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Yoga The History Of The Science

The history of Yoga is interesting, if not entirely clear. But regardless of its history, it is a fascinating discipline for millions of people.

The history of Yoga is an interesting one indeed. It is not entirely clear in many respects, but much is well known about the history of Yoga.

It is thought that the word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yog meaning union or yoke. This is thought to refer to the ultimate aim of Yoga, which is a union. That union is supposed to be the union of body and mind, reaching a state of higher mental being or spiritual awareness.

Yoga was originally a spiritual undertaking, designed for the improvement of the spiritual being. It is much more commonly practiced today for its relaxation and health benefits, and because it is a fun pastime, but it was originally a spiritual quest.

It is known for its physical exercises which in turn facilitate with increased flexibility. It can also be extremely useful to facilitate meditation. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years.

Some Yoga devotees claim that Yoga history starts with a carving of a man sitting cross legged with outstretched arms which as found on a seal which itself is thought to be around 8000 years old.

And some see the beginnings of Yoga to be found in the old Hindu writings known as Vedic Shastras. This would put Yoga at around 4000 years old.


oga as a discipline of that name can be found in the Upanishads which gave life to the Bhagavad Gita. This is considered to be the original writings on Yoga and sets out clearly the basis for the self realization which was Yogas goal. It also sets out the 3 main branches of Yoga known as Karma, Jnana and Bhakti.

There are now many streams of Yoga. Most are most closely related to Hatha Yoga which is younger than some other forms, thought to go back around 700 years. The Swami Swatamarama set out the major tenets of Hatha Yoga in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and this form is followed by millions of Hindus as a way of life.

It is clear that the history of Yoga is not clear. That does not though detract from the fact that Yoga, particularly as practiced by more western adherents, is a relaxing and enjoyable pastime that has substantial health benefits. Whatever the history of Yoga, it is now practiced by many people in our society and is constantly growing in popularity.

If youd like to see what Yoga is all about then give it a try. You wont be disappointed.