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Love Bug Valentine Hat

You will need:

1 Heavy red cardstock orconstruction paper

2 Heavy white cardstock

3 Red pipe cleaners

4 White glue


1. Print two love bugs on heavy white cardstock.

2. Cut out shapes.

3. Cut a strip of red paper that measures 1 " wide and longenough to fit around child's head.

4. Cut a small strip of heavy red paper as shown to the left.(This will help to stabilize the pipe cleaner when glued inplace.)

5. Glue tip of pipe cleaner to the back side of "love bug."


Generously glue small strip of paper over the pipe cleaner.

7. Repeat for the second love bug.

8. Once dry, wear it on your head all Valentine's Day!

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love bugs head
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Happy Valentine's Day to All! Valentine Crafts, recipes and ideas for you from Families Online magazine. We hope you have truly lovely Valentine's Day!