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How to Collect Child Support, 3rd Ed.

$104 billion owed in unpaid child support in the U.S. If your children are due child support payments take action to learn your legal rights. Download How to Collect Child Support, 3rd ed. ebook. Just Released!
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Today's Family Leadership Council is dedicated to making sure America's kids, our most precious natural resource, are not forgotten by our government and institutions when they develop public polices and laws.

Get involved. Together we can make sure our families voices are heard by public officials and media. We are the true silent majority---the moderates --- the average American family.

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    Today's Family Hot Topics

    What do you think needs to be done to protect kids from sexual predators?

    What is your definition of family? Mom-Dad and kids, single parents, grandparents raising children.....

    Should teens be taught about birth control in school?

    Is the child care system in the U.S. adequate? Affordable?

    What should be done to further strengthen child support enforcement laws?

    How should gun safety be taught to our children?


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