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Philadelphia Family Vacations
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Often referred to as "America's Birthplace",î Philadelphia has been the center of progressive beliefs and democratic principles since the first settlement of the city was founded by the now famous Quaker, William Penn. Naming the settlement ěThe City of Brotherly Love,î William Penn hoped to protect individual freedoms and promote religious tolerance in stark contrast with what many colonists had escaped under British rule.

William Penn's visions were realized when the Declaration of Independence was signed in Independence Hall, and after years of bloody and hostile clashes with the British Army during the American Revolution when the United States Constitution was first drafted in the same hall. Travel through time in Independence National Historic Park (Old City) where the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Constitution Hall are all concentrated. You can view the Constitution and Declaration of Independence in Constitution Hall and take a walk through the many Revolution-era buildings that have been restored and preserved. Travel to Philadelphia, once the capital of the United States, and see for yourself the remnants of revolutionary battles and the emergence of a new, independent nation.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak, Movies and Masterpieces

A simple walk through the streets of central Philadelphia will reveal the nationís largest collection of public art amidst ample park space and well-planned, easily navigated streets. Stroll along West Market Street near City Hall and through LOVE Park, taking in the fantastic murals and sculptures along the way. For a more traditional experience, visit the masterpieces of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the steps of which were made famous by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky. For the most unique museum experience, visit the Mutter Museum, originally open to medical students and featuring a wide array of formaldehyde-filled cadavers and skeletal displays, along with some little known facts about the nationís medical history.

Things to do with Kids in Philadelphia

Take the Walking Tour

It includes: Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and Carpenters' Hall -- where the Continental Congress met to discuss its grievances with England.

Alos see, Christ Church, where Ben Franklin and our Founding Fathers worshipped, the Betsy Ross House, where the first flag was made, and the Christ Church Burial Ground, the final resting place of Ben Franklin and many historic leaders. Also, you'll learn about the National Constitution Center -- the historic area's newest attraction which explores the U.S. Constitution, a worldwide symbol of freedom and justice.

Tours depart from the Sightseeing Tour Kiosk at the Independence Visitor Center.

Go to Franklin Square. It is one of Philadelphia's five original squares. It is one of the top five playgrounds in the United States.

Centered around its beautiful fountain, Franklin Square has the Parx Liberty Carousel, a miniature golf course, and be sure to try the famous SquareBurger..

The National Liberty Museum

Located at 321 Chestnut Street in the heart of Philadelphia's historic district, the Museum is open 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. The facility is fully wheelchair accessible. For more information on the Museum, call (215) 925-2800 or visit

"The museum is dedicated to preserving America's heritage of freedom by fostering good character, civic responsibility and respect for all people. Visitors to the Museum take an inspirational walk through freedom, interacting with incredible stories of heroes and artwork that encourage them to find their own place in the story of liberty. Our core themes for young people and adults include leadership and good character; diversity and inclusion; peaceful conflict resolution; and civic engagement. Our primary art form is glass art, as it supports our mission to promote non-violence and acceptance of others by showing visitors that freedom is "fragile,"like glass. It also makes the point that liberty is essential for self-expression."- Liberty Museum

Go to a Major League Baseball game see the Philadelphia Phillies Play

Philly POPS! On Independence Day --One of Philadelphia's most popular July 4th traditions - 5th and Market St.

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