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AN peace female vietnamese
ANH intellectual brightness female vietnamese
ANH light ray female vietnamese
BE baby; doll female vietnamese
BIAN secretive; hidden female vietnamese
BICH jade female vietnamese
BINH peace female vietnamese
CAI female female vietnamese
CAM orange fruit; sweet; mountain sunset female vietnamese
CANH scenery female vietnamese
CARA precious jewel female vietnamese
CHAU pearls precious stones (also a boys name) female
CHI tree branch twig female
DAO peach blossom; a Tet flower female vietnamese
DIEP leaves; type of trees that have red flowers female vietnamese
DIU tender gentle mellow
DOAN VIEN happy reunion female vietnamese
DONG winter female vietnamese
HA river female vietnamese
HAI old name for shoeor fairy shoe female vietnamese
HAN faithful moral female
HANG angel in the full moon female vietnamese
HANH PHUC blessing from above as in good family; also happiness female
HIEN gentle nice quiet (can be either girl or boy name
HOA a type of flower (pronounced HWA) female vietnamese
HONG rose pink. female
HONG YEN pink swallow bird female vietnamese
HUE lily flower; intelligence; mental brilliance; enlightenment female vietnamese
HUNG pink rose female vietnamese
HUONG fragrance perfume; rose flower or pink color; enjoy. female
HUYEN having a reflective black color female vietnamese
HYUNH yellow female vietnamese
KET NIEN year of unity female vietnamese
KIEU graceful or beloved; legend name female vietnamese
KIM gold golden female
KIM CUC yellow chrysanthemum female vietnamese
KIM-LY Golden Lion female vietnamese
LAM jungle or dense forest (of Chinese origin) female vietnamese
LAN orchid flower female vietnamese
LANG sweet potato female vietnamese
LANH gentle female vietnamese
LE pear; tears; shyness female vietnamese
LIEU willow female vietnamese
LIEN lotus female vietnamese
LINH gentle spirit female vietnamese
MAI cherry blossom female vietnamese
MY pretty female vietnamese
NAM HA South River female vietnamese
NGOC jade precious stone female
NGOC BICH sapphire jade female vietnamese
NGU depending on pronunciation stupid; to sleep; fisherman; fifth number; written language. female
NGUYET moon female vietnamese
NHU gentle peaceful female
NHUNG velvet female vietnamese
NU girl female vietnamese
PHUONG orientation (geometry); phoenix female vietnamese
QUY precious (also a boy\s name) female vietnamese
QUYEN a kind of bird female vietnamese
SANG looking or behaving like people of upper classes (also a boy\s name) female vietnamese
SUONG fog female vietnamese
TAM heart female vietnamese
TAN new chastity female
THAM discreet grace female vietnamese
THANH bright sunny light ; sound that is pleasing to the ear; a thing of high value; blue sky; slender and elegant in appearance.
THANH HA Teal River female vietnamese
THAO grass; also kind sweet nice
THI poem; common middle name for girls female vietnamese
THOM sweet smelling; also may mean pineapple female vietnamese
THU autumn poem female
THUY friendly gentle; pussy willow; water female
TIEN fairy spirit or angel
TRINH a virgin female vietnamese
TRUC wish female vietnamese
TUYEN angel; line; ray female vietnamese
TUYET snow white female vietnamese
UOC wishes female vietnamese
VAN cloud female vietnamese
VIET for Vietnam; to write female vietnamese
XUAN spring female vietnamese
YEN a swallow (bird); peace; safe; stand still\r female vietnamese
AN peace peacefulness male
ANH DUNG heroism strength male
BINH peace peacefulness (also a girl\s name) male
BAO protection male vietnamese
BAY born in July; seventh-born son male vietnamese
CADEO folk-song male vietnamese
CANH scenery; environment; something that spreads out limitlessly supports life is colorful with trees
CHIEN fight battle combat
CHINH correctness righteousness male
CUONG healthy and prosperous male vietnamese
DAC KIEN acquired view or knowledge male vietnamese
DAO religions male vietnamese
DANH fame prestige male
DAT accomplished to attain to achieve
DE royalty male vietnamese
DIEN farm farming male
DUC physical exercise desire male
DUE virtuous male vietnamese
DUNG heroic heroism male
DUONG positiveness; virility male vietnamese
HAI river male vietnamese
HAO good (also a girl\s name) male vietnamese
HIEN nice kind gentle
HIEU dutiful to parents; filial dutifulness male vietnamese
HOC to study male vietnamese
HUU very much so.Amplifies the meaning of the first name; e.g. Phuoc Huu means one who deserves to be lucky.Also to have
HUNG prosperity; heroic; heroism; strong male vietnamese
HUY sending light out; brightness male vietnamese
HUYNH older brother (Chinese/Vietnamese word/meaning) male vietnamese
KHAN (with raising tone) audience male vietnamese
LANH quick-minded; smart; street-smart; peaceful male vietnamese
LAN fictitious four-legged animal with a single horn on the head (unicorn) male vietnamese
LAP independent male vietnamese
LOC luck blessings male
MINH bright male vietnamese
NGUYEN origin male vietnamese
NHAT long life; also number one. male
NIEN year male vietnamese
PHUC luck blessings.Southern version. male
PHUOC lucky.Northern version. male vietnamese
PIN faithful boy male vietnamese
QUAN soldier male vietnamese
QUANG clear; brilliant; good reputation male vietnamese
QUOC nation country male
SANG bright male vietnamese
SI being a gentleman male vietnamese
SINH birth; life; blooming male vietnamese
SON mountain male vietnamese
TAI talent male vietnamese
TAM heart male vietnamese
TAN new male vietnamese
TEO form of Tom; twin male vietnamese
THAI many; multiple male vietnamese
THAN brilliant male vietnamese
THANG victory male vietnamese
THANH pleasing to the ear; delicate; of high level; achieved; accomplished; also means the color of the sky; very popular name for boys. male vietnamese
THAO courtesy male vietnamese
THINH prosperity male vietnamese
THO longevity; long living male vietnamese
THU autumn male vietnamese
THUAN tamed; conforming male vietnamese
THUC aware male vietnamese
TIN thinker male vietnamese
TOAI satisfied male vietnamese
TOAN complete; also mathematics male
TONG fragrant male vietnamese
TRANG decorated; honored male vietnamese
TRIEU tide male vietnamese
TRONG TRI not of small mind male vietnamese
TRONG respected male vietnamese
TRUNG central; loyalty male vietnamese
TU star; brilliant and quick-minded (can be used for boys and girls) male vietnamese
TUAN bright; smart male vietnamese
TUNG a type of coniferous tree male vietnamese
TUYEN angel male vietnamese
VAN traditional middle name to indicate a boy. male vietnamese
VIEN completion; accomplishment; satisfaction; also institute; palace; reference male
VIET being Vietnamese male vietnamese
VUONG prosperous; developed male vietnamese
XUAN spring male vietnamese

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