'tweens with tabletsWith the holidays being close, you’re probably already into the dilemma of what to buy to your kids.

Do you need to follow the trends this year and choose something in the lines of The Hungry Games or Divergent ; or you decide to try with technology related things and go for the new multichargers for smartphones and tablets, or settle for a new phone altogether or maybe an iPad?

However, if you want your gift to have a bigger impact on your kid besides just the obvious and initial excitement then here are some suggestions.

It is easier for many parents when thinking about a gift to go with something in the lines of new, funny, flashing, interesting, And this has some definite merit. Kids nowadays are not that easily impressed, and they are informed about what is trendy to say the least. Anyway, a gift, besides the apparent entertaining side, should also possess the ability to tilt towards education and kids’ development; Both in creativity, curiosity, developing passion for certain areas, as well as have somewhat of an educational asset.

So, the gift should comprise all of this, and in short have the ability to entertain as well as educate.

Cosider these suggestions:

Kindle Fire


Before you disregard this option completely judging by the sound of it, just bear with me for a moment. You see, Kindle Fire tilts more towards the entertainment part when compared to all its predecessors.

Your kid can browse the internet, as well as watch movies, listen to some music, as well as develop a sincere interest in magazines and books, which when developed in this non-mandatory fashion is way stronger and more likely to grow.

– Besides, this little piece of technology is a great choice at a number of levels.

– Great battery life, which means less mess with constant charging, forgetting to charge it and similar things that kids usually hate doing.

– Ability to constantly download new digital content, so the kid never gets bored.

– Probably the most important feature – a screen that doesn’t hurt the eye, so you can finally substitute the time in front of TV or computers.

– A great and easy way for your kid to develop interest in education all by himself/herself.


Sports apparel and equipment


If your kid is interested in sports you can never go wrong with this one. Regardless the type of sport your kid is involved into, there is a vast choice in both apparel as well as equipment.

– The benefits of these kinds of gifts are:

– Definitely a healthier choice.

– Bigger interest in sports which is always a plus.

– Detaching from technology more often.

– Promoting a healthier example.

– You can find myriad of sport related gifts in every mall, or you can visit places like eBay or Amazon and come up with some brilliant ideas.

DSLR camera

This is somewhat of a bigger investment, though it constitutes a great gift for older kids. Buying your kid a DSLR camera is buying a time consuming gift that requires a great deal of learning, developing creativity, something to take care of.

What are the pros:

– an interesting and entertaining piece of technology

– a chance for your kid to develop some creative touch and become interested in arts and aesthetics

– a chance for your kid to develop money saving habits as to buy additional equipment and lenses once the photographic bug bites.

– definitely more outdoor time with the camera

– chance to develop an even bigger interest and start doing Photoshop and similar software, which among other things dramatically changes the internet usage habits (less time spent on sites like Facebook)

– a great idea for future gifts (lenses, equipment)

Magic The Gathering Deck

magic the gathering deckNothing makes you cooler that knowing about somewhat of an underground card game like Magic the Gathering is. And since kids love collectibles, this is a perfect choice. However, in order for a kid to appreciate such a gift, we are talking about kids no younger than 10-12.

However, ages may vary, depending on things like having crush for card games, comics (since one of the biggest assets of Magic is extraordinary drawing of cards), and some of its benefits are:

– opportunity to spend more time detached from technology as this requires strategic thinking

– opportunity to improve the deck by buying new cards, thus developing a passion for collectibles

– increased logic, imagination and creativity

– a fairly cheap, yet interesting gift when compared to other ideas

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about what the best gift might be. However the direction of thinking is apparent and somewhat obvious – whatever you buy should aim towards bringing not only entertainment, but also a fair amount of educative opportunity as well as a chance for developing various interests, passion and skills.

Make sure your gift have an impact that is way bigger than the three days initial enthusiasm, and you may just make your kid love the holidays even more.



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