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Despite being passion for many, traveling is a major activity across the world since ancient times. Individuals choose national and international trips to explore new places or to find better job and lifestyle opportunities. Every year during summer and winter vacation families and friends plan to take small breaks to spend some memorable time with their beloved.  It’s not possible for you to accompany with your family/friends on a holiday trip due to your job or family responsibility. If you are going to face such circumstances for upcoming holiday season, you must be thinking about a memorable act, which make them feel special.

Fundamentals of buying holiday gift for travelers

Buying a suitable gift can be the good idea. But you have to be very careful while buying gift sfor your holiday traveler. You have got to consider few basic things to avoid wrong selection for gift item.

  • Whenever, you are buying a gift for voyager it’s good to keep the functionality and practicality in your mind.  Also consider that holiday gifts must be easy to carry and pack and do not waste packing space in luggage.
  • Secondly you should also take care of the age, gender and nature of your friend whom you are thinking to gift. Wide select of gift items are available for different travelers like family and luxury tourists, adventure and cultural explorer, eco and budget travelers or foodie travelers.
  • Suppose your friend is trekking with his/her kids then consider buying something for their kids. Having considered the age groups there are several useful accessories especially for teens and toddlers like backpacks, baby careers, kids swim wear or easy to use kid’s camera. You can wisely choose one to facilitate your friend.
  • It is not essential to buy huge stuff like travel bags, jackets, clothing and accessories. Small objects like neck support, solar charger, digital luggage scale, umbrella, tieks flats, beach towels and so on. The list is endless. It’s up to you how will you identify the interest of your frugal traveler.
  • Cost is also very important component for buying holiday gift for someone. Don’t deem buying expensive gifts. Rather it is more important to buy accessories that facilitate users and enable them to save some money.


Famous Holiday Gifts for Travelers

If you categorize holiday gifts for voyagers, you will find there is not a single item you can group as famous. Rather you will find that gift can be categorized one the basis of their use, functionality and fashion trends. Presenting gifts is the best way to express your love and affection to your loved one who is heading overseas. Finding a perfect travel gift can be a daunting task for those who are going to choose travel gift for first time. Below I am sharing few holiday gift ideas for different types of explorers. I hope it may help you to find the best holiday gift for friend.

For Family Travelers

If your friend is vacationing with kids and spouse, you should consider choosing gifts that are functional as well as interesting. Prefer buying gifts for kids like swimsuit, easy to use camera, cute cushions, kids backpack, baby neck cushions and travel chess.

For Eco-Travelers

You may have a traveler buddy, sister or cousin who prefers using eco-friendly products and you are thinking to buy a gift for them. Then buying an eco friendly accessory will be the best way to make them feel special. Now a day a lot of accessories made up of recycled material are available that ranges from   latest eco friendly travel gadgets to useful recycled accessories and clothing. You may buy solar chargers, recycled I-pad cover, natural air freshener, reusable bags and notebooks.

For Adventure Travelers

Whenever you are going to purchase a gift for your adventurous buddy, always consider functionality. Your friend will love to carry such useful gifts as they can facilitate them during their trip. A small pocket size camera tripod, light weight luggage for hikers, snow glasses for skiing lovers, head lamp, compact sewing and first aid kit, recon wrap and passport cover.

For Foodie Travelers

This can be intimidating task to present a holiday gift to your foodie voyager friend. Although it is impossible to gift the whole kitchen to your friend but still there is a lot you can buy like travel friendly utensils, barbecue kit, easy to carry spice kit, outdoor coffee maker set, baking set for travelers, auto seal travel mug or food books for travelers.

For Cultural Travelers

Few of us also journey other countries to explore cultures and heritage. Those who have such cultural admirers in their gatherings will find it difficult while buying gift for them. There are several unique as well as functional items you can choose as gift like portfolio case to keep documents safe, compact note book and travel guide, self travel guide about the destination they are going to visit, digital  camera, comfortable footwear or a pair of opera glasses.


I hope this holiday gift guide for travelers will help you in choosing suitable gift for your beloved. At the end I would like to sum up the guide line with a suggestion. Whatever you are going to purchase as a gift for your voyager buddy, consider buying accessories as gift that your friend will love to carry with them during the trip. It should not be the reason to increase some pounds of their luggage.


About the Author:

Angela Davis loves to write and gain insight in different genres of writing.  She is always eager to learn new aspects of writing as she has been writing for a famous UAE based property management firm. She is actively involved in writing for traveling, health, beauty and fashion blogs.

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