puppyFamilies are more likely to call their puppy  George than Tiddles,  and pooch names like Fido or Lassie have been replaced by Toby, Archie and Holly.

The Top 20 Dog Names:

1. Poppy

2. Alfie

3. Molly

4. Charlie

5. Max

6. Bella

7. Ruby

8. Millie

9. Daisy

10. Rosie

11. Oscar

12. Tilly

13. Archie

14. Bailey

15. Holly

16. Lola

17. Monty

18. Toby

19. Barney

20. Jack

The Top 20 Cat Names:

1. Poppy

2. Oscar

3. Charlie

4. Molly

5. Daisy

6. Millie

7. Alfie

8. Rosie

9. Tigger

10. Bella

11. Max

12. Monty

13. Jasper

14. Lily

15. Merlin

16. George

17. Tilly

18. Henry

19. Coco

20. Harry, Holly, Misty

More Popular Pet Names


What have Lulu, Ozzy [Osborne], Elvis and Clint Eastwood got in common? They’re just some of the celebrity-inspired choices for owners when naming their pets. Musical tastes dominate, as both modern musicians (J-Lo, Mika, Shakira and Will.i.am) and classical composers (Elgar, Mendelssohn and Wagner) make the grade. 

Football fans are keen to show their team allegiance with Rooney, Torres, Beckham, Dalglish, Scholes and Giggs featuring on the list. Some owners clearly turned back to their school history lessons, as historical figures including Alfred the Great, Che Guevara and Gandhi all appear, with one cat owner putting their own unique twist on the name of a famous figure (Chairman Miaow). 

Film/TV characters (cartoon) 

Film and TV characters – including Woody, Buzz and Slinky (Toy Story), Simba and Nala (The Lion King) and Bambi – offer inspiration when it comes to naming the family pet. New TV children’s favourite Peppa [Pig] makes an appearance, while some owners hold old cartoon favourites, such as Pebbles (The Flintstones) and Yogi Bear, close to their hearts. 

Film/TV characters (people) 

The analysis reveals that Harry Potter has put a spell on film-loving pet owners. While Bella (Twilight) takes the top spot in the film/TV characters category, Harry and Luna also feature prominently for both cats and dogs – with Ginny, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Fleur Delacour, Bellatrix and Ron Weasley amongst other Potter-inspired names. Some owners turn to their favourite TV programmes for inspiration, with Alfie Moon (Eastenders), Baldrick (Blackadder), Martha Jones (Dr Who), Poirot and Miss Marple all making an appearance. Bilbo Doggins was one dog owner’s interesting take on the infamous Lord of the Rings character. 

Famous cats and dogs 

Famous pets offer owners food for thought. While Marley (from Marley & Me) is the top famous dog-inspired choice, Bo (Barack Obama’s dog) is also popular, along with Scooby, Snoopy, Snowy (Tin Tin) and Odie (Garfield). Cat owners named Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger their preferred famous cat inspiration with The Lion King characters and childhood favourites Bagpuss and Mog (Meg & Mog) also appearing. 

Shopping list 

While picking up the groceries, it seems cat and dog owners are also inspired to pick up some tips for naming their pet dog. Pepper, Honey, Treacle and Cookie are some of the tasty food-motivated names, with Bacon, Kebab, Mushy Peas, Porridge and Sushi more eclectic choices. 


Many pet owners clearly have a sweet-tooth, as some of Britain’s favourite chocolate bars appear on the list. The analysis reveals that Twix, Caramac, Wispa, Crunchie and Curly Wurly are to be found not only on shop shelves but also walking in the park. 


Brandy, Pepsi, Whisky and Guinness are top tipple-inspired choices for British cat and dog owners, as alcoholic beverages prove popular – Bacardi, Beaujolais, Chablis, Chardonnay and Pimms all make an appearance. 

Literary characters 

Colin Firth may have won awards for The King’s Speech, but it seems his memorable role in TV’s Pride & Prejudice most motivated dog owners, with Darcy/Mr Darcy the most popular literary-inspired choice for dogs. Britain’s most famous playwright William Shakespeare also offers owners a helping hand when it comes to choosing a pet name, as Iago (Othello), Macbeth, Hero (Much Ado about Nothing), Troilus (Troilus & Cressida) and Puck, Oberon and Titania (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) appear on the list. 


A romantic city break, the perfect holiday or favourite destination all seem to help some owners with name choice – whether overseas locations (Paris, China, Sydney, Bali and India) or perhaps closer to home (Rochester, Romford, Poole, Willesden and Whitby). 

Source- survey of  36,000 pet owners

Karen James

Karen James, PhD is an educator, child development and parenting specialist a the IMPI, International Maternity and Parenting Institute.
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