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By Kelly S. Croslis – Sports – Sixth Women’s World Cup Soccer Tournament.



Last summer we huddled around the TV with great hope that the US men’s soccer team would come out ahead; defeating what seemed to be our arch soccer rival, England. This summer, the soccer frenzies returns, only it will be the women who are taking to the field. June 26 July 17 Germany will host the Sixth Women’s World Cup Soccer Tournament, a title the United States has won twice. (1991 and 1999) Like the Men’s World Cup games, the Women’s games are held every four years and begin in 1991, in China, 61 years after the men’s World Cup tournament was held in 1930.

The popularity of the Women’s World Cup tournament shows how interest in the sport is growing. When the first Women’s World Cup was held in 1991, it was an idea that many were not sure would be accepted, today that doubt has been replaced with anticipation and excitement as team prepare for their time in the spotlight and the chance to bring home the World Cup.

In preparation for this summer’s World Cup, qualification games continue for those hoping to be one of the 16 teams chosen to participate in the World Cup tournament. This past week, the United States came out ahead of Europe’s best teams to win the Algarve Cup in Portugal, with four straight wins. To win the cup, the United States Women’s team beat contenders Japan and Norway, teams expected to be major challengers for the World Cup in Germany.

To many, the popularity of Women’s soccer has taken them by surprise. To accommodate the increasing demand for tickets to the games, which will be held in nine stadiums from Berlin to Frankfurt, 100,000 more tickets have been released for a total of 800,00. To date, only 285,000 remain a demand not before heard of. Tickets for the final match and third place are already near sell out.

Will you be one who is glued to the TV as the United States Women’s Soccer team takes to the field, once again focused on the title of World Champion?




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Kelly S. Croslis is a Freelance Writer and stay-at-home mom to 3 active teenage girls. She uses much of what she learned and experienced in her 20 years of military life and raising her girls. Kelly is a columnist for several Online magazines and Freelances for her local newspaper. She lives with her husband and 3 girls in Pennsylvania.


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