest, throwing Pinterest parties only makes sense. It gives pinners an opportunity to try out some of the tips, crafts and treats they have pinned and have a great time with other women who share their passion for pinning.

Pre-planning Your Pinterest Party

Variations of the Pinterest Party abound, so take a little time to consider your options, as planning is important. The pinner who wants to have a fun small party amongst friends will have fewer things to consider than the small business person looking to throw large, public parties.

Most Pinterest parties are extravaganzas of do-it-yourself crafting and showing off of delicious food discovered on Pinterest by the attendees.

To get started, create a Pin Board in order to organize your ideas. You can find everything from invitation ideas, to craft ideas, décor and more on Pinterest. A secret board is a great way to do this unless you don’t mind your pinner friends seeing all your great pinspirations before the party.

Pin down the details of the party. Do you want a theme party? Holidays, birthdays and just girls’ night out are great themes for a Pinterest party. Will you provide all the food or will it be a potluck like many smaller Pinterest parties? Will everyone bring their own Pinterest project to make or will you provide everything for the crafts?

In the invitation, be sure to clearly inform your guests of what they need to bring. A typical Pinterest party in a home involves bringing a dish you discovered on Pinterest and a monetary contribution towards craft supplies.

Create a group Pinterest board with the date of your party, so everyone can pin their own contributions. This makes it much easier for everyone to find the recipes and crafts again.

Your Pinterest Food Solution

A typical Pinterest party is a potluck, meaning that everyone brings a dish. The unique feature of this type of potluck is that everyone chooses a dish from Pinterest to make and bring. In order to give your menu enough variety, create a sign-up that lets people state if they are bringing drinks, desserts, appetizers or main meals. A fun option to add is a contest for the best in each category. Have all of your attendees vote for their favorites. Pinterest inspired prizes for the winners are a nice touch.

Your Pinterest Party Crafting

One of the appeals of Pinterest is its abundance of affordable, yet appealing crafts. An important part of your party will be choosing the DIY project or projects that you and your guests will make. You know your attendees best. Are they the type who will want to make something for themselves like jewelry, or something for the home? Some groups may even prefer gift ideas.

When you choose your crafts, make a comprehensive list of absolutely everything that will be needed to make them. Include drop clothes or paper to protect tables and other surfaces you will be working on. If you are providing all needed supplies for the projects, be sure to include a variety of colors and patterns where possible to accommodate differing tastes. Gathering and setting up craft supplies is the most labor intensive aspect of the party planning.

Before your Pinterest party, be sure to do a test run of all your crafts at the party location. This will tell you how long it takes to complete them and how long drying time will take. Depending on the size of your group, you may want to print the instructions for the crafts you are making.

Pin-Worthy Additions

This is by no means an exhaustive description of how to throw a Pinterest party. You can make it your own in so many different ways. Some fun twists to add to the standard Pinterest party include:

A Pinterest gift exchange, similar to a white elephant gift exchange.

A goodie bag for each guest filled with treats from businesses who sponsor the party.

Start by playing a game or two discovered on Pinterest.


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